tagHumor & SatireSteppin' into Storyland

Steppin' into Storyland

bySean Renaud©

(Thank you all for the incredible amount of response to the first story. I'm pretty certain that I'm not going to win but I'd rather have a stuffed mailbox than a check anyway!)


As soon as I understood what was happening I shoved Karen away from me. "What the fuck just happened here?" There was no fucking way that what I thought happened had actually occurred. What I thought happened was impossible. If memory served properly I had just finished typing out a story called "A Walk in the Woods." Karen had been abnormally snooty with me. She is often slightly hard to get along with, but today she was just blatantly disrespectful. After I'd finished she'd reached out of my monitor and dragged me into-

"I dragged you into Storyland. You spend so much time up there behind the monitor that you don't even understand what its like down here." Karen replied stepping back towards me. Somewhere off to the side Mike was getting dressed and walking away.

"What the fuck is Storyland?" I ask looking down at the amazingly clear water. It kind of reminds me of Lyttle Creek but even the water there was never so perfectly clear.

"It's. . .your imagination. Every story you've written, read, watched or brainstormed is sort of patched together into this." She made a sweeping motion to the world around her. The differences between the world in my head and the real world are startling, makes me realize how I view things. A good example is the sky overhead is black, not dark blue, but utterly black other than the stars which are scattered like sprinkles on a desert. Despite the breeze rustling through the trees it's not warm either.

"Why is it so empty here, why don't I smell anything or feel cold, or warm. Or hell why don't I feel the wind that is blowing. I can hear it and the leaves are moving."

"Because it isn't important Sean. The only time it's hot or cold is when it does something for you. You won't feel the wind unless you wear a cape to have billowing in the wind, or have hair to flow in the wind." Karen replies stepping closer to me. For the first time I notice the way she's staring at me.

"Weird. Can we get out of here? I've seen just enough horror flicks that anything could come out of those woods right now." It's slightly unnerving to realize you are in a world of your own creation. Particularly my own which means that really the only things that ever happen are fucking and fighting. The woods have a long standing history of gruesome deaths though.

"Yeah, where do you want to go?" Karen asked casually sitting down and dipping her feet in the cool water.

"Anywhere safe."

"No where is safe, but we can go to my place." She paused for a minute pulling her feet out of the water and started getting dressed. A blink later we were in her bedroom. I was just wearing a pair of boxers now and she was nude.

Karen was absolutely amazing. There is no way to properly explain to you what it's like to meet with a fantasy made flesh but that is what she was. Her legs were indescribably perfect tapering into an ass that was better than J-Lo's. She actually modeled after a chick named Vida Guerra so if you know who that is you understand the ass that I was staring at. Cute little waist line that lead me up to a nice double D chest. The kind of nice firm tits that only exist in the imagination and then there was her face. Her face is mostly based off of my first, or lets be honest, only girlfriend. A very pretty face with long maroon hair. It was the perfect contrast for her emerald green eyes that were staring back at me seductively.

"You look like you like what you see." She purred rolling onto her hands and knees and crawling towards me. I felt my heart stop for a second as she approached my breath caught in my chest as she leaned over me pressing her lips to mine. When her tongue touched mine I sat up suddenly wrapping my arms around her and pulling her close.

Everything about her was perfect, of course it was she was my fantasy made flesh. My cock was throbbing in anticipation as I ran my hands over the smooth skin of her back down and gripped her delicious rump. "My God you're sexy."

"I know." She replied pulling away from my lips and running her tongue along my jaw and over to my throat. Her hot lips sent chills through my spine as she moved lower and lower occasionally nipping my flesh. A particularly hard bite left angry red semi-circle on my shoulder.

"Ow. Gentle pet." I hissed between clenched teeth.

"I thought you liked it rough. Oh wait, you like it when it's rough on the girls." She sneered pinching my nipple harshly between her teeth. The sound that should have escaped my lips instead got caught in my throat as she flickered her tongue rapidly over the sore flesh leaving glistening trail of saliva down to my naval. "Just sit back and relax." She purred tracing around my naval with her tongue and then moving agonizingly slow toward my cock.

