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Stocking Feet


This story was inspired by, what started as a true incident, but developed into a fantasy. It was written for my own benefit, a sort of catharsis of my inner turmoil, and frustration, and for my fellow aficionados who can understand and empathize with my feelings and desires. Also, for any ladies, (or gentlemen), who would care to share their feelings or hidden desires on this subject. All communications will be held in the strictest confidence.

I had just left the checkout at the supermarket, and headed for the exit, which would take me past the office. Then I saw her. She was standing along side a desk outside the office. I immediately saw that she wore pantyhose and the flimsiest 'slipper type' shoes. I could tell at first glance that if she took a step, her shoe would flop off exposing the bottom of her foot.

My heart raced. As I approached her I kept staring at her feet. I could plainly see the arch of her foot in the shallow slipper.

Just behind her, next to the desk, was a rack of pamphlets; I stopped to get another look, and picked up a pamphlet. I studied her feet from behind. The heel of her shoe did not even cover the heel of her foot.

She had a case with her. She must be some sort of a sales person, I thought, waiting for a clerk to escort her to a particular department. I was determined to wait until she started walking so I could glimpse the bottoms of her stocking feet as she walked (my lifelong unbridled passion).

I must have read the pamphlet three or four times, and still no one came for her. I was afraid someone would get suspicious about me standing there so long, so I left the store with my purchase, took it to the car, tossed it into the trunk, and went back into the store.

I meandered around the isles adjacent to the office where the young lady was waiting. I inspected a number of items, all the time keeping an eye out, so I wouldn't loose her.

Eventually, another young lady, wearing a store smock, approached her, and they headed toward the exit together. On the way, the first young lady started pushing a shopping cart that contained what appeared to be a box of files. Instead of exiting the store, they veered around toward the food court!

Eurika! Just as I hoped, they sat at a table. I quickly went over and purchased a cup of coffee. There was no one else in the food court, so I had my pick of tables. I sat at a table to the side of my 'prey', and a little behind giving me a clear unobstructed view her feet.

At first she just sat with her feet on the floor talking to the store girl. Then she fixed herself more comfortably in the chair, moved her feet under the chair, popping her shoes exposing the bottoms of her feet!

Oh, oh, oh, ...I was in nylon heaven. My heart raced again. You must understand this is what I live for! And these days it is so rare that I get such a treat. I sat drinking my coffee, talking on my cell phone to "no one", going through a note book that I carry, all the while devouring the eye candy before me.

This must have gone on for a half-hour, at least. She would change the position of her feet under the chair, giving me a variety of views of her lovely stocking feet.

As I sat there observing, I conjectured that, being a sales person, she was probably from out of town, and most likely staying at a local hotel. So I started formulating my plan. I rehearsed my lines to myself over and over so as not to come across as a bumbling idiot.

Finally the store girl got up and left. I mustered up all the courage I could find, went over to her and said, "Excuse me. I hope you won't be offended if I thank you for your stocking feet."

"My socking feet?" She asked.

"I apologize, I have sort of a fetish for stocking feet, and I was sitting over there and couldn't help notice and admire yours, and it's so rare to see a lady wearing pantyhose these days I just wanted to express my appreciation." I said.

"I don't know what to say." She said

"You don't have to say anything. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you. You must think I'm some kind of weirdo or something, but I'm really not. I'm just a regular guy who has this secret fetish, which absolutely no one knows about...again I'm really sorry to have embarrassed you." I said.

I started to leave, and she said, "Wait, would you like to sit down? I'm kind of intrigued by your story, and you don't look like a weirdo to me. I have a gut feeling that you're pretty safe, can you reassure me?"

"I can show you my drivers license." I pulled out my wallet and showed it to her. "That's me, Freddie Costello." I said. "I have several credit cards, there's my Lifetime VFW card, My Elks membership card. I own my own home, am an upstanding member of the community, and I have a dog!"

She laughed. "That did it. Anyone who has a dog has got to be a good person. I think we can be friends."

"Wonderful!" I said. "And thank you. I really feel honored."

"Honored?" She said. "Why should you feel honored, you don't even know me?"

"I think anyone who accepts a well meaning stranger on good faith is honorable." I said.

"Why thank you Freddie. My name is Kathy Freer, now we aren't strangers anymore." As she reached to shake my hand.

"My pleasure Kathy." I said.

"Would you like to see my ID?" she laughed. "That was very sweet of you to reassure me like that Freddie, and I really appreciate it." With that she pushed her chair back and crossed her leg toward me and dangled her shoe. "Is that what you like to see?"

"Oh, yes!" I said. "And you have very lovely feet, I might add. I studied them from back there."

"Thank you." She said. "That may be one of my best features."

