tagLoving WivesSticks & Stones

Sticks & Stones

byRob Conner©

The characters in this story learn the true value of "things" and "status" In time they learn what's really important. While good sex is very important to a relationship, it isn't the most important. Enjoy!


Dr. Tracey Lawrance walked into her kitchen of her home on the hill. She had been at work as an Emergency Room physician for three days straight. One emergency after the other. The current flu epidemic had caused them to be short staffed and overloaded with patients. All she wanted was a hot bath and her bed, alone, for at least 12 hours.

She wondered where her husband Garth was. He had been rather quiet lately. Not his usual outgoing self. He hadn't tried to have sex with her for about a month and a half. Of course she hadn't been in the mood or seen her husband much in the last couple of months. Between work and Aldon. She had gotten all the sex she could handle from Aldon and her career took all the rest of her time.

What a man Aldon was. What a lover. Tracey almost got wet between the legs just thinking of him. He could make her cum ten thousand ways. Over and over. Too bad he had finished his fellowship and had returned to England. All good things must come to an end.

Tracey felt guilty about cheating on Garth. But he wasn't the best in bed, and was busy with his career. They went for weeks without having any contact except in passing. She knew in her heart that he had never played around on her. She hadn't had an affair before Aldon, and wouldn't again.

Not unless she found someone as good as Aldon. Guess what they said was true. It was always easier to cheat after the first time. Especially if you didn't get caught. Aldon and she had been very careful. Not in the least obvious. If she could find a lover as good or better than Aldon she would be tempted.

In her soul she knew she was playing with fire. Garth's views on monogamy were very rigid. He would divorce her in a minute if he even suspected she had an affair. Before Aldon she had felt the same.

Aldon had been very subtle in the beginning. He had taken it slowly. Bit by bit he had destroyed her barriers. She just couldn't help herself.

As time wore on, she fell more and more under his influence. She had shaved her pubes, started sucking his cock and swallowing. He even introduced her to anal sex. She was a whore for him. She had loved it.

She had bought new sexy lingerie. All for Aldon. The lingerie had made her feel more feminine than she ever had before. More sexy. She had never been able to accept that she was a beautiful and had a great body. She had spent her teens and twenties studying and preparing for her career in medicine.

She and Garth had met in college. They both were attracted by the others ambition and determination to succeed. Their marriage was more of a merger than a love match. But she did love Garth. But he was very 'normal' in bed. He never made her feel the fire that Aldon had.

Oh well. One can't have everything.

Tracey went to her bedroom. Things looked different. All of Garth's drawers were open. They were all empty. She ran to his closet. It too was empty.

She saw the large envelope taped to the mirror. It had her name written on it in Garth's handwriting. Grabbing it she emptied it on the bed.

Out came a videotape, several pictures and another envelope with her name typed on it, also several loose pictures. Pictures of Elton and she in several damning poses.

There was a handwritten not attached to the videotape.


You must have really thought me a fool. Like I believed all your excuses about working late, meetings and classes. Even worse were your excuses for not wanting to make love anymore. Too tired, on your period, a urinary tract infection. I really liked the last one. An infection but no antibiotics. And if you had as many periods as you said, you should have bled to death.

But where you were the most stupid was that you forgot that you had pissed off most of the people in the hospital with your high and mighty attitude. I got an anonymous phone call telling me you were involved with Dr. Elton Fitzwilliam, a doctor doing a six-month fellowship. I later got an envelope with a typed letter. It gave dates and times and included pictures and the enclosed (well it's a copy) videotape. They were from different people!

What you don't know is that lover boy has been bragging all over the hospital what a good lay you turned out to be once he "broke you in". How you liked oral and anal sex. How you shaved your pubes for him and got rid of your boring underwear. He said now you wore stuff that would make a hooker blush. He said he hated to leave a nice slut like you behind, but his wife and children were waiting at home

Oh, didn't know about the wife and kiddies? Oh well, that's the slut business for you

That just made it all easy. I hired a PI and had you followed for the last month. More pictures and videos. More and more proof of what a whore you had become.

I decided to wait till your lover left. I figured if this hurt you at all, it would be worse if you faced it alone. I know you have no friends. That's because you are such a bitch. No one can stand to be around you if they could help it. After I found out about you, I couldn't stand you either. I would have you kicked you out sooner but I wanted to have you dead to rights. No squirm room at all.

In the enclosed envelope are the divorce papers from my attorney. There is also a proposed property settlement. If I were you, I'd get a real good attorney. Because I have the best in the state. I'm going to take everything! Not that I really want it, but just because I can.

I've rented a condo in town. Right after I found out what a cheating slut you are. The phone number is 555-1212. Call if you want to. Maybe if you crawled and begged enough or were willing to sell yourself on a street corner to humiliate yourself the way you did me, I might take you back. But I doubt it.



Oh my GOD. Garth found out! She had lost everything. Her reputation, all of the things she had acquired, but mostly GARTH!

How could she be so foolish? She really loved Garth. He was bright, witty, hard working, and very supportive of her career.

