tagFetishSteph's Descent Ch. 09

Steph's Descent Ch. 09


Steph woke up and looked at the sleeping form next to her. Her first thought was of her husband, Phil. But a split second after that thought entered her head she realised that it was Amanda her girlfriend sleeping next to her. She thought about how much in love with Amanda she was and also of the situation she found herself in.

It had started when she was fed up with her husband's way of always getting what he wanted and rarely letting her have what she wanted. It all came to a head one night when she went out with her girlfriends. She was venting about her husband's little dicklet, too.

It ended up with Steph getting her first tattoo on her pubic mound and fucking the tattooist who had a huge cock. Through him she met his friends and enjoyed some great animalistic sex with them. She met Amanda because Amanda worked with Fitz the tattooist as a piercer. Steph decided she wanted some sexy piercings too.

So now she had numerous tattoos, including a huge dragon on her back, and a number of piercings. She found that she got off on the pain from the needles. Amanda was also a woman who enjoyed giving Steph pleasure through pain.

While this was going on she was slowly dominating her husband. He wore a cock cage and dressed like a sissy. He had permanent makeup tattooed on his face as well as a suspender belt, lacy stocking tops and seams down the backs of his legs. He also had pretty bows at the tops of the seams.

Steph had introduced Phil to Lucifer, a huge guy with a huge cock. He had the face of the devil tattooed on his lower abdomen and the devils tongue was his massive cock. Steph had fucked and sucked Lucifer often but he revealed that he was actually bisexual and was attracted to sissy Phil.

At that moment Phil and Lucifer were sleeping together in the other bedroom. Steph was thinking of the future and what she really wanted from life. She loved Phil but he had never satisfied her sexually. Since beginning this new lifestyle Steph realised that she needed someone who could satisfy her. At the moment this was Amanda.

It was Lucifer who proposed a solution of sorts. He was really smitten by sissy Phil and wanted to spend time with him to see what may happen. Phil was agreeable as long as Steph was happy. He loved her and just wanted to see her happy. Amanda wanted Steph too.

So the upshot was that Phil would move in with Lucifer and Amanda would live with Steph. They gave each other six months and then they would review the arrangements.

Lucifer even suggested something that Steph was curious about. He knew a guy who knew a guy who was a filmmaker. He made films for a select audience. It was porn but with a difference. He catered for the Fetish market and Lucifer reckoned Steph would be quite an attraction. He organised for Steph to meet him.

Wit her tattoos and her piercings Steph was indeed an attraction for the filmmaker. He knew she would be a hit because there was a market niche she could fill. She was middle aged, tattooed and pierced. Not many adult actresses could put all three on their resume.

He wanted to sample the goods and so Steph allowed herself to be seduced by him. He was a little dick with premature ejaculation problems so it didn't last long. He was pleased with Steph though and organised for her to have a screen test.

She went back later that week for the screen test. This time she fucked a younger man who was an actor. His cock was huge. Steph salivated over it when she saw it for the first time. She worked him over with her tongue and mouth. Then he fucked her. After a while he turned her over and fucked her ass. She was in heaven, loving every minute of it. He eventually came all over her back.

By the time she had cleaned up the producer knew she would be a star and had a contract ready for her. She would appear exclusively for him and would be paid five thousand dollars for a twenty-minute film. These would be filmed once or twice per week. She would also get a percentage of each film's profits. The films would be Internet exclusive.

It was a great deal and Steph signed immediately. Her one stipulation was no lesbian work. She didn't want Amanda to feel that Steph was 'cheating' on her. Her producer chatted to Steph about her background. She told him about Phil. His ears pricked up as she described his new sissy lifestyle with Lucifer.

Within a short while Phil had been invited for a screen test too. He also passed with flying colours and began making films too. He was always the sissy with either single or multiple partners.

Steph was encouraged to keep getting more tattoos. She was happy to because it meant spending time with her favourite tattooist, Fitz. And by spending time, she meant fucking him senseless!

Steph's first film was an incest film where she was to seduce her 'son.' She was partnered with a young buck with the same colouring. He was full of youthful exuberance who fucked her raw.

Her next one was a solo effort where Steph played with her piercings. She was encouraged to fist her pussy and, even though she had never done it before, was able to do so on film. She had a massive orgasm and squirted.

Her third film was a gangbang. She fucked a dozen guys, one after the other. Her next focussed on her tattoos and the next was a needle play film. Steph had her tits poked and prodded with needles. That one was her favourite so far.

She continued making two short films per week and loved her work. The production company loved her too because her films were amongst the most popular they had ever done. Steph was happy to keep on going.

She loved life. Her career as a porn actress had taken off, she was in love with Amanda, and her husband was a sissy porn actor who lived with his boyfriend Lucifer. Life was good.

By the time six months had passed none of the four wanted anything to change. Steph lived with Amanda and Phil lived with Lucifer. And the way Steph saw it, it would be this way for a long time to come.

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