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Stick To It


Selina added her bra to the pile of clothes she had stripped off after escaping into her small apartment. The black skirt and white blouse – required dressings for the bar she worked tables at – had been unceremoniously discarded, and now the exhausted brunette was clacking across the hardwood floor in nothing more than her pink frilly panties, knee-high nylons, and black heels. She was pissed that once again she had received a smaller amount of tip compared to her bustier coworkers.

Reaching her dresser Selina pulled out a white cotton tank-top and and slipped it on over herself. Her thimble-sized nipples, which had popped to attention upon coming into contact with the cold air of her intimate abode, tented the fabric. They made more of an impact on the skimpy top than her small-but-perky breasts.

Selina pulled a black rolling chair away from her desk and collapsed into the fake leather. She popped the black heels off her sore feet and peeled the nylon off her short but shapely legs, reveling in her release from the trappings. Placing the heels by her bed – which butted up next to the desk in the small space that Selina had to live in – the lithe woman leaned back and sighed, one hand lingering on a particular sore and overheated set of toes as she absently massaged them.

Releasing her foot and letting it rest on the cold floor with its mate she looked around the apartment and let out a sigh. Other than the bathroom the majority of her life was in this single room, and it was a mess. Clothing was strewn about, used dishes were out on tables, pots sat dirty on the oven, and...Selina stopped scanning the room at that point. Instead she turned her attention to the desk, which was itself covered in mail and pencils and various other items. Rummaging through it for a moment she pulled out a black felt-tip pen and a dark plastic square with a yellow sticky-note sticking up from the slot in the center.

Standing and walking around the room, her bare feet making soft sounds as she stepped across the wood, Selina starting writing things such as "do dishes" and "wash clothes" and "vacuum" and sticking the notes on the various things that needed attention. Giving herself a silly smile Selina padded back to the chair and plopped down, letting it rotate gently from her momentum as she scanned the room again. The little yellow squares, almost pointlessly attached to the various piles in need of work, stuck out vibrantly in the otherwise dark space.

"There...I'd say that's a start..." Selina said to herself, satisfied in having made a step of any kind towards doing the actual cleaning. It just wasn't her thing.

"Oh, you sticky-notes..." the brunette laughed as she held up the little plastic piece containing them in her hand, "I wish you made it as easy to have something just happen as it was as easy to write..."

Leaning back in the chair Selina put her foot on the edge of the desk as she looked out the small window that gave just an inkling of the city's wonderful skyline. The young woman felt an itch and sent a hand down to scratch when she noticed one other thing that had to be done.

"Crud, I JUST shaved you..." Selina scowled, looked down at the fine stubble that was starting to push against the lace of her panties. Her frown turned to a smile as an idea struck her, and she wrote "shave" on a sticky note and pushed it against the skin of her pelvis, just above the elastic band of the panties.

The brunette started to turn back towards the window when she shivered. It was as if a cold draft had suddenly caressed her crotch, and Selina shook the whole chair as the sensation ran up her spine.

Lowering her foot and sitting upright she dropped the pen and notes on her desk and tried to rub away the goosebumps that had sprouted across her arms. As Selina did so she noticed that the paper she had stuck to herself was gone.

Looking around the floor she couldn't find it anywhere, but as she bent over to peer under the desk she noticed something else was also gone; her stubble. Pulling the elastic away from her smooth skin Selina could not believe it; she was entirely smooth, even in crevices she had never paid much attention to before.

Letting the elastic snap back the curious woman picked up the little plastic block and stared for a moment at the note sticking up. Pulling it out and watching its replacement pop up right behind it she then wrote "organize desk" and placed the used note on the surface in front of her.

It happened so fast that Selina wasn't sure if she had actually seen anything happen, or if it had simply happened. One moment the desk was a mess, and the next the note was gone and the desk had organized; papers and mail were stacked by size and priority, pens and pencils were lined up along the sides, trash was gone, and her laptop was actually visible and placed in the center of the cleared surface.

