tagFetishSteve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 07

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 07


I had returned to work after my first nite with Ms Storm. The night she turned me from a young man to her slave. Ms Storm had came to my work place and had talked to my boss for a long time but I don't know what she told her but my boss, Ms Hunter, had talked to me like never before. Then I had been ordered to return to Ms Storm's house that night. Upon arriving, I had been dressed like a whore and had been made to be a whore for a strange man, a strange black man. He had punished and humiliated me while Ms Storm and her friends watched through a one way mirror.

I lay face down on a padded bench, my wrists and ankles attacked to the bench legs. I was wearing a tight corset with inserted silicone breast forms, black seamed nylons and high heels. I was also in ful makeup. My hair was pulled back into a ponytail and tied with a string and stretched back and fastened to my sore balls. It made my hold my head up and look straight ahead. My balls ache so much from the punishment my john had given me and from the ben-gay he had spread all over them before leaving.

I had lain there for a don't know how long. It was near an hour I'm sure. Suddenly the door opened and April walked into the room. "April, I'm so glad you are here. Please untie me, my balls hurt a lot. She walks over in front of me.

"I don't think so sweetie,"she tells me. She then put a leather blindfold on me. Then she leaned down in front of me and I could feel her redoing my lipstick.

"We can't have you looking like a slut when Mistress comes to see you, can we?" she says laughing.

"Please April, my balls really hurt. Please. Please?" I beg her, not sure if I can take much more.

"If they hurt that badly, maybe Mistress will remove them for you. Or you could quit being such a wimp and appreciate the effort Mistress puts forth on your behalf," April says to me sounding rather pissed. "I don't know why she likes you sissy faggots anyway, I wish she would give you to me for a night," she says angrily. "I would stop that fucking whining in a hurry."

She finishes touching up my makeup and I hear her stomp out, realizing now that April has a bad temper. I lay there for a while then hear the door open and it sounds like two sets of heels entering the room.

"Hello Stef, having fun?" a female voice says and I recognize Mistress's voice. "The ladies enjoyed the show Stef."

"Oh Mistress, it really hurt a lot. Even now my balls..." then remember what April said and now feel so out of control that I don't want to make her mad too. I hear one set of heels move down my body near my ass.

"What about your balls Stef?" she asks, "they look so nice and red."

"Its just that they hurt a lot Mistress." I tell her meekly. I feel her hand touch my balls lightly. Feels like just her fingernails are touching them.

"I bring a special friend in to see my new girl and all you can do is whine?" Mistress says to me her voice sounding more firm.

"I'm sorry Mistress, I really am trying to be good for you, really," I tell her sincerely. I feel her fingernails starting to pinch into the skin on my ball sacks as my balls are squeezed back into my sacks. I moan from the pain.

"Maybe if you told my friend all about you and what your needs are now, I could forgive you," she says coldly. Her fingernails pinch harder as she scraps them up the skin on my balls harder pressing them harder into their sacks. "Don't disappoint me Stef."

I moan loudly, her scratching really hurts. Through my tears I start. "I was a straight man till I met Mistress Storm. Now all I want is to be a perfect girl for her. I will do anything to please her. I know that she must punish me and train me so I will obey without question."

"Tell her about the reward I gave you the night we met Stef," she says. She leans over and whispers in my ear, "Sound like the sissy you are if you don't want me to pull your balls off bitch."

Her fingernails dig into my balls and can feel the wetness behind my blindfold as I answer in my best sissy voice. "She let me suck her cock," I tell her friend. "It's so big and so black, I just loved kissing and sucking it."

"Tell her the best part Stef," she tells me.

"She shot her cum in my mouth and on my face," I tell her friend, "it tasted so good, so hot."

"And what did you do with my cum Stef?" Mistress asks.

Glad I can't see now as I tell her, "I opened my mouth and showed my Mistress my mouthful of cum."

"Why?" Mistress asks.

"Because whores don't swallow until given permission," I say.

"Good girl," Mistress says releasing my balls and moving back in front of me.

I hear whispering but can't hear what's being said. It was so humiliating telling a stranger I can't even see these things about me.

"I met her in a chatroom," Mistress tells the other lady. 'Executive Ladies in Charge wasn't it Stef.

"Yes Mistress," I tell her in my fem voice.

"Didn't you tell me you fantasized about some lady at work? She asks.

"Yes Mistress, my boss, Ms Hunter," I tell her thinking back about my fears when I saw them together.

"Ms Hunter? That's interesting, I met with her today," Mistress tells me, "a very interesting woman. What do you like about her Stef?"

