tagIncest/TabooWonderland Ch. 04

Wonderland Ch. 04


Stevie Travels to Wonderland

Steve sat in the back seat of his parent's car and grumbled. Steve's parents had woke him up at 7 am to drive to his grandparents' house. What an ungodly hour to get up and drive for an hour and a half to see old people (although his grandparents were only in their fifties). Steve's mom had practically wriggled her ass around on the passenger side seat with excitement making her big jugs shake seductively. He sat back and marveled at how weird his senior year was so far.

For the last several months Steve had spied on his mother and father fucking using a one way mirror mounted in their bedroom and a hidden sliding panel in the hall closet that let him see everything going on in there. His mother with her large round tits and tight firm ass had given Steve wet dreams like mad. He had seen his parents sucking and fucking in all sorts of ways, going at it every couple of days.

Then his father went on an extended business trip. After he was gone for two weeks he called to say the trip was extended another two weeks. Steve's mother was obviously horny as shit and Steve had used this opportunity to come on to her. Steve and his mother had fucked each other senseless that night and his mother had declared them lovers. For the next two weeks Steve and his mother had fucked liked newlyweds in every room of the house every day, sometimes several times a day.

Then Steve's father came home and Steve's mother told Steve's father everything. Imagine his surprise to find his dad wasn't mad but glad! Steve's dad had admitted that Steve's mother was a nympho that needed lots of good fucking to keep her satisfied. The day ended with Steve and his dad sharing Steve's mom end to end and front to back with Steve's big prick shoved up his mother's hot ass!

But Steve's dad had also said something about Steve's mom fucking his Grandpa Dan and his Uncle Bob! Steve's father said it was a story for another time and this was another time.

Leaning forward towards his father who was driving Steve asked his dad, "So what's the story with Mom and Grandpa Dan?"

"Well, that's before I knew her so your Mom should tell you that story!" Steve's father said, "Right Helen?"

"Sure!" said Steve's mom, "it all started when I was very young. I developed very early and by junior high I had large full breasts. The result was every boy wanted to shove his hands under my shirt and every girl was jealous of my tits! Even grown men and women acted like I was only a big pair of hooters! Since the boys treated me so rough and uncaring I decided that I would never let any of them get what they wanted from me. But at the same time I was horny all the time. My nipples are especially sensitive and their rubbing around underneath a soft sweater would get me hot. I got very adept at masturbating myself to a good orgasm. But my big boobs made sure I couldn't take part in sports and the old bitch that coached the cheerleaders wouldn't let me cheer either saying my bouncing breasts would be "obscene"."

Steve suddenly realized that his mother had really had a bad time of it growing up. Suddenly it hit him that even now men would hit on her in the grocery store even when they knew she was married. He had also seen some of the snide looks from some of the other moms at the PTA meetings.

"The breaking point came my senior year in high school. I had just turned eighteen and had almost as large a bust then as I have now. Some of the other jealous little bitches played a very bad prank on me. They had left me showering all by myself after gym class and had taken all my clothes. After I came out of the shower and found my clothes all gone I also found a note on my gym locker saying "Good Luck Miss Tits". I refused to come out of the locker room and the girl's soccer coach found me there wrapped in just a towel an hour later. The school called my house and my father came to school bringing me a change of clothes. I cried the whole ride home.

My mom was still at work and my father did the only thing he knew. He held me as I cried sitting on my bed. He told me that I should ignore those snotty bitches that they would get their due. He also told me that I should not associate with any one that didn't treat me with respect. He held me and then he kissed me. It wasn't the usual perfunctory kiss, it was deep, loving, and caring. Suddenly something in me melted and I kissed him back. The two of us kissed for a little while and then I slipped my tongue into his mouth! He was surprised but didn't break the kiss. Instead I found his tongue probing my mouth too.

I took one of his hands and placed it on my left tit. "Rub it!" I said. My dad started to rub the sensitive tit flesh through my cotton tee shirt. Since he thought I only needed a change of clothes Dad had not brought any underwear to school with him and I was naked underneath my tee shirt and sweat pants. Things just escalated from there and we found ourselves both naked on the bed. Then my father gave me my first pussy licking. It drove me crazy. I grabbed his head pulling it to my cunt moaning, "Lick me dad, lick me good!" My dad slid two fingers into my hot box and slid them in and out of my vagina. He gave me a strong satisfying orgasm while licking my twat."

He then said, "Alright, what is good for the gander is good for the goose."

"I wasn't sure what he meant until he explained cock-sucking to me. Your Grandpa Dan has a nice big cock and it was the first I had ever seen close up. I wanted to please him the way he had pleased me. My father is uncircumcised so I had to push the foreskin back with my hand so I could start to lick the head of his prick. I started liking and sucking his cock with my Dad coaching me on what to do. At one point I was leaning over his crotch sucking the shaft and I slipped. My head slid right down and I ended up with his whole cock down my throat, my lips pushed up tight against his stomach. Dad tried to push me off but I held on to his hips and just kept on sucking until he shot his load down my throat. That's how I learned that I have no gag reflex at all."

Then my Dad said, "Now for the best part of all!"

"He had me lay back and spread my legs bending at the knee. He moved up the bed onto all fours with his big pecker aimed at the opening to my now very wet twat."

"I don't think that big thing is going to fit in me!" I said.

"Don't worry babe!" said my father, "You can stretch a lot more than you think and I will take it slow and easy".

"He was now on all fours over me and simply positioned the head of his prick against the opening to my vagina. Dad has a cock as big as yours Stevie but the head isn't quite as big around."