Now he was gone. From the mood of his letter very bitter. He did have good reason to be bitter. But the letter sounded so cold and hard. Not like her husband at all.

But to be honest she had never hurt him so badly before.

What the hell was she going to do? How could she save her career and her marriage? What would it take to convince Garth that she was truly sorry and would never stray again?

One way to find out was to call and ask. Things couldn't get much worse. At least she hoped so anyway.

Tracey went to the phone and dialed the number. It rang several times. As she was about to hang up, Garth picked up the phone.

"Hello this is Garth speaking. Is this my slut, soon to be ex-wife?" he said.

Startled by his answer she finally remembered Caller ID.

"Garth, I am so sorry. I know that's not enough. But what can I do to make it up to you. Please give me another chance. Please, I love you. Really I do. I was so stupid. Please Garth." She begged, crying.

On the other end of the phone Garth was somewhat suprised. He expected her to try to lie and deny. But coming straight out and asking him to forgive and offering to do anything to make it up to him was a shock. She was usually so bitchy and superior. Now she was meek and mild. He liked that.

Let's see how far she is willing to go. How far he could push her. How much was she willing to give up to save their marriage?

"If you're really serious about this, then let's talk. You can come over to my place. 617 Thunderbird Lane. I want to see how serious you are and if there is any good feeling left between us." He stated in a firm tone.

"I'll be there in 30 minutes. Please Garth, give me a chance please! I'd be lost without you." She begged again.

"I'm at least willing to discuss it. Come on. But don't make me wait. I have better things to do than to talk to a slut like you." He hung up the phone without another word.

In 25 minutes she arrived at his condo. Knocking quietly she waited for him to answer.

Garth opened the door. Damn, she looked like warmed over death. Her hair was messed up, make-up ran allover her face and her eyes were red from the tears, and she was still crying. Tracey never left the house without her make-up and her hair perfect. He had never seen her cry before either.

"Come on in." Garth said in a firm but calm voice.

The walked into the Great Room and sat on the leather sofa.

"Alright, what's the deal? What are you willing to do to make it up to me? Tell me how I'm ever going to trust you again? How will I know you won't find some new dick to whore for?" he asked

Looking at him through tear filled eyes, she asked, "What do you want? I'll do anything to keep from losing you. I know I did wrong. No excuses. I really love you. I know it may not seem like it now, but I do. You're the glue that holds me together. Without you I'm nothing. Please Garth let me try. Please."

"I never realized how much I had to lose till I saw all your stuff gone from the house and the note you left. I'll do anything, give up anything you tell me to. No questions asked. I'll whore on the street corner if you say to. Please." She cried

Garth sat back and looked at her. In their 10 years of marriage he had never seen her so humble. So defeated. So willing to do what he wanted for a change.

Tracey had always known exactly what she wanted and never left the path that she decided would get her there the fastest. She usually got her way. Compromise was not in her vocabulary. It was always her. What was important to her career, her life. Piss on everyone else. Garth thought. Not this time. It was his turn.

He intended to take full advantage of the opportunity.

"Tracey, you really hurt me. I never, never even thought about cheating on you! But you carried on at least a four month affair. You did things for him that you never did for me. Things I really would have liked. Things that would have made our sex life better. Made our whole relationship better. That's the part that really hurts the worst." He said

"You were willing to change for your lover, but not your husband. It made it seem like our marriage really wasn't important to you. We've been married 10 years and together for 14 years. But an affair with another man made you change. That's really sad."

"If you want to try to save our marriage, a lot of things have to change. Drastic permanent changes. Not just from you, but from me also."

We have to make our marriage our #1 commitment. Over friends, family and most important our careers. We've let our jobs run our lives. Not anymore."

"I want to build a future away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Out in the country where the air alone won't kill you and the drinking water won't corrode your insides. Where friends really are friends. Where you know your neighbors.

But most of all I want children. At least two or three. Now, not later. While I'm still young enough to enjoy them. Not when the alarm on your biological clock goes off."

"I know you've always lived in the big city, but I'm a country boy at heart. I want to go home. I never pushed it because I love you so much and your career was so important to you. Now, I'm leaving with or without you. They need me in the family business. My parents aren't getting any younger. They want grandchildren. If you can't give them to them then I'll find someone who can. Period. As soon as this business is settled one way or the other, I'm out of here, back home where I belong.

"As far as I'm concerned, if I decide to take you back, you are on probation. If you screw up just once, you're done. I expect you to sign an agreement giving up all rights to all our joint property if you screw up. I'm probably gonna get everything in a divorce now anyway, so this isn't a big deal. But this protects me if you're playing games. Please don't think I'll stand for any games. The days of everything your way is over."

"Oh, I want you to change your last name to mine. No hyphen. Professional too." He said.

This was something Tracey had fought tooth and nail. She had always said that she was her own person and didn't need his name to be complete.

