tagFetishStepmom and Me

Stepmom and Me


I came home from class Friday afternoon a little early and no one was in the house - or so I thought. I quietly ascended the stairs leading to the second floor and saw the bathroom door wide open and singing coming from inside. I got to the top of the steps and peeked inside the door and saw my step mother just getting out of the bathtub.

She had her back to me so she couldn't see me and began toweling herself off. I said "I don't want to startle you, but I can dry your back for you if you like."

She reacted quickly by saying "I didn't know you had come in. I didn't hear the door. Yes, I'd like you to dry my back please."

I went into the bathroom and took the towel from her and began wiping her back with it. I also said "If you spread your legs apart I can dry your legs and thighs too."

Velma spread her legs wide apart and I got down on my knees and worked my way up her thighs from her toes upward. I finally got to the crack of her ass and told her to reach around with one hand and spread her ass cheeks open and I would dry her butt and ass too.

"While I'm down on my knees you might as well turn around and I'll dry the front of your legs too." Surprisingly enough, she turned around and I was confronted with a very full growth of auburn colored hair that went from the middle of her belly down through her cunt area. I also got to see for the first time her rather small 36A teats. She made no effort to cover herself and I dried the front of her legs and her belly and teats, rubbing the nipples gently.

"If you want me to dry your cunt you'll need to spread your legs open so I can get to it." I said. She complied and I ran the towel between her legs and slowly wiped her pubic hair and cunt lips. She leaned back and put one hand against the edge of the tub and with the other spread he cunt lips apart. "Now stick your tongue in my cunt and lick my clitty. I'm so fucking horny I don't know what to do."

I could hardly believe my ears. This was my sedate, cool stepmother who had never been married before until she married my father a little over a year ago. She was smart, a good cook, a good housekeeper and here she was telling her nineteen year old stepson to lick her pussy.

Her pink lips peeked out at me and I gingerly stuck my face in the mass of pubic hair and began my search for her clit. It took about five seconds to find it and I grabbed it with my lips and began sucking on it. She immediately went ballistic and was writhing around telling me how good it felt and then she came all over my fucking face. Her clit got wet and I had a hard time holding on to it, but I sucked it harder and she wiggled some more an came again.

She screamed "That's enough honey. I have to piss and I need your cock fucking me. Your father isn't coming home until tomorrow and I want you to sleep with me tonite so you can fuck me. Now I need to get over to the toilet so I can piss."

She started to walk the ten feet to the toilet, but I could see the pee beginning to dribble out and run down her thighs. She sat down and the pee gushed out into the toilet making a sound like Niagara Falls. She must have pissed for about thirty seconds, then it was quiet.

"Now be a dear stepson and get the washcloth so you can wash my soaking wet cunt and thighs again please." she said. I went over to the towel rack, got the washcloth, rinsed it with warm water and began washing her very wet cunt and pubic hair. Then I took the towel and dried her off again. As I was doing so, I looked on the toilet bowl behind her and saw a box labelled Van Raalte in which I presumed were nylon stockings. On top of that box was a black eight strap garter belt.

"Were you planning on putting your garter belt and stockings on now mommy?" I asked.

"I was, but first I'm going to have you take your shorts and briefs off so I can see this huge uncut prick of yours that your father keeps telling me about." she replied as she began unfastening my belt. She unhooked the belt and pulled the zipper of my shorts down, then unbuttoned the top button and tugged shorts and briefs down in one easy motion and exclaimed as she saw my cock for the first time. "Oh my fucking God. He wasn't kidding when he said it was a monster cock. The foreskin alone must be an inch long over the head of it." With that she reached down and began to fondle my nuts and play with them gently.

"Did you wash your prick today darling?" she asked.

Yes mommy, I washed it this morning when I got up." I replied.

With that Velma reached down, grabbed my cock and stuck it in her mouth without pulling the long foreskin back. She proceeded to just nibble on the foreskin for a couple of minutes which caused my cock to become fully erect. Then, she slowly and carefully began easing my foreskin back over the head of my prick until she had it fully exposed and put her mouth on it and began sucking it in earnest.

As she was sucking on my cock I decided to reach and tweak her nipples. Her tities were definitely on the "A cup" size, but her nipples were large.