Steve blushed a bit to hear his mother talk about his cock and his grandpa's cock so easily.

"Then he pushed gently and I felt my cunt stretching out around his big fucker. Without any trouble at all I had his cock-head embedded in my twat. It felt amazing. I loved my father more right that moment then I ever had."

"Put it all in me!", I wailed hot with desire.

"Dad pushed slowly sliding more and more of his prick into my needy body. My gynecologist had told me my hymen was already torn but both Dad and I were both surprised when his hips came in contact with my ass. His huge pecker was all inside me. Then he started to slowly piston his prick in and out. My cunt was immediately hot. I wrapped my legs around his back and grabbed his shoulders with my hands."

"Fuck me Dad! Fuck me now!" I cried.

"Dad obeyed and started to really pound that meat of his into my hot box. It seemed like my body knew what to do and I found myself pushing my hips up to meet the downward thrusts of his cock. We fucked like mad and suddenly I came and came hard. I arched my back and dug my feet into his back my cunt clamping down on his cock. I was so overcome all I could do was moan and make weird gurgling noises in my throat."

"I know what that sounds like!" thought Steve to himself.

"I could feel my Dad's cock shooting its load of cum inside me in response to my orgasm and looking down on me he groaned with his release too. When my orgasm subsided and I had my wits about me I realized there was a figure in the doorway to my bedroom. It was my mom."

"About time you gave her a good fucking!" said my mom, "I wondered how long you were going to make that girl wait for what she needed."

"My mom crossed the room and sat on the bed near me. I felt embarrassed laying there nude with Dad's cock in my pussy. But mom caressed my cheek with her hand and then slipped one hand behind my head. She used that hand to pull me close and kissed me deeply. She stood up and started to undress."

"You're not mad?", I said.

"Of course not dear." said my mom, "You inherited your big tits and nymphomania from me. But like me you need a man who loves you for you and not just for your big boobs. Who loves you more than your father?"

"Mom was now nude and it was the first time I had ever seen her totally naked. She did have big boobs and a great figure."

"She still does!" thought Steve to himself, "Not as big as mom's but a great pair".

"Mom has soft blonde pussy hair that proves she is a real blonde. I must have been staring at her body because she said, "Give us girls a chance won't you Dan?" My father pulled his cock from my body and moved over to the side of the bed. My mom lay down with me on the bed and kissed me again this time pushing her tongue into my mouth. I had kissed other girls playfully and certainly not tongued a girl before. It excited me in some way I couldn't explain. Mom then worked her lips slowly down my neck and chest kissing and sucking on my skin. She arrived at my left nipple and sucked it into her mouth. She licked the end with her tongue and I was instantly aroused. "Oh suck on my nipples Mom." I cried with delight."

"She has the family sensitive nipples!" said my father.

"She kept kissing and sucking gently all the way down my body right to my pussy. Her tongue entered the lips of my snatch and started working on my clit. Then she rotated her body on the bed, her hips now near my head. I knew what she wanted and although I had never done it I knew I wanted to. I slipped my tongue into her slit finding and working on her clit. The two of use just enjoyed each other for a while licking each others clit and caressing each others breasts. My mom slid two fingers into my dripping wet cunt and worked them in and out. Then I saw my father near my mother's head. His dick was hard again. My mom slid her fingers out of me and he slid his big pecker into my pussy easily. Suddenly I was being pussy licked and fucked at the same time! My mother then reached around my body and pressed the two fingers wet with my cunt juice against my puckered anus."

"Just relax!" said my father.

"I did my best to try to relax although I was so aroused with all the new sensations. My mother's fingers slid into my ass up to the second knuckle. Now I had something inserted into every hole! The three of us sucked, licked, and fucked enjoying the sweet sex. We came almost at the same time and it was deep and strong for all of us. I have fucked my parents together and separately a lot since then."

"Wow mom!" said Steve, "What a hot story! I'm as hard as a rock!"

"Well, I better take care of that!" said Steve's mom.

She climbed over the front seat to end up in the back with Steve. She didn't even say a word as she unzipped his Levis and pulled his throbbing prick from his pants. She raised her dress and Steve realized she was naked underneath. Steve's mother straddled his lap and again without even saying a word plunged her cunt down onto his prick taking the whole length of his man meat up inside her body in one quick motion.

"Holy shit mom!" was all Steve could manage to say.

Steve's mom grabbed his shoulders and started to really pound her cunt up and down on Steve's cock. There was no slow motions this time. She pounded away so fast and hard Steve could hardly breath. Finally, she came squeezing his cock hard and making him shot a load into her pussy. She slid up and off his cock and then go on all fours next to him on the seat.

"That's called the fast and furious" said Steve's father.

"Time to clean up!" said Steve's mother.

She lowered her mouth to the base of his slowly deflating cock and started to lick it. She used her tongue to lick the mixture of Steve's spunk and her own cunt juice off Steve's prick until she licked him clean.

"Now for your father!" she chirped.

Steve's mom climbed back over the seat, sat in the passenger side and then her head disappeared. Steve peaked over the front and saw his mother's head bobbing up and down quickly in his father's lap. His prick was obviously down her throat. His father stiffened and Steve realized he was shooting a load of cum down his mother's throat while driving!

When his mother's head appeared again she said, "Don't worry Stevie, we do this all the time!"

The three sat in silence for a while as the car continued down the road towards his grandparents' house.

"Hey!" said Steve, "What about Uncle Bob? And how did you and Dad get involved?"

"Let me rest a little." said his mom, "How much do you think I can take at once?"

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