tagIncest/TabooSteven & His Mom at the Pool

Steven & His Mom at the Pool


All the characters depicted in this story are 18 or over.

Steven's mom Andrea, his aunt Tracey and their friend Lillian had been out in the backyard for a couple of hours, sitting around the pool and drinking martinis. They were all quite flushed and the conversation and the laughter had been getting raunchier and louder as the afternoon progressed. The women were in and out of the pool and there was lots of curvaceous flesh jiggling and swim suit adjusting going on, all of which was very distracting for Andrea's son.

Steven had been cutting the grass but he had also been sneaking peaks at the scantily clad older women as he marched back and forth across the yard. The three ladies were all in their late thirties and in very good shape. They all hung out at the same health club where they exercised daily. His aunt Tracey and his mom were both striking blondes with hour glass figures. His mom, Andrea was wearing a white bikini that struggled to contain her voluptuous curves. Tracey was wearing tight shorts and a largely unbuttoned shirt that was tied off at her bared waist. Their friend Lillian was a couple of years older. She was a striking red-head and was wearing a shear yellow wrap over a black one piece swim suit. The suit was just a few strips of satin that criss-crossed over her melon sized breasts and through her crotch, barely covering her most intriguing parts.

Steven, being a typical eighteen year old, was having a hard time keeping his eyes off the women fooling around. He was fascinated by all that barely covered female anatomy and he had an aching hard-on to prove it. It was hot and he was wearing a pair of baggy track shorts that fortunately hid his embarrassing condition. But his attention wasn't going unnoticed. There were a number of smiling glances directed his way followed by whispered remarks then gales of laughter. Steven wasn't sure that they were talking about him but he was uncomfortable at the thought that they might be.

He tried to stop staring as he walked behind the stand-up bar at the far end of the pool. There was a fridge there and Steven got himself a Pepsi. As he stood next to the fridge he saw Lillian say something to his mom. Then she got up and headed towards him. She walked like a model, confidently striding with one foot in front of the other until she reached him. She sat down at the bar, pulled off her thin wrap and let it fall across the back of the stool behind her. She leaned a little bit towards Steven and smiled as his eyes were drawn to the beckoning cleavage between her creamy breasts. She shifted in her chair to make her generous boobs ripple and was rewarded by a stifled gasp from her friend's staring son. Steven stood there like a deer caught in the headlights, his eyes riveted to Lillian's chest.

"See something you like?..." she asked the boy casually.

"I!...Ahhhh!...I'm sorry Mrs. Anderson!..." Steven stammered, turning a scarlet red as he yanked his eyes up to see the red head watching him with an amused expression.

"Don't apologize Steven! I'll take that as a compliment. Would you get me a diet Coke please!..."

Steven immediately turned to the bar fridge to get Mrs. Anderson her drink. He rummaged around for a few moments and said without looking...

"We don't seem to have any!..."

The next thing he knew he was enveloped in a cloud of Mrs. Anderson's exotic perfume as she came up behind him. He caught his breath as she pressed against him from behind. She reached around his waist and into the fridge to try and find her drink.

As she did so she leaned heavily into Steven, making sure to thrust her conical breasts into his back.

"There were a couple in here earlier!...They must be here somewhere!..." she murmured in his ear as she squirmed against him under the pretext of trying to find her drink.

"Ohhh!...I!...I didn't see any!..." Steven whispered as the press of Mrs. Anderson's generous curves aroused him. He slowly stood up straight to ease the pressure on his cock as his mother's friend writhed against him.

Lillian was enjoying teasing her friend's son. He had a wonderfully athletic young body and Lillian purred happily as she ground herself against him. She closed the door of the fridge, turned slightly and nudged Steven towards the bar. She was directly behind him as he faced the two other women at the other end of the pool. Lillian placed one hand on his shoulder as she brought her other hand around his waist from behind.

"Wait a minute!.." she said as she casually slid her palm across the front of his shorts. She smiled as she felt Steven suck in his breath.

"I think I've found something!..." she said, pressing her palm warmly over Steven's growing erection.

"Ohhhhh....Ahhhhh!...Mrs. Anderson!..." the red faced young man gasped, too embarrassed to even turn around and look at the woman who was groping him so outrageously.

"Ohhh!...Ahhh!...Steven!..." Lillian teased, mimicking her friend's son as she slid her hand up and down over the length of his rapidly stiffening tool.

"Mmmm!...That's not a can of diet Coke in your pocket is it honey?..." the sultry red-head asked as she fondled him through his baggy shorts.

