The two teenage girls walked through the rapidly darkening evening towards the toilets and shower amenities for the camping grounds, Caroline and Janetta chatted and laughed as they passed along the track through the overgrown undergrowth. The eldest by one year Caroline was a very pretty strawberry blonde with full red pouting lips, she wore a bright red sundress that left her shoulders bare and clung to her thin body. Janetta was nearly as tall even though she was barely eighteen, she was slender rather than thin in her soft blue dress that showed her blue eyes and blonde hair to perfection. Both girls raced into the showers building and Caroline laughed as she claimed the one shower that closed properly.

"Looks like you got to wait until I finish." Caroline laughed.

"I don't care, but you got to wait for me to finish before you leave." Janetta said.

"What ever." Caroline answered as she tossed her clothes over the door and turned on the water, she washed quickly, the later than usual hour would anger their parents if they happened to return to the campervan and found the girls were away from the vehicle after dark. Janetta hurriedly took her sister's place when Caroline stepped out of the cubical to dress, Caroline snatched her red dress up from the floor where it had fallen when she had retrieved her underwear and surveyed the large wet patch on the bodice. Caroline eyed the blue dress several moments before dropping the red dress onto the seat and pulling the blue dress over her head.

"See you back at the van." Caroline yelled as she ran off with her hair wrapped in her towel.

Janetta hurried out of the shower stall and spied the red dress, realising what had happen she reluctantly pulled the wet dress down over her body and tried to wipe away the worst of the dampness that made the dress cling to her breasts. Leaving her wet hair hang down her back she pushed the darkened strands back off her face, the night had darkened to an almost black sky with the thin sliver of the new moon barely casting any light.

Hurriedly she started down the track and had only made it to the first bend when a dark form glided from the surrounding bushes, Janetta had no chance to scream before a strong hand covered her mouth and another arm hauled her back against a hard body. Having been repeatedly warned by her parents as well as her two older brothers of the dangers of walking by herself in dark and shadowed areas she was well aware of the possible dangers she was clearly was faced with, panic stricken she immediately began to struggle frantically. She was dragged backwards threw the bushes as she struggled wildly and she could vaguely make out a second dim form not far from her and the person who held her tightly. Terrified to find herself being dragged into the surrounding undergrowth she struggled wildly and even grabbed at branches as she tried to halt the progress of whoever held her, finally they stopped at a large powerful bike with a sidecar attached, the second figure moved close to peer into Janetta's large terrified eyes.

"Your gonna get in tha sidecar with me mate and give us no trouble or you'll be sorry. "He warned gruffly.

Realising she would be taken away from where ever they had dragged her made her realise she exactly how grave her situation was, desperately she struggled as she kicked out towards him in a last desperate effort to escape, he chuckled and jerked her legs out from beneath her and they wrestled her to the ground.

"Last chance to behave or we could perhaps have some fun." the one holding her whispered near her ear.

The man holding her ankles ran a hand up between her thighs and Janetta screamed against the hand clamped over her mouth, both men chuckled and the hand around her waist rose to cup her breast roughly. Janetta began crying as the men managed to get both her and the one who held her into the sidecar, the other man straddled the bike and quickly kicked the motor to life. As they sped along back tracks, the tight hold on her mouth was released and she cringed as warm lips brushed her ear, he chuckled and lent closer. "Do like we say and you won't be knocked about." He said roughly.

Janetta buried her face in her hands and sobbed brokenly, she was terrified and knew that every second meant she was being taken further away from where she had been abducted from and with every passing bend in the road meant the chances of her being found and rescued before something horrible happened to her decreased.

Two hours later she lifted her head tiredly as the bike came to a halt in front of a small cabin seemingly in the middle of no-where, the bike engine was silenced and Janetta stumbled as she was pulled roughly from the sidecar. She tried to halt her forward progress as she was dragged into the cabin but the man who held her wrist had no regard for her as he pulled her along, he let go of her wrist as the door was shut behind the second man and Janetta took several steps until she was out of reach. One of the men turned on the light and Janetta squinted in the bright glare, she shaded her eyes and watched the two men fearfully, they were looking at her faintly surprised. "Looks like we grabbed the wrong one." The heavier set man said. The other man was studying her closely. "She might be a mite young but she's tha betta lookin' " He told his companion. Janetta looked around the room hoping to see some possible way to escape, the two men studied her before they turned away and one got two beers from the fridge while the other put several pies in the microwave oven to heat. The thinner of the two picked up a pair of scissors and walked towards her, Janetta backed away fearing he intended to use the scissors on her she made a dash for the door behind her. The door opened into a room with four large beds and Janetta ran to the window only to find it bared, she turned around to face him as he approached her and tried to move out around him to get to the door she had came in by. "I don't like that dress, I can't see your legs." He said as he eyed the hem that reached nearly to her ankles, he met her eyes and grinned wolfishly. "Maybe I should just make you take it off." He murmured. "What are you going to do to me?" She asked in a shaky voice, he raised one eyebrow and trailed his eyes down over her body slowly as he moved closer. "Nothing your gonna mind one bit, fact is you'll be begging for more." he said. Janetta was nearly backed into a corner when he reached out to catch her dress. "No!" She screamed and jerked her dress out of reach as she pressed back into the corner, he smiled enjoying the spirit she showed and motioned to the spot in front of him. "Here, now." He said softly.

