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Steve Submits


"It's every man's dream, isn't it?" Beth smiled and bit her lip as she looked at her husband standing uncomfortably in front of her. "To be pawed and adored by a room full of women?"

Steve looked away.

Was it what he wanted? He didn't think so. He wanted her to adore him. He wanted her to want him. If this would help, even if it did feel wrong, he'd do it for her. To have her want him again.

"I'll do it," he looked at the floor and muttered.

"Oh Steve," Beth stood up and grabbed his cheeks and kissed him, "I'm so excited. Thank you."

The kiss made him feel wanted again. Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing doing what she asked.

"I'll make arrangements for Friday night," she smiled and looked into his eyes.

Her eyes had a way of making everything good. Something about the way she looked at him made him feel drugged. It was what drew him to her in the first place. Now, seven years later, she was fully aware of their power.

As the week wore on he grew more and more nervous. Beth didn't talk about it, even if he brought it up. She'd turn everything around on him, asking him if it was exciting him or how he felt about it.

The truth was he didn't know how he felt about it. It felt very wrong at a deep level. Almost as if he was cheating on his wife, even if she was the there. Their marriage was between them, not a room full of people and them.

Who was she going to invite? What people? Did he know them?

He had asked her but again she turned it back to him.

"Who do you want to have see you?" she asked. "You have a woman in mind? Your sister? My mother?"

It made him sick to think who might be there. Who might see him. That was part of the excitement she assured him. Part of the excitement for both of them.

What were they going to do? Stare at him? Talk about his body? Touch him?

"Whatever I let them do," Beth smiled and held his hand when he brought it up. "You promised to let me be in charge."

Was that it then? Was it her desire for power that was driving this? She knew she already had it. She had been slowly beating him down since their wedding day. Slowly pushing him down, stripping him of the "male flaws" as she liked to call them.

"I won't suck that," she started after their wedding. "It's too hairy."

Soon he found himself shaving every day, and not just his groin. She made sure to watch him at first. Giving him tips, buying him floral scented gels. Whispering how sexy he was as she'd go down on him.

As the marriage wore on there was less and less going down, but she insisted he keep shaving.

"I have to do my legs, my pits, everything for you," she noted, "and it turns me on to think of you with all you friends and how embarrassed you'd be if they knew."

Time wore on and she found more and more ways to demean him. She insisted it was important to her. It was important to her will. That she felt some power sometime.

The sex was always fantastic for days afterwards so he never put up much of a fuss. She even made him wear her panties to a super bowl party.

"I told someone ," she smiled and held his hand. "I'm not telling who, but someone knows."

The thought made him sick to his stomach to this day, but also turned him on so much the panties were soaked in come for the entire party.

This was taking it too far though. He knew it. There was no turning back. He was submitting to her will completely, even if he wasn't going to admit it. He was letting her power reign over him.

Could he accept that? How far would she send him? Send them.

Friday night finally came and the nervousness he had felt all week was working it's way up his throat. He opened the door to the house and dropped his briefcase and coat near the door.

A note awaited him.

"Strip naked," the note said in big bold letters, "then meet me in the bedroom."

Steve gulped.

It was starting already. Maybe it was for the best. No more waiting. Part of him was excited at being seen by so many people. He had never thought about it before, but the thought of so many woman looking at him naked was starting to turn him on.

He slowly finished undressing and walked down the long hallway to the bedroom.

Beth was standing at the foot of the bed, still wearing her clothes from a long day at work. The wool skirt shifted slightly, the zipper handle poking up.

"It's so sexy having you walk into the room naked like that," Beth smiled. "Just seeing you like that made me feel turned on."

Steve smiled. She was good at making him do something demeaning and then making him feel good about doing it. He knew it, but still fell under her spell.

"Let's put this on," Beth reached towards the bed and displayed a dog collar. "I'll need your ring."

