Stepmom and Me


With my elongated cock sticking out in front of me I went to the kitchen, found the roaster,and took it back in the bedroom where she was now standing.

"Be a dear and hold it under my cunt so I don't splash." she said, and with that the all to familiar hissing sound began and her piss began hitting the botttom of the pan. Pee was running down her thighs and I could se that her stockings were getting wet too. She soon had the bottom filled and it sounded like water going over Niagra Falls. Two minutes later it was over and I looked in the bottom and saw it was filled nearly an inch high.

"Do you want me to wipe your cunt or put your white sheer panties back on you?' I asked.

"No and No." she replied. "I want to suck your soft cock and get it hard. Now put the roaster on the steps and get back in here so I can have some cock for breakfast."

Suddenly the phone rang and I am wondering who in the hell is calling at six thirty in the morning.

Velma answered it and said "Yes Jewel. Yes dear, we are awake. Yes you can come over. Wear what you are wearing now. We aren't dressed yet and I'll have John put a pot of coffee on for us. Yes, ten minutes will be fine. No John is just standing here with his enormously long prick standing straight out in front of him darling. I'm sure it will be here when you arrive" and she hung up the phone.

"In case you didn't hear, Jewel is coming over now. Bob is running papers with a new worker and she feels lonely. So go make a pot of water for tea and put a package of rolls in the oven to warm up. You can put a robe on, but she made it clear she is not wearing much and I'm damned sure not going to get dressed. I pretty much know what she wants to come over for."

"Why do you think she is coming over Mommy?" I asked.

"I told you last night she wants that long cock of yours stuck up inside her cunt because Bob can't fuck her for fear of having another heart attack. She can suck him off and he can eat her cunt, but she wants a good fucking from a stud, and you are the honored stud. Now, let's straighten uo the bed a little bit and pick up around it. I need to pick my clothes up off the floor. Leave the roaster on the stairs. She'll probably need to use it too."

I put the pot of water on to boil and turned the over on to 'warm' and put some rolls in to warm up. A few minutes later I heard the doorbell chime and heard Velma go to answer it.

"Oh hello Jewel. It is so good to see you this morning. Yes, I slept well last night after I got the anger out of my system about that stupid cocksucker wanting to fuck me without putting a rubber on his cock. He should know better by this time with as many of these dinners that we have had in the past few months. Did you end up letting him fuck you? Well come in and sit down while Johnny fixes some tea and rolls."

I entered the living room with a tray of rolls and a pot of tea. I set them down as Jewel was reaching for a cigarette, so I lit it for her. She had to reach under my gown and fondle my nuts as I did so. I could see she was wearing sheer black stockings, but couldn't see a garter belt or girdle so I didn't know what she had holding them up. Velma also lit a cigarette and I poured each of them a cup of tea with Jewel again fondling my nuts again as I did so.

Finally, unable to resist any longer Jewel just reached in and grabbed my seni erect prick and said" I just have to have you fuck me Johnny. I need a fat prick inside me so badly." With that she stood up and I could see she had a sheer black cut out bra on with her very red nipples sticking straight out of the openings and her stockings held up with roll garters.

"Jewel, we're going to have some tea and rolls. There is plenty of time to fuck around later and mommy is tired. She needed plenty of cock last night and I was the only one here to provide it for her, so relax. You'll have a chance to stick my prick up inside you. Besides, I want to play with your red cunt hair and find your clit to suck it." I said.

Mommy just looked at me in admiration for letting Jewel know where she stood with me and Velma spread her legs apart to let me admire her hairy auburn colored hair around her well used cunt.

As Jewel was standing she announced "I really have to pee badly. Is there a potty around?"

"There is a roasting pan on the stairs that Velma used to pee in awhile ago. You can go in the stairway and sit down on it or I can go get it and bring it out to you and you can sit on it to pee." I said.

"You can bring it out to me, but I am going to spread my cunt lips open and you can hold the pan while I piss in it. Velma can hold my hand as I do. I really need to go because I didn't piss when I got up this morning, so the last time I went was about two thirty this morning when Bob and I got home from the party." she said.

