tagHumor & SatireSticky Nicky & The Slippery Dick 01

Sticky Nicky & The Slippery Dick 01


Case:01 The Corpse In The Tall Grass.

Shapely but small, petit, curvy and yet slim, buxom but none too proud; Nicky stood over her younger brother one hand on her hip the other idly stroking her neck. The sun beat down on them both, it was a Saturday and she was off duty, but her badge hung exposed from her front jean pocket and gave them unquestioned access beyond the police tape.

Andy, her brother had been duped into the detail thinking when Nicky said "sun and fun" she meant the beach. Now, prone on his back, his wrists bound to stakes in the ground and his feet spread eagle also, laying in the very spot where a corpse had been only hours before: "This is not my idea of 'fun and sun' Nicky!"

"SSSHHH Bodies don't speak, you're a body, so shut up." she squatted down on her haunches and retied the knots on his wrists after a brief examination of the photographs from the file folder. There was no wind, the air was hot and dry. She looked over the pictures of the corpse's feet and tied her brother's to the stakes likewise.

"Why didn't you get Henry to do this with you?"

"Because Henry is an ass." She winked down at her brother tightening the final knot. "And besides you need something to brag to your friends about back in school anyway don't you?"

"Yeah that is what I am always after, the adventure of a corpse!" he was 18 and a senior at Downtown High, and as far as Nicky knew, still technically a virgin.

"I told you I would make it up to you."

"Well we have the sun." he gave a shrug, lifting up one of his hands from the stake by accident. "Where's the fun?"

Nicky frowned and looked over the photograph again, then retrieved her cell from her back pocket: "Henry, you son of a bitch you were right, the victim was unconscious when the animals ate him!"

"Woe! Ate him! Animals!" Andy protested and moved to get up but Nicky kept him in his place with a hand to his chest.

"Hush!" she warned with playful sternness. She twisted the stakes so that they faced away from Andy denying him the ability to free himself again. Hanging up the phone she said: "Answer me this and I will let you up." Nicky cut Andy off before he opened his mouth with a finger to his lips, "But if you're wrong, I get what I want."

"Well how do you know that the person wasn't already killed before the animals attacked?"

"I will give you this one. We knew that because of the amount of blood."

"Oh gross!" Andy tried to shift, but found that the knots held. "Um... because I was able to get up before you turned the stakes?"

Nicky nodded, "Very well... though I think you would have liked what I had to offer."

"Ha! I won!" Andy was all smiles: "Now make this fun!"

A devious sparkle twinkled in Nicky's eye, he forgot to ask to be released: "I knew you were my brother!" she gave a cautionary glance back to the dirt road where the black and white police car sat. The two officers assigned to the crime scene were otherwise occupied. Tall grass would block them from view. Nicky reached into her brother's pants and gripped his small pecker. It grew as she gripped it.

"Oh yes!" he said, arching his back off the dirt: "Now this I can brag about!"

"See?" Nicky unzipped his pants and took his growing member into her mouth. She sucked it in quickly, allowing it to grow inside her, flicking at it with her tongue, edging it on to be stiffer and stiffer. She caused him to gasp expectantly when she raked her teeth over it's soft underside. Smacking her lips: "A little pain huh?" she jerked him with her fist for a little while well she licked his balls and stroked his firm stomach with her free hand.

Nicky continued to suck him again, bringing him to the point of coming. When she tasted the pre-cum and felt the heat grow and the pulsing twitch signifying an eruption sure to follow she backed away and blew on it.

"Oh fuck sake! Oh Damn it Nicky come on!" he gyrated up towards her.

"Hey!" she pulled a pubic hair from her teeth, "I am just doing what you commanded. I am making it fun for you and fun for me."

"How is this fun? Come on!"

"Watching you squirm is fun Andy!" she had waited long enough. Taking him in her mouth it didn't take long to get him to that point again. Then she kneeled back and watched him suffer.

"Come on sis!"

"Tell me what you want me to do." she said giving him a serious look.

"Finish it!"

"Finish what?"

"Sucking my dick!"

She feigned shock, "MWAH!" she put a hand to her hardened nipple breasts, "What ever would father say?"

"Come on!"

"I was sucking your dick, what more do you want?"

"I want you to suck me until I cum!"

"Where do you want to cum?"

"Don't tease Nicky come on!"

She shrugged. "I could leave now..."

"No! No!" the thought of being exposed half naked like this and being found by any one, made him shrivel.