Steve shuddered as she put the collar around his neck. Should he protest? He didn't agree to this. The tightness of the collar around his neck was psychologically constricting more than anything.

"I didn't," Beth put her finger over his lips and quieted him.

"It's okay, remember," she smiled and grabbed his hand and slid it up under her skirt. "You are making me so hot."

Steve felt her moistness pouring through her panties and let his protests fade.

Beth gently pulled the ring from her finger and slipped it onto a loop of the dog collar.

"Now this collar is your ring," Beth smiled and gave him a big loving kiss then moaned into his ear. "You are beings such a good boy."

Steve tried to swallow but the constriction of the collar against his throat made it difficult. His mind was racing.

He wanted to ask her to stop, but something kept him from doing it. Something inside thought if he stopped this it would be over between them. Was he ready for that?

"Honey," he started, "I'm not feeling..."

The words trailed off when he saw her look at him. Her eyes peering at him.

"You don't want to excite me?" she looked down at the floor, "You want me to tell everyone that you don't love me enough to keep your promise?"

Steve felt sick. No, he didn't want to do this to excite her. He knew it now.

"No, I'll do it," he finally muttered. "I don't want to, but I'll do it for you."

Beth didn't say anything, just smiled and then reached for a blindfold.

"This way, you don't know who's watching you," she slid it over his eyes and started spinning him in circles.

Steve was amazed at how good the blindfold was. No light was coming in and as he kept turning around and around, he quickly lost sense of where anything was. He was helpless.

Suddenly he felt a tug against his neck. Beth had attached a leash.

The horrifying thought of being dragged out into a room full of people wearing a dog collar and a leash was setting in. This wasn't a roomful of adoring women pawing all over him, it was his wife stripping all his dignity away.

He swallowed hard.

"I can't," Steve moaned, "please honey, I can't."

What he heard next sent his stomach reeling.


A roomful of laughter.

"Honey," he heard Beth's voice beside him, "you already did."

He tried to look around him, but the blindfold kept him from seeing anything. Where were they? What room? Who was there?

He reached his hands up to the blindfold but Beth quickly pulled them back down.

"I don't think you want to do that," she whispered into his ear.

Steve let his hands drift to his side.

"Look at him," a slightly familiar female voice whispered from his left side, "he's all shaven."

"I wish my husband would do that," a stranger's voice followed.

Someone touched his balls and lifted them gently up and Steve felt his stomach quiver in fear. Someone was touching him. Who? He bit his lip.

"Nice smooth sack your boy has there," a woman's voice bellowed loudly directly in front of his face. "Too bad he's not so big."

Steve felt the embarrassment overwhelm him as the room bust out in laughter. He had always felt adequate if not large, now he felt tiny and small.

"Look at it," a high pitched voice giggled, "it looks like my babies, all smooth and tiny."

Steve tried to speak but was quickly overwhelmed with sobbing.

"And he cries like a baby too," someone noticed. "Look at him, a little scared baby boy."

Steve's sobs grew into a full cry. He couldn't hide it, nor did he want to. He was humiliated and embarrassed.

"Oh honey, don't cry," he heard the woman with the high pitch in front of him, her hand caressing his cheeks and pulling his head to her chest.

Her full chest felt so good and comforting. The softness of her breasts against his head made slowly diminishing the embarrassment.

"It's okay sweetie," she held him tight against her until his sobbing started to slow.

It felt so good to be comforted but who was she?

"Okay Steve," he heard Beth approach him sternly, "that's enough."

With that someone pushed him down onto his hands and knees and turned his body.

"Everyone see this," he felt hands massaging his ass as his wife continued. "This is my husband."

Steve wondered what she was doing. Why was she doing this and to who? Who was in the audience and why had they come?

"Why is he doing this?" Steve heard someone whisper.

"Because he's a good boy," he felt Beth's fingers running through his hair.