"I think she is very erotic, the clothes she wears, the way she carries herself, I guess. She just always seems so in control of everything," I tell them.

"Would you like to fuck her?" Mistress asks.

"Of course, but I don't think she would have any interest in me," I say.

"Does she know you are a faggot?" Mistress asks.

I start to deny being a faggot but think about the last two days of my life and just lay there not saying anything.

"You are a faggot, aren't you?" she asks firmly.

Nodding my head yes, I answer quietly, "Yes Mistress."

"And what do faggots do?" she asks.

"They suck cocks Mistress," I tell her feeling broken.

"What else faggot?" she asks me, her voice now so cold its scary.

"They get fucked Mistress." I say sobbing a little.

"Have you been fucked faggot?" Mistress asks.

"No Mistress," I say.

"But you want to be, don't you?" she says in the same cold voice. "You want to feel a big cock slide deep up your ass, for that cock to take away your last traces of masculinity."

I lay there sobbing. I remember what has happened when I have told you 'no' before and don't think I can take any more punishment so answer her, "Yes Mistress."

"Maybe if you can convince me you really want fucked, I will fuck you right now faggot, fuck you here in front of my friend, is that what you want?" she asks me.

Knowing what will happen if I don't, I start begging, "Please Mistress, please fuck me in front of your friend." Thinking about how big she is but so scared, "I want to feel your big, black cock in me," I tell her between sobs.

"Will you get it nice and big for me faggot, nice and wet?" Mistress asks of me.

"Oh yes Mistress," I tell her begging in my sissy fag voice. "I want to be a cocksucker again so much."

"Let me see his face," the other woman says.

The voice sound familiar but before I can place it Mistress takes off my blindfold. Sitting in front of me is Ms Hunter. She is dressed in a black leather dress, her hair black pulled back into a tight bun. She has black nylon stocking with 5" black spiked heels on.

"Hello Steve," she says, that look of superiority on her face.

I lay there in shock, trying to look away but hair still tied to my balls and it hurts when I move my head, so have to look at her as she stares at me.

"I didn't believe her Steve," she tells me, "I couldn't believe that you were really a sissy faggot. I know you are kind of a wimp around me but I didn't really just how much of a real wimp you are."

I wish lay there looking at her but what can I say. I don't say anything but close me eyes, knowing that this is a really bad development. I really think Ms Storm would do anything like this to me if I did as she said.

"Open your eyes faggot, look at me," Ms Hunter tells me bluntly.

As I look at her, Ms Storm comes up next to her. She is wearing a leather corset that presses her gorgeous breast out and they look so hot. The corset comes down over her hips and has black seamed nylons hooked on the garters of the corset. She has black skin tight boots to just above the knees, the heels on the boots at least 5" spikes. And most noticeable is her big black cock hanging there between her legs, not erect but still big and thick. She looks so hot and I can't keep from looking down at her cock.

"See something you like Steve?" Ms Hunter asks as she stares at me.

"Yes Ms Hunter, my beautiful Mistress," I tell her submissively.

"Do you see something you want sissy?" she asks.

I look up at Mistress and see the look, the one that now makes me shudder, "Yes, I want her cock, I want to suck it please."

"Oh, you mean this cock she says as she lifts up Ms Storm's cock holding it in the palm of her hand," she says sensually. "This beautiful black cock," she says as she turns and kisses my Mistress's cockhead.

"Yes please let me suck it, please," then realize that I really do want to suck it, even with her here. I want it in my mouth. I want to taste it again. I see Ms Hunter turn and look up at my Mistress, my Mistress's hand run slowly over her hair, down to her neck. Then I have to watch as he slowly slides her cock into her mouth. 'No' I think as I watch, I want it in my mouth, I want her cock for myself.

"Mmmmmmm, so good," Ms Hunter says as the cock slides out of her mouth. She licks all over the head, her skin so white against the black cock. "Want some Steve, want some of this cock?"

"Yes please, please," I beg.

"Then tell me what a sissy faggot you are Steve," she says as she kisses her cockhead again

I lower my eyes....

"Look at me and tell me Steve," she says sternly.

I look up at Mistress, she is staring down at Ms Hunter ignoring me. "I'm a faggot Ms Hunter and I'm a sissy for my Mistress when she wants me to be."

"Do you like being her sissy?" she asks.

"Yes Ms Hunter, I want to be a good little girl for her," I say so embarrassed but I know what will happen to me if I don't convince Ms Hunter that I'm sincere. I know Mistress would make me suffer harshly if I don't behave as she expects me to behave.

"Were you wearing panties when we talked the other day Steve?" she asks.

"Yes," I admit to her.