"Oh that won't do!" Nicky took hold of his cock again. "Do you want me to put your dick in my mouth and suck it until it explodes into my mouth?"


She jerked him off a little, her hands wet from her own saliva and his pre-cum. (SQUISH, SQUISH! SQUISH!) "Then do you want me to swallow it too?"

"UH? You have to you cant spit it out in the crime scene can you?"

"Good point!" Nicky licked her lips and got back to the business in her hands. (SQUISH! SLURP! SLURP!) She sucked his head in and took him down to his fuzzy navel. Licking the base of his cock with her tongue she ran circles up and down, making a popping noise when it came out of her mouth. (POP! SLURP! POP!) She repeated the process faster and faster until with a sudden grunt he came, (GOOOOSH!) and came (WHOOOSH!) and came. (SLURP! SLOP! SWOOSH! GULP!) She swallowed his load complete and sucked off the residue that ran like a milky river along the side of his dick. Then kissing the head, stuffed it back into his pants. "There!"

"OH GOD YES!" Andy gasped. "You're better than mom!"

Back in the office on Monday, Henry was all smiles at Nicky when she came in. "I heard you did some smooth sleuthing this weekend!"

Something about his face made her want to punch it, but he would only laugh, it's what Henry did and that's what made him such an ass-hole. "Jealous?"

"Always." it was an honest answer, he lusted after Nicky, most detectives did and he thanked God that he had been assigned her partner. However, he always said the wrong things to her. Henry suffered from pent up sexual tension watching her strut about in her tight fitting jeans and tank tops and such. Hearing her sorted details of her sexual encounters was more than he could take. And Nicky always had a smart answer for him.

When Henry found out that she couldn't spell worth a damn and that she had gotten a GED instead of a diploma he asked: "How the hell did you become a detective?" he didn't mean it that way, it just came out like that. However, Nicky's reply: "I gave the mayor one hell of a blow job." drove him into the bathroom immediately for a jerk off session that has never been equaled by mortal man.

"I did some detective work myself." Henry said proudly.

Nicky removed her baseball cap and tossed it on her desk then crossing her arms looked up at Henry, "What did you find out?"

"A paper trail."

Nicky blinked. "Paper work is a bore! Was it worth your time?" she took her seat across from him, intent upon his gaze and ignoring the phone that rung in front of her.

It was one of her many endearing qualities that Henry liked about the young girl, that she was "there" in conversation or in person, she wasn't distracted by anything. If you were talking to her she gave you her full attention. "In fact it was, as you know my time is cheap!" he laughed on his own, "I found out that the tire tracks match the tracks near the body at the beach, the Carter case." he handed the folder over his desk to hers.

"The Carter case!" she opened the file and spread it's contents out before her. The body; Mr. Carter laying face down in the sand and the tire tracks. The body had been found between them as if dumped from the back of a trunk, tire tracks on either side. She looked over the photos slowly.

"What is it?"

"SSHH!" she waved him off.

Henry understood, she was "with" the file now and he was like the phone, a distraction. "I will get some coffee." he stood to go but she stopped him.



"Remember our list of suspects for the Carter case?"

"Vaguely." he admitted walking around to her desk.

"I wonder what Dr. Matte's office had to do with the corpse in the field." she stuffed the pictures back into the folder.

"The veterinarian?"


Henry knew not to argue with Nicky. She had about a sixty-five percent hunch ratio and besides, he liked sitting next to her in his car. There was no air conditioning, her neck would glisten and her breasts, so firm. The wind whipped through the open window and now and again gave him a nice side view of her voluptuousness! "OH THANK YOU LORD!" he tapped the steering wheel. Another light. Nicky put her arm out the window and idly sucked on a lollypop in the heat of the day. A Pepsi sat between her legs, cooling, sweat drops ran down to the seat. Henry licked his lips. "Go on." Nicky said.


"It's OK..." she nodded: "To go..."

Henry blinked looking up from her hardened nipples to her smiling face, BUSTED!

"The light is green Henry." Nicky pointed.

"Oh shucks I nipple you thought cock." he couldn't believe he said that.

Nicky laughed. "It must be the heat Henry! I was thinking the same thing!"

'I don't know what we're hoping to find here." Henry said pulling into the parking lot.

"For the Vet's sake, nothing, but I suspect he is the culprit." Nicky said adjusting her shirt as the seatbelt had pulled the tank to her right when it came off.

"Oh my..." Henry didn't try to look away. His eyes focused on her full, yet not too big, exposed, firm breast. Her nipple poked out into the hot air surrounded by a dark areole. "Gosh..."

