Stephen and the Girl


'Fuck, I need to cum,' she hissed into his ear. 'Got any rubbers?'

Stephen understood her meaning. She needed penetration and she wanted to know if he had any condoms. He silently cursed himself for having none. But why would he need such things? It had been many years since he had penetrated a woman. 'No,' he gasped back at her.

She ground her pussy harder against his steely erection. The sense of frustration and need was apparent in her movements, 'Aww,' she whimpered, 'I need something inside.' Taking hold of his face she held him so close he could feel her hot breath on his face. Her eyes met his and she ground down hard on his cock and huffed, 'Too bad, pops, I'd let you fuck me if you had.'

She rested her face against his, the corner of her mouth against his lips and she rode up to place his cock head right against her labia. As she humped up and down, Stephen's penis pressed deeply into her pussy but was prevented from entering her properly by the stretched material of her pants.

'God, that's so good,' Stephen sighed.

'Bet you - wish you - could - fuck me,' she gasped in time with her motion.

'Oh yes, I do.'

'Bet you've - never had - someone - as hot - as me - hmm?'


'God your cock feels good, why don't you have any rubbers?' The question was rhetorical as the girl was now frantically humping Stephen's cock as hard as she could. He could feel the squishy wetness of her pussy even through her panties. Her body was hot against his, and he could sense the perspiration on her skin from her exertion. She moved faster and faster, pressing harder into his powerful erection. All the time she was telling him how good it felt and how much she needed to cum. He wrapped his arms around her and held her to him. She squirmed and writhed on top of him. It was amazing. Stephen had never known a woman behave with such abandon.

Suddenly she gripped him with her thighs and pressed her face into his, trapping his lip in hers. She groaned a long guttural groan that Stephen felt more than heard as her mouth was pressed into him. She was in mid climax, her orgasm surging through her pussy and up through her body. She paused and gripped him tightly for a few seconds, and then wriggled on top of him until she caused another wave of pleasure, then she gasped and held still again. This cycle repeated three more times and each time she groaned unintelligibly and pressed herself into him as she jerked and twitched with each spasm of pleasure.

In one moment she pulled back from his face for a few inches, she opened her eyes and looked into Stephen's. He saw a look of pleading and just about understood as she hissed, 'Still cumming.' Next thing her face pressed into his again but this time her lips met his. He felt her lips part and her tongue touch his lips. It wasn't exactly a kiss. She just seemed to roll her slightly open mouth across his. He felt her hot breath and she was still mumbling but he could make out nothing. She was wriggling faster now and with one final grunt of satisfaction she jerked and shivered for several seconds as a final crescendo of ecstasy crashed around her centre. She then flopped against him and breathed out a long and heavy sigh of contentment.

They lay still for an age. Her breathing was heavy and he was enjoying her heat against him. Eventually she stirred and slid over to his side, her right leg still across his lap. Her hand moved up to his face and her fingers lightly caressed his cheek. He looked down at her and suddenly she seemed softer and more feminine. Her make-up was a little smudged and her hair clung to her face.

'Shit, pops, that was amazing. I can't believe I came like that. Guys never make me cum that hard. It's only usually when I wank.' She perked up a little and shuffled up a little more, 'I really would have let you fuck me, you know. I mean you're old and everything, but you're kinda cool. Besides, your cock is really big and I wanted to know what it would feel like in me.' She glanced down at his still engorged erection. Smiling her hand moved down to clasp around it, 'You're still hard. You didn't cum yet?'

Stephen just shook his head. The girl grinned broadly and started to slowly stroke his cock. She shuffled around again to sit with her thigh against his cock. She pressed his cock against her soft inner thigh has she wanked him.

'When I have my period my boyfriend likes me to wank him against my leg like this. Do you like it?'

'Hmm,' Stephen responded, 'your skin is so soft.' She gripped him firmly and stroked him vigorously. Stephen relished the feelings she was giving him.

She leaned in to him and kissed the side of his face, 'Come on, pops, let me see you blow. I want to see your stuff come out.' She pumped him harder. 'Think about fucking my juicy little cunny,' she whispered in his ear. 'Look,' at this she reached over with her other hand and pulled her panties to one side. For the first time in years Stephen found himself looking at a real vagina. He was surprised to see that it was almost completely hairless. In his day women sported a great mat of long pubic hair, but this girl had virtually none.

