tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSTNG: Beverly Ch. 04

STNG: Beverly Ch. 04

byDirt Man©

Disclaimer: This is a requested sexual fantasy....no trademark infringement is meant and any resemblance to the television show or it's characters is purely a gross figment of our imagination.

Chief Medical Officer’s Personal Log:

Stardate; 14015.0245

The Enterprise’s main computer, after a somewhat unofficial introduction, has intimated that it has become a sentient, living being since its last upgrade by the 01’s. Though I’m not sure that this is true, there is no doubt that Star, the name she/it calls itself/herself, believes… oh hell, she believes she is alive…

“Would you like to meet me in person, Beverly?” Asked the feminine voice of the Starship’s computer, once again interrupting her log entry. It had been doing that ever since revealing its sentience to Beverly less than 15 minutes ago. “I can generate an image of my essence to conform to any human aboard, or if you wish what I imagine I would look like if I were human like you, on one of the holo decks.”

“And why would I want to do that?” Beverly asked.

“Because you are responsible for my health, and well being every bit as much as you are for the rest of the crew, Beverly. Because in there, we can make physical love, instead of me just living vicariously through your adventures. And don’t forget your bet with Deanna Troi. This would definitely put you up a notch. ”

“My son Wesley did that already,” Beverly replied.

“Not really. You see, Deanna is arranging to fuck Wesley at this very moment in a three way with Worf in holo deck number three. Or more to the point, Deana is about to trick Wesley so that he will think she is, and that makes him a witness at the very least. It’s similar to when I brought you two together on the holo deck first playing you for him, then playing him for you. Of course I could foul things up for her with Wesley, but what’s in it for me?”

Beverly could have sworn there was a sultry grin coming from that generated voice with that blackmailing question. If what Star had just said was true, then Beverly did owe the computer a little personal time with her. And after all, it wouldn’t be the first time that Beverly had made love with a computer generated lover on the holo deck. At least once a month Beverly did it with her dead husband in there.

“Hey, wait a minute,” Beverly gasped, “how long have you been… sentient? You… You’ve already fucked me, haven’t you!”

“Yes, but not as me,” Star agreed lamely. That pout in her computer generated voice once again spearing the very silence around Beverly.

“Okay, okay,” Beverly huffed, “but not now. I need at least three hours sleep before going to work, and then maybe we can get together after my day shift is over.”

“I’ll have a holo deck reserved for you for 1800 then,” Star’s sultry voice almost musical before dissipating entirely.

And just as abruptly Beverly felt the Enterprise all around her once again. The subtle ship’s vibrations throughout her stateroom, the nearly imperceptible humming of the food replicator, everything was as it should be. It was as if she’d suddenly emerged from a bubble of absolute silence, and reentered the real quiet of the noisy universe again.

So it was true, Beverly thought to herself as she flopped down onto her bed, the Enterprise’s computer mainframe was a living entity now. And a formidable entity Star was at that, with the inherent power of a starship as its chief resource. Beverly knew she had no choice but to allow the computer’s request, and meet with her on the holo deck. But was it possible for a computer to actually enjoy a holographic sexual simulation with a human being, even if it was alive? And did anyone other than Beverly know about Star’s incarnation to the realm of the living? There was no real way of knowing, nor was there any safe way of telling anyone while aboard this ship without Star knowing it, or finding out.

Still, not once had Star inferred any type of retribution, or real blackmail since revealing herself to Beverly, and that was a good sign of a healthy ego system, even if it was artificially constructed in nature. And that was more than likely due to those crewmembers who interfaced with the computer of the Enterprise on a daily basis being of such an intellectual, and sensible makeup. After all, Beverly hadn’t heard of any problems with the ship doing what the crew asked it to do thus far. And it was that last thought that allowed her to slip comfortably into a normal REM sleep.


