Stepmom and Me Ch. 06


Master daddy paid for everything and told us it was time to leave for home. Velma was driving because Emmy Lou wanted to play with master daddy's cock, so I got in the back seat with Becky and her daddy. Emmy Lou and daddy sat together in front. Becky seemed fascinated by her daddy's cock so she decided to play with it while we were driving home. Herb did nothing to discourage her. So, while she played with his cock I played with her cunt.

"You know daddy." Becky said. "I know why mommy loves your peter so much. When I pull the skin back your red head pops out and when I pull the skin forward your red head disappears. Mommy told me that she really loves playing with your peter and now that Velma has sucked you off and mommy has tasted your love juice, maybe she will suck you off too. I think that is what I am going to do right now."

With that Becky leaned down and took Herbs prick in her mouth. She put her hand on his nuts and began fondling them too. Suddenly she let go and said "Look how hard his cock got after I began sucking it and playing with his fucking nuts John. He got a hard on almost instantly."

I told Becky to spread her legs apart and as she did so, I quickly inserted three fingers in her hairy cunt. She squealed delightedly as I did so and resumed sucking Herb's cock. I quickly inserted my fourth finger in her cunt and began twisting them around inside her. She intensified her sucking of her daddy's cock and began wiggling her ass around on the rear seat. Suddenly I felt the walls of her cunt get very wet and I knew I had made her climax.

About this same time I saw Emmy Lou, in the front seat, turn and face me as she climbed onto daddy's lap "Do you know what I'm going to do to you motherfucker?" she asked him.

"I have absolutely no idea what you are going to do to me." daddy answered.

"Well. I'm going to stick that big fucking cock of yours up inside my very wet cunt and fuck your nuts off of you all the way home." she replied. With that I could see her slip down a couple of inches as she said "There. I must have eight inches or so of hard prick inside me. Now fuck me you big motherfucker."

As she was fucking daddy, Emmy Lou looked in the back seat and saw Becky feverishly sucking her daddy's cock while I was fist fucking Becky.

"Oh my God Becky." she said. "I can't believe I am actually seeing you with your father's cock in your mouth sucking him off for all he is worth. I hope his prick tastes good because I am going to have to try doing that to him soon."

"When he shoots his baby batter in my mouth I will tell you whether or not it tastes good" replied Becky.

Master daddy told Emmy Lou to just ride his prick and concentrate on fucking him rather than talking to her daughter. He also told Velma to watch the road instead of watching Emmy Lou fucking him.

I continued to fist Becky and her cunt kept getting wetter and wetter. She kept sucking her daddy's prick until finally he told her he was about ready to blast his load in her mouth. She just kept sucking and I saw Herb stiffen as his semen spewed out of his prick into Becky's mouth. She kept sucking on his prick until he finally told her he was finished and she could let go of his cock.

I quickly pulled my fist from inside her cunt and found a towel she could sit on so she didn't stain the car seat when she sat back down on it. She surprised everyone though when she leaned forward and told Emmy Lou to kiss her on the mouth. Emmy Lou leaned over daddy's shoulder and Becky stuck her tongue in Emmy Lou's mouth giving her a taste of Herb's semen

"Oh my God Becky. What in the hell do you think you are doing giving me a taste of his pollen?" Emmy Lou screamed. "If I wanted to taste it I would suck his cock and let him shoot it into my mouth. But I do have to agree. It doesn't taste too bad."

Becky then sat back in the seat and I produced a small bottle of brandy from a side pocket in the car door.

"Here Becky. Take a swig of this and swish it around inside your mouth to get all his semen loose. Then swallow it." I told her.

She took a big swig, swished it around and swallowed part of it. The rest of it she kept in her mouth for about another thirty seconds, then swallowed it too.

About that time came a cry from the front seat followed by "You great big motherfucking cuntfucker. You just splattered the walls of my pussy with your hot pollen and I'm dripping all over the place. How the hell do you expect me to get off your long fucking prick without leaking all over the place?" asked Emmy Lou.

"Just ease off of my cock and I'll slip your bikini panties under your hairy cunt lips. Then you can turn around and sit down without making a mess." daddy answered.

