Stepmom and Me


What Barbara was doing was peeing before she could get on the porch. It was flowing out of her cunt lips and running down her sheer black covered legs leaving a trail of pee on the floor and in the doorway to the porch.

She got out on the porch and leaned against the railing, spread her legs wide apart, and let the stream flow. It must have squirted four feet in front of her. As this was going on I noticed Velma had grabbed hold of daddy's cock and was stroking it causing it to become erect again. I presumed they would be in bed fucking their brains out in an hour or so and Velma could have some of her husbands "baby batter" flowing inside her well fucked cunt.

We all agreed we needed to pair off and then get some rest, so it was agreed that we would "stay put" until at least four o'clock in the afternoon, then get dressed and go out to dinner someplace nice.

Barbara finished pissing and Bob got back on his knees in front of her and began licking the excess piss off of her very wet red haired pussy while Jewel took me by the cock and headed me upstairs toward my bedroom. "Now Johnny, I'm going to begin what I started and that is to get your nice fat uncut prick inside me and have you blast some of your semen in me so I might get pregnant. I just want you hard fat long cock fucking my red haired pussy. Then, when we've done that I will need to pee pee and I'm going to get you in the bathtub and squat over you and just spray piss all over you in order to mark you as 'mine'. From now on you will be my lover and fucker. I will not wear any panties under my dress or skirt when I am at the store so we will be able to go into the back area and you can feel my wet pussy. If there is a place to do it without anyone noticing, I will want your stiff cock inside my pussy and you spurting your hot semen inside me."

"I just love coming into the News Agency in the afternoons, because you always look so tantalizing.I know wear a girdle or garter belt and always seem to have dark stockings on and they just set my juices flowing. I want to just take you and fuck the hell out of you right there is the store. We may have to make up a story that I meet you at your home for lawn mowing purposes or something, even though I know Bob won't care if I am fucking you." I said.

Mommy and daddy's bedroom was on the first floor and I told Jewel we needed to stop and listen to them before we went upstairs to my bedroom. As we approached the bedroom there was no mistaking what was going on with them.

"You big cuntfucker. You come in the house before I expect you with that ravishing red headed whore and expect me to have been a saint while you probably fucked her for three days. Let me tell you what I did. I fucked your son, not once but about six times. I also could have kicked one of our friends in the nuts last night because he wanted to fuck me without putting a rubber on his fucking cock. I also let Bob eat my pussy while John fucked Jewel. She needed that big fucking cock of his in her cunt because Bob can't fuck anymore for fear of having a fatal heart attack."

"Now get turned down here so I can suck your long fucking foreskin and then all of your cock while you eat my cunt and suck my rigid clitoris. Then after we have done that I am going to have you stick your fucking prick in me and let you fill my cunt with your baby batter in hopes you knock me up."

Daddy asked Velma "Why is the roasting pan sitting on the stairs half full of piss?"

Velma said "I had to piss very badly and didn't have time to go upstairs or outdoors so John got the pan for me and I pissed in it. Then Jewel came over and she had to piss too, so she peed in it. If you're not careful I might have to have you hold it for me again so I can pee some more. Now get your fucking mouth down on my cunt and suck me off darling while I nibble on your long foreskin."

With that, Jewel and I headed upstairs with her holding my cock all the way up. When we got upstairs we saw Barbara and Bob in the bathroom with her sitting on the toilet and him standing in front of her pissing on her belly and cunt. He had soaked her garter belt and stockings and as soon as he finished she took his cock in her mouth and began sucking him off. She got off the toilet and waved to Jewel and me and then they came out and headed toward the spare bedroom.

Barbara said to Bob "I want you to get your fucking mouth over my peehole so you can suck it dry for me. Then I going to take your fucking cock and give you a blowjob you wil remember forever." With that, she led him by his cock down the hallway toward the spare bedroom and pulled the door partially closed.

