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Stephy's Big Break


Being a wrestling fan myself, I know how eager all of you fans are to get a look behind the scenes of "sports entertainment." I know how you scour the internet for hours at a time, searching for the latest news or rumors that will give you some insight as to what goes on backstage at RAW or SMACKDOWN! Well, if you'd like to hear a real story about backstage politics, do I have some juicy gossip for you. I called it gossip, but it's fact, 100% true. I know, because I saw it all first hand, I was responsible for it all.! Friends, this is the story of how little Stephy McMahon--the bosses daughter--became a mainstay on WWF television.

I guess now would be a good time for me to introduce myself. My name is Ricky Lee, and I'm one of the WWF's head writers--have been for years, in a round about way. See, everyone credits Vince Russo as being the creative mind that put the WWF on top again in the latter half of the 1990s. Well, he played his part, sure, but what you never hear about is the team of writers that helped him. We all worked together on the storylines, and Russo usually took the credit. That didn't really bother me, though. I knew they were my ideas even when no one else did, and when I heard the crowd reacting to one of my angles, or saw the ratings come in on Tuesday, that was my payment.

So, anyway, it was around November of 1998. With Survivor Series a couple of weeks away, all of the writers sat down for one of our long-term planning sessions to map out the direction of the storylines for the rest of the year and first part of next year. The biggest part of our work was already done for us, because we had our champion etched in stone. Cold Stone, I guess you could say. The Rock was set to take the WWF title at Survivor Series, but that was only to set of the Wrestlemania main event, where he would drop the belt to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin was the biggest name the sport had ever seen, and putting the belt back on him was a no brainer. Based on the reactions he had begun to get from the crowd, it was also a no brainer that The Rock would be turning face soon after the biggest Pay Per View of the year. That left us to come up with a major heel to challenge Austin for his title. The only real candidate was the Undertaker, who had just completed a heel turn and was a recognizable and legitimate contender.

I've always thought the best wrestling angles were the ones that blurred the edges between fantasy and reality, so I posed the question "What if the Undertaker started to actually believe in his character?" What if he bought into the occult elements of the gimmic, formed a cult, and started terrorizing the WWF? To add to the drama, Vince McMahon, owner of the WWF and on-screen enemy of Stone Cold, would have to ask his arch-nemesis for help in controlling the 'Taker. Again, no-brainer drama. Russo loved the idea, but we needed a catalyst, something to set off the feud between UT and Vince. We all racked our brains but couldn't come up with an answer, and ended up adjorning the meeting to ponder it over on our own.

Flash-forward to later in the week at a taping of RAW IS WAR. I was milling around backstage, talking to the wrestlers, going over the angles for the night

"Hey, Ricky," I heard the sweet voice of Stephanie McMahon behind me and turned to see her jogging toward me. Stephy was a bit of odd sight backstage. With all of the scantaly clad women running around in the WWF, Steph--definately the girl-next-door type in both dress and attitude--stuck out among all the Tand A. But, make no mistake: she was the girl-next-door-you-wanna-fuck-all-night-long type. Beautiful and sweet and smart and her innocence made her that much more desirable.

"I've been looking for you," she said, smiling her big warm smile.

"Hey, Steph," I replied. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, see, I guess you know I've been trying to convince Daddy to put me on TV for a while now. I've talked to Vince Russo, but he doesn't seem very enthusiastic about it."

Stephy had indeed been trying to get on TV for a while. As the bosses daughter, she was guaranteed a job in the front office (which she did well), but she was a McMahon through and through and wanted to have her time in the spotlight just like her father and brother Shane. Russo wasn't at all oppossed to putting women in storylines--loved it, actually--but with Stephy's wholesome look and total lack of in-ring training, Russo had always dismissed her. To be honest, I had too. She just didn't look like a "wrestling babe."

"So," she continued, "I was wondering if you could talk to him." She leaned closer to me, her lips accidently brushing my ear and sending an unexpected shockwave through my body. "I know you're the real brains of the outfit," she said, smiling. "Everybody does. Maybe you could come up with an angle for me and present it to him."

I had to gather my senses after the electric shock of lust that had shaken me, but managed to stammer out "Uh, yeah, well. . .I don't know, Steph. You know the two Vinces have shot down your TV ideas from day one. They are my bosses, after all, and I can't really challenge them on much. . ."just babbling now as Stephy's smell of sexy innocence filled my senses, as I saw the outline of her breats beneath her loose, non-form fitting sweater.

"Awww, come on, Rick," she said, lips puffing into her best pout. I was sure I was hearing the same voice Vince McMahon heard when she had asked for her first pony. She slid one arm around my waist, squeezing me slightly, and I hope she didn't feel the shiver of excitement that shot through me. "You can come up with something, right? For me?"

"Um, I. . .I could, maybe. . ."

She leaned close to my ear again, whispering softer this time, unmistakable seduction in that usually timid voice. "I can make it worth your wild," she whispered.

My heart raced. Was this really happening? "H-how do you mean?" I choked out.

She smiled. "I think you know," she glanced down at my crotch, where I was having great difficulty hiding my erection. She cupped the bulge gently with her hand, causing me to gasp. "Yes, I think you know exactly what I mean. Follow me."

