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Stepmommy Peeing


It was a Friday night in late September and I was still doing some backyard sleeping out in my tent.

I was going on twenty and still living at home, attending the local community college. I still liked to sleep in my tent I had purchsed when I was in a youth program.

Friday night was also bowling night for my father. Velma, my new stepmother, couldn't bowl as she had an ear problem that caused her to lose her balance if she moved too quickly. So she served as the team scorekeeper.

Velma was everything a stepson like me could want. She was smart, articulate, a good cook, and always dressed like a lady. Of course in the 1950's women always wore stockings everyday regardless of whether they were going anyplace or not. Her seams were always straight and her stockings were always pulled tight so there was no sagging. She liked a martini or two along with a cigarette before dinner with father and when he came home from work a little after five o'clock, the kitchen was off limits to all of us. That was Velma and fathers down time together. Even if you knocked on the door, the answer was always that they were busy. I was never quite certain what was going on in the kitchen, but they could have been doing anything they wanted to do. He was very much in love with her and since it was the first marriage for Velma, I presume she married father for his love of her. However, it could also have been for his somewhat long cock. For the two years they had been married I had never seen her drunk or heard her use any profanity.

That was all about to change on this particular Friday night.

My tent was large enough to stand up in and I also had a cot inside it. It also had screened windows on three sides, so I could drop the raincover and look outside. The sky was clear and the moon was full casting a great amount of light.

Our house was an old two story house with only one bathroom which was upstairs. Velma and fathers bedroom was downstairs below the bathroom with a window on the north side of the house. My bedroom was upstairs as were the other two.

It was about eleven o'clock and I was in my tent, but not asleep. I had been reading before I went outside for the night. I heard the car turn into our driveway and saw the headlights shine on the garage.

Suddenly the passenger side door opened and I heard Velma holler "Darling I have to piss very badly. I don't think I can get up to the toilet without pee running down my legs."

I heard father tell her "Go over to the walk, pull your skirt and slip up to your waist, pull your panties down, squat down and piss."

Velma said "I don't have my panties on. When I was going to the toilet before we left the club I dribbled in them and got the crotch all wet. I just took them off and put them in my purse."

"Well just pull your skirt and slip up and lean against the house and squat and piss darling."

I could see Velma pull her skirt and slip up and squat down with her back against the house. Suddenly the stream began to flow. I could clearly see her stocking tops and saw she was wearing her black open bottom girdle. She called to father "Get your fucking cock over here. I'm hot and I need to suck it for a minute."

Father stood in front of her and I was fascinated as she pulled his zipper down and freed his cock. I could see he wasn't totally erect but it was sticking out in front of him.

Velma just grabbed it and stuck it in her mouth. I could see her sucking on it with her mouth going back and forth. Suddenly the piss stopped flowing and she let go of fathers cock, stood up, pulled her skirt tightly around her waist, and said "Let's go. I need that big uncut motherfucking cock of yours inside my very wet cunt. I'm so horny I need a good fucking."

I quietly unzipped the door of my tent and made my way up toward the house. As I got up close to the house I could see where Velma had squatted and pissed. There was a very large wet spot on the sidewalk and a little puddle or two in a couple of low spots.She really had needed to piss. The light in their bedroom went on and since the shade wasn't drawn tightly I could see inside. Velma pulled her sweater over her head and quickly unhooked her bra and dropped it on the floor. She didn't have big teats but she had nice nursable nipples. She shed her skirt and half slip, stepping out of them so she was only in her black girdle and dark stockings.

Father pulled his shirt and T shirt over his head,unfastened his trousers and stepped out of them pulling his boxers off at the same time. I watched in awe as I saw the size of his now erect cock. I knew it was about six inches soft but it seemed much longer when it was totally erect. His foreskin was still covering most of the head and his cock had a slight upward curve to it.

Velma got on the bed with her stockinged legs sticking up in the air and her hands spreading her cunt lips apart. "Big daddy, I need to have your motherfucking cock in my wet cunt right now. Stick it in and leave it way up in my cunt. I want to come all over your big fat uncut cock. Then you can drown my pussy with a huge load of your best love juice."

