tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStepping Out with Steph Ch. 03

Stepping Out with Steph Ch. 03


Diane came by the following week, to see her son, daughter, and granddaughter. She was not fully aware of her son's lifestyle, let alone of her daughter's involvement in that way of life. She knew that they were living differently than she had raised them.

Anyway, she was ill prepared for the smell of cum in the house, which was apparently not uncommon in that place. She assumed that it was marital sex causing it. Even so, she thought that was too much hanky panky. She still did not get what had caused her ex to leave her. She was brought up to think of sex as a means of procreation and occasional romance, not as a recreational pleasure.

Imagine Diane's surprise then, when she discovered that her son and his wife were double penetrating her daughter! This involved not only double adultery, but sodomy, lesbianism, incest, and bondage! She was horrified and stood in shocked silence, as it happened in front of her. She didn't make a sound for minutes. Finally, she coughed, and they saw her there.

"Blair, Jo, and Steph! How could you do that! It's sick and sinful! What would your Uncle say?" she scolded them.

"How so, Mom? I'm just taking of my needs as well as Jo's and Steph's," Blair replied proudly.

"You're having sex with your own sister! How could you commit incest and adultery, while my grandson sleeps soundly next door? I taught you better than that! And you, Joanna, I don't even want to know what unnatural act you were committing with my daughter! Is this how you guys live now? One big, sinful family?" she demanded angrily.

"Oh, calm down, Mom! It's not as if I'm cheating on Joanna! The three of us are consenting adults having a little orgy, okay? We're not harming anyone, so what's wrong with our fun? If you tried it yourself, YOU might even get to enjoy it!" he retorted with a clearly dismissive attitude.

This infuriated Diane. Her own son looked down on her beliefs as stupid and unnecessary! How could her children grow up to reject the faith of their family? She might have been a failure as a wife, but she thought of herself as a successful mother at least. Apparently, she was wrong about that too.

The worst part of it was the patronizing tone of voice that her son had assumed with her. It was as if she were a silly, superstitious old woman deceived by the clergy. His contempt was not for her, but evidently for her worldview. It still stung her to be regarded as gullible and narrow-minded. That was how she thought of racists and cult members, not people like herself. Plainly, however, Blair considered her unreasonable. This was surprising to her, though her religion's emphasis on faith and hostility to logic should have made it obvious.

"What about your wedding vows?" Diane grasped at one of the few straws available.

"I never promised to be monogamous. I never even said 'forsaking all others'. Even if I had, that would only mean forsaking other WIVES, as in not marrying more than one woman at a time. Joanna and I are swingers and have been from the very beginning. That's how we met. She was crying outside of a swinging club.

"Steph got involved when she got fed up with the abuse, left her husband, and moved in with us. She seduced Joanna so that she could taste my cum, since she had craved my cock for a while. After that, Joanna had to make it up to me, as it was my swinging night, not Joanna's. The swinging nights thing started when we had Oscar and couldn't go out as we used to do. We took one night of the week each, so one of us would always be home for our son.

"After Joanna and I did it with Steph, we decided to keep her here as our slave. She was to help us take care of the house and Oscar, as well as service both of us. She even had a gang-bang last week to help persuade my workers and their wives to accept our lifestyle. Why did you think we were so willing to let you watch him? Joanna and I enjoyed the wives while Steph took care of the men.

"Steph is almost certainly pregnant by now, as the men and I all fucked her around her most fertile time of the month. Therefore, Mom, you can see that there is a lot of good coming from our lifestyle, even if you don't approve of it. Why don't you relax and enjoy it? I think that you need a good fuck, don't you, Mom?" Blair commented.

"While I'm pleased to be a grandmother again, I can't condone your lifestyle. I'll just have to pray for my two prodigal children, that they come back to the will of God. Right now, I fear for your souls," Diane insisted.

"Don't worry about our souls, Mom. Worry about your own health. You're like most people: dehydrated, sleep-deprived, and undersexed. That's why people eat too much, get so fat, become so stressed out, and drop dead of strokes and heart attacks. You need to get over yourself and your fears of losing respect for treating yourself well. If you truly respect yourself, you won't deny your body its basic animal needs. That's like starving yourself to look thin and I know you don't approve of that!" Blair retorted.

"I'll just have to see your Uncle and pray with him for your spiritual health. You're enslaved by immorality," she preached.

"Enslaved? Hardly! I'm free from your artificial, unnatural morality. If monogamy is so good and right, why does it break down so much? Why do people WANT to fuck around? I'll tell you. It's because we are SUPPOSED to fuck around! It's the natural order of the universe! I wish that you could see that fact!" Blair maintained, while Joanna and Steph still listened with fascination at their man's impromptu debate with his mother.

"That's outrageous! I can't believe that you feel that way! I raised you better than that...," she stammered.