At first she only let her hair graze over my now rock hard cock. After a long teasing moment she let her warm breath pass over my cock, lightly brushing her lips across the underside of my bulging member. My heart raced as she inched lower on my torso until her tongue was racing along the seam of my scrotum. Karen wrapped her lips around my sack and gently suckled hungrily at my nuts until my cock literally leapt up to meet her and a moan parted my lips.

"That's it." Karen teased wrapping one hand around my cock while her lips wrapped around my sack. I dug into the bed pulling the sheets up as my hips started pumping against her grasp. "Mmm I love it." Karen teased scrubbing her tongue all over my nuts and before moving to wrap her lips around my dick. Her smoldering green gaze stared at me as she started lowering herself onto my cock. Inch after inch of hard flesh vanished between her soft lips into her warm mouth. Karen slid even farther down over my cock until the tip nudged the back of her throat. Suddenly Karen closed her eyes and plunged herself forward forcing my cock into her throat. A spasm shook her entire body as she gagged hard on my cock streams of saliva streaking down my shaft. Slowly she pulled back then plunged herself down again her throat constricting around my dick.

"Stop stop I'm gonna-" My chest was heaving as she opened her eyes and stared at me. Her mascara ran down her cheeks in black tears as held herself in place, my cock buried in her throat. I could actually see her throat move as I my hips thrust against her one final time as my seed shot straight down her throat into her stomach. "Oh my God." I gasped as my body relaxed completely. "Stop, no more."Karen slowly pulled away letting my now softening cock fall from her lips and wetly smack against my stomach. "Can I ask you something?"

"Of course Sean." She replied crawling up alongside me and curling her body against mine.

"Where the fuck are we?"

"Ok this "city" if you want to call it that is sort of the center of your imagination. Everything that exists is here in some way shape or form. The quote real world is mostly the Westside of town. Not a lot of monsters and magic here. The middle of town is where magic and science meet. It's mostly based off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and that kind of stuff. Lot of anime references like Sailor Moon and She-Ra live in that area. Beyond that is the realm of Magic. Dragons, orcs, catgirls all of that kind of stuff."

"Weird. How do things go on here? I mean when I'm not thinking about it?" I asked rising up and walking over to the window and staring out. It was the most beautiful cityscape I could have imagined. The streets were lined with trees and most of the buildings were monstrous towers but in the distance a pair side by side caught my full attention. "Holy shit, is that?"

"The Tepestech Towers." She finished without rising from the bed. I guess when you live in my head all the time it's a lot less interesting to you. To me it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. "Pretty much everybody who has a job works there. A few people work other places, a lot of people don't have jobs here."

I didn't really need to ask her why that worked. In my head everybody was well taken care of and didn't have a job unless I thought that would be interesting. I never really gave a lot of thought to economics when I was writing porn. I was about to ask her about the weather when I saw something I didn't recognize. "What in the seven hells is that?"

The thing I was staring was nearly as tall as the building it was walking between. It looked almost like a T-Rex only it was mechanical with smokestacks lining its spine. A dirty black haze surrounded the beast. Karen didn't react to what I'd said at first but when it let loose a mechanical shriek she leapt from the bed and ran to my side. The beast turned and spewed some kind of toxic sludge onto a building instantly eating away at the concrete and steel before walking another few feet.

"It's Toxisaurus! Fuck. You know what I hate it when one of these contests comes around. Do you ever spend anytime thinking about the environment the rest of the year? The only time there is smog in Storyland is for about a month when you start planning your Earth Day story and you start to notice this stuff."

"Hey in all fairness it's the only time that most people notice. If you're not a tree huggin' hippy you couldn't be bothered any less by things like global warming and glacial thawing. They are buzz words that you hear about all the time but you don't think about."

"I'm just a figment of your imagination and I think it's more important than just once a year."

"It is but people have jobs, hobbies, social lives. We just don't have time to spend on things we don't honestly believe we can change. I wish I could quit my job today and spend my life on some important cause. Peace in the Middle East. World Hunger. AIDS. Deforestation. But I can't, unlike here in Story Land, in real life people without a job I don't eat."

