Steps Taken Ch. 03


No such luck. We walked into the house to see Jackie in her work clothes, but with her blouse slightly undone and her hair down. She was singing in the living room and swaying her gorgeous ass back and forth in a tight pair of pants. She looked incredibly hot just swaying to the music.

"Hi guys!" Jackie greeted us. "We're celebrating tonight. I managed to sell that mansion that I've been trying to get rid of for months!"

"That's great Mom!" Erica said, giving her a big hug. "We had a fun time at the mall. I'm just going to put this stuff away." She glanced at me and then headed up the stairs.

Jackie slowly sashayed her way across the room towards me. Pausing for a moment so that we both heard Erica's footsteps walking down the hall I couldn't help but drink in her sexy body and remember how good it felt last night to finally feel my cock inside of her hot pussy. She turned and gently ground her round ass against me with a big smile.

"I think that stress relief from last night really helped me today." Her hand reached down and gently started to stroke my cock through my shorts, which started to get hard almost instantly. " I've been thinking about how good my boy felt."

"Jackie...Erica is home. I had an amazing time with you last night too, but I don't know if we should do it again." I was serious. This situation was getting out of hand very quickly.

"Tell you what." She said while also wrapping one leg around me and whispering into my ear. "You just stay in bed tonight and maybe I'll come and join you again. She doesn't have to know." I gulped, thinking about Erica's words earlier. The current situation was that either Erica was going to catch me with her mother, or her mother was going to catch me with Erica. Either way this was very likely to explode in a hurry. Wracking my brain for a way to diffuse either one I saw Erica bounce down the stairs in one of her new dresses.

"Can we order Chinese from that expensive place?" she asked.

"Of course! Let's have a great dinner and a proper celebration." Jackie smiled at both of us. She quickly went into the kitchen and I heard the clank of a bottle. As she left the room Erica winked at me and mouthed the word "later" to me while grabbing the hem of her dress to reveal another skimpy pair of lace panties underneath her tight dress.

As I sat back and took in both of them there was a definite contrast between Erica's thin body with her firm ass and small tits, while Jackie had a larger frame and rounded out her pants nicely with her round ass. Either woman would have given a eunuch a hardon. As we waited for the Chinese food Jackie had opened a bottle of champagne and we had a couple of glasses. She asked about our days and told us all about her newest sale. Once the food arrived I was happy to just eat and try to forget about what might happen later on tonight.

Watching the two of them together was almost like watching two sisters hanging out with each other. They obviously had a really close relationship and I certainly didn't want to mess around with that. In this situation I was the new addition to the family and wasn't about to try to cause any problems. I was going to have to tell one of them that things weren't going to go anywhere. But which one?

We retired into the living room after dinner to watch a movie and relax, and after it was done Jackie yawned and said she was heading to bed, giving me a sideways glance and a smile. That meant Erica and I would be alone, which was what I wanted. Once Jackie was upstairs and we heard the door close I turned to her and she immediately threw the blanket she had over her on the floor.

Her dress was hiked up slightly and she had her hand between her thighs. Her panties were obviously damp already. "I thought she'd never go to bed." She purred, gently stroking herself. "All I have been thinking about tonight is that fat cock of yours, my dear brother. I've been stroking my pussy for about an hour and it's so wet. My panties are just soaked..."

My cock had been constantly hard since earlier with Jackie and was just begging for some release, but I stopped short of taking her right away in the living room in case her mother happened to walk out of the bedroom. As she lay across from me she rubbed her pussy harder and started to moan and fondle her breasts through her tight dress. I couldn't help but see that her pussy was almost leaking juices all over the couch. She was incredibly horny and so was I. I had already seen her masturbate herself, watched her on video and then got a birds' eye view of a spectacular blow job earlier.

"Why don't you go upstairs and get ready for me. We need to wait until your mom is asleep." I suggested, still wanting to be careful that Jackie didn't catch me taking advantage of her hot daughter.

Her hand continued to rub her pussy and she moaned. Her back arched as she reclined on the couch behind her. It was incredibly erotic. She really knew how to use her body.

