tagGay MaleStill You Want Me Ch. 09

Still You Want Me Ch. 09


I would like to take a minute and put LaRascasse on a pedestal and praise him for his outstanding contribution to my work. I cannot thank him enough for helping me with my terrible grammar. And, as always, to Oldnakeddad for really polishing these stories and making them shine. True miracle workers.

(All characters are over 18 and this is a work of fiction.)

Enjoy the show!!


* * CHARLES * *

I've been awake for a while and I'm smiling like a fool. We're both morning people, but I tend to rouse earlier than Colin, except this morning. I'm in no hurry to get up, nope.

This may not be the first morning I've woken up next to Colin or even the first morning I've laid in bed admiring him. It is, however, the first morning I can look, and touch, as much as I want. It's not a preview anymore...it's my very own movie.

I'm admiring the sleep creases on his face and the cute way his brown hair is tousled from the night. He's so adorable with one of his legs pulled to his chest and revealing his dark leg hair.

His pillow's gone, but it's likely been discarded onto the floor. His head is resting on one arm while his other arm drapes over the leg that's pulled against his chest. He usually wakes up, face down, and with the sheets pooled at his waist, just like this morning.

Contrary to myself, he's a messy sleeper. He always teases me about it by saying I'm too tense to relax in bed and that's why I barely move at night and therefore, never disrupting my sheets. Well, he can disrupt my sheets, anytime!

Last night was amazing! It couldn't have been any other way because I was with Colin. We spent most of the night pleasuring each other. My mind is blown (along with one other thing). I didn't think he'd be so skilled, but he is. Either that or love really makes a difference.

Being in love with someone is new territory for me and I'm unequivocally in love with Colin.

I want to wake him and snuggle against him. I've wanted this forever and, now that it's here, I want to make up for lost time. But it's early and I know he's tired so I'll leave him to sleep longer. Instead I'll wait and fetch myself some coffee.

I'm aware it's the first morning I've woken up in Colin's apartment. I've only been here a handful of times since the night of the Club and I've been intentionally respectful of our physical boundaries. As of yesterday, we're officially dating which means I'll be waking up here a lot more often.

I can't help but look around his apartment on my short walk to the kitchen. It's very...Colin. Simple and beautiful, but not flashy.

I'm used to homes that are dressed to impress. 'Oh, let me show you this very expensive blah'. and 'Have you seen this new, top of the line, blah?'

When you walk into Colin's apartment, it's more like, 'let me impress you with my ability to make you feel freakishly at home. Would you like a ham sandwich?'

Yes, I want a ham sandwich. I want his ham sandwich.

I break from my exploration of his apartment to the startling revelation—Colin doesn't own anything that can potentially make me coffee. This is Portland! What kind of bullshit is this?

Then I remember the apartment's best feature and the attraction above all others—Brew'd Awakening. It's literally right under my nose. I wasn't planning to get dressed, yet, or straying too far from Colin so coffee will have to wait. Instead, I'll go back to the bedroom.

Colin's bedroom is large. It has the same hardwood that's found in the rest of the apartment. He has a giant wooden bed frame that looks like something out of Pottery Barn: Farmhouse Edition. The bedding is various shades of grey and there's a large, multi-colored, shag rug under his bed.

As I stand here, looking at the beauty sleeping before me, I realize I can't crawl in and snuggle up to him without having his knee jam into my dick and his head bump my stomach. He's sleeping in the most unwelcoming position ever.

I take a few quick steps, leap onto the bed (landing on all fours), and trap him under my body as I shout.

"Wake up call!"

Colin's eyes shoot open and he tries to get his bearings as he yells.

"What the fuck!"

I can see all of these thoughts flash in his eyes.

Is there an emergency? Should I panic? Am I late for work?

Finally, everything clicks, he smiles, and he looks at me hovering over him.

"This is the worst, and best, way to wake-up."

I dip my feet under the sheets that lay around his waist and Colin pulls it over me, covering us in a thin layer of protection against the rest of the world. Dipping down to give him a quick kiss, I grin and say.

"Good morning."

He's adjusting all of his morning muscles by stretching his arms and legs as a cat does after waking up on a window sill.

"Good morning."