Nicky smiled up at him, a tricky grin played upon her lips. "The other is just like it."

She put the window up and locked the door. "Would you like me to show you?"

Henry couldn't control himself, he nodded.

In one move Nicky pulled her tank top over her head and baseball cap without delay. She tossed it onto the dashboard and gripped her sun tanned breasts with her hands, pushing them together magnifying her already abundant cleavage. "Do you like it?" she pouted.

"Very much."

"I see!" with one hand Nicky unzipped her partner's pants. His dick popped up. "Holy Shit!" Nicky gasped, "You have a monster dick, for a dick."

Unsure how to take that and afraid of where this was going, but hopeful too Henry was powerless to say anything, but could only observe.

"Here." Nicky directed him to sit sideways on the long front seat, with one leg stretched out to the passenger's door, behind her. She, on her knees before him, spit on her hands and stroked his dick into her breasts, then squeezed them together over it. She body stroked him, his head poking out between her breasts, her fingers interlocking at her sweaty breasts. (SQUISH! SQUISH! SQUISH!)

"Oh yes!" he finally said.

"Uh-huh!" she countered, watching the head pop up between her breasts then disappear down into her tanned cleavage. "Oh you gonna cum on me baby?" She looked up at him with big eyes.

Henry nodded.

"Do it!" she stroked him with her tightly squeezed, soft sweaty breasts. "Do it!" (SQUISH! SQUISH! SQUISH!) "Fuck it! Cum on me baby! Cover me with your hot juices!"

Her potty mouth hurried Henry along and in moments his cock spit up its sticky prize. In long hot strings it caught her cheek when she looked down at it. Her neck and her breasts all were covered in a crisp glaze. "HMM!" she cooed appropriately for her success and licked off the head before tucking him away, smearing the cum around her skin. "Did you like it Henry?"

"OH GOD YES!" he gasped shifting his dick in his underwear.

"Good!" she pulled her tank top on and wiped her hands on her jeans. "Then lets solve this case and nail the son of a bitch!"

No smoking gun was found, but a white mini van some paper work and a medicine cabinet were all confiscated. Many suspects were compiled but three came to the top of the list: Gary More, the assistant tech who had been missing since the body was found in the tall grass on the hill in the field, Jane Brandish, the previous victim's girlfriend, who worked at the clinic as a receptionist, and the good doctor himself, Thomas Matte.

While Henry was pouring over the file and scratching his head, Nicky took a call from her mother on her cell phone. It sounded to Henry like a typical mother daughter conversation not going well: "Yes Mom, I did." Nicky's body language betrayed slight embarrassment, some resentment and a little agitation. "No! That would be fine with me. That is not what I mean. No! That is not what I want! You know what? Do whatever you want to do!" She ended the phone call and screamed at the cell: "AAAAHHHHRRRGGGHHH!"

"Parents huh?" Henry said in a grunt of welcome and: "Lets get back to work."

"Oh you don't know half of it!" she agreed and tucked her phone into her back pocket.

But here is the other half of it, what her mother was saying: "So you gave your brother a blow job huh?" "You want to be his bitch now is that what you want?" "He is my boy! That is my dick you were fucking with, what if I wanted to fuck him tonight? Make him no longer a virgin!" "Oh you want to have another brother- what? -and you want to be an aunt too?" "You act like you don't even care about me, about us, everything we did together! You want me to just go away?" "Well maybe I will have a threesome with him and some black fellows I met yesterday..."

For a moment, Nicky could smell her mother's thick cigaret breath and the foul taste of her gray pubes were in her mouth. She licked her lips and swallowed some warm cola. With renewed focus she returned to the box of evidence and the two folders. Henry had listed several names on a chalk board next to the table. He had scratched out a few and wiped out others, three remained: a) Gary, b) Jane, and c) Thomas.

"We have a long night ahead of us Nicky, might want to use that phone to order take out." Henry plopped into a metallic folding chair, watching with an eager eye as Nicky leaned over the table, focused.

"No Henry, call the assistant D.A. I think we're ready for an arrest."

"What?!?!" Henry nearly fell from his chair.

"Hey if I am wrong Henry, you can fuck my ass and slap your cock in my face!"