I carefully picked up the pan and took it to where they were standing in the living room. It had about an inch of pee in it from when Velma had pissed a little bit ago. Jewel spread her legs slightly,grabbed her cunt lips and spread them open, and the faucet opened. There was a terrific surge of piss runnning out of her cunt. Suddenly, without any warning I saw Velma reach Jewel's nipple with her mouth and began sucking on it as Jewel continued pissing. It must have set her off beause she started wiggling around as Velma nursed her and I had to be careful with the roasting pan so I didn't spill any piss.

Suddenly the stream began to trickle and as it did it began running down Jewel's thighs and down to the rolled tops of her stockings and then down onto the stockings themselves, getting them quite wet. She finished pissing and I took the pan from under her cunt and set it on the floor as Velma eased her down onto the floor, still nursing her teat.

As she laid down on the floor I just eased my mouth down to her cunt lips and began sucking the remnants of her pee from her cunt and in the process finding her clitoris. I began sucking on that and she instantly became a raging whore, writhing and humping and swearing "You motherfucking cunt licker. You need to suck my fucking peehole and stick your tongue up inside my cunt. Velma, you whore, you better keep nursing me because it feels so good and I haven't been nursed by a woman in years, so suck my titties you bitch."

An instant later Velma took Jewel by the hand and said "Let's go into the bedroom where we have a softer spot to play. John can fuck you and I'll sit on your face so you can eat my pussy. Just don't knock the pan over or we'll have piss all over the floor."

As we got up off the floor Jewel took hold of my cock and said to me "Now I get to feel this long fucking prick deep inside of me you motherfucker. I can't wait for you to fill my pussy with your hot semen."

She tugged at her stockings as we headed for the bedroom, which was adjacent to the living room, and pulled them up tighter on her thighs. When we got into the bedroom Jewel laid down on the bed and spread her red haired cunt lips and her legs wide open. My prick was standing straight out in front of me and as I got on the bed Velma straddled Jewels face and sat down. I mounted Jewel and impaled her on my cock with the first thrust. Since Velma was facing me I could easily suck on her titties as I was fucking Jewel. With my cock fully embedded inside Jewel I reached around Velma's back and unhooked her bra, freeing her titties and giving me free rein to them.

Jewel was moaning with delight as she endured my rampant cock inside her and she wrapped her nylon covered legs around my back keeping me fully inside her cunt. Meanwhile, I was sucking each of Velma's titties and she was getting her cunt eaten out by the lady I was fucking. Velma was thoroughly enjoying having her cunt eaten and her titties sucked at the same time.

I could feel Jewel's cunt beginning to get thoroughly soaked as she came again and again, not seeming to get enough of my cock inside her cunt. Suddenly, without warning, my cock exploded and flooded her cunt full of semen. I spurted and spurted and she writhed and wiggled almost causing Velma to lose her balance. I finally just rammed my cock inside her cunt as far as I could and left it there for her to enjoy. She unhooked her legs from around my back and as I slipped my soaking wet cock out of her cunt Velma slipped down to take it in her mouth and clean it off.

Velma finished sucking me clean and I got off the bed and looked at both women. Velma's teats were standing straight out from her chest with the nipples all elongated from me sucking them. Jewel's stockings were now down around her calves after she had moved her legs up and down while my cock was inside her and they looked all droopy. I looked at my cock and saw it was going down and still leaking semen out the end of my foreskin. I moved up toward Velma and she stuck it in her mouth and pulled the foreskin back and sucked me dry.

"Johnny, that was the best fuck I have ever had in my whole entire life darling. Your cock was simply divine and I loved every minute of having it fuck me. I think I am beginning to leak some of your love juice out of my cunt so go get my purse and take my pair of sheer black panties out of it and bring them to me so I can put them on." Jewel said.

I went to the living room and removed the panties and as I went back into the bedroom Velma had moved down and was sucking Jewels "A" cup titties. I told Jewel to raise her butt off the bed and I would slip her panties on her, then she could pull them up, which she did. Immediately I could see my semen running out of her red haired cunt getting the crotch of her panties all wet.

It was decided that since it was now eight o'clock we needed to have some breakfast, so while the ladies straightened up the bed and room I went out to the kitchen, plugged in the coffee pot, and proceeded to fix some bacon and eggs for the three of us.