He finishes, pulls my body to his, and closes the distance between us. We adjust ourselves against each other, with me resting between his legs and still propped up on my elbows so I can look down at him.

Colin in the morning— will forever be the perfect view!

I can't help leaning down and gently pressing against his soft lips. I want to feel his lips against mine forever. Colin presses himself against my body and the kiss quickly escalates into something far more intense. He pulls my hips hard against his until we're hungrily grinding.

"Fuck, this feels so good! How can you feel this good?"

Colin grips my ass, encouraging me to grind harder, and moans.

"Ugh Charlie. Don't stop, ever."

He's making all sorts of adorable noises under me. Yeah, come apart for me. I've waited so long for this.

"If you continue making those noises, I'm going to be toast."

The feeling of him writhing and mewling under me is going to bring me to the finish line faster than either of us want. I shift my weight to my left arm and run my thumb slowly over the erogenous zone on his hips and lower belly. He arches his body and throws his head back in pleasure.

"Ah shit. Your touch is driving me crazy!"

Shit! Fuck! I'm so done! His sounds are going to be the death of me. My thrusts become jerky as I feel my body contracting as the orgasm rips through my body. I clamp my teeth on Colin's shoulder as I start pumping jets of semen into my underwear. Colin lets out a strangled cry and his whole body tenses.

"I think my heart's going to beat out of my chest! I might hyperventilate."

Colin chuckles at my breathlessness and I continue to pant.

"I thought I might actually fly apart."

I drop my head to his shoulder, but continue to softly push my hips against his, which creates sensitive tremors. Colin grips my arms and ever so innocently says.

"Dude, you need to stop moving or I'm going to rip your dick off."

His eyes are closed, but I can feel him smile against my cheek.

"Okay, fine."

I chuckle and stop my movements as I look at his beautiful, sated body while I run my finger over his shoulder where there's a slight indent from my bite. I cringe inside and whisper.

"Oh, shit."


His face is as panicked as you can be when your body is jello. I can't help myself as I let out a small laugh.

"I bit you! I'm so sorry. I don't know why I did that."

I lean down and kiss the mark.


He smiles like he doesn't have a care in the world.

"Whatever. That was the fucking hottest thing ever. It made me cum, instantly."

He closes his eyes, again, not worried about any of it so I ask.

"Did you like that?"

"Uh, yeah!"

"Do you like that stuff? Pain and what not?"

He doesn't say anything for a moment as he contemplates his answer.

"No, I don't like pain. I'm not into BDSM, but I am into you."

I arch my brow with question while seeking an explanation when Colin continues.

"You were so turned on and your orgasm was building so intensely that you needed a release before the release. You did the only thing your body could think of...you bit me. It's not the pain that felt good, it was the reason behind it. The pain was a symptom of the exorbitant amount of pleasure you were experiencing...because of me."

He smiles because he's proud of his ability to make me crazy.

"I physically felt how overcome you were with pleasure and that was fucking hot! It's the same when your fingers dig into my hips or when you grip my hair when I'm sucking your dick."

I think about what he's saying and decide he has a point.

"You're right, that is hot."

His eyes flash with concern.

"Hear me when I say this. I don't want you to hurt me during sex. I don't enjoy pain. I'm not into that—"

I cut him off. I'm not an idiot, I get what he's saying.

"No, no. I get it."

I lean down and capture his lips in a long, sensual kiss.

"I like it, too. I mean, I like it when I can feel, or in your case, hear how overwhelmed you are with pleasure. You're noisy as fuck and I love it!"

I kiss his nose.

"It sets me off. It's not that you're too loud—although that wouldn't bother me."

I smirk and gently kiss his cheek.

"It's just that, the more turned on you are, the more verbal you become. It's like playing Marco Polo. If I'm going in the right direction, then your noises pick up, but if I'm going in the wrong direction, then the noises lessen."

I smile mischievously.

"And the noises you make when you start to orgasm—"

I thrust my hips forward, hard and deep, against his.

"I could orgasm by only listening to you."

I softly rock my hips against his for a few more seconds before flipping the sheets off, jumping off of the bed, and giving his thigh a nice, hearty slap.

"Come on! It's time to shower and get ready for work."

I smile as I saunter off to the bathroom, knowing Colin's frustrated and lying on the bed alone.

