tagFetishStepsister's Nylon Punishment

Stepsister's Nylon Punishment


Not long after I started my senior year in high school, my mom married for the second time and we became a family of four -- the two of us, my step dad, and my stepsister. I had a good relationship with my step dad, he was a cool guy and much nicer than my dad had ever been to me, but things were quite different between me and my stepsister Sara.

She was a gorgeous girl, that's true, and I definitely liked that aspect of her, but maybe because we were the same age (we both were 18 years old at that time), she kept either ignoring me or, if she paid attention, teased me without end. In fact, she was verbally abusive to me whenever she could get away with it and I was a rather shy guy with little self-esteem to put much against this bitch of a teenager.

I found my own silent way though to "pay it back to her". Since I've always been very interested in women's clothes, I rarely missed an opportunity to sneak in my stepsister's bedroom and explore her underwear drawers -- of course, when no one else was at home.

In the beginning, I just enjoyed opening the dresser and browsing through her stuff to see what she had and what she wore, feeling the fabric of her panties, soaking up the many girly colors she had and the little special applications on them such as bows or lace inlays. I also liked the variety of her bras, anything from smooth sports bras to firmer bras with underwire and to special night-time bras with animal print on them. I also explored her socks, and of course her nylons of which she had an abundance. She often dressed up when she went out with friends and almost always wore pantyhose or tights and heels, not to speak of a wonderfully done make-up which supported her young and highly erotic appearance.

I also usually smelled her lingerie, inhaling the scent of the special detergent and fabric softener she used, and noticing the overlay of some very subtle perfume that she probably sprayed in the drawers to scent her underwear a bit more feminine.

After a while, I went a step further and wanted to feel her lingerie on my body as well. I decided to take them from her laundry basket in her closet so as to not raise suspicion when her clothes would be wrinkled. This had the very exciting side-effect for me that I now also smelled her own body odors on these wonderful things, in addition with the almost disappearing smells of detergent and perfume. Some of her panties were almost neutral, others smelled slightly like pee, and others again had also some stronger scent of her pussy on them. I sometimes wondered if she had masturbated in them...

Her pantyhose and tights were usually also rather neutral in smell but in the crotch area had the occasional flavor of pee or pussy. The foot part sometimes smelled intensely like sweat but it was like an aphrodisiac for me, not putting me off in any way.

When I knew that no one would be home for a while, I would go to Sara's room, carefully pick some nice items from her laundry basket, undress, and then slowly put them on, one after the other. The bras were the hardest to put on without tearing them since my chest size was much larger than hers but it felt great to wear them finally and I often put some of her dirty socks inside to create the impression of a full cup.

The panties of course never fully fit over my penis, and definitely not around my erection. But wearing them after having smelled them, felt them and caressed my face with them was absolutely magical. Finally I would put on pantyhose or tights, sometime more than one, sometimes with panties underneath, sometimes not. This was the high point of my experience -- I felt I was her, I was Sarah, laying in bed with her sexy underwear and having one orgasm after the other. I just had to make sure to not get my cum on her clothes -- even if they were for the laundry, she may have noticed that.

I stroke the pantyhose from top to bottom, feeling my feet through the silky and shiny fabric, then up my legs, my butt, and finally my cock. Rubbing my erection through pantyhose and tights has always been the ultimate sexual fantasy and now I could actually live it out.

I had done these special sessions in Sara's bedroom for many months, but of course the inevitable had to happen eventually. It was just a couple weeks before high school graduation, I enjoyed myself as usual in Sara's room, my parents were on a short trip, and I thought that Sara was going out to the movies with a friend. So, I thought, at least two hours of fun would be mine.

I just had started to take out some lingerie from the basket and put them on her bed, as Sara entered the room, seeing me, holding a pair of her white pantyhose in my hand. I still don't know why I didn't hear her coming in.

"Dan!" she shouted in shock. "What is going on here?!"

I couldn't say a word out of embarrassment and my face went blushing red. My heart was beating loud and fast. My first thought was: What would she do with me...?

"I think you owe me an explanation here, brother!" she demanded. "I just don't get it what is going on here?!"

