I quickly rolled her onto her back, grinding my cock deep inside of her before beginning my thrusts and kissing her neck. I bathed her breasts with my mouth, bending my head and body over her small frame with just the first few inches of my cock going in and out of her pussy. Nibbling on her tits was a huge thrill for me and added with my cock being stimulated by her hot wet hole was phenomenal. She wanted it deeper though and pushed me up into a kneeling position so I could penetrate deeper. Instead, only after a few thrusts into her I pulled out and rolled her onto her stomach. She knelt up, pushing her ass toward me and I easily slid my soaked cock back in from behind. She looked over her shoulder and gave me a sexy look like she wanted me to fuck her hard.

Doggie style rocked, it gave me an entirely new view of her exquisite body. Her arched back was sexy as hell and I could see some of her breast protruding from the sides of her back, they were that big. Leaning over I grabbed them both and mashed them with my hands and drove my cock deep over and over until she was screaming. She arched her back until her head was on my bed and her arms out in front of her bent.

"Fuck me, Fuck me harder. Give it to me! Harder!" she screamed.

I sped up, just pounding the hell out of her with every thrust, like a crazed man, but she only yelled for me to go faster and harder like she wanted me to rip her in two. I couldn't believe how much cock she was taking and how fast she wanted it. Sweat beaded up on my forehead and chest from the exertion but I continued without slowing, just hammering away at her pussy, concentrating on pleasing her and giving her what she continued to callout for. At first my balls were loose and would slap up against her body as I lunged into her but as time went on and I got closer to climax they tightened up and my cock hardened further, making her yell even louder.

I fucked her like that for twenty minutes, nonstop brutal thrusts that amazed me she wasn't screaming in pain. Instead she loved it. Her pussy was soaked, my balls were covered in white thick foam that I had created with her juices and more was collecting with ever new minute. I felt her pussy contract and moisten twice as I fucked her and she reacted each time like she was going to lose it. I'm pretty sure she climaxed both times and I never slowed.

The third time I felt it was about the same time I was ready to drop my load. My cock was extremely engorged and my balls were tight along the shaft. The pleasure peaked and I held my climax until it was impossible to stop it. Pulling out I expected her to turn around and feast on me again but she was too overcome with her fourth or fifth orgasm to move. Instead I drenched her back with a shower of cum that sprayed in all directions out of my cock. It was much runnier, going everywhere with each contraction, flying into the air and raining down on her quivering back. It started running off and down her ass over her pussy or off the sides onto my bed. The pleasure was extreme, making my vision blur as I stroked my cock to completion, wiping the tip on her ass when I was done.

She fell forward, exhausted onto my bed with her back rising and falling rapidly, covered in my spunk. She was painted really well, from her shoulders to her ass in my semen. I admired my work, pulling my sore legs out from under me to sit on the bed. Kneeling that long made them go to sleep but it was so worth it to fuck her that hard. Neither of us spoke for a while, I just watched her lay there, soaked and breathing heavily, and admiring her perfect body.

"Trevor?" she asked.


"I think I've made a mistake," she began.

"What do you mean?" I asked, worried.

"By marrying an older man."

"Go on." I said.

"Tom could never do what you just did to me. He could never keep up that kind of effort for that long. I mean... fuck, you made me cum three times and never slowed down once. He can't compete with you, your potency and stamina. I think I made a big mistake."

"Possibly, but I'm here, and I'm not going anywhere?" I said.

"That helps, but you know we won't be able to do this every day, and now that I've had you like this I'll want it all the time. Tom's going to pale in comparison, I think I'll get frustrated, and always want more," she explained.

"I'm sorry; I don't know what to say. But when we do get this chance it will be amazing, and something to look forward too?" I tried to help.

"True, I will yearn for it and the anticipation will make it even better. Trevor, that was amazing, I've never been fucked like that before. You are a machine," she said, grinning.

"Well thank you, April, I'm glad you approve."

She looked at her back and shook her head, "Damn, that's a lot of cum. You should clean me up."

I pulled my sheet over and yanked it out of the bottom of my bed. Everything needed to be washed anyway so I used the bedding to clean her up and wadded it all into a ball. She found her shirt and panties, putting them back on and I dressed partially as well.

"Let's get breakfast and work on some boxes. Sound good?" she asked.

"Yep, but if I attack you before the first one is empty will you care?" I asked, smirking.

"Hell no. As soon as that wonderful cock of yours is ready again you be sure and tell me. I want all I can get before this day is over."

We headed to the kitchen, I walked behind her, staring at her tight little ass in her shirt and had the urge to smack it, which I did. She turned and shook her head.

"You're the best stepmom in the world," I said, laughing.

"And you're the best stepson a mom could ask for," she returned the favor, spanking my butt as we entered the kitchen.

"By the way. How old are you anyway?" I asked.

She smiled, "How old do I look?" she asked.

"No way, I'm not doing that. Just tell me," I said.

"Fine, I'm twenty-three. Is that what you figured?" she asked.

"Twenty fucking three! Judas I'm only five years younger than you. Dad's over twice your age!"

"I know, he thinks it's great, he parades me around like his trophy, I don't mind. But you didn't answer my question."