So, I simply reached with both hands and took hold of each one and gently stretched them and twisted them from side to side. She reacted by sucking my cock much more vigorously until I had to pull away and let her know I was about to unload my baby batter in her mouth.

"Do you have any rubbers in your bedroom?" she asked.

"Yes, I've got two or three. Why?"

"I need this huge cock of yours inside my cunt but I can't take a chance of being fucked by you and getting knocked up. So you have to wear a rubber. I'll put it on your cock for you darling." she said. With that she picked up her garter belt and box of hose and we headed to my bedroom. She put her articles down and I told her my rubbers were on the right side of my top drawer of the dresser. Velma went over, opened the drawer, took one pack out and opened it. She came over to the bed where I was lying down, took the rubber and peeled it down over my erect cock, leaving the foreskin over the end of my cock.

"Do you want me to peel your foreskin back down when I pull it down?" she asked.

"No. Just let it stay over the end of my prick. Ultimately when I squirt my semen in you the foreskin will have peeled back down on my cock." I said.

With that she got on the bed, postioned herself over my elongated cock, and sat down on it all in one smooth motion. Velma impaled herself on it and began wiggling and squirming all over it, pushing down on me to try and make it go inside her even further. I finally felt the tip of her cervix and knew she had reached where she wanted to be. She just sat on my prick and enjoyed it. I watched as the pupils in her eyes went up into her head and I knew she had come all over the rubber. I decided to shoot my semen as she was really fucking me and herself very good. When my cock exploded she just squealed and bounced up and down on my prick some more, trying even harder to get it inside her as far as she could. I decided I needed to suck her nipples so I clamped my mouth on her right nipple and began sucking. That set her off again and she squirmed and wiggled into still another climax. I let go of her nipple and she said, "You are on hell of a motherfucker. Your father told me you had a huge uncut cock, but I didn't think it was this big. I'm going to fuck you a couple of times tonite when we are in bed together. Now we need to get dressed since we have to go dinner with a few people including Bob and Jewel Burke. You know Jewel wants to fuck you too, don't you?"

I told Velma I had not been aware that Jewel was trying to get me into her panties, but Velma let me know that Jewel thought I would be a really good fuck since her husband Bob couldn't fuck her anymore with his bad heart condition. Velma just indicated that Jewel needed to have a good cock fucking her and thought I was the one to do it.

She finally got off of my now shriveling cock and removed the rubber from it. Then just as quickly as she had done that, she got her mouth on it and began sucking it clean for me. She finally had it clean enough and let go of it.

"Velma, you are simply too much. How much of my fucking prick do you want today and tonite? By the way what is this dinner we are going to?" I asked.

"I'll take all of your cock I can get tonite because your father will be back tomorrow and he will want to fuck my brains out when he gets home. The dinner we are going to this evening will have about four or five couples for dinner and then some dancing. You need to wear a shirt and tie and a blazer. Now help me put my new stockings on please. I'll have you fasten the back garters on my garter belt."

She sat down on the bed, opened the box and took out a pair of stockings. They were beautiful and I could see they had the sexy Manhattan heel on them. They were a very dark brown color with black heels and seams. She folded one stocking down and then pulled it up her legs making sure the seams were straight. She did the same thing to the other leg then fastened her garter belt around her waist. She hooked the front garter of the belt to each stocking then stood up and told me to fasten the back ones making sure I didn't put it into the keyhole or else they would run quickly. After I finished she fastened each of the other two so all eight garters were hooked to her nylons.

I decided to lay down on my bed and the next thing I knew Velma was over my body and told me she was going to sit on my face and I was to eat her pussy for a few minutes. She opened her cunt lips and I found her clitoris immediately and began sucking on it. She went into a violent orgasm, twisting and turning all over my face.The next thing I knew was I felt something very warm covering my face and I heard her exclaim, "Oh baby, I'm sorry but mommy just couldn't help peeing for a moment. I need to go again but I'll try and hold it till we finish."

I stuck my tongue up inside her cunt and sucked her cunt for a few minutes. She finally quieted down and got off of me saying "You surely are a hell of a motherfucker. Your father told me you had a big prick, but he didn't say anything about you being able to eat pussy too. Now I'm going downstairs and finish dressing. Come down in a few minutes and see if I need any help. Now I need to piss again so come in and help me."