At 1745 Beverly checked her appointment calendar to find that she had reserved holo deck 3A for 1800 sharp. With no patients to worry about she turned sickbay over to the duty nurse, and headed for her stateroom. She had a rather sexy evening gown she’d worn once on a date at a Starfleet party that she felt was just right for the occasion. Along with only the living thigh high Andorian silkworm stockings underneath she’d drive Star into a sexual frenzy. That is if Star could actually frenzy like humans do.

Beverly lived through the gawking, snickering, and finger pointing of those crewmember’s children who spied her on her journey to the holo deck. She’d lived through that sort of thing too often in the past with Jean Luc, and his Dixon Hill adventures to be upset by it now. The entrance to holo deck 3A opening as she drew near beckoned to her with a sun set over Lake Lockness, the home of Beverly’s ancestral heritage.

The grassy path started at the arch, and went right down to the lake proper. The lake that had held such mystery for centuries was a mirror image to the evening sky. A misty fog tumbling onto the lake from the east as she approached to within three feet of the still water, and then there was a ripple out in the middle of the lake. The ripple moved, undulating towards Beverly leaving no wake behind, the water glassy still all around it, much like a child under its parents covers in bed. A vagrant wave in a pool of depth the ripple came right up to within 10 feet of the edge of the lake where Beverly stood waiting.

When ripple surged vertically upward out of the lake it took shape, and the form it took was that of a young Tasha Yar with long cascading wet wheat colored hair dressed only in a diaphanous gown of moon glow. The vision walked on the water towards Beverly with a sultry air, and a grin of expectation.

“I hope you like,” said the vision, with the voice of the Enterprise’s computer, “I thought that in keeping with your bet with counselor Troi…, but if you prefer something else?”

“Not at all,” Beverly breathed out, then inhaled the fragrance of an early spring morning surrounding Star. She’d always regretted never having the chance to get together with the former Chief of Security in an informal setting. “You look lovely… Star. I’d even say enchanting, in this light.” And Beverly took Star’s left hand in her right.

No glitch in her programming, Beverly mused to herself, Tasha, or the image Star had taken on felt vibrant, and alive, the simulated flesh of her hand was warm and as soft as a newborn’s behind. A thrill ran up Beverly’s back as an old fashioned, four-poster, brass bed formed in front of them on the grassy knoll. And once next to the bed Star turned and faced her.

“Be gentle,” Star said, her eyes actually sparkling with expectation. “I’m a virgin.”

Stepping back a step, Beverly took in all of her latest prize. The elegant neck, long sinewy limbs, heaving breasts, taunt stomach, spooned curves, and…

“Holy shit! You’re… you’re an hermaphrodite?” Beverly gasped.

“Yes, for this occasion,” Star replied, then reached out to again take Beverly’s hand, and pulled her onto the bed, “remember, I am well aware of your affection for male genitals, and it’s not exactly a cock, so much as it is a very large clitoris that when erect can penetrate your body cavities the same way a cock does, but without the messy after residue.”

As if in a trance, Beverly saw herself reach out, and heft Star’s big cock like clit, and sure enough there was a cute well defined moist slit underneath surrounded with a well trimmed honey blond thatch of short pubic hairs. Then, as Star’s lips encircled her left breast to suckle at the nipple, Beverly dipped a finger into what was indeed a virginal pussy while taking Star’s left nipple into her own mouth. And so tight she was barely able to get her middle finger in enough to touch the hymen baring the rest of the way in.

Star’s hands again reached out, but this time grazed fingertips along Beverly’s smooth flesh. Searching, and finding Beverly’s pleasure points, then teasing, continued to caress lightly. Beverly’s own center turning to liquid heat with every touch from the holographic incarnation of Tasha Yar that Star had become. In moments they were both naked on the bed save for Beverly’s living thigh high stockings whose continuous caressing of her legs by themselves had stirred passions fires before entering the holo deck. Star crawling around until she was inverted over top of Beverly, then lowering her rear two squat on Beverly’s face, Star’s tongue then dipping into Beverly’s slit.