"From now on, that is all you will wear to work and you will report to me first thing every morning and show them to me, do you understand Steve?" she tells me, her look so intimidating.

"Yes Ms Hunter, I understand," thinking about how things just get worse and worse.

"And no more flirting with the ladies, I see you showing interest in any women in the office, I will have to report that to Ms Storm and I really don't think she would appreciate that," she tells me then she leans over and kisses Mistress's cock, running it around her cockhead, moaning softly. "I love your cock Kat," no wonder he drools over it. Look at him will you?" she says laughing lightly.

"Mmm, Anne, that feels so good," Mistress says, "and no I wouldn't appreciate that at all. We wouldn't want to turn Stevie boy into a slut," she says laughing, " or would we?" They both laugh. "Get it nice and hard, I want to take her virginity while you watch," she tells Ms Hunter.

I watch as she starts sucking her, taking more and more of her big cock into her mouth. I can see it getting bigger and bigger till he finally pulls it from her mouth. Its so big and hard and so black. She rubs it around on her cheeks, moaning lightly.

"Fuck him for me Kat, fuck him hard," she tells Mistress in such a sexy voice.

Mistress moves behind me reaches down and pulls the big buttplug from my ass. It still feels wide open and I hear her tell Ms Hunter to come look. So embarrassing having them look at my stretched asshole like this. Then Ms Hunter comes around in front of me and sits down in front of me. Mistress unties the string from my balls, the one that is attached to my hair. Mistress then holds onto the string like reins making me keep my face raised to look at Ms Hunter.

"Beg her to fuck you Steve, beg like the faggot bitch you are," Ms Hunter tells me.

"Please fuck my ass Mistress," I ask of my Mistress.

SLAP!! Ms Hunter slapped me hard, my face stinging. "Fuck your what, sissy bitch?" she asks coldly.

Tears starting, "Please Mistress, fuck my pussy," I beg.

SLAP!!!! Another slap even harder, "YOUR WHAT?" she says her voice getting louder.

Tears running down my cheeks, "My cunt, please fuck my cunt Mistress, please," begging harder. I feel her cock touching my asshole. Its wet from Ms Hunter's mouth. I moan loudly as I feel her cockhead slide into me. It hurt some even though the buttplug had stretched me open quite a bit.

"You want my cock, you tell Anne your new name at work," Mistress tells me.

My face stinging from her slaps, I look at her, "Please call me Stef at work Ms Hunter please."

She laughs, sure Stef, have to keep my faggot happy at work, don't want him filing any sexual discrimination charges against me, " she says laughing.

I feel her cockhead holding me open. "Please Mistress, please fuck my cunt please." I try moving back to take more but I can't move.

"Give it all to him Kat, nice and slow," Ms Hunter tells her.

Mistress starts pushing her cock into me, it feels so big. "Mmmmm, slow please Mistress," I beg of her as it slowly slides deeper and deeper. Hoping she will stop soon and let me get used to it but she doesn't. Deeper and deeper till I cry out, "OH GOD, please stop."

"No Stef, not till its all deep in your cunt," Mistress tells me.

"OHHHHHHHH!!!! OWWWWWW!!!! STOP!!!! STOP!!!!!!" I cry out, begging for her to stop. Feels like she is splitting me in two and it feels like it's so much deeper than the buttplug ever was. "SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMSSSSSSSSS," as he buries the rest of her cock up my cunt. Can feel her balls against my sore ass as she holds it all the way inside me letting me adjust to it some.

"How's it feel bitch?" Ms Hunter asks. "How does it feel to be a faggot sissyboy with a big cock up your cunt?"

I try to catch my breathe, the pain of Mistress's intrusion of my ass was so intense.

"Answer her bitch," Mistress says pushing her hips against my ass, making sure its as deep as she can get it.

"It hurts, its so big, its too deep," I tell her.

"Do you want her to pull it out Stef?" she asks smirking as she says Stef.

"Yes please for just a minute, please," I beg of them both. Can feel Mistress relax some and start slowly sliding her cock out of my cunt. It feels better, but still hurts a lot, and feel her stop when just the head of her cock is left in my ass.

"Maybe if you can convince your Mistress how much you love being her sissy, maybe she will take it easy on you," Ms Hunter tells me. "Maybe if you just admit to me how much of a faggot you are."

Tears running down my face, "Mistress, I love being your sissy and love sucking your cock and I'm sure I will learn to love being fucked by you. I will try hard to be a perfect sissy slave for you."