Something about the way that sounded made Steve feel both sick and excited at the same time. How he loved her praise, even now when he was being humiliated it sounded so good. He leaned his head to meet her hand.

"What does he do?" another woman asked.

"Whatever I tell him to," Beth quickly responded.

Steve heard a series of hushed whispers. What was she saying? He didn't do whatever she asked him to. He had his own will, yet something inside him realized that his will had slipped away. He was hers now and he was slowly noticing just how deep he was in.

"Come here," Beth called out to someone.

Steve was scared. It was one thing when his wife touched him, but someone else touching him? Someone he couldn't see? It was frightening him both physically and mentally, yet he felt now way to protest.

"Reach your hand between his legs and rub him," Beth instructed.

Steve hated that. She knew it made him feel inferior to be rubbed like that, but it instantly sent his cock hard.

"Now ask him if he'd like you to touch his ass," Beth whispered into the woman's ear.

Steve's body tensed. Was he hearing right? Was his wife asking another woman to touch his asshole? He gulped.

"Really?" the woman answered, "Okay. Can I touch your little hole honey?"

Steve's cock pulsed in her hand. Whoever she was wasn't supposed to be touching him like this. He didn't want his wife doing it and now this stranger was violating him.

"No, please don't" he finally moaned.

"I think you do," the voice answered reassuringly, "Yes you do, you good little boy."

With that she her finger started making small circles around and around on his bottom.

Steve couldn't bear it. The sensations of her touch combined with the utter embarrassment of being used in front of so many people was again overwhelming him. He started to cry again even though his cock kept pulsing in desire.

"He's so sexy when he cries," her heard another woman rustle up beside him, running her hand through his hair, "men crying make me so excited."

Steve's sobs increased. He was unable to control them, just like he was unable to control himself. He simply let them keep coming.

"Can I?" the woman asked.

Can she what Steve wondered as someone rolled him over onto his back. He heard rustling around him, then slowly he felt a womans moist lips against his mouth. He gasped for air as he felt her lowering her hips to his face, her odor filling his senses.

"Eat me cry baby," she moaned, her hands pulling Steve's head into her.

The smell was overpowering. Far different than his wife's. Steve couldn't stop crying, even though he knew this woman was enjoying it. He wanted to stop but he couldn't.

Instinctively his tongue wandered around her sex, looking for her sweet spots, burrowing into her. He felt her writhing harder and harder on his face as his sobs and shakes became more pronounced.

If ever a man could feel raped of his dignity he thought, his wife was accomplishing it now. Over and over again this woman pressed herself onto his face, covering his nose and mouth with her sex. His tears mixed with her juices smeared across his cheeks.

Finally she collapsed, the weight of her body pressing tight against his nose, her smell surrounding him.

"Oh my god," she moaned sliding away, "I can't believe I did that in front of everybody."

There was a smattering of applause and some more whispers but Steve had given up trying to listen it was too painful.

"Good boy," he heard Beth whisper into his ear, "I'm so excited. I have another woman I want you to taste."

She pulled the leash and dragged Steve on his hands and knees.

"Do a good job sweetie," Beth pressed his head forward where it was greeted by the taste of another woman's love.

Steve's sobs continued. He didn't care that he was crying anymore. He wanted this night to end. He wanted to go back to being himself. But who was he anymore?

He let his tongue wander around and around until it burrowed inside of the woman's hole.

"She likes it on her ass," Beth pressed his head down lower, "a lot."

Steve took a deep breath. Who's ass was he licking? She knew he hated getting his tongue anywhere near her ass, why was she forcing him to do this to another woman?

He heard the woman moan in joy as his tongue flipped against her, her hole relaxing.

"Put your tongue inside of her," Beth rubbed his hair and pressed his head yet tighter towards the woman, "fuck her ass with your tongue sweetie."

The woman's ass opened and Steve felt his tongue slide inside. She opened wider and wider, his tongue entering her deep abyss, the taste of her spreading into his mouth and nose.