Emmy Lou eased up off daddy's cock and I saw his hand move as he slipped her panties under her cunt lips. She smiled at the three of us in the back seat before she turned around and sat down. We were on the edge of town as she sat and Velma had us to our house within five minutes where she announced "I need to piss and right now." as she parked the car in the rear of the house. We all got out but Velma already had her legs spread apart and the pee was rolling out of her cunt.

"I need to piss too." said Emmy Lou. However, I'm afraid I'll lose all of Master daddy's pollen if I do, but what can I do? With that, she spread her long legs wide apart and pulled her hairy cunt lips open and the piss just sprayed out onto the ground. Becky had no panties on so she opened her legs wide and pulled her black hairy cunt lips open and also sprayed the ground.

When Velma finished daddy told her to get over to him. As she did so, he ran his fist between her legs and wiped all the excess piss off of her cunt lips. "Now kneel down you whore and get my prick in your mouth." daddy told her. She reached with her mouth and took his flaccid cock in her mouth and began sucking on it.

Herb couldn't restrain himself and he went and stood in front of Emmy Lou and said to her. "Now you bitch. Since you got fucked by Mac you can get on your knees and suck my prick until I come again. I may surprise you and shoot again in a hurry."

Becky finished peeing and her black cunt hair was dripping pee when I told her to come over to me. I ran my hand through her wet pussy hair then told her to get on her knees and get my prick in her mouth and get me erect.

Becky and Emmy Lou had the greatest mass of pubic hair I had ever seen on a woman. Emmy Lou's was silver and grey while Becky's was coal black. When they put on a pair of panties the hair around their pubic mound was so thick the panties were pushed out away from their body. In addition it carried on down their thighs and onto their legs. As if that weren't enough, each of them had a "treasure trail" going from their belly up to their navel.

Becky was entanced with me, because I had befriended her during a period of time when she had been at a party and ended up being abused by someone she knew. She had made her way to our home during the night and we had welcomed her and let her sleep at our home. Becky trusted me as well as Velma and daddy. Thus, she had learned a great deal about sex and I had taken her virginity with her permission. Since then, Becky had become a sex fiend and couldn't get enough cock.

She got on her knees and lifted my flaccid cock up to her mouth. She didn't bother pushing the dangling foreskin back over the head of my cock but just put it all in her mouth sucking on it as she did so. She reached with her left hand a fondled my nut sack, gently carressing my nuts inside my scrotum.

Becky's mother, Emmy Lou, hollered at her and said "Becky. You look just like a fucking whore with his prick all the way in your mouth. You haven't even got him hard yet. I hope when he climaxes he shoots every bit of his hot semen inside your mouth."

Becky just looked at her mother, stopped momentarily and said "Why the fuck don't you mind your own fucking business and either suck daddy's or Master daddy's cock or else eat Velma's cunt?"

Just let me suck John's cock the way I want to." With that she went back to sucking my prick some more.

Herb said "I think that is a great idea" and moved over in front of Velma, grasped her buttocks and stuck his face in her cunt. He began licking her hairy pussy feverishly and suddenly Velma was writhing and wiggling around.

"You fucking cuntlicker". she said. "You tickled my clit and pee hole so much you made me have a fucking orgasm. Now keep licking so I can have a couple of more. I'll let you know when to stop."

"Herb. You fucking bastard." Emmy Lou cried.

"What am I going to do about you? You eat her pussy like there is no tomorrow and and when I want you to eat me out, you decline. I think I am going to whip your fucking nuts if you don't eat me too." she said.

Velma told Herb to stop and go eat his fucking wife's cunt so she would stop complaining. Herb moved over to where his amazon wife was standing and kneeled down in front of her. She opened her legs and cunt lips, spreading all of her silver and grey growth of hair aside and Herb pressed his face into her big cunt.

I nudged Becky as her daddy began sucking her mother's clit and pee hole. It wasn't long before Emmy Lou was wiggling and writhing as Herb continued to eat her out. Suddenly, she grabbed his head and pulled further into her cunt and screamed. "Eat me you fucking prick. I'm coming all over the place, so don't stop until I tell you too."

With that daddy took the quirt and gave Herb a couple of stiff swats on his ass and then turned and swatted Emmy Lou between her ass cheeks with just the right length to snap her cunt. She screamed in agony, but continued pulling at her husbands head as he continued tongueing her cunt. Final]y, unable to take anymore, Emmy Lou released Herbs head and collapsed on the ground, her thighs a mess of love juice and piss.