I got off the bed and followed her into the bathroom where she sat down and spread her legs as wide apart as she could. I heard the hissing sound followed by a strong stream as she emptied her full bladder into the toilet. I took some toilet tissue, folded it, and wiped her very wet cunt for her as she flushed the toilet. I decided to give each of her nipples a little squeeze before she went downstairs and fastened my mouth on her left one for a few seconds sucking it very hard. Velma stood up and headed down the stairs telling me to hurry and dress.

I dressed and went downstairs. She was in her bedroom and had everything on but her bra and blouse. There was a pair of extremely sheer white panties lying on the bed and when she saw me she picked them up and showed them to me asking me if I thought they were too sheer.

I replied "What difference does it make anyway? No one is going to see them and you and I will be the only people who know that you are wearing them won't we?"

With that, she hoisted up her skirt, slipped her feet into the openings and pulled the panties up over her stockings, pulling them tightly against her cunt lips.I could see all of her auburn colored cunt hair showing through the sheer nylon. She then donned her sheer white open cup bra and put her blouse on, tucking it into her skirt. She slipped her feet into her brown leather high heels and announced we were ready to go.

I drove and as we left the house I thought I smelled alcohol, so I asked her if she had been drinking. She replied that she had only had one or two glasses of wine before we left and it soothed her mind. I told her it was alright. Mommy told me how to get where we were going and it only took about ten minutes to get there.

When we went into the house I saw three or four other couples and all the women were dressed nicely wearing skirts or dresses. Bob and Jewel Burke were there and we had a cocktail, introductions were made although I didn't recognize anyone else by name, and dinner was ready.

Jewel sat on my right and as we were eating I felt her left hand on my lap obviously trying to find my cock. I took my hand and guided her hand to it and let her feel it. She gasped and whispered to me that she just simply had to see my cock after dinner. Dessert was served along with coffee then the music began playing. Couples began dancing although I am not sure it was with each others spouses.

After a few dances I looked for Velma but didn't see her. Jewel whispered to me that she had to go pee pee and wanted me to help her. Bob was dancing with some other lady so he didn't notice we were leaving for the rest room. Jewel pushed the bathroom door closed but not shut tight. She raised the lid to the toilet and pulled her dress up. She was not wearing any panties and I saw her red bush in all its glory. She must have really had to piss because her stream was hitting the water long before she sat down. She unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out of my boxers and stuck it in her mouth immediately and began sucking on my foreskin.

"Johnny, I just need you give me a good fucking. You know Bob can't fuck me anymore since he had his heart attack or he may have another one which would be fatal so I haven't had any cock in me for over six months. Honey, I'm very horny and I need you to fuck me. We can find a bedroom and you can slip it in me and let me have a climax or two."

Before I could answer her the bathroom door opened and Velma came in carrying her sheer white panties, her garter belt was all twisted to the left of her , and her brand new stockings had several runners in them. She had her skirt pulled up so her cunt was visible. She was follwed by a tall athletic looking guy whose cock was hanging down and banging against his thigh as he walked.

"You stupid motherfucker." she hollered at him. "I told you I needed you to put a rubber on your cock because I am still fertile and if I get pregnant tonight Mac will know it isn't his baby I'm carrying. How could you not listen to me? Look at my brand new stockings. I've got runs in both of them and they were brand new this afternoon when I put them on. I just took them out of the box a few hours ago and now they are ruined."

"What did he do to you mommy?" I asked as I pulled my cock out of Jewel's mouth.

"He pulled my skirt up and stripped my panties down off of me, then made me get on my hands and knees. Then he took his belt off and gave me five smacks across my ass because he said I was naughty for not letting him fuck me without wearing a rubber. Then he proceeded to throw me on the bed and stuck his face in my cunt and ate me till I am almost sore. He caused a couple of runs in my stockings and he hit me with his belt on my thighs and I am sure those runs were caused by his belt. Just look at the size of his prick. I just couldn't let him fuck me with that without putting a rubber on it. Now I have to piss really bad so Jewel you need to get off the toilet while I pee."