"I don't know if I can wait very long, but I'll be ready for you in my room. I think I have something you will really enjoy." She pulled her dress slowly down and quickly headed up the stairs. My mind was reeling from everything that was going on but my cock was very excited at the thought of not only experiencing her gorgeous mother, but now the daughter as well. Part of me felt bad for taking advantage of my new sibling, but that part was rapidly drowned out by the thoughts that my hard cock were shooting to my brain.

I quickly walked up to my room and changed into simple track pants and a tank top, just in case Jackie happened to walk out of her bedroom while I was on my way to Erica's. After about half an hour I slowly crept out of my room and down the hall, gently knocking on Erica's door.

Opening the door, I walked into Erica lying prone on her bed reading a book with some light music playing. It was her outfit that caught my eye. She was wearing the exact same schoolgirl outfit that she had been wearing in the video I found that caused me to unleash my load in her panties. She had her hair in two pigtails on either side of her head. Her plaid skirt was just short enough to be able to see the line at the bottom of her ass. The shirt was undone just enough to see the line of a lace bra.

"Hey David!" she said with enthusiasm. "Come on in, what's up?" I took a quick glance towards the desk and saw that her computer screen showed a view of her on the bed with a wide angle. Her camera was on and she wanted to tape what happened.

"Not much, Erica. Do you want to hang out?" I saw her smile and nod.

"I'm just doing my homework. You can help distract me." She said a bit more flirtatiously.

"I love that uniform. It's so cute. Isn't that skirt a bit short though?" She rolled over on the bed and stretched her thin frame out fully, revealing her long legs and arching her back. Her skirt rode up just enough to be able to see the matching panties underneath her short kilt.

"Thanks! I like it short." Her hands idly played with the hem of her skirt, pulling it up even further. "How was your date?" she asked. Now I saw where this was going and it was easy to play along.

"Oh, it was okay but she wasn't anything special. She was nothing like you." I moved to the bed and sat down, positioning myself in front of the camera.

"Aww, that's too bad. But part of me is really glad you're home. I get so jealous when you're out with other girls." She scooted forward to join me on the edge of the bed and gently put her head on my shoulder. "You're just what I needed tonight to cheer me up."

"Thanks. I'm always glad when I can come home to you. I think that every time I'm out with another girl all I can think about is you." I said, turning to look her in the eyes. She looked up at me and leaned forward. I bent down and kissed her gently. Feeling her soft tongue slide into my mouth her hand moved to caress my chest. We sat there kissing for a few beats, slowly starting to touch each other's bodies. Her firm muscles stood out in her arms and back and I slid my hands underneath her shirt, feeling her shiver as we continued to let our tongues play in each other's' mouths.

"Mmm...will you touch me?" she sighed. " I've been thinking about you touching me." Her hands moved to the buttons of her shirt and she slowly undid them, revealing her small bit firm breasts encased in her lacy bra. Her nipples were solid and stood out firmly underneath the lace. "I want to be touched." She pushed her chest towards me and smiled.

Moving my hands to her breasts I started to stroke them lightly and she moaned and leaned back, turning to the camera so the screen clearly showed me massaging her. Sitting there in just her kilt, bra and pigtails she looked like a young vixen just waiting to be ravaged.

"Oh...that feels so good...squeeze my nipples..." she was giving a play by play of exactly what she wanted me to do to her. My fingers lightly pinched her nipples, making her gasp. I pushed her bra cups to the side to get at her nipples directly and leaned in to suck on them. Her hand went to my head and she moaned, pushing my mouth more firmly onto her small tits. I went from one budding nipple to the other, using my tongue and mouth to tease her.

After a few minutes of me nursing on her breasts she moaned. " I've always wanted to see your cock. Can I see it? It looks so big..." She made herself sound as innocent as possible and she was incredibly good at it. She took my hand and pulled me to stand up but positioned me sideways so that when she pulled my pants down, my cock jutted straight out in full view of the camera. I had already had a good preview of her oral skills earlier in the change room at the mall, but this time she was working for the camera.

Grasping the base of my cock in her hand she bent forward and slowly licked up the sensitive underside of my cock.