I saw father take his cock and guide it into her gaping cunt. He just shoved it in as far as he could get it and let it stay there. "Is that where you want it my dear?" he asked.

"Yes. Right at the opening of my cervix " she told him. "Just leave it there and when you shoot your semen in me I want it going in my cervix."

Velma wrapped her legs around fathers back and kept his cock all the way in her cunt. Suddenly I saw him stiffen and arch his back. "Oh fuck. I just shot a huge load of semen in you." he said. Velma just wiggled and squirmed as she fathomed the load her had given her. He moved in and out a few times then collapsed on her. Before getting off of her he decided to nurse on her nipples a little bit. Velma simply held his head and let him nurse.

She said "I want to suck your cock some more and clean it off. I may not have all your semen in my cunt and I want to find out how I taste too. But get my black panties out of my purse and put them on me so I when I leak it won't get the bed wet. I'll just let the crotch of my panties take it all."

Daddy got off the bed, took her still damp black panties out of her purse and put her feet in the openings for her legs. She arched her ass off the bed and pulled them up so they were tight against her cunt. The he went and stood by her face so she could once again stick his wet cock in her mouth. I watched as she sucked his now limp cock while she played with his long foreskin.

Father told her "Velma you are a sexual delight. I had no idea when I married you that you could be so horny and sexual. I just love the way you treat me and I was especially pleased when we got home and you had to piss so badly. I love watching you piss. Now, even after I have fucked you, you are sucking my cock again."

Velma told him that she had to pee again and would let him watch her with maybe more than just watching. She told him to go to the kitchen and get a large roasting pan and he could hold it under her cunt while she peed in it. She let go of his cock and he got out of bed and went to the kitchen, returning with a roaster pan. She got out of bed and pulled her black panties off still with her girdle and stockings on. She stood facing me and I could see her pubic hair very clearly. It was auburn colored and she had a nice growth of it on her belly. Her cunt lips also appeared to have a nice growth and it as though she never trimmed it.

Father held the pan and Velma spread her legs apart and grasped her cunt lips. She hadn't even begun to piss when I could see dribbles of semen coming out of her cunt. She said to father "Now hold the pan up close so I don't piss on the floor or you will have to lick it up you naughty boy." Suddenly the stream began and she must have peed for about a minute. When she finished she told father "Now put the pan down and lick my wet pussy. I want to feel your tongue on my clit. You can also lick the droplets of pee off of my cunt hair and then put my panties back on me. I'm going to sleep with my girdle, stockings, and panties on and if I want more of your cock before we get up in the morning I will just grab ahold of it and stroke it for you."

Father put the roaster pan out in the stairwell and turned back to Velma and crouched down so he could lick her cunt hair and pussy. I saw her split her cunt lips open and father stuck his tongue in her slit and began licking. Velma said "Let me lie down so you can suck my clit. Then you can slip your tongue in my peehole and lick it or suck it" Daddy buried his face in her cunt and I know he was sucking her clit. Velma just wiggled and squirmed as he sucked. She must have come again because I saw her suddenly freeze as though in the throes of a huge climax.

Father continued to suck and moved to her peehole. Finally Velma had enough and gently pushed his head away.

"Now put my wet black panties back on and let us get some sleep darling. You have excited me as never before and I may want more in the morning."

With that father got up off the bed, shut the light off, and got back in bed.

I went into my tent pleased with what I had seen. I got up early the next morning and quietly went upstairs to my bedroom. I got up a couple of hours later and went down for breakfast. Velma and father were having a cigarette and coffee. Both told me good morning and never even seemed to know I had seen everything that happened after they got home the night before.

That certainly changed the image I had of my stepmother. I never thought she would be so sexually aroused and horny as she was the night before. I certainly enjoyed watching her piss and them fucking.

I presumed that would be the one and only time I would ever see that happen, but, I was wrong. It occured again a few weeks later.

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