Janetta shock her head and tried to sneak along one wall only he took a step towards her. "Don't tell me no or you'll get hurt." He warned her. "Now come here."

Slowly she moved to stand in front of him, he reached out and pulled a handful of skirt up to begin cutting it, he cut it so short it barely covered her nickers. Satisfied with the length of her dress he caught her by the hair and led her roughly to the main room, the other man turned to eye her with approval and grinned his appreciation.

"Sit!" She was shoved towards a chair well away from the table and the two men watched as she sat on the edge of the chair primly, the one who had dragged her from the room shook his head and jerked her roughly from the chair. "Not like that! Wait a moment I got me a ideeya." He said as he reached down and quickly slipped his hand up under the cut edge of her dress to hook his fingers in the waist of her nickers and attempt to pull them down, Janetta caught at her underwear and tried to prevent his removing it. "No!" She sobbed fearfully, she was sent sprawling by his swift backhand and looked up at him as he moved to stand over her. "I told ya not ta tell me no. Now take them off." He ordered with a hard tone to his voice, Janetta looked up imploringly but he glared down at her. "Now." He ordered in a soft deadly tone, Janetta looked down and slowly pulled her underwear off as she tried to stifle her sobs. "Get up and you sit on tha chair back tha front, close to tha back." He ordered, he watched as she got to her feet and reluctantly sat on the chair as he had instructed, she lay her arms across the back of the chair and buried her face in her arms as she cried. Footsteps approached her and she gripped the chair tightly to prevent herself from jumping up off the chair, large hands slid down over her shoulders and cupped her breasts, she flinched but remained on the chair. The hands slid down over her stomach and she was unable to prevent a cry of horror as she leapt off the chair as the hand slid between her legs, she was instantly jerked up against a hard body as the larger man caught her to him. "I weren't doin' nothin' your boyfriend aint done." He told her. "I don't do those things!" She denied as she tried to stop crying. The other man walked over and caught her chin in his hand roughly. "You saying you a virgin?" he asked with a gleam in his eyes, unable to force an answer she managed a faint knod. "I can tell if your lyin'" he warned, he jerked one of her legs up and his free hand delved between her thighs, she tensed with a terrified cry as his fingers found her passage and she felt the foreign sensation of his invasion, he removed his hand with a smile and turned back to his mug of coffee. "Sit her back down." He turned around to study the girl. "Hey Blondie, I got something you might like when we start playing games." he told her as he rubbed at the growing bulge in his jeans, the large man slid his hands down over her back to cup her bottom. "My name's Hawk, that's Jake. Your my woman now, you do as I say and we'll get on fine, you fight or give me back talk you get worse than what you got for tellin' me no, understand?" his voice was hard and warned her he would except no argument, she knodded and began to cry in large noisy sobs. "Shut up that caterwauling' or I'll back hand you." he warned, she tried to quieten down but it was impossible to stop her crying, seeing she was trying to stop her crying Hawk looked over at his friend. Jake walked over and sat on the chair behind her, Janetta jerked in surprise and tried to get off the chair but Jake held her against his chest with a strong arm and slid one hand down over her stomach and between her thighs. "Hawk's gonna put his big dick in your little pussy and fuck you, then I'm gonna have my turn, by the time we finish with you you aint gonna be no virgin." Jake said as he nuzzled her ear.

Janetta jerked away from his lips and tried to push away his hand that was between her thighs, he moved off the chair and went over to eat his pies. Janetta put both arms on the back of the chair and buried her face against her arms as she sobbed quietly. When both men had finished eating Hawk pulled Janetta to her feet and slid one hand down her back to press her hips hard against him. Jake headed into the bedroom and Hawk soon followed dragging a struggling Janetta behind him, Jake already had a packet of condoms on the bed and a tube of lubricating gel within easy reach on a cabinet beside the bed. Hawk released his hold on Janetta's wrist and she retreated to the corner of the room while he sat on the bed and quickly shed his boots, socks, leather jacket and t-shirt leaving only his low riding jeans. "Take your dress off." he ordered, Janetta shook her head in refusal as she glanced from Hawk to Jake and back again. "Do as your told and I'll make sure it don't hurt more than it has to, refuse to do as your told and we'll make sure you feel it hurt." he warned "Now take your dress off."