'See what you missed. You could have fucked my little cunny. Imagine your big cock sliding in there,' her fingers probed her pussy as she spoke. 'It would have felt lovely. All hot and slippery. I'd have squeezed you tight and made you fuck me really hard.' She pumped him harder and harder. 'Do it! Give me your lovely cum, pops. I love seeing guys blow.' Her hand was rapidly wanking him against her thigh. Stephen was almost overcome with pleasure. He felt his climax rising, he wanted to cum; he wanted to do what this crazy, sexy girl demanded. At last he knew he was passed the point of no return and he felt a surge of orgasmic pleasure rise up through his cock and explode.

'Christ..,' was all he could manage as his spunk spewed out of his cock. A great jet of cum shot out and landed most of the way up his chest. The girl squealed with delight and kept pumping him as more and more squirted out. His initial orgasm was massive and he felt his whole body shudder and quake. He grunted and groaned and his hips jerked involuntarily. For every few strokes she made he seemed to have another small orgasm. He'd never felt like this. His heart was pounding and his breathing came in huge gulps of air. His cock continued twitching for ages and the girl stroked and played with it long after it had started to soften.

'Shit, pops, what a mess,' she giggled. 'You must have been holding that in for ages. I don't think I've ever seen so much. Shit, it's all over you, my hand, my leg. I think you even managed to get some on my pussy.' She looked into his face with mock anger and reproached, 'I better not get pregnant!' she laughed and kissed him on the cheek before beginning to climb out of his lap.

Stephen just lay back exhausted. He hadn't even had a wank since his illness began. What a comeback he thought to himself. The girl dashed out of the room and he heard her go across to the cupboard by the bathroom. She re-entered with two small towels and threw one to Stephen. He wiped himself for a moment but then watched her clean herself off with the towel. She looked up at him and smiled, and then a mischievous look crossed her face. She stood up and slowly drew her panties down over her ass and legs, eventually stepping out of them. She stepped over to his chair and dropped them into his lap.

'Maybe you'd like a little souvenir of the occasion, eh pops. You can wank into them when I'm not here,' she laughed.



'Just step over here please,' smiling the girl stepped over to stand next to his chair. Stephen reached out and touched her pussy with his finger tips. She parted her legs slightly and he traced along her lips. They were smooth and slick. He had never felt a pussy like this one, almost hairless.

He started to probe into her with his finger but she stepped away, 'Enough, pops. Get dressed. It's nearly time for nurse Ratched to come back. I don't want to lose this job, even if it is shit.'

The two dressed in silence and the girl tidied up and replaced the magazines in the cupboard. She picked up her panties and asked, 'Where do you want me to put these?'

'Under my pillow, please' Stephen smirked.

The girl smiled and trotted out of the room and returned a few moments later, 'Done,' she grinned.

As they waited for the nurse to arrive they chatted and Stephen asked, 'Will you be back tomorrow?'

'Probably, if Mary's still off sick. Why?' she asked with a cheeky grin.

'I thought maybe you could do some shopping for me if you're here.'

'Oh like what?'

'I thought you could get me some condoms.' The girl started to laugh but then they heard the back door open and the nurse bustled in. For the next ten minutes she questioned them about their day and the two responded matter-of-factly.

The girl was back in the kitchen with the nurse when she asked, 'Was Stephen alright today?'

'I guess, why?'

'Did he take his nap this afternoon? He gets tired otherwise.'

'I think he was OK. We just chatted.'

'You're supposed to help him, not get him over excited.'

'What makes you think I got him excited?' the girl asked with a note of irony.

'Never mind, you can go if you want.'

'I'll just say goodbye to Stephen.' She went into the other room and approached his chair, 'I'm off.'

'Wait. Will I see you again?'

'Dunno,' she shrugged.

'What's your name?'

The girl just looked him straight in the eye, 'Why does that matter?' she turned and walked to the door then paused, then, over her shoulder as she left she called back, 'If I come tomorrow I'll try to remember that shopping you need.'

Stephen just caught her rear end disappear through the door as he looked around from his chair.

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