Jewel pulled her stockings up higher on her thigh. She wanted to take them off but I told her 'No, I wanted them left of so I could see them and feel them while she was fucking me', so she just pulled the garters up higher on her thighs. I laid back on my bed and Jewel got on top of me and mounted my very erect cock. She just impaled herself on it for a few minutes and let it get inside her cunt as far as it could, then began bouncing up and down on it screaming "Oh Johnny, I have wanted you to fuck me for so long. I simply couldn't wait to get this nice long prick of yours inside my fucking cunt and fill me up with your hot semen. Ohhhhh, it feels so good to me. Just keep it up darling."

I let her bounce for a few minutes then grabbed here asscheeks and held her down, letting my cock thrust itself on her cervix. I then gave one mighty shove and blew my nuts full of semen into her heaving cunt. That set her off again, but again I grabbed her asscheeks and held her tightly so she could feel the true size of my very stiff cock inside her cunt. I could start feeling my load of semen dribbling down the walls of her cunt. I let her stay on top until she had gotten her fill of cock and she slipped off of me and onto the bed. Her stockings were all askew because the roll garters she had on weren't very tight.

We relaxed for a few mintues then I told her "Jewel, from now on I don't want you wearing anything under your dress or skirt when you are at the store except an open bottom girdle, garter girdle, or garter belt. There are to be no panties of knickers. When I come in late in the afternoon I want you to have to be ready to piss and we will go to the back of the store where the toilet it and I will play with your cunt while you sit and piss. You will have an opportunity to suck my prick while you are pissing and perhaps even get a load of semen to drink. Do you understand dear?"

"Yes honey I understand completely." she replied. "I won't wear any panties when I'm going to be at the store. No one will notice anything different." she said.

As we were lying on the bed and I was playing with Jewel the door opened and Bob and Barbara came in and Bob said "We are going downstairs and see what Velma and Mac are doing. Do you want come with us?"

Jewel got up and put her sheer black panties on and I just got up and put nothing on. Bob was also in the buff, but Barbara had her garter belt, stockings, and bra on.

We all quietly headed downstairs and listened to hear anything. When we got downstairs and went into the living room we encountered a real surprise. The "pocket" doors between the living room and their bedroom were open about two feet and we could see clearly into their bedroom.

Velma, my quiet sedate stepmother, was on her knees on the bed with her shoulders touching the mattress and her head turned sideways on the pillow. She had unfastened her stockings and the tops of them were down around her knees and the garters from her garter belt were jingling back and forth as daddy pushed and pulled his raging cock in and out of her cunt. Her "A cup" titties were hanging down. Daddy had put on a black garter girdle and chocolate brown stockings and had mounted Velma from behind. His cock was completely imbedded in her cunt and she had her eyes closed and was obviously completely enjoying the fucking she was getting from daddy.

"Mac, your fucking cock is as big as a stallions prick and it is fucking the hell out of me. Leave the motherfucker right where it is and keep it in there. I want you to fill my wet fucking cunt with some "baby batter" because I want you to breed me this afternoon. It feels so good and has me so filled up I just keep coming and coming."

Daddy just kept his prick stuffed in Velma's cunt and she continued to wiggle and squirm and said "I can't get enough of your big fucking cock. I don't know why I'm so horny, but I am. Now pull it out and ram it back into my sopping wet pussy so I can feel it up against my cervix. You are just one big cuntfucking motherfucker darling. I just love having your big fucking cock inside my cunt and filling me with your love juice.

I hope with this load of baby batter I will get pregnant.

About that time I looked at Bob's cock and he was totally erect as was my cock. I reached down and felt Barbara's panties and they were soaked, but not from being fucked. She was dribbling in her panties. I felt Jewel's panties and they were also soaked but from my semen leaking out of her cunt.

Suddenly father arched his back and grabbed Velma by her hips and she screamed "Fill my fucking cunt. You're shooting semen in so hard I can feel it hitting my fucking cervix darling."

He continued to leave his prick imbedded in her cunt when suddenly she looked over and saw us watching them. She just smiled at us as if to say 'You saw us fucking and my husband giving me a huge load of semen'. She motioned for Bob to come over to the bed and she reached out and grabbed his erect cock and said "Your cock is the only one I haven't tasted for awhile today so I want to suck it for you." With that she reached out and stuffed his cock in her mouth as began nursing on it as father kept his cock in her fucking cunt. It was a sight to behold. I could tell Barbara and Jewel were thinking that they couldn't believe they were seeing Velma as hot and horny as she was.

