tagFirst TimeSteve & June & I Call on Stacy

Steve & June & I Call on Stacy


A while ago, after completing a very satisfying evening of making love with Susan, one of my lady friends, she asked me if I ever brought another man with me. Thinking she was suggesting a possible two-on-one, with her being the one, I answered that I did sometimes. Frank, a horny young man, and John, who is hung like a bull, came to mind. She did not have herself in mind though; she was thinking I might take her younger brother, Steven, who had just turned 18 years old, with me sometime.

"He's a really sweet kid, and good-looking, but he's very shy. I'm sure he's a virgin. I don't think he's ever even been out with a girl."

"I'm not going to take some pimply-faced nerd with me to make a fool of himself and of me."

"Steven is very handsome and athletic, and he was on the swim team and the track team in high school. He's just too shy to approach girls but if he has a good time when he goes with you, and gives the women a good time, he might gain some confidence and maybe make it on his own."

She showed me a picture of the two of them, and he was a really good looking kid, with blonde hair and fair skin, like his sister and, judging by the difference in their heights, he was well over six feet tall. "He has blue eyes, like I do", she added.

"I already have two guys that I take with me, either one at a time or both, but I will consider your brother," I told her. Since we were both pretty much sexed out for the night, I left a few minutes later.

One evening, less than a week later, I was lining up a foursome for Stacy, one of the hottest of my lady friends. June, a bisexual woman would be there with me, but neither John nor Frank was able to make it. At the last minute, I called Susan and she called Steven, who wasn't doing anything that evening and would be glad, even eager to join us. With some misgivings, I drove to his place and picked him up.

On the way to pick up June, I gave him instructions and advice on what to do and what to expect. There are very few rules in these affairs, except to wear condoms and that Stacy would be in charge, then me, and he shouldn't be pushy. If he wanted to do some particular thing and the other person didn't, he should drop the idea.

"Don't worry about being nervous," I told him. "Everybody will be there to make love or have sex, and you're sure to lose your cherry. You'll probably have some kind of sex with both Stacy and June. You're tall and young and handsome, so just be yourself."

"I'll try, but I'm always shy and nervous around girls or women."

"Don't worry about being shy. Like I said, the women are there for sex, just like us, and if you don't make the first move, they will. If Stacy takes a liking to you, she'll be all over you right away anyhow."

We picked up June at her house and the three of us went on to Stacy's house, where all the shades were drawn but light was shining out at their sides. She was wearing a tightly tied bathrobe when she let us in, and I introduced her to June and Steven. Stacy seemed quite impressed with Steve's youth and good looks and quickly developed the hots for him, ogling, then fondling, the bulge in his pants and telling him what a great time we were all going to have, especially him and her. One of the reasons Stacy was so attracted to Steven was his height. She is tall and slender herself, just under six feet tall, with a pretty face, dark hair and a beautiful ass.

The three of us removed our shoes and socks and followed Stacy into her bedroom. As I had told Steve, one of the few rules at these parties is that the hostess, in this case Stacy, is in charge. I had pretty much expected to couple up with her because I know how much she likes the way I eat her pussy, but she was so taken by Steven that Stacy singled him out for herself, leaving June and me together. This is no hardship because June is an attractive woman, tall and slender, with dark hair and a pretty face. I have eaten June's pussy or made love with her in other ways many times and I have always enjoyed being with her, and she has enjoyed it too.

Stacy sat on the bed, untied her robe and let it fall open while she started on Steven's shirt. When the buttons were undone, she unfastened his pants while he slipped out of his shirt and reached out to open her robe. Stacy stood up and let him remove it, showing him and us her beautiful, naked body. He bent over and licked Stacy's smallish but very sensitive breasts, following the advice I had given him earlier. She was already pretty horny but Steve's tongue on her nipples made Stacy ready to go, and she let him know it.

"Mmmmm, I really love that, and later on you can do a lot more of it but right now, I just want your nice, big cock in my pussy," she told him, as she removed his pants and pulled down his underwear.

Both Stacy and June looked with amazement and lust when Steven's cock popped loose from his clothing. It was close to a foot long and thick, with a big, wedge-shaped head. "Come to Mama," was Stacy's reaction, and she sat down on the bed, held the cock in her hand and kissed it. She observed delightedly that she couldn't even come close to getting her hand around it.