She came closer and saw the open door to her closet, the basket, and the other lingerie on the bed. For a moment it seemed that she was clueless what to do, but only for a moment. After all, she was my beloved bitch stepsister.

"I want you to get undressed. Right now." She commanded.

I was startled. What was that supposed to mean? What did she have in mind?

"Come on, take off your shirts and your pants for me. RIGHT NOW!" She raised her voice and left no room for any doubts. Yes, that's what she wanted.

After I was nude, she made me lie down on the carpet head down and stretch out my arms over my head. I knew I had no chance other than obey since otherwise she would sure tell my parents which would certainly ruin me in their mind for the rest of my life.

I felt some fabric on my wrist and realized it was her sports bra I just had taken out of her laundry basket. She tied my wrists together rather tightly with her bra straps and then made sure the rest of it was under my face to experience. I hardly found that neither amusing nor arousing and hated this rough carpet which was kind of poking into my skin all over my body.

The same moment something else poked me on my butt, I cried because it really hurt. It felt like a pencil or something. She laughed and continued to poke me with another pencil on my second butt cheek.

"How do you like that, my dear brother?" She teased me. I knew now that those "pencils" were actually the rear parts of her high heels, because she meanwhile also put the front part on my butt and made some massaging movements.

For the first time, I felt a tiny little bit of sexual pleasure. When she started to massage my ass first with one shoe, then with the other, my little friend got quite excited and hard, despite the pain from the itchy carpet it was laying on.

"I have never seen you nude, little boy. I actually like your body," she giggled and continued with her butt and ass massage using all bottom parts of her high heels.

"But first you will have to suffer some more," she announced and I could almost hear her grin.

Her next "treatment" was actually a slow walk over my back and butt, even my neck, with her heels, and it was very painful and pleasurable at the same time. I felt where she was with her left foot and right foot at all times, those sharp rear ends of her heels were digging deep into my body. I moaned and pretended not to like it at all which she of course interpreted as me asking for more.

"The other side!" She demanded and I had to roll over to lie on my back and showing her my full erection.

"Oh, nice, what do we have here?" She said smilingly. "I bet this little man wants to get his fair share, too?"

Slowly, her heeled feet would walk across my chest and then, almost, stand on my dick and my balls. She sat down on the bed and started her special massage, first the balls, then the penis, from the bottom to the shaft, to the gland, letting me feel every part of her heels.

All along I now also had a chance to admire her pantyhose she wore. They were actually fashion tights, pale yellow, with little geometric motives here and there, and very shiny, smooth, silky and soft. I was really annoyed my hands were still bound so I could not touch her marvelous legs encased in the most sensuous tights.

From her massage, I became extremely aroused and she must have noticed it because just as I was about to come she suddenly withdrew her feet from my cock and took off her heels.

"Lick my feet! Lick them well, you fucking dick!" She commanded me and put both of her feet on my face. I felt the smooth fabrics of her tights and smelled the familiar scent of her sweaty feet I had enjoyed so often on my own. But now it was quite different, several orders of magnitude more enjoyable!

Her yellow shiny tights had reinforced toes and I started to work on them with my tongue first, trying to lick and feel every one of them through the fabric of her hose. There was this scent again I knew from earlier, and it smelled even sweeter and gentler than on her worn nylons. I continued to lick her soles carefully which were very cute, soft, and absolutely adorable. Just the sight of her arches made me extremely horny. Finally I worked on both her heels and up to her ankles, licking them all intensively yet softly through her tights.

"Shit, you know how to give a fucking foot job to your sister!" she exclaimed and I felt some amount of arousal in her voice.

She took her feet off my face and slowly massaged my upper body with them, my neck, shoulders, chest, belly, and finally moved to my critical region. She teased me for a while, just barely touching my balls and my penis with her nylon-encased feet and I couldn't help but to say some swearwords to her expressing how mean she was to me.

"Oh you darn fucking bastard!" she replied. "You haven't seen enough yet."

And instead of making my dream come true and giving me a footjob with her yellow smooth tights, she withdrew her feet again from me.