Suddenly there was a knock at the front door. Velma said she would answer it and when I heard her say "Why, hello Bob." I knew it was Jewel's husband.

"How nice to see you again." Velma said. "We're just finishing up breakfast, but you're welcome to join us. I'm sure John can fix some eggs and bacon for you. Now, why don't you just let me see what you have on under your coat. Oh my, nothing but a jockstrap. Let me pull it down and off of you and then I can probably help ease your frustration. John, put some bacon and two eggs on for Bob while I minister to him." With that Velma pulled Bob's jockstrap down to his feet and told him to step out of it

I knew she had gotten down on her knees and already had his unuct cock in her mouth. She was heading off any problems Bob and Jewel may have been headed toward by giving him a good cocksucking.

"I'll have some breakfast set up for him in a few mintues. Just let me know when you are finished and he has given you a mouthful of treat. Meanwhile, I'll put some bread in to toast and a glass of juice. Jewel can help me finish up." I said.

A few minutes later Velma hollered and said "I've got a nice load of juice in my mouth. I think Bob is ready for some breakfast so he gets his nutrition back."

They came out into the kitchen where Jewel and I were and I could see semen running down Velma's chin. "He must have given you plenty of his juices. In fact, so much that you're running over with it." I told her. Velma just smiled and licked the remaining semen off of her lips and then took her finger and wiped that which was on her chin and put it in her mouth and swallowed it.

Bob's peter had shriveled up and his foreskin was covering the end of his cock, but his semen was still dribbling out of the end of his foreskin, so Velma just took her fingers and wiped off the semen from his foreskin and stuck her fingers in her mouth and also swallowed it.

She and Bob sat down and as he ate his breakfast, the three of us had more coffee and another cigarette. "Jewel, did you finally get an opportunity to let John fuck you with that cock you've been dreaming about?" Bob asked.

"I cetainly did and it was everythig I thought it would be." she replied.

Isn't he a wonderful cuntfucker?" asked Velma. "I couldn't believe it when I saw how long his prick was and all that meat covering the head of it. I just nibbled and nibbled on it for minutes before I peeled it back and sucked the head of his prick. I thought he was going to come in my mouth like you did Bob, but I made him put a rubber on before he fucked me. Rather, I put the rubber on his cock and then sat down on him. His cock simply impaled me." she said.

Velma's stockings were finally showing a couple of runs and I told her I thought she needed either a clean pair or a new pair as you could the runs quite clearly. She took a look at them and agreed that they needed to come off, but she wanted to pee before she changed them. I suggested we all go out on the side porch and she could just pee standing up. However, Velma wanted to start peeing standing up, then squat down a little, then finish by having Bob get his mouth under her peehole so he could get a drink. Bob looked at her quizzically, but grinned when he thought about her peeing in his mouth. I also remembered that Velma had drunk about five cups of coffee this morning, plus a little shot of gin earlier so I was sure she was really needing to piss.

We went outside to the porch and as we did Jewel reached over and fondled my nuts again and whispered to me that she needed my cock inside her wet cunt again. My cock began to rise a little bit when I remembered how wet her cunt had been when I fucked her before.

Velma stood in the middle of the porch leaving her high heeled shoes on and kept her legs together. I heard the hissing sound begin and then saw her stockings getting all wet as she just let the pee run out of her cunt. A large puddle formed at her feet, then she spread her legs apart and squatted down a bit and the strong stream of pee continued. She motioned for Bob to come and get down on his knees with his face up to her cunt and she told him to open his fucking mouth so she could fill it with piss. As he was doing that, Jewel fondled my nuts some more then began stroking my prick which caused me to get an immediate erection. Velma finished pissing and told Bob to go inside the kitchen with her and she would let him lick her very wet cunt. There was an enormous puddle of pee on the porch and I decided Velma really did have to piss pretty badly.

We all went into the kitchen and Velma hoisted her butt up onto the kitchen table and said to Bob, "Now you motherfucking cuntlicker, come here and eat mommies pussy. If you are really good I might even have a dribble or two of pee left and will give you a drink." With that, she spread her cunt lips so wide open I could even see her peehole. Bob wasted no time in kneeling on the chair and moved his mouth right to her furry cunt, where he began sticking his tongue in and and out of her vagina. He then decided she needed to have her protruding clit sucked and began sucking very hard on that.