When Stacy selected a condom from the nightstand drawer, she made sure it was one of the extra large ones. After licking him to help it go on easier, she rolled the condom onto Steve's big, stiff cock. "My pussy is all wet and she needs that big dude in her," she said, and lay on her back with her legs spread and her arms open, inviting Steve to join her.

Although awkward and inexperienced, he knew what to do next and he joined Stacy on the bed, kneeling between her legs and leaning forward while supporting the weight of his upper body on his hands. Sensing his inexperience, Stacy took over, holding open her pussy lips and guiding Steven's cock into the hot, wet hole that lusted for it. When the tip entered her, already stretching her pussy, Stacy gave out a moan of pleasure and urged Steven to put it in slow and deep. He thrust forward again and again and every time he did, another inch of hard cock entered Stacy's pussy, as she moaned and begged him to keep going, until his cock was inside her.

June tore her eyes away from what Steven was doing long enough for us to embrace, and she removed my shirt. I pulled her t-shirt off over her head, letting her small but well-formed breasts free; she never wears a bra. June unbuckled my belt and unfastened my pants and pulled off them and my underwear. My cock was also stiff and, as June held it in her hand, I couldn't help but think she was comparing it to the massive tool that was even then plowing into Stacy's pussy, eliciting sighs and moans of pleasure.

We lay down next to Stacy on the king-sized bed and hugged, and I kissed her lips and started kissing my way down her throat toward her breasts. Besides being small, their nipples are less sensitive than most women's, but I spent several minutes licking and sucking on them before kissing and licking my way down toward her pussy. When my mouth reached the waistband of June's pants, I unbuttoned and unzipped them and pulled them off. All she had left were her pink panties and I peeled them off her, enjoying the feel of her soft skin on my hands.

Once June was naked, I got off the bed and went around to get back on between her thighs. She slipped a pillow under her ass, and raised her slender legs. I braced my shoulders against her thighs and wrapped my arms around them, leaving my hands resting in her brown pubic hair. Before I started eating her pussy, I breathed deeply of the delightful, musky aroma, which is a huge turn-on for virtually all heterosexual men and which women too often describe as "stinky". Once June's juices started flowing, they would impart their own delectable fragrance, which would be almost as much a delight to my nose as its taste would be to my mouth. June was purring softly when my tongue started caressing the very smooth part of her pussy just below her love hole.

After Steven's cock was all the way in Stacy's pussy, pleasurably filling it and stretching it, but before he started stroking in and out, she gave him instructions to maximize the pleasure for both of them. She really enjoys directing young men in the art of pleasuring a woman and deriving pleasure themselves. "Loop your arms under mine so your weight is on your knees and on your elbows and forearms, not on top of me. That way, I can move around under you and make it the best for both of us."

Knowing his own inexperience, Steven was very willing to take directions from an older and experienced woman, especially one as beautiful as Stacy. "Now fuck me very slowly, in and out. Like that. Ooooo, yeah. Yeah. Oh, my God, that's good. Oooo, fill my pussy." Stacy very strongly expressed her delight with her pupil's progress as Steven slowly fucked his huge cock in and out, and she rocked forward to meet him, and back when he drew back. As she moved under Steve, Stacy swiveled her hips so his cock caressed her entire pussy. Steve was so hung that it was hardly necessary because he had already filled her pussy, stretching it all along the path his cock was taking, to her great delight. For the first few strokes, Stacy had been cooing but the pleasure she was feeling quickly became so intense that her cooing changed to moans.

It was great for Steven too, of course, probably the greatest experience of his life up until then. Earlier, he had told me he was completely a virgin. I hadn't told the women but Steven probably would later, because it would give Stacy a good feeling to know that she had been the first, and June would feel good about being his second. I couldn't help feeling some envy that his first experience was a woman as beautiful and as sexually adept as Stacy.

I wasn't exactly suffering, as I slowly licked June's pussy to the place where the inner and outer lips almost merge. When I reached that point, I probed my tongue into the seam, and licked both lips, concentrating first on one, then on the other. Before I started eating June's pussy, she had not been lubricating, but now a few drops had appeared at the edge of her love hole. Not enough for me to lick off but there would be after I finished licking the lips. Looking forward to that time, my tongue traveled slowly; I reveled in every second and I knew June was enjoying it at least as much as I was.