Here is the evidence that caught Nicky's attention: All the gas and maintenance receipts were signed by Gary who had a sloppy signature, except the last receipt for a tire rotation which was signed by Jane. The medicine log seemed in order with Thomas signing very neatly, every day that he did the inventory, even though the number count was wrong for ether. There was also an order for ether which though it had been faxed to the distributor, the order was not found with the request files in the office. There was a trash dumpsite receipt for 'under a ton' charge of twelve dollars, found in the driver side door of the van, signed by Thomas, but the signature was scribbled. And finally at the vet site, seven large dogs who were set for destruction, were missing, but the paperwork for them remained.

Based on that information, who is it that Nicky wants to have the Assistant District Attorney issue a warrant for?

A) If you think Nicky is going to say "Gary More," this is what would happen:

"A warrant for who?" Henry asked, picking up the phone, unsure of Nicky, but sure that he liked what had been offered.

"For Gary More." Nicky pressed her finger at the picture. "I am sure you will agree that he is the driver of the van, his prints are all over it and he used the van to dump Mr. Carter on the beach."


"Maybe he was fucking Jane and Carter was in the way?" Nicky shrugged, "I give a fuck about the why, that son of a bitch is a dirty low life cock sucker and we need to get him off the street. He probably was using the dogs to fight and that corpse on the hill, that was just someone who found out about it." Nicky crossed her arms, "Poor bastard."

"Alright." Henry nodded, connecting the dots was easy enough. "We'll go pick him up tonight." He dialed the phone.

An hour later they stood, paired together looking down at a cold slab in the morgue. "Well, look on the bright side." Henry said, "He ain't dog fighting no more!"

"Oh fuck me yeah, you're right." Nicky had to admit it. Tomorrow was going to be a long grueling day of groveling before the DA, "To bad it's a she, I could just give him a blow job or something." Nicky said ascending the stairs out of the cold cellar.

"Hey it might still work." Henry huffed catching up to her and opening the door at the top, allowing her to squeeze by, "Girl on girl stuff is pretty hot you know?"

"Yeah." Nicky said nonchalantly, "I know." she turned around. "Do you want to get this over with here or..."

Henry nodded. "Yeah my wife is at home." he scratched his crotch. "You are so beautiful."

"Such the romantic!" Nicky tried a janitor closet and found it unlocked. They both stepped inside. "Not much room." she said stepping over a bucket and unzipping her pants.

"Just pull your panties to the side!" Henry urged.

"No I have to get you ready!" Nicky urged.

"Oh I am ready!" Henry jerked himself off with some spit and pressed the head of his cock against her cheeks.

"Careful." she hissed pulling her ass cheeks with her hands.

"Oh yes!" he bit into her shoulder, pressing his large form into her and his cock up into her ass.

Nicky exhaled and took it in. She bit her bottom lip and arched her back, throwing her hair back at him.

"Yeah baby, oh shit!" his thrust his dick deep into her, and deeper still until his balls rested next to her sphincter. "Oh you slut, slut thing!" he gasped.

"You like my ass don't you?" Nicky smiled over her shoulder. She pushed back into him and he thrust forward. Their bodies cam together into an eventual rhythm and slapped flesh on flesh. (SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!) "Ugh!" she grunted as he stabbed up into her guts with his cock.

"Ugh huh ha huh yeah!" he stroked his dick in and out of her ass. (SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!)

Careful not to move to much, for lack of safe space to do so, they came to a climax when she, pinching her nipples and arching back into him announced: "Oh GOD! HENRY FUCK MY ASS and FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM BABY YES!"

Henry's resistance was gone, cum shot up into Nicky's ass and ran down her legs. (SQUISH SLAP! SQUISH SLAP!) slowly henry piston to a halt, sighing and gasping for air. "Of fuck you are wonderful! Oh fuck you are so good!"

"Hmm." Nicky considered his words. "Not that good." she slid his dick out and carefully turned around in the confined space. She squatted to her knees and took the dirty dick in her mouth.

The door opened! It was the janitor: "Oh SHIT!"

"Hey police work!" Henry barked.

Nicky tried to say something but with a mouthful of cock it sounded like "MRGRUMBLEMEPH!" and the vibration got Henry hard again, yes it would be a long night tonight and a long, long day tomorrow!

B) if you think Nicky will say "Jane Brandish" this is what would happen:

"A warrant for who?" Henry asked, picking up the phone, unsure of Nicky, but sure that he liked what had been offered.

"For Jane Brandish." Nicky pressed her finger at the woman's picture. "I am sure you will agree that she was the driver for the last body dump and that the body was no doubt Dr. Thomas More. She was probably in on it with Gary who helped off her boyfriend on the beach, for whatever reason, and now she's gone and murdered the vet too."

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