* * *

Ryan glances up from his fries to comment.

"It appears things are going well for you and Colin."

Hell, yes! Things have never been better. I don't want to come off as a total pansy so I do the manly thing and down-play the situation.

"Yeah, it's alright, I guess."

Gawd, I need to stop with the dopey smiles, it's been two weeks since the fateful Karaoke sing off that cemented our relationship.

Holy shit, Colin's been my boyfriend for two weeks! How can I not smile at that? Ryan takes one look at my ridiculous dopey-in-love smile and rolls his eyes.

"Mm-hmm. And the sex? Was it worth waiting for eight months for it?"

I blush.


"I can't believe someone got you to bottom. I guess it's not someone, it's Colin, but it's still impressive."

Uh, about that. He reads my face like a book. His eyes widen with surprise, followed by disappointment.

"You haven't bottomed, yet?"

"No, but he hasn't, either! He hasn't bottomed for me, I mean, we haven't gone there, yet."

"Why the hell not?"

"I'm not going to talk to you about this, it's stupid."

I take a giant bite of my burger so I don't have to talk.

"Um, yeah, you will! What's the hang up? Does Colin want to wait? I know it took three or four months with Jesse."

I regretfully finish swallowing my useless burger and shoot him a look that says, don't talk about Jesse!

"I don't think so? I mean, he hasn't said anything and we haven't talked about it. It's only been two weeks so, ya know, what's the rush?"

He waves his hand indicating that I need to hurry this along.

"Charles, spit it out. I hate dragging these conversations out."

I let out a loud huff.

"Fine! I don't know if I'm ready to bottom. It's really quite terrifying."

There, I admitted it.

"No, it's not and you know what—fuck you! You're willing to pound every ass that walks by, but you're too afraid to take it! You're the worst kind of top. You'd probably significantly increase you're topping abilities if you knew what the fuck you were actually doing. It'll expand your horizons."

"I know what I'm doing, asshole!"

"No, you only think you know what you're doing. You've never bottomed so you don't know what the fuck feels good or great or fucking mind blowing. Theoretically, maybe, but not in a practical sense."

Maybe he has a point but I'm not ready to admit it.

"Whatever, man! You can continue looking at Colin's d-fucking-licious, round, succulent ass forever. Me? If he wants me on all fours for a year, I'll do it, just to take his ass once! You're a damn moron."

I know he's trying to bait me and I hate that it's working. He continues.

"I bet his ass is smooth! It's so thick and grabbable. Fuck! I bet he's as tight as shit, too! Does he make a lot of noise? I bet he does, doesn't he? I bet he's a screamer, like, really fucking loud, when he's getting pounded."

He looks past me as he mentally daydreams about being deep inside of Colin's ass. I've had enough so I interrupt his instigating.

"How about we not talk about this. Specifically, how about you not talk about pounding Colin's ass or better yet, anything to do with Colin's ass."

It belongs to me and I'm starting to get hard from thinking about it.

"No way. An ass like Colin's was made to be appreciated! You're not appreciating it so I'm damn well going to appreciate the shit out of it! Every day is going to be Colin's Ass Appreciation Day until you pull your head out of your dick and let him fuck the shit out of you."

He shakes his head at me and says.

"Such a waste!"

We finish our lunch and start walking back to work.

"Seriously, Charles. This isn't simply sex with a random hookup...this is love! This is Colin!"

He's not wrong, I've been teetering on the fence for a while, I just needed this moron to knock me over. I do want everything with Colin.

"You're right. I'm ready, but I'm being a coward. I'm not going to wait anymore. It's time for Colin to deflower me this weekend."

Ryan let's out a loud whoop, gives me a powerful high five, and yells.

"Hell, yeah!"

* * COLIN * *

Hiking is a favorite weekend excursion of Charlie's. I like doing this stuff, too, but I don't love it. I do, however, love the way Charlie looks while doing it. It's late fall, almost winter, so the weather's getting cooler. Charlie's wearing Adidas jogger-style athletic pants and a long sleeve Under Armour shirt. The pants are tight on his thick, muscled thighs and his shirt is equally tight and displays his strong arms and chiseled abs. His blonde hair is sweaty and his blue eyes are, as always, breathtaking. He's a frustratingly beautiful specimen of a man. As we're finishing the hike, Charlie asks.