Then I address Ms Hunter. "I am a faggot Ms Hunter, you may treat me like a faggot whenever you wish and I will do as you tell me to do," I tell her. I feel Mistress start pushing her cock back in me, faster this time till its buried deep in me again. "OH GOD, OH GOD," I whimper.

Ms Hunter takes my chin in her fingers, "Tell me Stef likes being fucked."

Tears flowing as I answer, "Stef likes being fucked." As I say that, Mistress pulls almost out and then back in all the way again.

"OHHHH." I gasp.

"Tell me again Stef," Ms Hunter tells me.

I feel her start deep stroking me, her cock sliding in and out, my breathe coming and going as I repeat it, "Stef likes being fucked, Stef likes being fucked."

"You want more Stef, you want more of your Mistress's cock?" Ms Hunter asks of me.

Realize it's no longer hurting and I nod my head up and down. Her cock feels so strange sliding in and out of me.

"That's a good fagboy, beg for her cock, BEG," she tells me.

"Mistress, please fuck me more, fuck me like a fagboy," I beg her feeling like such a faggot to be doing this and liking it.

She starts fucking me harder and harder. I'm moaning like a whore, wanting it so much, hoping he doesn't stop.

"Moan like a sissy, Stef, we all know you aren't a man now," Ms Hunter tells me.

I raise my voice till it does sound like a woman getting fucked. I hear the moans and its so hard to believe they are coming from me but can't stop, it feels so good.

"I bet you want her to cum in your cunt, don't you Stef?" she asks.

"Yes, yes, YESSSS," I get out between gasps as she slams into my cunt hard.

"I want you to cum when your Mistress cums Steve," Ms Hunter tells me, "cum from being fucked hard like a faggot bitchboy."

Ms Hunter looks at me, I can see her mind spinning as she watches me get pounded hard, tied down tightly, and taken hard by a big, black cock. I can tell what she thinks about me by the way she is looking at me. She sits there, legs crossed, not touching herself, just watching me by used by the black cock and the gorgeous black TV Mistress.

Mistress grabs my ponytail and starts riding me hard. Her cock is going so deep and sometimes she pulls it all the way out and then slams it back into me. Almost feel like I'm being raped except I feel that I deserve this, that its my fault that I'm being used like this. My eyes close and I moan loudly as Mistress buries her cock deep in my cunt, holding it there. Oh god, its so big. "Ohhh, fuck me Mistress," I say not being able to stop myself. She start deep stroking me, faster and faster, as I moan and move under her. It feels so good, the way it feels when it slides in and out of my cunt.

"You want more faggot, you want more cock?" Mistress asks me.

"Yessssss," I get out as she pounds me deep again.

"It's time to cum for your Mistress, Stef, time for you to come like a bitch, with no one touching your worthless cock," Mistress tells me pulling my hair hard.

She pounds my ass so hard and faster and faster till it happens. I scream out when my cock explodes, shooting cum all over the wooden floor. Then feel Mistress bury her cock all the way in me and feel it pulsing and then can feel the hot cum in my cunt. Feels like she is shooting so much, that my cunt is filled with hot cum. She holds it in as deep as she can as I feel her shudder from her climax.

When I look up at Ms. Hunter again, all she says is 'faggot'. After cumming, the rush is coming down a little and I realize what just happened and that my boss just witnessed is all. What is going to happen to me? Then my mind distracted as I feel Mistress pulling her cock slowly from my cunt.

"Anne, come look at this," Mistress says.

Anne walks over behind me and looks down at my ass. It is still stretched wide open, all red and as she watches, more cum slides out of my cunt and down onto my balls and then drips to the floor. It seems like so much cum flows from my ass.

"I have never seen a slut used like this before Kat," Ms Hunter tells Mistress. "I can't believe how open their cunts stay."

"Yes, even for virgins like Stef," Mistress says, "but it will close up nice and tight so it will feel good for the next cock."

I feel so humiliated hearing them talking about me like I'm not even here. Then feel Mistress start releasing my binding and I'm free at last. I lay there on the bench, not knowing if I can even stand.

"Slide off the bench Stef, down onto your hands and knees," Mistress tells me and I do as she says. My ass and balls feel so sore. Mistress moves in front of me.

"Clean my cock, faggot," she tells me.

I look up and see it hanging there, covered with her cum and god know what else. I open my mouth and lift my head, letting her cock slide into my mouth. I start sucking it, licking it, can taste cum and the taste of myself on her cock. It is so nasty but I don't even think about not doing it. Suck it in and lick her clean then take it from my mouth and lick lower and get the rest of her cock clean. Then move lower and start licking her balls till I'm sure that I have cleaned them properly. My mouth so full of different flavors. I lower my head submissively when I feel my job is done.

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