Blair had heard enough, so he took care of the matter by planting a surprise kiss on Diane's mouth and inserting his tongue. As he broke off the kiss, she froze in utter shock, as if she were in a trance. While she stood there, Joanna and Steph knelt and lifted up her dress and pulled down her panties.

She could not believe what they were doing to her. They were ravishing her and she was too stunned at first to fight it. As the tongues began to move up her legs toward her ass and pussy, she started to experience a surge of physical pleasure that she had never known in her life.

The sensation kept up for several minutes, intensifying as she passively remained standing, too paralyzed by the new sensory data to resist the "degradation" of her body. She always thought of non-marital coitus that way and she was quite amazed that she felt no humiliation about this seduction. She had to admit that they were seducing her, since she simply let them do what they wished with her body.

She found that it was just too pleasant an event to oppose, since the stimuli overwhelmed her whole central nervous system. The tingle she felt in her sex as her daughter and daughter-in-law devoured her pussy and ass was a major adjustment for her. She was not even sure which of them was doing what to her.

The strength of her orgasm made her become more and more cooperative with her seducers. She found herself in an "all-fours" position as the girls used her lower half for their pleasure. As the shock wore off, she realized that she actually DESIRED to have these women enjoy her body. It didn't matter anymore that one of them was her own daughter.

Nobody had fucked her since her divorce and that had been 15 years ago. She now discovered how much she had missed sex during that time. She had simply suppressed her libido out of fear and religious principle.

Joanna jolted Diane out of her reflections by rubbing her own sex in her face. The scent of her daughter-in-law's pussy stunned her by pleasing her and making her want to eat it. She found herself licking Blair's wife and tasting her snatch. She couldn't help but love the taste and aroma of this woman's cunt.

"That's a promising start for a beginner, Mom. I just hope that you can become even an better cunnilinguist. I'll just have to persuade Blair to let that be part of the training that you clearly need. You should be put under a couple of firm hands, just like Steph here. She obviously got her submissive nature from you, despite your assertive façade. Blair, honey, what do you think?" Joanna urged.

"I'd have to agree with you there, babe. It seems that my sweet mother kept a few secrets from all of us. She appeared to be a self-righteous, sanctimonious religious fanatic, when she was actually a repressed bisexual submissive. She evidently likes the taste and smell of pussy, or else she would have resisted your advances. We'll just have to dominate her and train her to accept her natural position as a sex slave," Blair concurred.

As Joanna said all of this, Diane became instinctively drawn to her daughter-in-law's clit. She suddenly wanted to suck on it and finally yielded to her desire. The reaction that she got amazed her, as her son's wife thrust her pussy forward to assist her oral pleasure. Blair's mother took this as a sign that she should keep tasting the redhead's clit. As her new lover became wetter down there, she increased her concentration on the woman's pussy.

"Oh, fuck! Blair, your Mom is gonna make me cum with her mouth! I'm so damn close to....Ahhhh!" Joanna exclaimed as she finally climaxed from the raw talent of her mother-in-law's mouth and tongue.

If Diane thought that was the end of the evening, Blair certainly indicated that it wasn't by entering her soaking cunt in a forceful push. He almost came too soon when he took her, as she proved extremely warm and wet in her tight pussy. He noted how aroused his mother clearly became by eating his wife. Yes, she was definitely bisexual, he thought. As he held back from exploding too soon, the son reached deeper inside his Mom and stretched her wider, much to their mutual delight. She got even wetter than she was.

"Damn, son, I needed this a lot more than I ever knew! Thank you! Please keep fucking me hard! I should have done this with you a looot sooner...ah....shit!" Diane tried to finish saying as Blair screwed her starved cunt.

He didn't let up for a while, fucking Diane ruthlessly as she remained on her hands and knees. He always loved the "doggie-style" position and this incestuous shag reminded of why he did. His own mother grunted and bucked her hips as he eagerly used her pussy.

He found himself once again having to keep himself from cumming too soon. The sight of his mother's raven-colored hair flowing down her sweaty back as she greedily received his dick, against all of her own rules, excited him more than he would ever have believed.

Finally, however, he had to admit defeat and shoot his seed into Diane's cunt. He slumped over her body for a minute as his limp cock slipped out of her pussy. He then pulled himself off of his Mom and watched her lie prostrate on the floor, exhausted for the moment from the sex that she clearly enjoyed.

"That was wonderful, Blair! I nearly came again myself just from watching you fuck your own mother! It was sexy as hell! I still think that she needs some more TLC, however. Maybe Steph should make love to Diane next. Doesn't that sound very hot?" Joanna declared.

"Yes, that sounds rather exciting. Steph, I want you to take Mom's ass with a strap-on. Joanna, lend her one of yours. It's time for Steph to be the penetrator for a change," Blair commanded.