"Holy shit...!" she exclaimed. Looking around it was clear that none of the other notes had made such an impact, only the new ones she had just pulled, and with suddenly wide eyes she added, "My wish!"

After a few more attempted, but unsuccessful, wishes Selina figured one wish was all she got and didn't think too long about why or how; it just was. Wanting to experiment a little more she pulled out another note and wrote "red hair" and pushed it against her head. The same cold caress brushed through her hair and suddenly vibrant red locks were held between Selina's light olive fingers. She turned to the long mirror that hung on the wall across from her dressing area and stared.

"I don't believe it!" she exclaimed, at first overwhelmed by the very possibility that what she was experiencing was real. The hair was definitely very red and cascaded around her shoulders just as her brunette color had. Feeling she needed another test Selina wrote "awesome tribal tattoo" and placed the new sticky-note on the lower portion of her right arm. The cold caress brought with it a stylized streak of black that wrapped around her skin from her wrist to her elbow. Examining it Selina could see that her flesh had indeed been tattooed.

"Ha, I wonder how far I can push this..."

The scheming woman quickly stripped down and tossed her remaining clothes across the room. Pulling out another note she wrote "bubble butt" and stuck it to her ass. In a flash her once petite patootie pushed out to the point that she could have had half a bowling ball attached to each side of her ass. The expansion of flesh caused her balance to suddenly shift and she had to take a step back to steady her body.

Glancing to the mirror Selina strained to take a look at her reshaped rump. Running her hands over it she confirmed that there were no inserts or signs of surgery; she simply had a big soft butt now. It was pliable and jiggled when she patted her hand against each cheek, but returned to its firm round shape when she stopped giving it attention.

"Well," she said as a wide sly smile ran across her face, "...here goes nothing." She wrote down "breasts like a pair or watermelons" and stuck it to her torso.

As the cold rush ran across her small chest Selina nearly fell over, dropping the plastic note holder and pen as she spun around and threw her hands to the desk to brace herself. As she caught her breath Selina gasped at what she saw hanging from her ribs.

They were indeed breasts, but far from normal. Stretching about twenty inches from her hung two large green nipples. Between her nipples and her chest were two long round breasts that had to weigh at least eight pounds each, likely more. They, too, were green and had the dark striping pattern one would find on an actual watermelon. Selina's new green skin ran from the tips of her nipples and transitioned into her normal skin coloration at her ribs. It as if she had two enormous breasts that had been painted to look like watermelons.

"God, these are heavy!" Selina moaned as her hands started to hurt against the desk while her back was also getting sore. She spotted the pen and note container on the floor and let her legs bow, dropping her spongy butt to the floor as gently as possible. Her posterior bounced slightly on the hard surface, and her enormous melons slapped hard against her thighs. Selina grimaced from the pain of the pulling and had to struggle to find the paper and pen, as the enormous knockers obscured most of her view. Blindly patting around for them Selina finally found what she wanted. Resting against her bosom the redhead wrote "strong enough to stand" and slapped the note to her back.

As the cold washed over her Selina found she was easily able to push herself up and carry the weight. Turning to her mirror she saw that some of her musculature had bulked up, but not enough to effect her feminine form.

Her breasts were another matter.

Even when standing they had very little droop. They were long full ovular orbs which superficially resembled actual watermelons, but Selina could tell they were indeed flesh and blood all the way through. The nipples had taken on the green color of a watermelon vine, and stood proud and erect in the cold air, easily larger than shot glasses. Her breasts were immense, and looked absurd on her small frame.

But right now Selina was more concerned about their color.

Grabbing another note she wrote "dark full body tan" and stuck it to her shoulder. Selina shivered from the cold as the note vanished and watched as her entire body went from her light olive color to something more like mocha. The green across her breasts also changed to match it, but she could still JUST make out the darker stripes across her breasts that had remained from their watermelon pattern.

"I can fix that later..."