"Whattt?...Ohhh my God!..." Steven moaned again as his mother's friend kneaded his tumescent flesh. He bent over a little at the waist, shyly trying to evade Mrs. Anderson's provocative touch. But the wanton older woman just reached in further and closed her hand on his responsive cock through his shorts.

"Ohhhh!..." was Steven's immediate strangled response.

"That's quite a hard-on you've got there young man!... What could have gotten you so excited?... It's not little old me is it?..." Lillian asked.

"Can I ask you a question honey?...Your mother thinks you've been going through her underthings... you know... her bras and her panties!...That would only be natural at your age!...Have you been browsing through your mother's underwear Steven?..."

Steven groaned miserably and flushed a brilliant crimson at Mrs. Anderson's question. He had in fact just a few days ago taken a pair of his mother's panties, which he had hidden in his closet after he had used them to masturbate. He couldn't believe that his mother might have noticed they were missing and told her friend about it.

Lillian noticed his embarrassed reaction to her question and smiled as she slipped her hand up through the loose leg opening of Steven's shorts and clasped his throbbing erection in her hand.

"Noooo!...I didn'ttt!....Unnnnnnn!....Unnnnnn!..." the young man whimpered in embarrassed excitement.

"I'll bet you've been jacking off with your mother's panties haven't you Steven?...The little black ones with the lace trim!...You have, haven't you?...What a naughty boy!...My panties are in the change room...Should I go get them?..." Lillian teased, her shoulder flexing rhythmically as she worked Steven over with practiced skill.

"Unnnn!....Unnn!...Ohhhh!...Please!... Mrs. Anderson!...You're going to make me come if you keep doing that!....Ahhhh!...I don't think I can hold it!..." Steven cried, not knowing what his mother's friend's response would be if he came in her hand. But he still couldn't help himself from thrusting himself in and out of her rhythmically shuttling palm!

"Are you going to come so quickly dear!...I think that's sweet!...You're close aren't you baby?...Very close!...Ummm Hmmm!...And that's good because here comes your aunt!..."

"What!...Oh Nooo!..." Steven's gasped, his head snapping up. He was aghast to see his aunt Tracey talking over her shoulder to his mother as she walked towards the bar.

Mrs. Anderson began to jack him in short hard strokes and whispered in his ear in time with her lurid masturbation...."Come baby!...Come on!... Pretend I'm your mother!...You know you'd love it if she'd jerk you off like this!....Shoot it baby!...Come for mommy!... Ummm Hmmm!...Let it go!...Unn Hnnn!...Come on!... Give it to me!... Give it to me now!...." Lillian urged as Steven rested his knuckles on the bar and moaned. His thighs trembled with tension as he strained upwards from his toes, hunching frantically into Mrs. Anderson's irresistibly coaxing palm.

"Hello you two!...What are you doing?..." Steven's aunt asked as she sat down at the bar.

Lillian smiled at her friend over Brian's shoulder.

"What does it look like we're doing?..." she asked with a lewd wink and a significant nod down towards Steven's groin.

Tracey looked down, her eyes widening in shocked surprise as she saw her friend's hand flailing away under Steven's shorts.

Steven was mortified that his sexy aunt had discovered him in such an embarrassing situation. Some of the stiffness did in fact go out of his boner, but still he reflexively hunched in and out of Mrs. Anderson's lewdly masturbating hand.

"My Goddd!...Lillian!...How could you?..." Tracey cried as she watched her friend jerking her nephew off. Steven didn't even notice his aunt's growing smile as she watched the swollen knob of his cock jabbing frenziedly at the front of his tented shorts.

"Ohhh!...Aunt Tracey!...It's nott!...Ohhh!...Unnn!....Aggghhh!..." Steven gasped.

"Well dear!...First, you take his cock in your hand... then, you make a fist and squeeze it and jiggle it...then, when he's really hard, you stroke him up and down!... Lillian teased.

"Unnnn!...Unnn!...Oh my Goddd!...Please!..." Steven pleaded, writhing in embarrassment in front of his aunt. But Mrs. Anderson ignored his distress. She just kept stroking him under his shorts, making his pre-come stream from his gaping pee slit as she brought him to the brink of orgasm.

"Pretty soon he'll get really big and the come will start to leak out and everything will start to get all slippery and messy!...Then you can either go really, really fast, like this!..." Lillian demonstrated, leaning around Steven and racing her hand up and down his furiously engorged cock.