"Huh? Oh yeah that's what I guessed, I figured you weren't over twenty-five yet," I said.

"Good answer. So what do you want for breakfast or lunch actually? Look at the time."

The microwave said 12:30, we'd been making love for about two hours and as soon as I saw the time I realized why I was so hungry. All that exertion burned a bunch of calories.

"Are you offering to make your son some food?" I asked.

"I am, after what you gave me it's the least I can do," she grinned.

"Cool, whatever sounds fine to me, I'm starving."

She scrambled some eggs, burned some toast and we washed it down with orange juice.

"Remember what we did on this table last time we were alone in the kitchen," I asked as we finished eating.

"How could I forget? That was our first time."

"I considered it a huge mistake and walked out on you. I never said I was sorry, but now I know it was the best thing to ever happen to me. A memory I'll never forget."

"Same here. I thought about it every day on my honeymoon. To be honest I couldn't wait to get back home and then when I found out you had today off I almost gave myself away with excitement," she said.

"I noticed you look at me. So why didn't you and Dad have sex last night?" I asked.

"He was too tired; I wore him out over the two weeks. By the end of the trip his poor cock wouldn't get hard, at all. He kept avoiding sex the last couple of days but I knew it was because he couldn't do it even if he wanted too."

"That's too funny, wore the old man right out. No wonder you were so horny this morning, it has been at least a day or more for you."

"Three, actually, so yeah I needed some bad and you didn't disappoint. Damn you rocked my world really."

My cock was growing under the table talking about this stuff, already. The new energy from the food had me revitalized and I was ready to go again. She told me to tell her when my cock was ready, but I knew we needed to actually unpack a little before Dad got home. I smiled at her in response to her last sentence and she grinned back, standing up to clear the plates. It was difficult to want to work with her walking around in that thin short shirt, and now with a hard on raging again I really didn't want to. I watched her wash off the plates, and put them in the dishwasher. She looked amazing even doing this, bending over to put the plates on the bottom level. I couldn't take it and got up out of my chair and snuck up behind her.

Grabbing her from behind, she squealed and laughed as I pulled her into me and wedged my hard cock between her butt cheeks. She instantly felt my hardon and reacted swiftly.

"Oh wow, you're all big again. I love this eighteen year-old body of yours," she said bending over the counter and shoving her ass out onto my cock. I rubbed it up and down her panties, lifting her shirt up. All I had on was my boxers and some sweat bottoms, which I could easily get out of.

"Fuck me, Trevor, fuck me right her over the counter," she said looking back at me.

"What about the boxes," I teased.

"Forget the boxes and give me that cock!" she screamed.

I laughed, pulling down my pants and boxers. Pulling her panties to the left I didn't bother taking them off and fed my cock into her moist tunnel, pushing her over the counter with my other hand. Her breasts smashed out the sides and she yelled in pleasure as I buried my rod all the way to my balls inside of her. With one hand on her back and the other on her ass I started thrusting deep and hard, speeding up as I went, just pummeling her body against the granite counter. She screamed and moaned, urging me on with every vocalization.

"What the fuck is going on in here!" I heard my father's voice from the kitchen entrance.

I shot away from April, my cock flipping out of her pussy and splattering my stomach with her juices.

"Tom, oh no, oh shit, Tom," April said turning around horrified.

"I thought I'd surprise you for lunch and this I what I find! You're fucking my son! And you, young man what the fuck are you doing?" he screamed, spittle flying from his mouth.

We were so busted. I was standing there with my sweats around my ankles and my hard cock coated in April's pussy. I didn't know what to do or say, and man my dad was pissed.

"Get out of my sight, Trevor, I'll deal with you later!" he screamed.

I was afraid to leave him alone with April; I didn't know what he was going to do to her. I didn't move, looking between the two of them.

"It's okay, Trevor, I'll be fine, this is my fault I'll deal with it," April said.

I shook my head, still not willing to leave. Dad's face was bright red, veins were protruding on his forehead, he looked like he was going to explode.

"I said, get out!" he yelled fists raised and fuming.

Suddenly he collapsed, fell right over and didn't even try and catch himself. April and I looked at each other stunned until she ran to him.

"He's not breathing, Trevor, Call 911!" she screamed.


The doctors said my dad had a major aneurism that burst, basically his brain exploded. His rage and anger at finding me and April in the kitchen fucking, pushed him too far. He wasn't the model of health to begin with, with high blood pressure and cholesterol and the shock was too much for him. They said he died instantly and he probably had the aneurism for a long time before it finally ruptured. April and I didn't exactly tell anyone what had caused it. We just said he got angry at me for not helping out and just fell over. They had no reason not to believe us.

I got most of the inheritance, since April hadn't been married to Dad even a month yet. We hid our love affair from the world for about a year, long enough to graduate from high school and make it look like she was in mourning. She even moved out of the house, since it wasn't very appropriate in the eyes of everyone for her to be living with just me. We met at hotels, under assumed names and continued to fuck each other at least three times a week.

Then after a year and a few months we started openly dating, telling everyone that the death of my father had brought us together and that our friendship had turned into something more recently. I married her a year later. My stepmom is now my wife and we couldn't be happier.

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