With each cold caress that had accompanied a change Selina had found herself getting more and more turned on, and the sensation of the last wave across her entire form had finally pushed her to the point of action. She reached out and touched her new breasts for the first time, and let out a little coo. Their sensitivity had increased with their size, and her nipples sent a more familiar – and warmer – shiver through her body and down to her slit. She unabashedly began to massage her tits, moaning and stretching back her head as she did so.

Deciding to take this activity to the bed Selina started to turn when she felt something wet touch her hand. Looking back at the mirror she saw a pink liquid seeping from her nipples. She wiped some of it onto her fingers and took a tentative lick.

"I'm lactating watermelon juice!" she exclaimed after gleefully swallowing the sweet liquid. She eagerly pulled one thick nipple up to her lips and started to suckle, rewarded with a small stream of delicious nectar that beset her pussy even more aflame. As her tongue caressed her teat she wasted no time getting to the bed, and when she had drained one melon she moved to the other.

Having emptied both breasts she finished settling into the mattress and tangled sheets, reveling in the feeling of her enhanced ass pressing against the mattress. Her giant fleshy melons sat in her lap, and with her legs spread and bent at the knees even her thighs bumped the bottom curvature of her resting bosom. She let her eager hands explore her new chest, and she reveled in the sensation of her palms against her stretched skin. The sheer weight of her tits resting on her body even had an erotic buzz to it. She jumped a little each time she pinched her nipples, and after she had titillated herself for a few minutes a hand reached down under her bed.

Pulling out a small container Selina grabbed her dildo from it and was about to grab the lube that she always needed to get herself properly prepared, but stopped herself.

"Why bother with that stuff any more?"

Pushing herself up Selina felt around on the desk behind her and grabbed the notes and pen, and wrote "totally lubricated" and returned the items to the desk behind her head. She stretched around her breasts and placed the paper between her legs, and the familiar chill marked the arrival of a very glistening pussy.

Looking at her dildo Selina figured such an occasion warranted an upgrade and she reached back and grabbed another note with the pen and wrote "very realistic and perfectly sized for me" and stuck it on the rubber shaft. Suddenly it took on much more of a flesh tone and altered its length and girth and Selina wasted no time in pushing it between her waiting lips and driving it inside her.

"Ohh..." the woman quietly moaned as the dick went deep within and rubbed all the right places. She was very happy she had so much lubrication; there was not one bit of unfilled space inside of her. She had never been so satisfyingly full before. The horny woman moaned and bit her lip as she pumped the shaft back and forth, her juices staying smooth and wet.

Selina had always relied on clitoral stimulation to finish, and while the pumping and fullness was great she needed to tend to that aspect or else her body would quickly become frustrated. But her new enormous chest meant it was difficult for her to comfortably reach what she needed - using the dildo was already hard enough. In desperation she let go of the rod, letting it remain stuck within her for the moment. She reached back and plucked another note from the small container and the pen and wrote "any vaginal stimulation brings me to an amazing screaming orgasm much more easily" and stuck it to herself, tossing the pen behind her. She shivered and before she could even grip the dildo again she felt her body buck.

As a familiar warm sensation washed over her flesh, curling her toes and stretching her back, Selina found herself involuntarily crying out "Oh fucking yes!" It was incredible, easily the most satisfying orgasm she had ever had. As she started to drift into afterglow Selina reached forward and gripped the dildo to pull it out. As she moved it her body flushed with desire again and she willfully began plunging it in and out of her dripping hole with abandon once more. A second orgasm quickly washed over her, just as unbelievable as the first, and Selina rolled over to her side as her body spasmed while she tried to muffle into the pillows her unavoidable scream of "That's it, yes – YES!"

Three more times Selina tried to remove the adult toy, and each time she lost her resolve and brought herself to another uncontrollably loud peak. She wasn't even sore; the lubricant she had gifted herself with didn't seem to thin at all. But she was getting exhausted and on her sixth try she finally yanked it out in one quick pull.