"Ngaaaa!...Waittt!...Ohhhhh!...Ohhhh!...Ahhhhh..." the cringing youth cried, rising up on his toes as his excitement overwhelmed him. His testicles lurched, then spasmed and a searing stream of come jetted from his cock.

"Yeahhhh!...That usually works!..." Lillian murmured with a smug smile at Tracey as Steven began to come.

"Unnn!....Unnnn!...Unnnnn!..." Steven grunted as the wanton red head jacked him off with urgent strokes. Lillian pressed hotly against the panting youth, enjoying the way he shuddered with every fiery spurt of sperm she extracted with her deftly coaxing hand. A huge dark stain of come was spreading over the front of Steven's shorts as Lillian skillfully masturbated him.

"Or you can do short, hard strokes!...Like this!..." she demonstrated, changing her hand movements. Now she stroked Steven forcefully, deliberately in time with his wrenching orgasm.

"Oohhh!....Ohhh!...Naaaaa!..." Steven whimpered as the older woman deftly worked him over, forcing him through a long, devastating ejaculation.

"That's good for getting all that juicy come out, isn't it Steven?..." Mrs. Anderson taunted.

"Unnn Hnnn!...Yesss!...Goddd!..." Steven whimpered as his cock began to loose some of its extreme rigidity and his scalding flow of juice slowed to a trickle.

"Either way you can make him come pretty easily once you get him excited enough!...I thought you knew how to do this stuff Tracey!...The boys all love it!...There!...Did I get it all sweetie?..." the red head whispered into the trembling youth's ear. She pulled Steven's shorts down, casually exposing his come slathered genitals to his enthralled aunt. Lillian stopped her juicy masturbation and began to cruise the pad of her thumb back and forth over Steven's super sensitive knob.

"Unnnn!....Unnnn!...Godddd!...Yesss!.." he gasped, shuddering as Mrs. Anderson's expert fondling enticed the last drops of sperm from his groin. His erection quickly began to dwindle in front of his aunt's smoldering gaze

"I know how to do it Lillian!..." Tracey said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"I just can't believe you've masturbated my nephew right in front of me!..." Steven's aunt said with an amazed yet calculating gleam in her eye.

"I certainly can't imagine what his mother is going to say when she hears about this!..."

"Whaaatttt?..." Steven cried in disbelief.

"You're not going to tell her!" he moaned as Lillian smeared his come around his groin.

"Why of course dear!...She's your mother!...I'm sure she'll be very concerned!..." Tracey answered, staring in fascination at the vast quantity of greasy sperm that her friend was rubbing over Steven's stomach.

Then Tracey got up and walked back to her sister. Lillian leaned close to Steven's ear and whispered..."Oh Oh!...It looks like someone's going to be in a lot of trouble now!...". Then she too left him and walked back around the pool to join her friends.

Steven looked on in dismay as the three women spoke quietly together. His mother glanced over at him sharply and her eyes burned into his. After listening to her sister and her friend for a moment longer, Andrea abruptly stood up and pointed a long, accusing finger at her son. She crooked her finger at him to follow her and she headed into the house.

Steven hastily pulled up his shorts, wrapped a towel around his waist and plodded from the pool house. He hurried past the wickedly smiling Lillian and Tracey without looking at them, his face burning with embarrassment.

In the house he just glimpsed his mother striding up the stairs in her high heels and he dutifully followed her into her bedroom.

Andrea closed the door loudly behind him then swung around to face her cringing son. Her generous breasts were heaving under the miniscule bikini top as she glared at Steven. He backed away from his seething mother, terrified of what she was going to say. Andrea put her fists on her hips as she stormed...

"Your aunt has been telling me an unbelievable story about you and my friend Lillian, young man!...Would you care to give me your version?..."

"Mom!...I didn't mean for anything to happen!...Nothing did happen!...Mrs. Anderson just!...she!...she!..."

"Oh of course!...I get it!...You didn't do anything!...It was all Lillian!...She just had her way with you, is that it?...You were an innocent victim!...And really nothing happened anyway!...Is that it young man?...'

"Yeah!...Really!...It was just like that mom!...Please don't be mad at me!...

"Oh I'm not mad Steven! ...I just want to get to the bottom of this! ...Now drop that towel!..."

Steven looked at his mother with a pleading, pitiful look. But he could see that she wasn't convinced with his explanation and he didn't want to make her even more angry than she already was. Nervously he let his towel drop to the floor.

Andrea stared in amazement at the stained and sodden shorts that hung from her son's waist. Her eyes flashed angrily into Steven's.