"'s so big. I don't know if I can get it in my mouth." Her tongue again slid up and down either side of me, bathing my cock with her saliva slowly. With the effect of her cute pigtails and the feeling of her warm tongue on me cleaning off my cock I was already hard as a rock and just wanted to throw her down and fuck her senseless. But this was her scenario and I was going to let her enjoy it.

She started at just the tip of me, sliding it slowly inside her mouth like a lollipop and then pulling it back out, sucking lightly on just the head. Then she continued, but with every stroke going just a little bit deeper down so that inch after inch started to slide into her mouth. After every few strokes she would again use her tongue to swirl around and bathe my cock. I didn't say a word because I was enjoying the sounds of her moaning when she took me all the way into her mouth deeper and deeper.

After a few minutes of that I was almost ready to explode and she could feel me tightening in her hand. Letting go of my cock she stood up and kissed me again.

"Will you kiss my pussy? It wants to feel your tongue on it." I nodded. She had already slowly taken her panties off and she pushed me back on the bed, still in direct view of the camera, except then she climbed on top of me and positioned her panty covered crotch over my face. Facing towards the computer screen she reached to unhook her bra and lowered her pussy onto my waiting tongue. Her kilt enveloped my face and so did her wet pussy.

Moving my hands to her firm ass underneath the skirt I buried my face and tongue into her wet hole, just dying to taste her after all the teasing she had given me today. I used my tongue to slide into her pussy and licked up and down either side, first softly and then harder. My hands were massaging her firm ass at the same time. Occasionally I would let one of my fingers gently slide across her puckered ass and she would twitch.

"Oh! Yes!" She started to moan and grind on top of me. "Oh that's so good baby!" She looked straight at the camera and grabbed my cock, gently stroking it while my face was buried in her. "'re going to make my tight little pussy come...oh yes! Yes! Yes!" she moaned. I started to suck on her budding clit at the same time and felt her shudder and a release come over her body as she relaxed into my mouth.

"Oh, I've been waiting for this for soooo long." She said to the camera. I felt her hands urging me to sit further back on the bed. Still facing the camera she slid her body forward so that her pussy was hovering over my cock. She very slowly unzipped the kilt she had on and also tossed it aside so she was finally totally naked. It was incredibly hot to watch her slowly lower herself onto me. My cock slid inside her one inch at a time from behind. It was like a warm wet grip suddenly surrounding my shaft. She was incredibly tight.

Her gorgeous tight ass flexed as my shaft penetrated her. Once she had my cock completely inside her she again made a production of taking out her pigtails and letting her long black hair flow down around her shoulders. Leaning back, she gave the screen a full shot of my cock inside her pussy. She put her legs into position and started to slowly move up and down my shaft. The feeling of her tightness was incredible. She was controlling every part of her movements and just giving me maximum pleasure, even though I knew that all she wanted to do was put on a show.

For what seemed like forever she rode me, groaning and gently rubbing her clit as she did so. At least twice more I felt her shudder in orgasm but she had perfect control over the rhythm, letting me just enjoy her but not taking me over the edge. As she moved her commentary continued.

"Oh my God your cock is so tight pussy is so full...I'm going to keep coming all over you again and again...I can't believe we waited this long to do this..."

After another few seconds she pulled herself off of me.

"Fuck me from behind baby...please fuck me hard!" We changed positions so we were still in view but she put her head down and raised up her gorgeous ass to me. Quickly sliding my cock back inside her I grabbed two handfuls of her ass and started to pump into her hard and deep. I knew I wasn't going to last long any more. As loud as she possibly could without waking up her mother down the hall she started to cry out.

"Ah! Yeah! Ah! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy hard baby! Give me that cock!" She squealed. I was quickly reaching the point of no return and didn't know how she wanted me to finish. She must have felt my cock stiffen up because she suddenly pulled herself off of me and turned around, giving me a deep tongue kiss.

"I have an idea." She moaned. I was still speechless so didn't react. "I want to feel your hot load in my pussy. Will you come inside me and make me yours? I want you to come inside me baby."