"What are you doing tonight?"

I respond as I slightly trip over a tree root and Charlie grabs my arm to save me from face planting into the dirt.

"It's Sunday so I'll be having dinner with my parents."

"Ah, yes. Tell them I say hello. Speaking of which, I found out my parents will most likely be in town next weekend. I'm hoping you'll come to dinner and meet them?"

"Yes, I'd definitely love to meet your parents!"

Charlie looks taken aback by my response.


"Yeah! They're the people who made you the way you are so, hell yes, I want to meet them!"

He looks slightly peeved with my answer and lets out a small huff. I don't know why, I thought my response was cute.


He pauses for a moment before continuing.

"I'd like to meet your parents, too, Colin. You know, the people that made you the way you are."

Although a minute amount, I definitely sense a trace of sarcasm and mockery, which I don't understand. Although,it's possible I'm overthinking, that's something I tend to do.

"Well, maybe we can all have a giant meet the Parents dinner together when your parents come."

"Why not tonight? I mean, you're going tonight and I already know your parents, it's not like they're complete strangers or anything."

He's seems very matter-of-fact and doesn't appear to be picking a fight or is he? This conversation is starting irritating me.

"Yeah, but if your parents are likely to come next week, we might as well wait. Then, as official boyfriends, everyone will be meeting each other at the same time."

Charlie's response is short, but each word is dripping with annoyance.

"As 'you' wish."

We're walking out of the trail head and toward my car. Normally, we drive Charlie's Jag (his preference), but my car is more suited for scenic drives like this.

"As 'I' wish?"

He's obviously emphasizing my role in the statement. What's the implication here? He looks at me and smiles.

"Yeah, whatever 'you' want."

There it is again! What do you call it when it's so insincere it looks as painful as letting a mud mask dry too long on your face?

I start the car and turn on the heater while he puts the backpack into the back. He opens the passenger door and, as he gets situated on the passenger seat, I try to sound neutral, but I know my words are icy.

"Charlie, I'm sensing some hostility in your words. Can you elaborate why that might be?"

"It's nothing serious. We'll do it on your terms."

He finishes arranging himself so he's comfortable then grabs the bar above the door and relaxes while looking everywhere, except at me.

"My terms? That's a pointed statement if I've ever heard one."

I raise my voice sarcastically and draw out the words.

"Mmyyy terms?"

"It's not pointed, it's just the way it is, Colin. I'm not complaining."

He says it with the neutrality I tried to find earlier. It's almost as if he's being sincere.


"You're definitely complaining and how, exactly, do we do things on 'my' terms? I call bullshit!"

There's been a tension between us for the last few weeks and the build up has me ready to fight. I can see him looking at me, but he's not saying anything. Okay, two can play that game. Silence it is, buddy!

The silence continues and the tension is almost suffocating. Eventually, Charlie speaks.


He's pausing for so long that I think he might've forgotten he said anything. He continues to speak in a calm tone so as not to start a fight.

"We hangout on your terms, we have lunch together on your terms, we sleep over on your terms, and I apparently get to meet your parents on your terms, even though I already know them."

It's hard not to start a fight because the first rule of a Fight Club is—there is no Fight Club!

Fight, fight, fight!

I feel my voice rising.

"What are you talking about? None of that's true! We do everything thing together!"

He's such an entitled asshole! This is what I was worried about. He's getting upset because he can't have everything he wants.

Please, Bitch! Come at me! I'll shut this down so fast, it'll make your head spin!

"No, we 'did' do everything together before you pulled way back."

My brain begins to stutter. What? I didn't pull back he pulled back! At the very least, we both pulled back. After I don't reply, he breaks the silence.

"Yeahhhh, exactly. On 'your' terms."

I finally find my voice and say.

"That wasn't really 'my' terms. It was more 'our' terms."

I think? I'm sure of it! Eh, maybe? 'My terms' versus 'our terms' is a tricky definition.

"Okay, Colin, please explain your thinking on that one."

He faces me and gives me his full and undivided attention as I sit up and try to regain my composure.

"Yeah, um. It was clear that you were struggling with the top/bottom issue so I was giving you the space you needed to figure it out."

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