Herbs cock was sticking straight out from his belly and Becky told me it was as long as she had ever seen it.

About that time, the back door of our home opened and out came Peter and Margie bouncing over to see all of us. Margie was wearing a ten strap blue garter girdle and full fashioned brown stockings but her teats were swinging freely because she wore no bra. She wore a 38 C cup bra, when she wore one. Peter had nothing on and his seven inch cock was swaying to and fro as he sauntered up to us.

"We just got here and saw the car was parked in the rear, so we came through the house and out the back door." said Margie. Peter had his eyes on Emmy Lou and her new hair style or her hairy pussy.

Becky was staring at Peter's cock and telling me she couldn't believe it was that long when it was soft. "Becky." I said. "It is that long when it is soft and longer when it is hard. He grows to about ten inches and the women love having him fuck them."

Peter sensed that Becky was intigued by him so he came over to where we were standing and said. "Becky, I haven't seen you since the last time we had a get together. You looked so young yet you have this magnificent growth of coal black pubic hair plus hair all over the rest of your body. You're just like your mother with her gray hair. Do you ever wear panties Becky?"

Oh Peter, I do wear panties once in awhile, but not right now today. Perhaps later. However, I am fascinated by your long uncut cock, even when it is just hanging down your thigh and think I may want to play with it sometime soon.".

"Well don't go away, but I must go over and say 'hello' to your mother who I see has a brand new hair do." Peter said. "Don't go away. I will return shortly."

"Where am I going to go Peter? I don't have any means of transportation except for John and he's not going anyplace soon." replied Becky.

As Peter was walking over to see Emmy Lou, there was a little ruckus between Velma and daddy. Velma was standing with her legs apart and pee was running down out of her cunt lips. Daddy was hollering at her reminding her she was supposed to tell him when she needed to piss.

I'm sorry daddy." Velma cried. "I just had to go and I forgot to let you know. It just began running out and I couldn't stop it."

"Well perhaps this will help you remember the next time you have to piss." daddy said ane gave Velma thre very hard strokes of the quirt on her cunt lips followed by two on the nipples of her teats. Now get over here and get on your knees and suck my cock, which you have not had in your mouth all day today."

Velma went to daddy and kneeled before him and gently lifted his dangling prick into her mouth and began sucking him in earnest. It took fifteen seconds for daddy to get fully erect and Velma really began sucking him for all she was worth. I think she didn't want any more swats on her cunt with the quirt. Daddy's nut sack was really hanging down so Velma gently cupped it in her hand and began fondling it.

Suddenly semen was pouring out of her mouth, down her chin and dripping onto her nipples. Daddy erupted in her mouth and Velma was sucking it as fast as she could. She had a glazed look in her eyes like she was really enjoying drinking his love juice as she continued to fondle his scrotum.

Daddy gave her one more squirt then pushed her face away telling her to lick his cock clean. Satisfied, he stepped away, took hold of his cock, pulled his foreskin back and began pissing all over Velma. She got saturated. Her stockings, her hair, her garter belt, her armpits, and her face were all soaking wet.

"Emmy Lou. take this whore of a wife of mine in the house and clean her up. Make her get a shower, dry her off, and get some clean lingerie on her. When you're finished bring her back out here." daddy told her.

"Yes Master daddy. I will take care of her. I'm going to take Peter to help me." Emmy Lou said.

Peter put one arm around Velma and Emmy Lou the other and they helped get her to the house.

When they got Velma inside and sat her down Emmy Lou sat on the bed and Peter stood in front of her with his cock dangling on his thigh.

"Now put this long motherfucker in your mouth just the way it is and suck me hard. Don't pull the foreskin back when you begin. But before you begin, let Velma have a chance to give it a suck or two." With that Peter turned to where Velma was sitting and told her to open her mouth so she could have a taste of his peter. Face still full of drying semen, Velma stuck Peter's cock in her mouth and began sucking on it. She got several sucks on it before Peter pulled it away and gave it to Emmy Lou to suck. Emmy Lou proceeded to nibble on Peter's long foreskin since he was still flaccid. She took hold of it with her teeth and pulled it out away from his cock as far as she could, then let it go.