"Not at all." I said. "I did notice that you are a very pretty Girl as well."

"Now, what is it you like. My foot, the pantyhose or both?" She asked.

"Usually a bare foot does nothing for me; and just a stocking does nothing, but a stocking on a foot is a real turn-on!" I said.

"Does just looking at it satisfy you?" She asked.

"On one level." I said. "Feeling it, of course takes it to another level, but the ultimate is to see a Lady play with her feet and shoes."

"Oh, I play with my shoes all the time, and rub my feet together..." She said.

"I thought so." I said. "Observing you in your pantyhose, which is rare today, and those skimpy shoes, I thought to myself, 'she must enjoy her stocking feet'."

"I do." She said. "I love the way it feels to walk with my shoes flopping off, and the feel of my stocking feet rubbing together. I never admitted this to anyone including myself. You really made me conscious of something that I just took for granted."

"Do you like foot rubs?" I asked.

"I adore a foot rub." She said. "But I never have anyone to give me one.

"Perhaps we can remedy that." I said. "May I treat you to dinner tonight?"

"Freddie, you've got a date." She said. "I'm starving and I don't know the first thing about this city. I'll be through her about 6:00. I'll wait right here."

"Great. I'll just run home, let my dog out, and meet you back here then." I said.

Six O'clock

I returned to the supermarket, went to the food court, and Kathy was sitting at a table with her legs crossed, and her shoe dangling from her toes. "Is that for me:" I asked.

"Yeah, and for me too." She said.

"Very nice, thank you." I said

"Where are you taking me?" She asked.

"Do you want to leave your car here and pick it up later?" I asked.

"That sounds like a good idea." She said.

"Great." I said. I offered her my arm, and we walked out to my car.

The restaurant was a very nice place, dimly lit and cozy. Kathy asked the Hostess for a corner table. As we perused out menus, I felt a stocking foot rub my leg under my pants.

I sucked my breath in through my teeth, and closed my eyes at the same time. "Kathy, you are an angle." I said.

She giggled and said, "I think I can have a lot of fun with you."

"I know you can." I said.

Then she put her foot on my knee and asked, "Can I get one of those foot rubs?"

I reached under the table, took her foot in my hands, and proceeded to caress and rub her socking foot.

She laid her head back, closed her eyes, and whispered, "This is heavenly."

"I'll say." I added.

"I hope I can find a husband like you." She said.

"Just make sure the guy has a stocking foot fetish." I said.

"I didn't catch your birth date on your license, do you mind telling me how old you are?" She asked.

"Seventy two." I said.

"Oh Freddie." She said. "You could have said sixty, and I would have believed you."

"Thank you." I said. "Will you marry me then?"

"I think we should find out if we're compatible first...don't you?" She said, staring at me without blinking.

"Oh my god." I said. "You just made me an offer I can't refuse."

"Well...you've really turned me on with your foot rubs and confessions...and your charm. Your vibes have tickled me in all the right places." She said. "Have you ever been married?"

"My wife passed away a year and a half ago." I said.

"Oh, I'm sorry." She said. "Did she know about your fetish?"

"She knew about my fetish right after we started dating. Back then it was stockings and garter belts, and she wore them for me every day. The first five years of our marriage was nylon heaven for me; she wore them day and night. She liked to have me rub and tickle her feet to put her to sleep!" I said.

I continued, "Then when our first daughter started talking and observing, we had to alter out habits. After that she only wore them when we had sex."

"Isn't that difficult, sex with pantyhose?" She asked.

"You can buy crotch-less pantyhose from a number of outlets, or an alternative is stockings and garter belt, but our favorite was "L'eggs Sheer Energy" with reinforced toes; they have a cotton panel that can be cut out without ruining the hose! And there are many other ways to have sex in pantyhose." I said.

"Wow!" She said. "You're really an expert on hosiery, aren't you?"

"Hosiery has been my driving passion ever since I was in the first grade, but that's another story I'll have to tell you sometime." I said.

"What say we go back to my hotel, and you can enlighten me further on the art of 'sex in pantyhose'?" She suggested.

"Hey that sounds like a good title for a story!" I said as I paid the bill and we prepared to leave. "I have to stop by my house for a minute to pick up a few things, then I'll drive you to your car, and follow you to your hotel."

"Sounds like a plan." She said.

We entered Kathy's hotel room, and she announced she was going to take a shower, and then 'slip into something comfortable'.

"Great." I said. "I'll shave while you shower, and then I'll take one." I brought a canvass bag with my electric razor, toothbrush, and some 'altered' pantyhose.

Kathy came out of the bathroom after blow-drying her hair. She wore an attractively patterned satin robe. She pointed to my bag and asked. "Do you have something in there for me?"