She lay down on her back and spread her legs wide so that even with me between them the camera still had a good angle. Mounting her quickly I slid my cock back inside her as deep as it would go, but in this position I could also grab her hair and suck on her breasts while I pumped into her. After a few strokes she started to go wild again. Her back was arched and her hips were working hard underneath me to allow me to pound as deep inside her as I could possibly get. Her legs wrapped firmly around me.

"That's it lover! Fuck my pussy! Suck my tits! Ah! God! It'!" her voice was getting louder and I quickly stifled it with my mouth on hers. Our lips crushed together and she sucked ferociously on my tongue as she felt my body stiffen.

One of the biggest loads I had ever shot came to the surface and I bucked my hips hard, shooting my come deep inside of her. Pulsing at least half a dozen times I felt my cream first surround my cock and then slowly start to drip out of her pussy to the bedspread beneath us.

"Mmmmmphh!" she screamed wordlessly into my mouth when she felt me release into her. As I finished shooting I locked eyes with her and she smiled, nodding her approval. When I took my mouth off of hers and dismounted her she quickly turned her body towards the camera. "Oh....oh my God you put so much come inside my pussy...". The screen clearly showed most of my load slowly leaking out of her. I collapsed on the bed beside her while she finished putting on a show of her hot naked body for the camera.

As she continued to caress her own breasts and nipples, she spent a few seconds gently playing with my come and rubbing it up and down her crotch, putting the final touches on what was an amazing sexual encounter. "Mmm...I just love a pussy full of come."

She got up and clicked something on the computer, and I saw a light above the camera go off. Quickly dancing back to the bed she climbed on top of me and gave me a long hard kiss, gently caressing my now almost soft cock.

"Okay, that was fucking amazing. You had better get ready because I'm going to be fucking that cock as often as I can. My new stepbrother is a bit of a stud. That was the biggest load I've ever felt." She smiled widely and kissed me again. Seeing the expression of concern in my eyes she laughed. "Don't worry...I'm on the pill. And I just like taping myself but that's the first time I've had a partner. Well, a guy partner anyway." That made my cock twitch, wondering if she had any videos of her and her friends together.

"Erica... aren't you worried at all about our parents?" I asked once I got my senses around me. "We can't be doing this like rabbits in the same house that they're in." I was also thinking a bit about Jackie and my night with her just the day before. Erica might be my new step sibling but at least she wasn't also marrying my father.

"Like I said before, Mom and I share everything. Don't worry about her, she's cool." I still didn't know what she meant but I also knew it was probably better Jackie didn't find out I had just fucked her daughter on camera. It was going to have to be only Erica, and frankly after that encounter as hot as Jackie was I knew that her and I would never be able to have sex once my father returned.

"There's part of the story that you don't know yet, but I'll let my Mom tell you." I wondered what she meant.

As we lay in her bed gently kissing and caressing each other I realized that Jackie had left me that note telling me she would meet me in my room later and my heart rate rocketed. If she went to my room and I wasn't there...

"I'm going to head to bed." I yawned, feigning fatigue.

"Are you sure? I could keep the camera off and we could go for round two." Her hand started to gently pump my cock again as she kissed me gently and as much as my body started to respond I knew I had to leave. I disengaged myself from her limbs and she watched me slowly put my shirt and pants back on, giving me a trademark pouty look that only young girls could give. I leaned in to give her one more kiss and left the room.

Quietly walking down the hall I opened the door to my room and slipped inside. Everything was quiet in the house so I climbed into bed, knowing the coast was clear.

As I moved my pillow into position I found a surprise. There was a pair of silky purple panties underneath my pillow. They were also damp and when I lifted them to my nose I smelled a faint scent. It was the same taste I recognized from the day before when I had my tongue in Jackie's pussy. Had she already been in my room? There was no way they would have stayed that way from the day before so it must have been from tonight. Then I noticed the note.

"We'll talk tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed yourself. ---Jackie"

My heart sank. She must have come in while I was in Erica's room and figured out what was going on. How was I going to deal with that? And why, knowing that I was having sex with her daughter would she leave a pair of wet panties under my pillow? Then I thought back to the first night I had been there and she had found me in the hallway, not even caring about her daughter masturbating just feet away while she pumped a load out of my cock. Perhaps there was more to this situation than I thought.

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