"Oh god that feels good," the woman blurted out and Steve froze.

The voice was too familiar. Who was it?

Beth pressed his head deeper and harder into the woman.

"Keep eating honey," Beth whispered into his ear, "you don't want to disappoint my mother do you?"

The room burst into laughter.

Steve felt the sobs quicken, his head pressed tight into his mother-in-laws ass. He had no fight in him, each sob sent his tongue deeper and deeper into her.

"That's a good boy," Beth started moving around him, "pleasing my mother like that. Yes you are a good boy."

The praise again overwhelmed him, his cock stiffening. No matter that he was demeaned, all he wanted was her praise.

"Now this might hurt a little honey," he felt some hands on his hips, "but I want you to keep licking okay."

Steve felt a cold sensation pressing against his ass and knew right away what she was doing. She had hinted at it before, taking him with a strap-on, but not like this. Not for everyone to see.

He tried to protest but the thighs surrounding his head were tightly holding him in place, unable to speak.

Deeper and deeper he felt the coolness force it's way inside of him. He tried to push back but he couldn't fight.

"Look at him take that huge cock," a voice called out from right over his back.

Over and over again the pounding started. Beth pressed the cock deeper and deeper with each thrust.

"Someone take off the blindfold," Beth moaned as she thrust herself in and out of him. "I want him to look into my mommy's eyes as he gets fucked."

Someone grabbed the blindfold but it took Steve a few moments to adjust.

At first all he saw was the fold of glistening pink flesh between his mother-in-laws legs. How he wished she had left the blindfold on.

"She always said you'd be a terrible husband," Beth yanked on his hair and pulled his head into his mother-in-laws view. "She was wrong, weren't you mom?"

She just smiled and looked down at him.

"And you remember Julie from my work," Beth kept pressing in and out of him, "you had a good taste of her didn't you?"

Steve closed his eyes embarrassed.

"How about Martha, she used to babysit you when you were a kid right," Beth leaned over and whispered into his ear. "You still seemed to like her nice soft breasts."

"Or Anne, you slept with her before we were married," Beth reached around and put her fingers into his mouth.

"And me," a young girl stepped out from the shadows and Steve's heart dropped to the floor.


"Why would you," Steve started sobbing before finishing his sentence.

Amy slid up to his side and rubbed his back.

"Beth told me you asked for me," Amy caressed him lovingly, "I couldn't say no."

Steve shook uncontrollably. The sensations of the repeated entry into his ass combined with his sobbing making sending him into a seizure.

"You're excited aren't you? You good little boy," Beth moaned as she reached around and found his hard cock. "Maybe you'd like your sister to finish you off?"

"No," Steve wailed. "Please I don't want to do this!"

"Yes you do, sweetie," Beth rubbed his hair, the strap-on pressed tightly into his ass, "For me."

Steve looked up at his mother-in-law and he felt his sister shifting between his legs, giving him tiny little kisses across his hips.

"It's okay Stevie," Amy moaned, "I want you to come in my mouth."

The words and sensations were too much. Steve let out sob after sob as he felt his sister's mouth slowly surround him until he was buried into her mouth. Tears running down his face he felt Beth pulled his hair back so he was staring up at his mother-in-law again.

"Look at mommy when you come," Beth gyrated against his ass.

With a loud moan, he felt his cock explode into Amy's mouth, her tongue rippling against his shaft, pulling his seed from deep within. Beth kept thrusting over and over again, pushing his juices from his loins deep into his sister's mouth until finally he collapsed, unable to move.

He laid there, at his mother-in-law's feet for a moment, feeling paralyzed, before the women encircled him.

Martha pulled his head to her lap and held it against her heavy chest while his sister took a warm cloth to his loins and bottom to clean him up. The other women, all except his wife, took turns comforting him and holding him, each of them praising him for being such a good boy.

Beth simply looked on smiling.

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