"I sure do." I said as I reached in the bag, and tossed her a pair of pantyhose.

"Do you have a pair for yourself?" She asked.

"I sure do." I said as I reached in the bag and pulled out another pair.

"Ooo." She mooned. "Very sensual."

I took my turn in the shower. When I came out she was sitting on the edge of the bed. "I thought you might like to see this so I waited for you." She slipped her foot into the hose slowly pulling it over her toes, up her instep, over her heel, and over her ankle. Lifting her leg out straight, she pulled the hose up to an over her knee. She repeated the procedure with her other leg, pausing to ask. "You like these reinforced toes, huh?"

"Oh Yeah." I said. "That's another story I'll have to tell you sometime. Thank you for that lovely show."

"My pleasure." She said as she tugged the rest of the pantyhose up to her waist. "Wow, these really do expose everything don't they?"

I struggled with my hose, rolling around on the bed, trying to keep my balance, sending Kathy into a fit of laughter. "I don't know how you ladies do this, but it's a real challenge for me."

"Ooh." She sighed, regaining her composure. "That's got to be the funniest thing I ever saw. I'll have to video tape that sometime."

"Do you realize, I haven't even touched you yet?" I said, as we sat along side of each other on the edge of the bed.

"I know." She said. "You've been a perfect gentleman."

"May I kiss you?" I asked.

"Please do." She replied.

And so we kissed, Just a kiss, for a long time. I love to neck, and I could tell she enjoyed it too. Then our lips started moving, and they parted. Then our tongues touched, slid over each other's, and into each other's mouth. We lay back onto the bed, still necking.

I broke our kiss momentarily to ask. "May I fondle your breasts?"

"Please do." She replied in a breathy vioce.

I slipped my hand into her robe, and fondled her breasts as we kissed. I squeezed each perfect breast in my hand, and tweaked her nipples.

"May I help you off with your robe?" I asked.

"Please do." She said.

I helped her slide off her robe, and tossed it onto the chair. She lay on the bed in just her pantyhose.

"May I give you the Freddie treatment?" I asked.

"I can't wait." She replied.

I lifted her legs, and buried my face in the soles of her feet. I kissed her soles up and down, and licked them up and down. I kissed her toes, and sucked on them. I gently set her feet down on the bed. Then I slowly massaged her nylon sheathed legs up and down, parting them as I advanced, all the while eliciting soft moans from Kathy.

As I reached her 'honey pot', I could feel the heat radiating from it. I kissed the inside of her thighs. I licked the slick shaved skin on either side of her mons, lightly kissing her vulva in between each lick.

I moved up to her pelvic region kissing and licking the whole area closer and closer to her clitoris. I kissed around the outside of her clitoris, occasionally stabbing it lightly with my tongue. Kathy was starting to squirm.

I dropped down to her vulva, slid my tongue in between her lips, and slowly licked up and down. I teased her vagina with my tongue, and licked my way back up to her clit. I placed my mouth over her clit and slowly patted it with my tongue.

Kathy was really beginning to get worked up now. She started moving her hips in earnest, humping her clit into my mouth. I started wagging my tongue against her clit, faster, and faster. She was working into a frenzy, and I could tell she was close to an orgasm. I kept wagging my tongue against her clit, and Wham! She lifted her ass right off the bed, arching her back!

"Ohhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh, ngngngngn. Oh, Freddie, oh god!" She cried. "Oh god. Ohhhh." Struggling to catch her breath, she was rubbing her hands over my head, and rubbing her feet up and down my own pantyhose legs. "Freddie... that was truly the most powerful and amazing orgasm I have ever had. Come up her so I can kiss you."

I slid up her body, and planted my mouth on hers. Our tongues duled in a frenzy of passion. My stiff dick was at her wet place, and slid in with ease. We slowly ground and pumped together. She put her legs up on my shoulders, and rubbed her feet together behind my head, driving me crazy.

"Do you like that?" She breathlessly whispered.

"I love it, I love it." I whispered back.

We slowly fucked, savoring the delicious feeling. "You can massage your clit if you want to," I said.

"I don't think I have to." She said. "You did such a good job on it I've been on the verge of coming again ever since; and I think I'm ready now. Are you?"

"Yeah, I think I'm ready." I said.

We increased our speed rapidly approaching climax.

"Oh kathy, ahahahah, mmmph." I shot my wad into her belly.

"Oh Freddie, ahahahah, oooooooh, ngngngng. Oh god."

As our climaxes subsided, we just lay there until I just couldn't hold myself up any longer. My limp dick slid out of her, so I rolled over, and lay along side her. We kissed, and cuddled, and fell asleep in each other's arms; slowly sliding our feet up and down each other's legs.

To be continued.

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