Breathing deeply, extraordinarily tired and covered in sweat, Selina let the glistening dildo drop from her hand to the floor and she finally passed out naked and uncovered in the bed.

The next morning Selina was awoken by the screeching of her alarm. Half asleep she started to roll to turn it off, and was suddenly reminded about the new weight on her chest. Her eyes flew open and her stronger body got her seated upright in the bed as she slammed her hand down on the noisy clock. She looked down at her tanned and expanded bosom with amazement.

"It wasn't a dream!" she shouted, scooting forward on the bed with the intention of running to the mirror. As she moved across the sheets she felt the fabric brush against her lower lips, and a flush of passion welled up through her. It wasn't enough to throw her into another bout of masturbation, but it was definitely a sign that she was far more sensitive down there than she had ever been before.

Standing and padding her new form over to the mirror Selina gasped. Not that she hadn't seen it all before, but now – with the light of morning – some of what she had done to her body really sunk in.

She didn't look like herself, especially not since her skin was many shades darker than before and she was slightly more muscular. Her hair was a stark red – not auburn or amber or anything else, but a literal red that seemed more appropriate on a rag doll than a living person. The deep black tribal tattoo sat conspicuously on her lower right arm.

It wasn't possible to ignore her breasts. They stuck out past each side of her chest, nearly engulfing her arms. The thick shot glass sized nipples were achingly hard, and were slowly dripping a renewed batch of the pink juice that stretched Selina's skin from within. The dark striping, left over from the pattern of the watermelon, was barely visible against her new tan.

Forcing herself to look past her breasts – a difficult thing since they hung nearly past her naval – Selina turned and looked at her ass in the mirror. It stuck out absurdly far from her rump and back, but was in no way as immense as her chest. Turning forward again she could see her still-glistening lips nestled between her legs. The transformed woman wanted to believe the wetness was only because of her stimulation from standing up, but something inside her knew that was how she'd be all the time. A slight draft meant she was keenly aware that her genitalia was far more attuned to sexual stimulation, and Selina had been helpless the night before to NOT scream something out when she came.

"I wasn't even drunk..." Selina muttered, amazed that she had done all of this foolishness to herself dead sober. But deep down she knew that the ability to alter her body – and who knew what else – was a far more addictive thing than any drug or drink.

"Well, time to fix things..." Selina sighed, turning and walking to the desk. Her endowments jiggled and swung about while still maintaining their shape thanks to the juice packed tightly within.

When Selina got her desk her jaw dropped a little. She swung out her arm and grabbed the little plastic piece that had held the sticky-notes – HAD being the operative term. Another cold chill ran through the busty woman, but this feeling was from fear and dread...the note she had written on to increase her sensitivity had been the last one in the pack.

The little note holder was empty.

Selina spent a few desperate minutes opening the plastic, searching for other notes to refill it, and trying to get another wish to fix herself. But to no avail.

She was stuck like this.

Finally pitching the useless plastic parts across the room Selina collapsed into her desk chair, her big butt bouncing her up and causing her to sit forward and press her sensitive lower lips against the seat. She felt her desire flair up and tried to resist giving in to it; she was too angry and didn't want to let what she had done to herself rule her life. But as she tried to fight against her ass to sit comfortably she ended up rocking back and forth a few times too many and found her fingers unable to leave her slick slit alone. The dildo on the floor was just too far away, and as she mashed away at her sensitivities she used her arms to push up one nipple and then the other to her mouth as she drained them of their sweet liquid.

As Selina threw back her head and let out a guttural scream with no actual words in it this time she immediately stood up and paced through her afterglow to avoid another bout. Once her body had calmed down the exaggerated woman walked back to the mirror and just stared for a while. Almost completely still, except for the heaving jiggles of her melon-sized breasts, Selina seemed to come to terms with her situation.

"Well..." she sighed, going to her dresser to see if anything she had would make her street legal, "...at least I'll finally make some good tips tonight."


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