Daddy's cock was still slightly erect and the foreskin had begun to come back over the head of his prick, but he was leaking semen out of the slit. He shifted positions on the bed but not before he took Velma's sheer white bikini panties and stuffed them in her cunt to keep his baby batter from leaking out. He motioned for Jewel to come to the edge of the bed and he grabbed hold of his cock and told her to suck it clean for him, knowing she was going to be tasting both his semen and Velma's love juices.

As they were doing that I stuck my hand on Barbara's crotch and felt her panties. They were both damp and warm and she whispered to me "I have to pee pee now."

I asked her if she wanted me to help her get to the chamberpot and she said "No. I want to go piss on the side porch." So I took her by the hand and we went into the kitchen and opened the door to the porch. I had no sooner opened it than I could see she was already dribbling pee on the porch floor. She went over to the side railing, turned around facing me, spread her legs wide open and proceeded to piss. It flowed through the crotch at first, then the stream was so fast and strong that it began coming out the sides of her panties, running down her thighs and wetting her stockings and finally hitting her shoes too. She must have peed for at least two minutes. I thought she was never going to finish but then it was over. Her panties and stockings were soaking wet and there was a huge puddle on the porch floor. I could see her red cunt hair sticking out the sides of her panties and I immeditely began to get another erection.

I went over to her and put my hand on her wet crotch. It was still warm and very, very wet.

Barbara said "Let's go back in the house and see what everyone is doing now." We went back ito the living room and saw Jewel wiping her face off on daddy's nylon clad legs and Velma had semen all over her face and chin from Bob having come on her face. She was licking it off with her tongue and wiping it with her fingers so she could swallow it.

Velma was first to say anything when she said "OK, it's time for us all to go to the basement and get showered so we can dress and go out for dinner. If you are all surprised by my darling husband wearing stockings and a garter girdle, I've known for a couple of years that he liked to wear women's lingerie, so I just told him to put some on before he fucked me. I think I should leave my bikinis in my pussy so I do't lose any of his semen. Maybe I'll get lucky and get knocked up tonite. Now let's go to the basement and shower."

We all went down to the basement where there was a large shower area with two huge nickel plated shower heads hanging from the ceiling. However, before we showered daddy, Bob, and I had to piss so we got the women in front of us and skinned back our cocks and pissed all over each of them hiting their pussies and teats. Since Barbara still had her garter belt and stockings on we aimed our cocks at her legs and soaked them too.

Then I proceeded to undress her and Velma undressed daddy.

Then Velma said she had to piss too and told us to all lie down on the floor. That caused Jewel to feel she also had to piss, so she straddled me and Velma straddled Bob after stuffing her bikini panties further up in her cunt and they began pissing on us. Jewel didn't have to go very much, but Velma pissed and pissed for at least a minute and a half. Of course, Barbara had just pissed so she didn't have to go at all, so daddy licked her cunt through her soaking wet panties.

That done, we all got up and showered a few more minutes with the men washing the womens cunts and the women washing the mens cocks. Then Velma went to a drawer and got nice fluffy towels out and we dried each other off. Then it was back upstairs where daddy announced it was cocktail time before dressing. He mixed a pitcher of martinis and we all sat down, lit cigarettes, and toasted each other with a couple of drinks. It had been a beautiful day but it wasn't over.

Mac announced he had a package for each of us and my very horny stepmother announced we were all going to dinner at an exclusive place that catered to "men and women in drag" after which she announced she had to pee pee again and was going to hold her pussy lips open for anyone who wanted to watch her piss.

We all put our glasses on the table and Velma sashayed her way to the door and went out onto the side porch, which was still wet from Barbara pissing a little bit earlier. She leaned up against the side railing, spread her legs wide apart, and reached down and shoved her sheer white panties that were still in her cunt up a little further, then proceeded to stand there let fly with a splashing waterfall that shot about three feet out in front of her.