Stacy was also enjoying every second, and every inch of Steven's cock, as he followed her directions and thrust it slowly and deeply into her hot, wet pussy. "Steve, you naughty boy," she teased him. "Your cock is so big and hot, you're gonna make me cum. Faster! Fuck me faster! Yeah! Keep fucking me. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, God, that's it. I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

Stacy wrapped her arms tighter around Steven's back, and I knew from experience that she was digging in her fingernails. Her legs were wrapped just as tightly around his hips, and her hips were swiveling and rocking, almost lifting her off the bed. Steve continued following her directions, plunging his big cock faster and faster into Stacy's eager pussy, giving intense pleasure to both of them.

All the while she was cumming, Stacy told Steven how great he was and how great his cock was, and how great he made her feel, and that he should keep fucking her harder and faster. He did exactly that, plowing his cock in and out of the first pussy of his experience, until Stacy climaxed with a spasm of her hips and back, digging her nails in deeper and drawing blood, her legs squeezing his hips tightly. After her orgasm, she collapsed on the bed under him.

Steven knew that Stacy had climaxed, and he knew enough to keep stroking his cock in and out of her pussy, only slower. Although she was not moving under him very much, her pussy was still the greatest place he had ever had his cock, and he enjoyed every new sensation, even her juices sloshing against him and running out to soak his pubic area. Like any normal eighteen year old boy, Steve had masturbated on occasion, but he knew that, after experiencing Stacy's pussy, he could never again be fully satisfied with just his hands.

While plunging his cock in and out, he continued to keep his weight off her so she could start moving again when she was ready. He knew she would be rather unresponsive, but after Stacy had regained her strength, she would resume moving under him, and fucking back to meet him, wanting to cum again, at least once more, the way I had told him she loves to do.

I was pretty sure June was feeling some envy over the great fucking Stacy was getting, and hoping for a turn with Steven's cock but, until then, she was enjoying what my mouth was doing for her pussy. I liked it too, and after licking one pair of lips, all the way to the outer one, I brought my tongue back to caress her clit hood, where her two inner pussy lips merge. Although I kept my tongue on that very sensitive place for only a short time, June's pussy was squirming under my face, and she produced enough of her fragrant juices to give me a nice taste. After relishing that taste, I started licking the other pair of pussy lips, treating them the same as I had the first. Once again, my tongue caressed her all the way to the end of the outer lip, and this time I also kissed her mons. June's purring increased in volume and she produced more of her delicious juices for me.

Stacy had regained her strength and was fucking back to meet the slow strokes of Steven into her pussy. "I'm a slut," she said.

"No, you're not," he disagreed. "You're very nice."

"No, I'm not nice at all. I'm a slut. Tell me I'm a slut."

"Okay. You're a slut."

"A dirty slut."

"You're a dirty slut."

"What do you do with dirty sluts?"

After some hesitation, "Have sex with them? Make love to them?"

"No, you fuck them."

"Okay. You're a dirty slut and I'm gonna fuck you. I'm gonna fuck your pussy."

"My cunt. You're gonna fuck my cunt."

"You're a dirty slut and I'm gonna fuck your cunt. I'm gonna stick my cock into you and fuck your cunt. Your hot cunt."

"Oooo, I love it when you talk dirty. Tell me some more." She moaned then, because Steve's cock was giving even more fabulous pleasure to her with every stroke

While Steve was getting his elocution lesson, I brought my tongue back to massage June's clit hood again. This time, I stayed there longer and by the time I moved on, the movements of June's pussy had gone from squirming to fucking into my face and her fresh juices were flowing. I devoured them, and stuck my tongue into her pink love hole to enjoy the taste and texture, and because I know how much June loves the sensation. All around in that delightful place, I twisted my tongue, paying special attention to the top edge, because of its closeness to her clit, and I indirectly stimulated that sweetest of sweet spots from a different angle. June's purring evolved into moans of pleasure.