"It's up to you whether you stay or go. But if you want to save our marriage, this is the only way. Take it or leave it. No compromise." He stated

"That's all so far. But that's subject to change as other things come to me. You want to think on it awhile? Any questions?" he asked.

Tracey was suprised by the demands. She had never suspected that her husband felt that way. That she was so selfish. But Garth wasn't usually one to make demands.

She thought about what he said. It was true she wasn't getting any younger. She felt a yearning in her soul every time she saw a mother with her child.

Tracey also knew that her career in this city was over. It wouldn't be long before all the sordid details were all over the medical community. She would never live down the embarrassment or the shame. There was a morality clause in her contract. She could be fired for an affair with a fellow staff member.

She was suprised how people felt about her. She had never realized that everyone thought her a cold overbearing bitch. Tracey had thought of herself as driven and direct. A no nonsense person.

Maybe it was time for a change in lifestyle. A new life with the man she really loved. Children and family. She liked the sound of that.

Tracey looked her husband in the eye and said the simple word that would change their lives, "Okay."

Garth looked at her in suprise.

"Are you sure that you don't want to think about it for awhile? This is a big change." He asked

"No. I'm sure. It's time for a change. I've let my career shape my life for too long. Let's go home. Let's get a real life.

They would never be the same people again.


Dr. Tracey Sampson looked down in the crib at her sleeping 18 month old son, Jonathan. She never stopped being amazed at the beautiful child she and Garth had made.

And how much she missed her husband.

Tracey still had a hard time believing he was gone. Cut down in the prime of his life by a stupid rock. One that had been thrown up by the lawn tractor as he cut the grass in their 10 acre front lawn.

A one in a billion freak accident.

They had come so far in their relationship. Worked past the hurt and the guilt. Rebuilt their love. Made totally new lives, far different than their old ones. Built a home.

Learned to trust each other with their hopes and dreams. To always be there for each other, no matter what. Standing side by side.

Most importantly, family. The boy that lay sleeping in his crib and the one she carried in her womb. Garth's last gift to her.

Sadly Garth hadn't known about the new baby on the way. Tracey had just found out herself. She had a nice quiet dinner with his favorite dishes planned. Jonathan at her mother-in-laws for the night. A new sexy black nightgown. Black was his favorite color lingerie on her.

Tracey had received a call from the hospital's small emergency room about 2pm that afternoon. They told her they had an incoming ambulance with a trauma patient. The ER doctor was swamped, could she come help?

Tracey's office was next door to the ER entrance. She ran right over. She arrived the same time as the ambulance.

The Paramedic, James Watson, had been one of the students in the first Paramedic class that she had taught. He was one of the brightest and the best.

He caught her out of the corner of his eye. His handsome ebony face turned almost gray.

"Dr S., We did all we could, but it was too late. I'm sorry. So very sorry." He said with tears in his eyes and voice.

Tracey went to pat him on the arm. "You can't save everyone, James. Some times it's God's will." She soothed.

She then looked at the body on the stretcher. It was Garth.

"Oh my GOD. No, not now!" she screamed.

Everything went black as she slid into a peaceful blackness.

The months following had been the hardest in her life. The only one worse was when she had almost lost Garth through her own stupidity.

At least they had the two VERY SPECIAL years.

And the two children. Every time she looked at Jonathan, and felt the baby move inside, she felt as if Garth was standing next to her. Hugging her. Giving her the strength she needed to go on. A part of Garth would live on through his children.

Sometimes at night in their King Sleigh Bed, she wondered what it would have been like if they had not changed their life. She could have had nothing. Except a career and an empty existence.

She would have been so alone. No friends or family near. Probably no children either.

Tracey felt the warmth of friends and family who supported her through the ordeal.

Especially Garth's family. She had no family of her own. No parents or brothers and sisters. His parents had been her rock. Even though they were suffering too, they made sure Tracey felt their love and support. She loved her mother-in-law. They had taken to each other as soon as Garth and Tracey had arrived in town.

Which was funny, because they hadn't liked each other when they met for the first time at the wedding. Tracey guessed it was her new attitude. How she tried to make friends, and to get along with others. How she taught Paramedic and EMT classes. How she became an active part of her community.

Tracey had changed many things in her life. Changed her priorities. Her husband and children were the most important part of her life. More than career or money. She had many friends who would be there for her.

Luckily she had no money worries. Her husband was a financial genius. He took their saving and the proceeds from the sale of their house in the city and made millions with it. She also had her practice. The money from which they had used as spending money. Plus Garth's share of the construction company he had founded with his brothers and the family building supply company.

Maybe in the future she would find a new man. No man could replace Garth. But she was still young and wanted more children. She knew Garth wouldn't want her to be alone forever. But any man would have big shoes to fill.

She was so blessed that she couldn't curse the fates for what had happened to Garth. She had him for 16 good years, had two babies, and a loving group of family and friends to support her.

Life goes on.

AUTHORS NOTE: I know. No sex. What a bummer. But this story struck me while in a blue mood. It had a semi happy ending anyway.

Who knows, Tracey may be back later in a new adventure.

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