"There has to be something you can do. Sitting back and watching the situation get worse can't be the answer. It's just like the Toxisaurus. Left unchecked it will destroy everything."

"I'm only a writer, the only thing I can do is hope that I can raise awareness through my stories and hope I inspire others to take action." The monstrous shriek followed by thunderous sound of it plunging its hand into a building and ripping a chunk of its frame out brought my attention back where it should have been. Funny how things in my head will stay perfectly still while you have a conversation. "Back on subject. What the fuck is a Toxisaurus? I don't remember ever writing about a fifty foot tall walking pollution engine!"

"It's one of the monsters from your Power Ranger storyline. Every time you start brainstorming a new saga we suffer. That is what you would have put up if you decided to go with the Power Rangers."

"So where the fuck are they?" I asked watching as the behemoth tore through another building.

"They aren't coming, see when you don't finish a story it just keeps going till it comes to its natural end. Which with a monster usually means it kills everybody or eventually runs into Sean, Asylum or Shinku because nothing can kill them. Until that happens it will run around unchecked."

"Honestly that doesn't sound all that great to me. Will people die?"

"By the thousands, you've always enjoyed a good bloodbath." She snarled. "To you none of them have names, you never even created them except to kill but it is a constant pain for us here."

"I-I'm sorry."

"Doesn't matter, there isn't anything you can do from the inside."

That was probably the first thing that she said that I knew instantly was wrong. This was my imagination, even if I wasn't in control anymore I still had a pretty good idea of how everything worked. "How do I get to Heather's house?"

"She'll be fine, if she has a name she won't die don't worry about it. Best thing to do is go someplace where it can't do much damage." For the first time I realized that Karen was genuinely annoyed with me. I imagine it must be something like meeting God and finding out that he had no idea how the world worked. Pretty big let down to find out that your creator really is a kid with an ant farm. That was something I would have to consider later, a giant mechanized beast rampaging through the city takes a really high point on my priorities. Particularly when it seemed to be headed in direction.

"Are you even listening to me?!" She finally blurted closing the drapes. "It's going to destroy the city, I might not die but it does hurt and I can be injured. You've always felt that a defining moment of tragedy was good for a character."

"It's not going to destroy the city! Take me to Heather's house now!"

"What's the point?" She shouted spinning around to face me again.

"Just shut up and do as you're told. You know everything would go better for both of us if you would just trust. I love you way to much to let anything really bad happen to you." I said taking her by the arm and leading her towards the door.

"You love me?" Karen replied sounding a little stunned.

"Of course. Now let's go, I cause you and this place enough pain as it is. This is one thing I can do to help your world."

A moment later I ripped open Heather's dresser and reached inside for her Morpher. What happened in between isn't really important thus didn't happen. God I wish the real world was this convenient. Back on subject though.

"Ranger up!" I shouted thrusting the amulet into the air. Around me the entire world turned black as silver ribbons started racing from the golden coin at the Morpher's center. I felt the cool fabric circle around my body then cling suddenly to my skin. A moment later a wire frame formed around my head before becoming a silver helmet. "Way cool." I muttered as I looked at my own gloved hand then turned with dramatic quickness turned to face Karen. "Don't worry. I got this."

"She's the. . ."

Her jaw dropped as I ran from the room and leapt to the rooftop. The Toxisaurus was only a few blocks away now darkening the skies with its noxious black clouds. "It's time I put an end to this. Chimerazord arise!" Somewhere nearby a landslide revealed face of a steel lion. Mechanical eyes lit up a bright red before the beast roared pulling its dragon and goat heads free of its stone prison. A second later the rest of the war machine was pulled free of the mountain and came running to my side. In one impossible leap I was in the cockpit of the mech with a smile beneath my mask.

The controls made absolutely no sense, they were just a random combination of knobs, levers and buttons. There was no reason for the placement, which made it weird that I just understood how to pilot the machine. "Scorpion Sting!" The tail swiveled toward the Toxisaurus and fired a laser nearly knocking the beast over. "Ha this is even easier than it looks. Scorpion Sting!" I fired a second knocking the offending beast through a building.