Jewel got up and Velma sat down peeing as she did so. The guy came over and stood in front of her and held his long fucking cock right in front of her face. She grabbed it and stuffed it in her mouth, sucking him very hard as she was pissing. He stiffened up and shot his semen in her mouth almost immediately, swallowing all of it.

"Now you slimy prick. I hope you are satisfied that you have had me even though you didn't fuck me. Now put your cock down and go get dressed."

Velma finished pissing and just pulled her sheer panties back on without wiping her cunt. She stood up, pulled her panties up and the crotch immediately got wet because she hadn't wiped herself. She straightened up her garter belt, pulled her skirt down and told Jewel she would have to wait to fuck me. We were going home.

We left and I walked her to the car and opened the door. She got in and as she did her skirt rode up over her stocking tops, but she didn't pull it down.

I got in, started the car, and we left for home. She said "I should have kicked that cocksucker in the balls the way he handled me around. He just didn't want to put a rubber on before he fucked me and I wasn't going to have him stick his long prick in me without wearing one. I wanted to fuck him because he is supposed to make a woman really want his prick inside of her, but not in me without putting on a rubber. Then when he ruined my stockings I was really pissed at him. He didn't spank me real hard, but the strap hurt a little bit."

We arrived home and as she opened the door I realized she was somewhat intoxicated. I went around and helped her out of the car and she immediately stood on the sidewalk, pulled her skirt up to her waist and began pissing through her panties. It sprayed all over and was even getting her leather shoes a bit damp, but then it was over. she let her skirt fall down and I helped her into the house.

We went into her bedroom and I unhooked her skirt and took it off of her. Then I pulled her panties off and hung them over a chair to dry. I took her blouse off and left her cut out bra on because her big nipples were sticking out the front of it and I knew I was going to be sucking on them when we went to bed. I removed her shoes, then I undressed.

Velma told me to get a rubber from her dresser drawer, but she wanted to suck my cock before she fucked me. She sat on the bed and I stood in front of her, she took my now erect prick, peeled my foreskin back, and began sucking it very diligently. As she was sucking my prick, I manipulated her nipples, twisting them and pulling on them so they enlarged.

"Now my boy, I need to put that rubber on your cock and then I want you to fuck your mommy like there is no tomorrow. I want you to fuck me again and again tonite, so when we wake up in the morning the inside of my pussy is going to be sore from having your fucking cock stuck in it so many times tonite."

She pulled the rubber on my prick, laid down on the bed, spread her cunt lips wide open and guided my now throbbing cock inside her wet cunt. I thrust it all the way inside her not stopping till I hit her cervix. She screamed at me "You big fucking motherfucker. You're fucking your stepmother and she loves your big prick. Now shoot your fucking semen in the rubber and fill my cunt up."

With that she wrapped her nylon clad legs around my waist and wouldn't let me pull my cock out. After a few minutes I simply blasted her with a huge dose of semen which was caught in the rubber. But my cock got fat and she hollered how big it was, telling me it was like a stallion fucking a mare in heat or it was like a boar hog fucking a sow and then she came a couple of times.

She finally let me get up and I stripped the rubber off my cock. Velma had to see how much semen I had shot into it and was aghast at the load that was in it. "Honey boy, you would really have knocked me up with that huge load of baby batter if it was inside my cunt right now. Now let me suck your nice fat cock all clean, then we need to get some sleep. I can fuck you later tonite and in the morning."

About four in the morning Velma moved across my body and got her face down alongside my cock and had her wet cunt lips and hair right in my face. She began playing with my foreskin, then pulled it back and began sucking my elongated prick. I spread her cunt lips open, found her clitoris and sucked on it until she squealed like a boar hog being castrated. It was then I felt my face getting wet and knew immediately that she had pissed on me again. I lapped it up and continued sucking her wet pussy. I rimmed her peehole with my tongue and seemed to set her off again as I felt some warm rain cascading down into my mouth. I proceeded to stick my tongue up inside her cunt and began sucking on her cunt at the same time. Suddenly I felt her contract and I knew she had climaxed again. Mommy was sucking my cock so nicely I didn't want her to quit, but I knew she was going to get a semen bath if she didn't. Suddenly she stopped, let go of my cock, and said "Honey, mommy needs to piss and I don't want to go upstairs. Go out in the kitchen and get a round roasting pan so I can piss in it."

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