Joanna happily obeyed that order and brought out the largest dildo and thigh harness that she could find from her stash in the closet. Diane looked at the size of the plastic cock and turned pallid from fear. Steph got wet from the idea of sticking it up her mother's ass.

"Don't worry, Mom. You'll enjoy it! I'll use a LOT of lube this time! They just want me to butt-fuck you and I agree with them. Just relax and let me take your bottom," she reassured Diane.

Despite her terror at the idea of being sodomized, Steph's mother tried to calm herself down and accept her situation. She did so because she wanted Blair, Joanna, and Steph to fuck her often, even though she preferred them to use her pussy and mouth instead of her ass. She simply decided that the pleasure was well worth the pain involved with her new role in the family. She loved servicing her son, his wife, and her daughter.

After putting much lube on the crack of Diane's ass, Steph shoved the strap-on dildo into her. There was no attempt to be gentle, with the exception of the warming liquid that they applied to her pucker. The roughness of the invasion caused her a considerable degree of pain, but she also started to feel pleasure from the instrument buried in her bottom. She continue to impale her forcefully with the dildo, making her experience the stretching of her arse.

Diane never thought that she would take a strap-on up her ass, let alone enjoy it. Her hole ached more with a sensation of fullness than with agony by this point. Evidently, she had assumed a lot that wasn't true about herself. Her own daughter was taking her anal cherry and she didn't struggle or resist the entry. As she relaxed, she increasingly approached an orgasm.

"Mom, are you wet? Do you like it up the ass? I think that you do! We'll just have to move you into the house and keep you as a slave. Steph will share her bed and room with you. The four of us will have a lot of fun together. We love you and want what's best for you. This just happens to be the best thing," Blair demanded.

Diane came for the last time that night as Steph buggered her with the dildo. This caused her daughter to cum herself from the knowledge that she had fucked her mother up the ass and gotten her off that way. She had already been on the verge of cumming several times that night from playing with herself and watching her family get laid.

Since Blair was hard again, someone had to take care of his cock before they could rest and Diane could go home to pack up. Joanna had not done anything since her mother-in-law had eaten her, so she volunteered to service her husband's dick. Steph and her mother lay back and rubbed their own clits while they saw Blair's wife give a blowjob.

Joanna enthusiastically took her partner's cock in her mouth. She licked the sides of it, treating it like an ice cream cone. She deep-throated Blair, thoroughly enjoying the huge dick that she sucked. Giving him head was a way for Joanna to prove her desire for her virile husband. Every time that he fucked her, he reminded her that she was a bisexual instead of a lesbian. She liked men anyway, but Blair was especially hot.

She tended to fuck more women than men, chiefly because she liked to dominate and penetrate them. With her husband, however, she often submitted to his aggressive, masterful side. Steph had not been completely right when she labeled her sister-in-law as a "top".

In fact, she was more a switch who found it easier to take charge with women and allow her husband to control her. It gave her outlets for both tendencies and maintained peace in the household by not challenging his desire for authority.

Blair loved it when his headstrong, aggressive redhead wife knelt before him and submissively pleasured his cock. He knew that she was not a pure sub, but she had found a balance that suited everyone, including herself. He was proud of her driven, assertive nature and encouraged her to act on it with others, as long as she obeyed her husband and Master.

Joanna's deliberately paced BJ began to milk Blair at last. He couldn't prevent himself from cumming down her throat. His cum poured into his wife's mouth, relieving his cock at last. She made no attempt to spit the creamy jism out of her mouth. Instead, she gulped it down gladly and planted a milky kiss on her hubby's lips, sharing the taste with him.

"You are such a great wife, Jo! Thank you for putting me first again. Now, how would you like a slave of your own?" Blair offered.

"I thought that we share Steph and would do the same with Diane. What do you mean?" she expressed shock as they lay on the bed next to the other two.

"We can still swap, but I think that we should each claim a slave primarily loyal to one of us. I'll take Steph and you can have Diane. How does that sound?" he proposed.

"Well, as long as we can borrow each other's slave, that sounds rather nice. It would be fun to dominate your Mom and have her service me first. Yes, a slave that I can use as I please would be quite delicious. She can wait on me hand and foot, doing anything that I tell her. Don't worry, though, my love. I'll be a good mistress to Diane, rewarding her well when she behaves," Joanna agreed.

"That's good to hear. Well, this is a different relationship between in-laws. Few mothers-in-law even like their daughters-in-law, let alone lick them," he teased.

That witticism made all four of them laugh. Diane, while still a bit shocked at her change of status, was relieved to know that she would get to keep fucking her family and would even get to stay with them. The others especially looked forward to initiating her into more taboo pleasures and showing her off to their friends. They would definitely enjoy her more than they did before that day.

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