Stacy and Steven were moaning also, at the intense pleasure they were both deriving from his big cock plunging in and out of her wet pussy. Although he felt strange about it, he kept talking dirty to her and about her, and she loved every word of it, and moved closer to cumming for the second time.

"Oooo, yeah, keep fucking me; I'm ready to cum," Stacy demanded, as she clung more tightly to his back and hips. "Faster. Fuck me faster." Steve heard, and drove his cock faster into Stacy's eager pussy. "Yes! Yes! Oh, God, that's so good! I love it! I love it!" was the excited response from Stacy. She moved slightly down on his body, so his cock rubbed even more firmly against her clit. After just a few more strokes, she joyfully warbled "Yes! Yes! I'm cumming. Cumming. Oh, God, fuck me! Fuck me!"

Knowing how great it had been for both of them the first time, Steve continued fucking Stacy's pussy as fast as he could, while her arms and legs clung to him, her hips swiveled under him and her fingernails lacerated his back. Her lips were at his ear and I know she was telling him how great he was fucking her and how wonderful his cock was, and how she loved cumming.

Stacy's hips and back spasmed and she made a last, strong thrust against Steve's cock as she climaxed. She lay relaxed under him as Steve continued fucking into her pussy without slowing down. His face grimaced then, and the muscles in his ass clenched as he filled his condom, cumming into a pussy for the first time in his life. When he was done, he sprawled on top of Stacy, blood trickling out of the cuts on his back from her fingernails, as she hugged him affectionately. When Stacy cums twice like that from being fucked by a man, she feels very affectionate toward him, especially when she expects to be doing more of the same later that evening.

June was getting closer to cumming too, as I probed my tongue under her inner pussy lips, moving across her wet love hole from one lip to the other. Her ass was almost lifting off the bed as she jammed her pussy into my face and her moans were changing to whimpers. As I reached the top of her dripping love hole, and started licking there, between the edge and her clit, I saw and felt June's thigh muscles rotate out, presenting her pussy completely to me, and I smelled a fresh gush of delectable juices. She was on the verge of cumming.

After a few last licks under its protective hood, I pulled June's adorable clit into my mouth and sucked on it. My lips formed a seal around the base of the precious love button, and my tongue gently caressed the swollen sides and top. I continued sucking and caressing, while June jammed her pussy against my face until she crooned "Yes! Suck my clit! Suck my clit! I'm cumming I'm cumming!"

June loves cumming as much as Stacy, and her thighs squeezed my temples, while her legs thrashed against my back. June's ass bounced up and down on the bed while her hands pressed on the back of my head, keeping my face firmly attached to her pussy, which she kept ramming against my face. That was where both of us wanted her pussy to be; I especially wanted my mouth wrapped around her clit, and I wanted my tongue caressing that sweet love button. I really love it when a woman cums while I am eating her pussy, even when her heels are pummeling my back as June's were.

When June climaxed, she gave one last strong thrust of her pussy into my face, squeezing my head with her thighs, and digging her heels into my back for added leverage. It felt like she was trying to wrap her pussy around my face, until she collapsed back onto the bed. June released my head; her arms sprawled out at her sides, and her legs remained loosely draped across my shoulders. I knew her pussy was full of fresh cum juices so I moved my face lower on her body to devour everything that hadn't run out and soaked into the mattress.

After feasting on the juices from June's pussy, I looked over at Steven and Stacy. He was kneeling between her thighs, and had taken his cock out of her pussy but he was still wearing the condom. Although his cock was no longer fully hard, it was not even close to being soft, and still looked capable of giving any woman a really wonderful time. Apparently June thought so too, and she was looking with lust at Steve's cock, as if thinking how she would soon be able to get it into her pussy.

Stacy smiled when she saw June and me looking at her and Steven. "George," she said, Steve has got the best cock I've had in a long time. It felt really great the way he stretched my pussy but now I'm sore there. Come over here and heal me with your magic healing tongue."

Condoms are wonderful things. They prevent unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted disease, and they also keep the woman's pussy juices pure and unadulterated by the man's semen. I very much like eating a pussy right after the woman has been fucked, especially when she has been as thoroughly fucked as Stacy had just been, but I like it a lot more when I know the only juices in her pussy are her own.

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