"Too easy." I boasted staring into the dust cloud the building had created. In hindsight I should have known that a huge dust cloud meant that it wasn't over yet. As it was I caught completely off guard when the Toxisaurus came flying out of the cloud and slammed into me. It wrapped its arms around the dragon head, and is metallic maw clenched tightly onto the lion's muzzle. A second later the cabin started flooding with black smoke.

It was like trying to breath in pure exhaust fumes. My eyes were watering, within a few second my lungs were filled with the stuff and I couldn't breathe much less see through the smog flooding the chamber. "Maybe this wasn't such a great idea." I thought nearly puking inside the helmet. That was the first time that idea I could die in Storyland crossed my mind. Merely by chance my hand slammed down on a button that sent thousand of volts racing through its frame and launching it away from me.

"Enough! Chimerazord! Battle mode!" Being inside the mech as it twists into it new form is incomparable with writing it. The center of gravity changes from behind you to beneath you, the cockpit rises over twenty feet. The controls while still oddly natural are nothing alike. "Dragon Scythe!" A chopping motion of my hand brought the laser scythe down across the monster's chest cleanly cutting it in two. "Oh yeah. Nothing to it but to do it." Hey what can I say, I'm in Storyland I'm supposed to be a bit over dramatic.

As soon as I got out of the Chimerazord I was back in Karen's room staring out of the window. The damage was already starting to fade away as if had never happened. The only lasting damage were the dirty black clouds stubbornly darkening the sky. "Thank you."

I turned to find that she was dressed in green plaid skirt that barely covered her ass and a cutoff black tee that didn't quite cover her breasts. I didn't mean to stare at her as long as I did but she was breathtaking and if the sparkly in her eye was any indication she knew. "No need to thank me. I've always wanted to do that anyway." My eyes had settled on her breasts now.

"Up here." Karen smiled lifting my chin up so I was staring into her eyes. I hadn't noticed before how tall she was, Karen was nearly as tall as me. "Don't be modest. What you did was important. Helped a lot of people today." She leaned closer to me, so close that her lips were brushing against mine. "Now fuck me." She leaned forward pushing her lips against mine and thrusting her tongue into mouth. Karen's nails raked over my back as she tore my shirt up over my head breaking the kiss as she did. A minute later she was down on her knees clawing at my belt. A second later she had it undone and pulled my pants down to my ankles.

The next few seconds were hard to remember. I know that I stepped out of my pants as she pulled the tiny tee up over her tits. Karen gently pushed me back onto the floor and crawled over me grinding her dripping wet pussy over my hard cock. For a moment she stayed like that, with the tip of my cock pressing against her opening. A wicked grin curled her lips as she lowered herself onto my shaft. I reached up digging my fingers into her hips as she inched her way down, teasing me every inch of the way. I felt my breath catch in my chest as her tight moist hole clenched down on my cock.

For the next fifteen minutes Karen bounced up and down on my cock like a woman possessed. Her perfect tits were bouncing just inches from my face and the entire room was filled with the sound of her hungry pussy slurping at my cock. "You like this don'tcha?" She asked leaning closer and offering a pierced nipple to my lips. I leaned forward happily sucking on her flesh, listening as she moaned in pleasure.

Karen dug her nails into my chest as her pussy started clenching down on my cock. I could feel every time her muscles tightened as she coated my cock with her juices. A moment later my cock was pulsing in her warm wet hole flooding it with hot cum. I surged forward crushing my lips against hers as my orgasm tore through my body. After a long lusty kiss I fell down onto my back and stared up into her eyes before she collapsed across my chest.

"Go on get out of here." Karen whispered pressing her lips to my forehead. I don't remember closing my eyes or anything else after that. I woke up staring at my computer screen and a newly completed story. "I guess it must have been a dream. Damn good one too. I got up from my desk and walked over to my bed collapsing onto my bed. I thought I could hear somebody in my shower but that had to have been my imagination. I live alone.

To be concluded. . .

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