We all ooohed and aaahed about it, then Bob went over and got on his knees and began licking at her still dribbling peehole. Velma gave him another little shot then he began licking her wide open cunt, focusing on getting her clit nice and hard. However, she informed us we didn't have time right now as we needed to get dressed for dinner or we would be late and we didn't want that to happen.

When we went inside daddy gave us each our package and we went into the living room to open them. We each sat down and proceeded to open them. Each one of us had a complete wardrobe featuring a garter belt or garter girdle, full fashioned stockings, open cup bras, dresses or skirts and blouses, slips, and shoes. The women had three inch high heels and the men had two inch ones.

Velma then told us we were going to a "private club" where you were welcome to come "in drag" and not be chastised. Many men would be there dressed in female attire and many women would be there also dressed as women as well as like men.

so we needed to get dressed so we could leave for dinner and she said "We are just going to dress right here so everyone can see what everyone else is wearing tonite."

Velma and Jewel's open cup bras were size 36A and Barbara's was a 38C. Velma wanted to rouge her nipples a little bit so they stood out more and Barbara agreed with that. As Velma applied the rouge I could see Barbara's nipples getting a little erect and I knew she was getting a bit excited about it. Once Velma finished with Barbara, Jewel thought she would like to have her nipples done too. They almost immediately turned from pink to a very dark red color. She said "I have never had nipples this dark. It is fascinating."

Father, Bob, and I put on our garter girdles and folded down our stockings so we could pull them up our legs and get them fastened to our garters. Once we got them pulled up and fastened to the garters we checked our seams to make sure they were straight. The ladies helped us into our bras and fastened them for us. With being in drag we were each beginning to get erections and the women noticed this. Barbara said "I think the boys are a little turned on by wearing some womens lingerie. I've seen Mac in lingerie but never Bob or John. Perhaps it would make their cocks stand out a little bit more if Velma put some of the rouge on the foreskins and heads of their cocks."

Jewel and Velma agreed and Barbara told Velma she would hold their foreskins tight while Velma applied the rouge. Then, when that dried, the men could peel their foreskins back and Barbara said she would wipe their cockheads with a tissue to dry them off, then Velma could rouge their heads too. Velma took each cock after it had dried and patiently applied the rouge to the entire head. They immediately turned a much darker color than before. Having done all of that, they could now put on their special directoire knickers they were wearing that evening and slip into their shoes.

Slips and finally dresses were put on then the finishing touch was a special wig for each of the men that pretty much matched the color of their hair and a little facial powder and the men were ready to go..

As Velma, Barbara, and Jewel finished dressing they each slipped into a pair of split crotch bikini panties, obviously to make it easier to take a piss, but also to allow someone wanting to play with their pussies the opportunity to do so without having to remove their panties. They slipped into their high heels and applied a little makeup and Velma said "Alright everyone, it is time to go. Mac will drive one car and Bob the other. That way we won't be so crowded. When we get there, we will all go in together. Guys, you have to try and walk like ladies. No big steps and keep your legs together."

Barbara and I rode with daddy and Velma while Bob and Jewel went together. We had no sooner gotten into the car than Barbara was groping under my skirt for my cock. She whispered "I haven't really had a chance to play with your cock all day and I need to feel what it is like." With that

she bent down and stuck her mouth over my cock and began sucking it. Velma looked back over the seat and told Barbara not to do that. She said he must be able to get an erection at the club. Barbara quickly released her hold on my cock and sat up in the seat.

Bob and Jewel arrived just ahead of us and had the valet park their car. As we arrived Velma got out, told the valet to park our car next to the one that had been just ahead of us and told him to have it back promptly at ten o'clock.

We went to the door and entered with Bob and Jewel. The maitre 'd knew us and took us to our table for six. Velma informed us it was a pre ordered menu and that we would have drinks before dinner. About that time a stylish looking lady arrived at our table and told Barbara how beautiful she looked and that she needed someone to go to the ladies room with her. Barbara looked at Velma and Velma just nodded her head that it was OK to do so. Barbara left and Velma told us the "lady" was really a man in drag and that Barbara was going to be sucking his cock while they were in the ladies room.

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