I did. I don't know if I meant to, but I wasn't really in control right now. My god, Stephanie McMahon had just propositioned me, hadn't she? She was planning on whoring herself out for TV time. Was this really happening?! We came to one of the small arena offices that had been sat aside for Vince's office. We stepped inside and Steph locked the door behind us. "Daddy won't be in for a couple more hours yet. So, that gives us time to talk business." She sat on the desk, crossing her legs, and motioning for me to come toward her. Dazed, I obeyed, creeping slowly toward her until I was at arm's length, at which time she pulled me by my collar to her, kissing me hotly, sliding her tongue between my lips. Shocked, I instictivley tried to pull away at first, but she held me fast, and it didn't take long for me to accustom myself to the sensation.

"I think we both know what I'm offering you here, Ricky," said Steph as she broke our kiss, panting nearly as hard as I was. "Get me on TV, and I'm yours to use as you wish. I need the spotlight, Rick. The office is nice, but I need to be out there." she paused, cupping my cock and balls again with her soft hand. "And I'll do whatever it takes to get there."

I stared at her, drunk with lust, trying to speak but saying nothing. She smiled back seductively. "Ah, I know. You've got a good business head on your shoulders. You need a guarantee. I don't blame you. So," she said, pushing me back gently and hopping down from the desk., "why don't I give you a sample of what I'm offering?" She kicked her shoes off and began unzipping her pants. Allowing them to drop to the floor, she revealed simple cotton panties beneath, pastel lavender. Just what you would expect "Daddy's Little Girl" to wear. I stared, seeing the damp spot on the front of her skivvies before she turned and slid those, too, to the ground, giving me a view of her tight, firm ass.

Steph placed her elbows on the desk and looked over her shoulder at me. I could see her panting, see that she was arroused too. "Take it, Ricky," she said. "Go ahead. Take my pussy, Rick. Consider it your first installment."

Finally, I accepted that yes, Stephanie McMahon really was willing to trade sex for an angle. Yes, Stephanie really was bent over, bare from waist down, in front of me. And, lastly, yes, Stephanie was asking me to fuck her. I didn't have to be asked twice. I droped my pants quickly, stepping out of them and sliding my boxers down too, freeing my erection.

Steph smiled and bit her lower lip. "Nice," she said simply. I stepped behind her, ran my hand over her smooth ass as she closed her eyes. "Mmmmm," she moaned. I reached beneath and ran my fingers through the dripping slit that was her pussy, causing her to exhale sharply and lower her head to the table. Finally, I positioned my cock at her hole and slid easily into her, filling her pussy.

"Shit," she gasped, throwing her head back. I began to pump her slowly, relishing the feel of her tight, wet heat around my cock. She seemed to be relishing the feeling, too, for she allowed periodic moans to escape as I increased my rythm.

"Come on, Ricky," she moaned. "Fuck me, yeah, that's it, fuck little Stephy." I did, Jesus did I ever. I grabbed her ass with both hands and pounded her, my balls slapping against her cunt, her ass smacking against my stomach, our hips cracking against the table. Steph latched on to the edge of the table and I could see her knuckles turning white as she strained, little yelps of pleasure coming with each thrust into her. "Mmmmm, fuck me hard, Ricky. Yesssss, oh God, fuck me. Use my pussy, I'll be your little fuck toy, yes I will, I'll give you anything you want."

This was amazing! Absolutely amazing! I was pumping my cock into the boss's daughter right on his own desk. That has to be every employee's dream! Just then Stephy got suddenly quite, her hips stopped bucking back against mine. "Oh. . .my. . .god" she said slowly before throwing her head back, clenching her eyes and screaming it again "Ohh myyyyy God!!! Oh shit, Ricky, shit! Yessss God" her little body was bucking again, her ass slamming back against me as she came, her juices flowing over my cock. This was too much for me and I started to cum as well, but not like this. I yanked Steph by the hair off the table and forced her to her knees. Catching the hint, she opened her mouth and swallowed my cock down her throat, pumping with her hand.

"Mother fuck!" I groaned as I felt the cum rising. "Here it comes, Steph, oh God, I'm going to cum!" She only pumped her head on my cock harder as I felt the first spurts shoot into her mouth. She closed her eyes tightly, moaning in satisfaction as the cum splashed the back of her throat. I jammed my crotch against her face wildly, squeezing every last drop of cum into her mouth as she greedily slurpped it all down. Finally I slowed and stood, drained and dazed as Steph licked the last remains of cum off my sensitive cock.

She stood and put her arms around my neck, kissing me again, letting me taste myself on her tongue. "Now," she said after pulling her tongue from my lips. "Do we have a deal?"

Laughing, I assured her that we did, that I would do all I could to make sure she ended up on TV. She was pleased, so we put our pants back on and calmly exited the office as though we had been discussing nothing in particular.

And, of course, Stephy DID end up on TV. It was her "kidnapping" that ignited the Vince/Undertaker/Austin angle. Russo, of course, had to go overboard with the storyline, including the infamous "We'll embalm him alive" segment. The Undertaker angle was the beginning of the end for Russo, I think. I didn't plan it that way, but I'm not going to complain. He left and I was allowed to take my place in the drivers seat, and I think I've done more than a fair job, what with WCW finally being buried and bought by the WWF.

And I've kept my promise to Stephy. She's been on WWF TV ever since the UT angle, and she's been no minor player, what with her now playing Triple H's "wife." She's had to "convince" me a few more times to put her in such high profile angles, but she's a very good negotiator. Every time I hear the crowd start in with their pgrogrammed "slut!" chant, I have to laugh. If only they knew.

So, if you are one of those fans that thinks Stephanie gets too much TV time, I guess you have me to blame for it. But, if you had been in my shoes, I don't think you could have blamed me at all.

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