Instead, she slowly sat down on my face, rubbing her pussy area all over me and making me smell and lick her private parts. But I didn't expect what was to come next.

"Here, take that, you motherfucking pimp!" she exclaimed and I could swear there was a big grin on her face.

I felt something wet coming down through the tights, soon more of it. It was a warm, slightly pungent liquid -- no way, she was peeing right into my face!

"You darn bastard, open wide your fucking mouth and don't let any of it go to waste!" She commanded. I had no choice but to comply and let every drop of her warm pee into my mouth, swallowing it down. She must have not seen a bathroom in years, because this process must have taken a minute or so, until just a few drops kept dripping out from her pussy area through the nylons. I was surprised that despite of this strange experience with quite a bit of discomfort, I also was a bit aroused by it.

"How did you like that, sisterfucker? Don't believe you're done yet!" she said and took off her tights, then sitting down as she did before with her pussy now touching my mouth directly.

"Come on, I want you to make me come, piece of shit!"

I knew what to do and worked diligently first on her outer, then on her inner labia with my tongue, licking dry the last remainders of pee and at the same time noticing some sweet wetness emanating from her vagina. She was completely shaven which aroused me a lot, and for the first time I heard a reaction from her -- she started to breathe heavily.

My tongue found its way into her vagina, the first time I every experienced tasting a girl's most private organ, a very soft, smooth, moist and warm experience and whenever my tongue went sliding in and out, my stepsister sighed a heavy breath.

The mean thing was that I was totally aroused, pre-cum was dripping out of my dick, and still I could neither touch my penis nor even Sara as my hands were still bound.

But I knew I had no chance getting them back any time soon, so I just enjoyed my experience of licking her pubic area and pussy as much as I could. Indeed, the sighs got longer, more sustained, and more intense and there was more of this sweet liquid streaming out of her pussy.

Now I knew she was ready and slowly approached her clitoris with my tongue. If she can tease me, I can tease her as well, I thought, and she was not protesting in the least. On the contrary, her arousal increased further and when I took her clitoris between my lips and pressed hard against it, she even shouted "Yes! Yes! Like that! More!" and started to shiver a bit from excitement.

After a few more explorations of her pussy and clitoris, she finally came in a wild orgasm and squirted a big load of orgasmic fluid onto my face. It was wonderful and magical to soak it all up and swallow every drop of it.

"You fucking little bastard boy, you know that shit, that was fucking awesome!" she complimented me.

"You have one wish free!" she offered. I was truly surprised about her generosity but I guess she must have had a truly magnificent orgasm to be at least a little more conciliatory towards me.

"Can you put your tights back on and give me a footjob?" I inquired.

"No problem, that's fun for me too!" she replied and in a minute continued where she had left of earlier. I thought that my dick was ready to explode when she took it between her sweet and sweaty little nylon-encased feet and gave it a gentle but still firm massage. I had to focus hard not to come at that moment but I really wanted to fuck Sara that night, I had made up my mind about that. Sara continued with more teasing, scratching my balls and my penis with her toenails through the reinforced fabric of her yellow shiny smooth tights. Almost too much for me to bear. I decided, I got what I wanted, and withdrew from her.

I took my still bra-cuffed hands and started to pull down her tights. She understood and took them off entirely. As if she could read my mind, she completely undressed, lowered her body onto mine, gently inserted my cock into her pussy and began to slowly ride up and down.

Oh my god, was that wonderful! I filled her up entirely, enjoying every bit of it, now feeling the soft, warm tissue of her pussy surrounding my penis.

She had started to breathe heavily again and I could now see for the first time her stunning firm and beautiful breasts and observed as her nipples were getting erect. Her pussy produced more juices and our rhythm slowly got faster, now both of us moaning and totally losing ourselves in this process.

Finally, she came again, even more intense than before, with another squirt down her pussy, and just seconds later I exploded and shot my cum deep inside her, at least fifteen loads of it.

She got off me, took the cuffs off my wrists, and asked me to leave her bedroom now. I think we both knew at this point it would never happen again.

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Very erotic as my step sister and I read this I was pantyhose fucking her thighs that turned into a very hot fuck session! Thank you!!!!!!

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