"Oh I can see nothing happened alright!...Now drop those shorts!.."

"But mom!...There's no point in me taking off my shorts!...You can see what happened!.. I'm sorry!...But it wasn't all my fault!..."

"I'm not interested in your excuses!...Take off your shorts!..."

Steven shifted around uncomfortably for a moment then reluctantly stripped off his shorts.

Andrea sucked in her breath as her son exposed his come smeared genitals to her. His prick, even though limp, was huge and beautifully sculpted. There were pearly tracks of sperm smeared everywhere over his groin. And his cock was wonderfully crimson and distended after Lillian's lurid hand job.

Andrea's hand reflexively drifted up to one of her breasts, which she idly began to press as she studied her son's handsome genitals. Steven hands came around in front of him as he tried to shield his exposed flesh from his mother.

"Put you hands behind your back!...Do as I say!...That's better!...Now Lillian told me that you've been masturbating with my panties!...Is that true Steven?..." Andrea questioned without taking her eyes from her son's naked groin.

Steven was incredibly uncomfortable with his mother staring at his bared cock. But he was also mesmerized by the way she was unconsciously fondling herself. Her hand was cupped under one of her amazing breasts and she was squeezing it and lifting it, her fingers gradually sinking deeper and deeper into that creamy flesh through her bikini. Steven sucked in his breath as he felt the stirrings of arousal growing again in his groin.

"Oh no!..." he thought..."Not now!...Oh please God!...Pleaseee!...Not now!..."

To his mother he said..."I did it once...but...but...I won't do it again!...I promise!..."

Andrea couldn't tear her eyes away from her son's exposed cock. She was sure she'd just seen it give a little twitch. My God! How big was he when he was hard? It had been quite a while since she'd been with a young man. She trembled with excitement as she imagined her son's big cock growing rigid against the thrust of her loins.

"Did you use my clean panties?...Or the ones from the laundry?..." Andrea asked quietly.

Her eyes became hooded as she pictured taking his tool in her hand, feeling those knotted veins bulge under her pressing fingers. The fact that she was his mother only heightened her growing arousal. She could imagine his rigid flesh stretching and filling her slowly, deliciously as she worked that rugged shaft deep into her needy hole. Her hand closed so hard on her breast that she popped it out from under her tiny bikini top.

"I used the dirty ones!...Oh myyyy!...Mommm!..." Steven gasped

"Ummm Hmmm!...." Andrea hissed, as her fingers brushed her responsive nipple, sending a lightning bolt of excitement darting through her groin. She felt her own juices begin to trickle down into the crotch of her bikini panties.

"You used the dirty ones did you young man?...Actually the ones I'm wearing are just about ready for the wash!...Maybe we should make sure they're really dirty first!...What do you think Steven?...Would you like to do that?..." Andrea purred, advancing on her petrified son. Steven backed away until he was up against the wall.

Andrea followed him, lifting her succulent breast in the palm of her hand and offering it to her gaping son. Her eyes sparkled with amusement as Steven's cock started to grow erect and swing upright at his groin in response to her lewd teasing.

"Mom!...Oh God!...You don't mean..!...We couldn't!...I couldn't!..." Steven moaned unconvincingly.

He'd never really had any particular fantasies about his mother before, but he was having them now. This sexy blonde, who was his mother, was looking at him like he was lunch. Andrea's perfume was clouding his senses as she neared him. His heart began to pound with confused but undeniable sexual arousal. He watched as her nipple grew red and hard and jutted out temptingly from her swollen globe. He wanted to suck on it... badly. He reached out but Andrea whispered...

"Put your hands behind you!...Don't move them unless I tell you to!...Now let's see what you do with your mother's panties!..."

In her high heels Andrea was just as tall as Steven. She pulled her bikini top down so that her two generous melons were bared and thrusting urgently over the top of the twisted material. She stepped close to her gaping son and put her hands on his shoulders. She spread her legs apart and thrust her crotch into his. Her juicy slit spread under her panties and molded itself to Steven's turgid erection while her hard nipples brushed tantalizingly against his chest. Her face was very close to his and she smiled as her son sucked in his breath, his whole body stiffening in furious arousal. She rubbed her covered cunt up and down suggestively for a moment against his cock and then stopped.

"Oh mom!...Mom!...Oh my God!..." Steven cried. He couldn't believe his voluptuous mother was teasing him like this. His naked erection was pounding eagerly against her lewdly tempting loins. He was so excited he couldn't stop himself from hunching back against the inviting press of her gently rounded mons.

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