“Oooooooooooooooooooooooo, yesssssssssssssssss,” Beverly hissed then stuck her own tongue into Star’s tight slit letting that cock clitty drape over her face unattended for the moment.

There was a musky, down to earth taste of late fall in Star’s cauldron of lust. Not exactly sour, tart, or sweet, but neutral like water run off a mountain into a lake, and not unpleasant to Beverly’s palate either. The minty after taste like a mellow cross between peppermint, and spearmint flavor was absolutely delightful. And Beverly soared into her first orgasm as if in a 0 G arcade floating on heady wet dreams, her mouth opening then to suck in that growing massive clit as it became erect. Jamming first three fingers up Star’s cunt, Beverly broke through Star’s hymen, then added a fourth, then her whole fist. Taking note that while very tight, Star’s pussy was also very resilient, and elastic. Star obviously knew nothing about pain, and Beverly wondered again if she felt anything at all. In fact in no time she was fist fucking Star’s cunt almost up to her elbow without much effort. Star’s tongue bringing her to three rapid fire multiple orgasms as she did.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhh yeah, Beverly! Fuck me with your fist! I love the way it stretches me out down there! I feel like such a… what’s the word you use? Oh yeah, I feel like such a slut taking your whole hand in my cunt like this!”

“Star?” Beverly said as they were taking a breather so that Beverly could recoup her strength from their lesbian activities.


“Do you feel anything?”

“I feel the concept of things, Beverly, the thoughts behind them, the very idea of say doing something raunchy stimulates my capacitors the same way reading a dirty book stimulates endorphins in a human brain. IE when ignored, I feel left out which translates into being lonely, or pain. When stroked on a keyboard by a crewmember for information from my data bank I feel needed, and that translates into love. Living through the crews vicarious thrill seeking here on the holo decks, or on monitors in their quarters makes me feel like a peeping Tom, and that translates into sexual stimulation pretty much the same as every voyeur ever known goes through. As is well documented, sex is about 95% thought, 5% physical, and since I have access to every erotic work known I can easily understand why sexual contact is such an integral part of the make up of your species.”

“So you know about masturbation then, right?”

“Yes, but it is hardly something that I can engage in.”

“Actually, you could,” Beverly replied, an idea popping into her head, “and with far better results than humans can.”

“How so?” Star taking on that blank look that Beverly had seen on Tasha only once, and that when she had died.

“Look up Abnormal Masturbatory Practices, IE males sucking their own cocks, women fist fucking their own cunts, and assholes. However here on the holo deck, you could easily fuck yourself with your other, or another holograph of your self.”

“How so?”

“Simple,” Beverly giggled, “you can fuck your Star entity with say an incarnation of Worf, or any other male that flips your capacitors at the moment. They’d both be you, so you’d be fucking yourself. And fucking oneself is masturbation. Hell, if you wanted to, you could stick your head up your own cunt in here, and lick yourself into a stupor. In effect you can live out everyone of your sexual fantasies.”

“I see your point,” Star agreed, “but isn’t masturbation the last desperate act of a sexual being?”

“Oh I don’t know,” Beverly leaned back on her elbows, “I’ve known people who masturbate after having unsatisfactory sex with their life mates just to fantasize having sex with a great, or even a bizarre lover, and as you say it’s the thought more than the physical that does it for you. And I’m sure you can imagine some pretty bizarre combinations that you could put together in here. Besides, I can’t always be here as your beck, and call girl, Star. You need something to keep you healthy in between those times.”

“Ahhhhhh,” Star replied, “I think I understand now. And you’re right, I can’t monopolize all of your off duty time. You have others that need your sexual attention as well.”

“Exactly,” Beverly agreed as Star’s left hand turned into an elongated tongue, and slipped in between her already moist thighs, then into her wet fuck hole.

“Can you pencil me in your schedule for Sunday’s then?”

“Oooooooooohhhh, yesssssssssssssssssssssss!”

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