Suddenly I saw a spurt of liquid coming from Velma's cunt and at the same time saw Bob let go of her clit and pull back. Then, he decided she was peeing again and put his mouth down over her big peehole and began drinking. It didn't last long as she only peed for about fifteen seconds, but Bob got his drink.

I decided the time was right for me to nurse on Velma's teats, so as Jewel was playing with my cock I reached up and unhooked Velma's cut out bra, releasing her "A" cup teats from it. Then I quickly engulfed her left nipple with my mouth and began suckling her. She reached up with her right hand and pulled my head close so I could get a good suck. I immediately felt her nipple get large and hard. Jewel was on her knees and putting my cock in her mouth without pulling my foreskin back. She began gently sucking my cock and I got very erect quickly. Bob was still sucking Velma's cunt and peehole.

Suddenly, without hearing anyone father entered the kitchen followed by a neighbor girl, Barbara, who was twenty or twenty one.

"So this is what happens when I go out of town on business for a day or two." he said. "I come home and find my wife getting her cunt sucked by my friend Bob and her teats sucked by my son who is having his big cock sucked by my friend Jewel."

I let loose of Velma's nipple and Bob looked up at daddy as if to say "I was only eating her pussy my friend.". Jewel was oblivious to all of it and just kept nursing on my prick.

Velma said "I really didn't expect you back until a little later today darling, so we were having a little play. Of course, I'm sure that you and Barbara haven't been together since a few minutes ago either, have you dear? It looks to me like she isn't wearing much except perhaps a bra, a garter belt, stockings and shoes. You certainly haven't been fucking her have you darling? I think I see traces of semen running down her thighs so I suspect she is freshly fucked by someone. That someone wouldn't have been you by any chance would it have been?"

Barbara wsn't wearing much outside of what Velma had said she was, but she had on some incredibly long fucking stockings that came right up to her bright red haired cunt lips. Her pubic hair was a brilliant red and there was an abundance of it that went up her belly toward her navel. She was wearing a a very sheer black eight strap garter belt, but as long as her stockings were,she didn't need much of the garter straps to hold them up. Barbara also wore a red cut out bra with large openings for her very dark nipples to stick out of so they could be very easily nursed.

Her labial lips stuck out about a half an inch from her outer lips and looked very wet.

Daddy was wearing a pair of shorts and a T shirt and I guess he also had a jock strap on under the shorts or else a pair of briefs known as a "sling". He came over and stopped in front of Velma and she quickly reached up and pulled his shorts down with a deft stroke of both hands. As I guessed, he was wearing a light blue sling and I could see the front of it was quite wet, looking like something had leaked out of the end of his prick. It was either remnants of a piss or he had just shot a load of semen into Barbara's cunt or mouth and she hadn't sucked him dry or he hadn't wiped the end of his cock off.

Velma just looked at the wet spot then jerked his sling down and revealed his now shrivelled uncut prick with the foreskin covering all of the head of it.

"Jewel, let go of John's cock and suck the cock of my darling husband. Then tell me if it still has semen dripping out of it and if his cock tastes like cunt juice."

Jewel quickly put daddy's cock in her mouth and began sucking on it. She also peeled back his foreskin and told Velma "Honey, it has been in someones cunt recently and it is still dribbling semen out of the end of it, but I'm going to suck on it for a few minutes."

Velma asked Barbara to come over to her so she get a better look at her red haired cunt. Barbara seemed a little embarassed but went over to her anyway. Velma asked Bob to examine Barbara's cunt more closely by spreading her cunt lips wide open and eating her pussy. Bob opened Barbara's lips and thrust his tongue in her cunt. He quickly verified what Velma had suspected of daddy. He had fucked Barbara before entering the house.

"What are you going to do if you knocked her up?" Velma asked daddy.

Daddy replied that Barbara was just getting ready to have her period and wouldn't get pregnant if that was the case.

All of a sudden Bob backed off of Barbara and said "The red haired bitch is pissing on me. Let's get her out on the porch so we can all watch her."

Velma got off of the table and I squeezed her nipples as we went outside. Jewel was now vitally interested in daddy's cock and my prick was beginning to rise again as we watched what Barbara was going to do.

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