tagBDSMStephi Gets Fucked

Stephi Gets Fucked


This is a test, Stephi slave. I know that I can have you anyway I want you if I tie you to the bed or bind your wrists together behind your back. But a measure of a good slave is if she obeys her Master without being bound or restrained. I’m about to find out how far your training has gone. I’m going to find out if you are a good slave, Stephi.

I’m going to fuck you, Stephi. Long hard and deep. My cock will be shoved deeper into your pussy than any man has ever been.

I lead you to the bathroom. You are wearing only a bra and panties. In my bathroom is a mirror that extends the length of one wall. I stand you in front of the counter and order you to place your hands behind your head. I then face you to the mirror and walk behind you. I move in close to you and you feel my breath against your neck. I reach around and begin to caress your tits through your bra. You push back against me and close your eyes. One hand slaps your ass. I order you to open your eyes and keep them open. Your eyes snap open and you watch me play with your body. I open the bra and remove it, allowing your hot tits the freedom they desire. I begin to fondle your tits as you lean back against me. I enfold them with my hands, squeezing harder and harder, listening to your moans of lust. I then move my fingers to your nipples and pinch them. You whimper with growing desire. I move my hands all over your upper body, feeling your underarms and upper arms, then sliding them back to your tits. My hands never go below your ribcage as I play with you for long minutes. Every time I pay attention to your nipples, I pinch or pull or twist them harder. You mewl and whimper. You feel the heat and become lost in the pleasure/pain of this tit play. You know your panties are becoming wetter and wetter. I continue this erotic torment for many long minutes. You are leaning back against me feeling my cock against your back. You can feel it’s length and strength and the desire grows even more within your lust torn body. I pinch and twist your nipples even harder and the pull them out from your tit flesh. Stretching them out so far and then letting them snap back in. The movement elicits the desired affect as you sob with desire. I move my hands move once again to your armpits and I stroke that sensitive flesh. You shudder and your legs begin to tremble.

I then step back and watch you. You are literally trembling with need. But you say nothing. I order you to raise your hair out of the way. You comply and I place a collar around your pretty neck. Then I snap a leash to the ring in the collar. I step to the side and lean back against the counter, my cock straining against my shorts. I order you to kneel at my feet. And then to remove my shorts. As you do, my cock springs forth, bobbing strongly inches from your pretty face. Reaching down and clasping the back of your head by the hair, I pull your face into my crotch, shifting my position so as to allow you access to my smooth, hairless balls. Your hot tongue comes out and begins to lick and lap at my balls. They are heavy against your tongue. You quiver slightly, knowing that they are heavy because of the cum that awaits you. You long to have my cock in your hot little cunt. After several minutes of your ministrations I tug at the leash and you raise your eyes to mine. I reach down and slide my hands up into your armpits and raise you to your feet. Then lead you to the bed by the leash.

I order you to lie on the bed on your back with your head just on the edge of the bed. As I step up to your face, you are now only inches from my cock once more. I hold my cock between my thumb and forefinger and then order you to open your mouth. You part your lovely lips and I push the head into your hot wet mouth. I allow you to begin to suck. But I only feed you the head. My hands once again begin to feel your tits and nipples, this time becoming more and more intense. You moan around the girth of my cock as your body reacts to the pleasure/pain I am causing your tits. I continue this for several long minutes. Your tits and nipples are aching with lust.

You feel me move above you as I shift slightly and allow more of my cock into your mouth. You now have about half my length in your mouth. You are sucking as if my cock was the best thing you have ever had in your mouth. You are moaning and whimpering around it.

Suddenly a slap against your inner thigh jolts you. You groan around my cock. Several more slaps follow, alternating the inside of each thigh. The slaps are firm, but not extremely painful. I then lay the leather end of the crop against your pussy. You gurgle loudly as your realize what is about to come. Your brain is overwhelmed with desire and you are both scared and thrilled at the thought of having your pussy spanked. Then a sharp slap reverberates against your pussy. You squeal as the leather slaps you.

I continue slapping your pussy and pushing deeper into your mouth. You are laying on your back, pinned to the bed by my big hard cock in your mouth and getting your pussy spanked as you lay with feet spread wide.

You see yourself in your mind’s eye and your pussy floods with newfound desire. You have never been hotter in your young life. You are new to this life of submission and are finding that the desires coursing through your young body to be both thrilling beyond belief and a bit scary. No one has ever had complete control over you. You have never allowed it. Yet with each scenario I introduce you to, the depth of your sexual satisfaction continues to amaze you.

After a few minutes of slapping your pussy, I reach for your hair with my free hand and lower my body to your mouth. My cock drives deeper into your sucking mouth. The head pops through the ring of your throat. You now have a cock deeper in you than you ever have. I slap your pussy extra hard and you open your mouth to scream. I sink my cock in to the hilt. Your open throat eagerly accepts it. Suddenly you realize you have all seven inches down your throat.

This treatment continues for some time. Your hot pussy is gushing fluid all over the sheets. Your hips are constantly thrashing on the bed.

I finally pull my cock out of your wet hot mouth and move to the bed between your outstretched legs.

“Are you ready to get fucked?” I ask.

“Yes, Master,” you whimper. “I’m ready to get fucked, Sir.”

“Be a good little bitch and beg me, slut.” I say.

Having never begged for anything in your life, you find the command a little offensive. But your mind flashes back to the joys I have given you over the past few weeks as you have been in training to become a sub. And you quickly give in.

“Please, Sir.” You beg. “Please fuck your hot little slut. I’m YOUR slut, Sir. Please, Sir. Fuck this little whore. Use this little cunt for your pleasure, Sir.”

I place the head of my cock at the entrance to your pussy and slam it home in one hard thrust.

You scream at the sudden intrusion into your tight wet pussy. And you wrap your arms and legs around me as I begin to fuck you with hard deep strokes. Your hands stroke and caress my back and ass as you meet each thrust with one of your own. You are whimpering and squealing as you are filled with my cock. The intensity of the play prior to this has left you more than ready. And within a few short minutes your first climax smashes into your body. Your pussy spasms around my cock and you cum long and hard. I continue to fuck you as your pussy gushes your female fluid and your scream out your orgasm. I do not let up as your orgasm subsides a bit.

But now you are more than primed. As I continue to fuck you hard and deep you are completely overwhelmed with desire and lust.

Your body totally loses control as you begin to orgasm again and again.

I feel the contractions of your pussy as you cum. The pussy walls are clasping my cock harder and harder. I feel the telltale signs of my own pending climax as you buck beneath me.

Suddenly my cock EXPLODES inside you. As my hot thick cum floods your pussy you have one more orgasm. The hardest, longest and most intense of your life. Every muscle of your body tenses as you arch up to get more of me inside. As the wave of lust overcomes you, your body is wracked by orgasmic convulsions. Then you finally collapse into a quivering mass of human flesh. You are more satiated than you can ever remember.

As you close your eyes in total exhaustion, you are aware that my cock is still hard and deep inside you. You fall asleep with a slight smile on your face, wondering what will follow when you wake up.

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