tagRomanceSteve and Liz

Steve and Liz


Steven walked into the bedroom and climbed up on the bed next to his fiancé, Elizabeth. She was propped up on one arm watching some comedy show on TV, with her red hair tied back in a ponytail and her glasses on over her blue eyes. He had to grin to himself. Even dressed down like this she looked sexier to him than ever... but then, of course, it didn't hurt that the way she was laying, with her body facing him and her head facing the TV, he could see right down her top, the strap of which was sliding seductively off of her right shoulder.

He felt a stirring in his pants as he gazed at her, trying to be discreet as his eyes took in the pale, smooth skin of the tops of her small but round breasts and the tiny, pointy pink nipples he could barely glimpse from his position. He could see that she was cold, and wickedly thought to himself that he had been smart to turn on the air conditioner.

Elizabeth, who was becoming bored with the show on TV and also getting too cold from the air conditioner, suddenly turned to face Steven. He jumped, thinking he had been caught, but instead she just slid toward him until she was laying with her head on his chest, and he could feel the tiny pink nipples poking him through her skimpy top.

"Cold, baby?" he asked, knowing she would not realize that her nipples had told him she was.

"Mmm-hmm," she said, pressing closely against him as his arms came around her. "But you can keep me warm."

God, he loved it when bed time came around and she didn't wear a bra. They weren't living together, but he always stayed at her house till late to hold her until she fell asleep, and more often than not, his sticking around reulted in sex that just seemed to get hotter by the day.

Now, however, their wedding was less than two weeks away, and they had agreed a week ago not to have sex again until their honeymoon. Elizabeth had wanted the big night to be as dramatic as possible, and Steven had had to admit that the thought of how tight she'd be after three weeks of abstinence had sounded pretty good to him.

That was before I went a week with no sex, he thought.

Their sex life had been phenomenal right from the start. As Elizabeth lay there, feeling her nipples straining against her shirt, her right hand on the muscles of Steven's chest, she silently reflected on the amazing sex they'd always had. She'd been relatively inexperienced before Steven, but, three months into their relationship, when they'd finally had sex, she'd orgasmed during sex for the first time. She thought maybe it was his size that drove her so crazy. He was a full eight inches and really, too thick for her tight, inexperienced hole... a good deal bigger than anyone she'd ever been with. When she put her silky hand around his hard cock and guided it to her tiny hole, his first thrust in always hurt a little as it stretched her, driving her absolutely crazy with lust.

As she thought about that initial thrust, her right hand wandering down around Steven's bellybutton, she felt wetness growing between her legs. Every time he pushed his heavy, hard cock into her delicate opening, causing her to flinch in the slightest bit of pain, she felt like her cherry was being taken again and again....the thought of someone coming and gently but insistently taking her innocence, using her tightness for his pleasure, drove her wild. And now, thinking about it, she felt like she had to have it tonight.

It was as if Steve read her mind, because at that moment he used his hand to gently turn her face up toward his, and kissed her roughly, thrusting his tongue into her warm mouth. She responded ardently, kissing him deeply and passionately, and allowing the sensations to flow all over her, from her lips through her breasts and down to her pussy.

She climbed on top if him, and much to Steven's delight began grinding into his hard bulge with her panty-covered pussy. He reached down and stroked the ruffled back of her panties, running a finger up and down the crack of her butt as she rubbed against him.When he felt how wet her panties were, he stiffened even more and moaned in pleasure.

Looking into her eyes with fire in his own, he wordlessly pulled down the tank top she was wearing till the neckline was under her firm breasts, and it supported them and forced them together.

She moaned and her body froze as he began running his fingertips lightly over her breasts, looking down at her luscious pink nipples then back up into her face to see her pleasure. He wanted to take her, to roughly force himself deep inside her, but even though he had learned that she loved being dominated, he was waiting for her signal.

He continued stroking her breasts, stopping now and again to take a nipple into his mouth, to bite it as she screamed out in pleasure, and to flick it with his tongue till she thought she would cum right then.

He felt her wetness starting to soak through to his boxers, and his cock grew harder, and so big he felt like it would explode.

She felt it too, and wanted that cock in her pussy so bad she was ready to beg for it.

Steven saw the hunger in her eyes, and knew it was the signal he was waiting for.

He jerked off her top, and then his own, pausing to take in the sight of her breasts jiggling from the movement.

"Let me be on top, Liz" he whispered huskily and firmly, wanting to drive her into orgasm so great she'd never forget it.

She climbed off of him and he sat up and pushed her down on her back, looking into her eyes as he ran his large finger over her pussy through her panties, then pulled them off of her in one long stroke. He then spread her legs apart and climbed between them, supporting himself on his elbows as she trembled with desire.

He looked down at her, watching her needing him, and slowly brought his cock to the opening of her pussy, which had become so wet it was dripping onto the sheets.

"Do you want me baby?" he asked.

"Mmm... yes," she hissed, waiting for his large cock to enter her, to force its way in, to rape her once again.

He pushed her legs wide and, still looking at her, thrust his cock into her, all the way in, forcing himself into her soft, tight hole and watching as she threw her head back and cried out in pain and pleasure.

"You like that, baby?" he asked softly, intensely. "You like me pushing myself into you?"

"Yes, baby. Oh god," she answered then drew his head down close to hers, and whispered something she'd never said to him before:

"Fuck me, Steven."

The sound of her saying something so dirty almost sent him over the edge right then, He eased his cock back up out of her, and slammed home again as she moaned. Then he began pumping her, his movement maddeningly slow and seductive. He pulled all the way out, slowly, then pushed just the head in, then back out, then just the head in, teasing Elizabeth, torturing her, and seeing her frustration and her need for him grow.

"Do you like that baby?" He asked again, the look in his eyes driving her wild. "Do you want my cock in you? Do you need me to fuck you hard and deep until you scream?"

Hearing him talk so dirty for the first time was making her wild with lust.

"Oh, god, yes, baby. Fuck me, Steven. Fuck me, baby!"

He drew back again, and then began slamming into her with force she had not experienced before. He put a hand under her butt to hold her to him, and thrust into her over and over, each thrust forcing deeper and deeper inside her. She met him with thrusts of her own, rubbing her clit against him as she thrust down onto his cock, feeling it filling her, stretching her, owning her with every stroke.

She was getting close to the edge as they fucked, and knew it wouldn't be long before his thick cock brought her to orgasm.

He was getting close too, and said, "Baby, I'm gonna cum inside you if I don't pull out soon."

She usually made him pull out, because she didn't want to get pregnant. But now the idea of him impregnating her, his hot white sperm filling her, overflowing, running out of her, his cock pulsating inside her, was sending her over the edge.

"Cum in me, baby. Take me and cum in me," she said. "Steven, make me yours."

Her words pushed him over the edge, and he thrust into her one final time, holding her close as his cock began to throb, each pulse releasing another stream of white, thick sperm into her, as her own orgasm caused her pussy to contract around his cock, pulling and squeezing more cum out of it with every contraction as she moaned uncontrollably.

As the last spurts of cum left his body, Steven pulled his fiancé to him and wrapped his arms all the way around her. Then they collapsed, exhausted.

"God, baby, that was amazing," she whispered, still out of breath.

As Steven felt the cum inside her oozing out over his softening cock, knowing he had truly taken her, he had to agree.

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