Finally, Emmy Lou nestled Peter's nut sack in her left hand and began stroking his peter with her right hand as well as sucking his shaft. Becky and I had sneaked into the house and could see into the bedroom. We could both see his cock beginning to get hard and soon Emmy Lou had his cock standing straight out from his belly. She soon had Peter in a rampant state of mind and a few seconds later his thick semen spewed from the slit in his cock all over Emmy Lou's face and chin then dripped down onto her enormous teats. She calmly wiped it off of her chin and nipples and put it in her mouth and swallowed it. Then she motioned for Velma to come over and suck his still leaking cock and get a taste. Velma stuck Peter's cock back in her mouth and sucked him for about a minute and swallowed whatever semen she had gotten. She then pulled his very long foreskin down over the head of his cock and proceeded to just suck his long foreskin.

"Velma, you must be crazy about men with long foreskins. All the men you associate with have foreskins that completely cover their cocks or hang over the end the head of it." Peter said. "You always seem to enjoy sucking them and playing with their foreskins."

"Before I started going with Master daddy I had never had a man fuck me. I had seen cocks and pictures of cocks, but never played with one or fucked one. When I saw daddy's cock I couldn't believe it. He let me play with it and when I got him hard I pulled his foreskin back over the head of it and was treated to a nice moist very red headed cock. He told me he had washed it and asked me if I wanted to suck on it for a few minutes." Velma said.

"Did you suck it for him?" Peter asked.

"Oh yes. I put the head of it in my mouth and played with it for a few minutes, then put all of it in my mouth and sucked him hard. He told me he was about to shoot his load of pollen and if I wanted to turn loose I could. I told him he could shoot in my mouth and I would swallow all his semen and sperm. He did and I did."

"What did he do then?" Peter asked.

He reached up and kissed me and I gave him a huge French kiss and gave him a taste of his love juice. About an hour later he had a raging hard on again and I let him fuck me. He erupted in my cunt and then told me to slip into a pair of sheer black bikini panties and let the semen run out into the crotch. I was so horny and he fucked me good. I leaked and leaked and my crotch was saturated before we went to bed and got some sleep. Now we all need to get in the shower and get cleaned up. He may be fucking Margie by this time you know." Velma said.

They undressed Velma and Emmy Lou slipped her stockings off. We watched as they walked into the large shower where Emmy Lou asked if anyone besides her needed to piss. Both Velma and Peter indicated they needed to, so Emmy Lou laid down on the shower floor and told Peter to piss through his foreskin as she had never seen a man do that. Then Velma could piss on Peter and she would piss all over Velma.

Becky and I sneaked around so we could see everything. Peter stood over Emmy Lou and just let his long cock dangle. Suddenly his pee just started dribbling out the end of his long foreskin. He never touched his cock but just moved his feet toward Emmy Lou's face. His stream became quite strong and he pissed all over her face, then moved down and soaked her massive teats, finally stopping at her bushy grey haired cunt which he drenched.

When he was about done, Velma moved in front of him and opened her mouth so she could catch some of his "golden shower". However, as much as Velma was catching with her mouth, still more was flowing out of his foreskin down onto Emmy Lou's bushy pubic hair. Finally, Velma simply took hold of Peter's cock and guided it to her mouth so she could all the rest of his piss.

Now, as if Emmy Lou wasn't already drenched enough, Velma began dribling on her chest, soaking her already drenched teats. Emmy Lou slapped Velma's ass and said "Darling, I am supposed to be peeing all over you. Now get down here on the floor so I can stand up and drench you. Then you are going to piss all over Peter when I finish with you."

So Velma laid down on the floor of the shower and Emmy Lou straddled her, spread her bushy cunt lips wide open and began peeing on Velma. She must have really had to piss because she went for nearly two minutes before her stream dwindled down to nothing. Peter, of course, had to put his hand under Emmy Lou's cunt while she was streaming away so her piss would go all over the place.

When Emmy Lou finished, Peter got down on the floor and Velma straddled him, pulled her cunt lips wide open and cut loose with a stream that would have knocked a glass bottle over. It was splashing off of Peter's cock and nuts as well as his chest and going all over the place. Finally Velma turned so she could aim it toward his face and drenched his mouth and chin with it, then was finished.

During all of this, Becky had been playing with my cock and had me extremely erect. She whispered in my ear that we needed to go to my bedroom because she really wanted me to fuck her. So, off we went to my room so she could have some of my cock in here belly.

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