Again Janetta shook her head in refusal and Hawk frowned as he moved towards her, Janetta made a last moment desperate attempt to rush past him to get to the door but Hawk pinned her between the wall and his body. He caught her chin in one hand and forced her face up towards his so he could kiss her, his thumb pressed hard into the hinge of her jaw and Janetta was forced to open her mouth allowing him to plunge his tongue into her mouth aggressively as he kissed her. Jake tossed aside the last of his clothes and got into the double bed nearest them tossing the covers back. "Get her over here." Jake said and Hawk raised his head to glance over his shoulder before turning Janetta around quickly and forcing backwards against the bed until she stumbled and fell back onto the bed. Jake reached over her and pulled her onto the bed fully before pinning her against the bed with his upper body. "No, please don't do this, I don't want this to happen, stop, no." Janetta protested as the dress was wrestled from her struggling body.

A sharp hard slap to her rear made her give a startled cry. "What did I say about saying no? Now shut the fuck up!" Hawk ordered and Janetta sobbed as she swallowed the protests that wanted to burst from her. "Hold her there for a moment while I loose these jeans would ya?" Hawk asked and Janetta found herself pinned beneath Jake once again, he grinned down at her as he held both her arms above her head in one hand and reached down to fondle her breasts with his other hand. Janetta began crying harder as Hawk forced her thighs apart before settling himself down and lowering his head to begin licking and sucking at her opening, Janetta jerked in reaction as his lips closed over her clit and he sucked strongly. Jake laughed softly as he glanced down to see what Hawk was doing then he lowered his own head to circle one nipple with his tongue before sucking it into his mouth, Janetta bucked beneath their combined attentions and struggled futilely. Hawk laughed as he tasted her juices as she became aroused against her will, he reached for a condom, tore it open and rolled it on before slapping Jake on the back of one shoulder. Jake moved off her releasing her wrists and Hawk moved up over her body, realising what was about to happen Janetta struggled wildly. "No no no please don't!" She begged desperately. Hawk tensed then pinned her arms above her head with brutal force, he glared down into her face. "I have repeatedly told you about telling me no! Now you learn the hard way!" he growled as his free hand felt between their bodies. A savage tearing pain forced it's way deep between her thighs, Janetta screamed and bucked violently beneath him but there was a tearing pain as he lent most of his weight into her hips. "It hurts.......oow, it hurts!" she sobbed but he began moving over her strongly as he ignored her cries, the pain quickly centred in her most private place and she struggled briefly before surrendering to his greater strength and laying there passively while he pumped into her mercilessly.

No sooner Hawk withdrew from her aching body then Jake pulled her hips to the edge of the bed and pushed into her, the pain this time wasn't as fierce and the rhythmic movement as he nearly withdrew only to plunge into her again soon created a growing sense of confusion as her body began to respond to what was happening. "No no no" Janetta whimpered as she turned her head from side to side, her body arching beneath Jake as she fought the confusing sensations. Jake grunted and moved so he could reach down between them to play with her clit, Janetta grabbed at the sheet beneath her as she bucked beneath him and turned her head away from where Hawk was watching her through narrowed eyes. Finally Jake shuddered as he found his release deep within her body, when Jake rolled off her body Hawk caught hold of one side of her face and tried to direct her towards the erection he had gotten from watching Jake rape her. "Suck me off." Hawk ordered.

Janetta shook her head and tried to escape his grip and Hawk swore softly, Jake looked back over his shoulder from where he sat on the edge of the bed about to light a smoke, seeing Hawk's annoyance and Janetta struggling Jake moved to sit leaning back against the headboard of the bed so he could watch Hawk subdue her. "No is it? and you said no to Jake while he was fucking you, looks like you need another lesson about saying no." Hawk declared as he forcibly rolled her onto her stomach so he could deliver half a dozen hard slaps to her bare bottom.

Janetta squealed with fright and pain and tried crawling away from the slaps only to be stopped by the headboard. Hawk smiled cruelly as he watched the cheeks of her bottom turn bright red from the hits he had just dealt, he licked his lips in anticipation as he noted how soft and curved her bottom was. "Lesson number two in saying no." Hawk said as he forced her into 'doggy style' position. Janetta screamed and struggled briefly as he surged into her abused passage once again, he pulled out after several strokes and lined his slick penis up with the tight little rosebud of her arsehole.

Janetta collapsed onto the bed as she tried to escape the pain as he forced the head of his penis into her, she clutched a pillow to her face as she screamed fearing she would say the "N" word and cause him to become crueller. "Frig she's tight!" Hawk exclaimed and withdrew from her body, Janetta went limp with relief then tensed again. "Pass me the lube would ya? I'll just loosen her up some." Hawk said to Jake.

Janetta felt something cold and wet touch her arsehole then Hawk forced his fingers into her trying to make her passage slightly looser so she was no longer that tight it was painful to fuck her. Janetta whimpered into the pillow but was unable to escape the pressure that threatened to tear her intimately, she tried to moved her hips away from what was fast becoming painful but Hawk forced another finger inside her and Janetta began to fight as a sharp stinging sensation built. Finally Hawk removed his fingers only to reposition himself behind her, she screamed against the pillow as he thrust into her with no regard for her comfort, she shuddered and cried out against the pillow as he fucked her hard and fast. Hawk groaned deeply as he tensed against her and slowly relaxed, he could still feel her trembling from pain as he eased from her body to flop out flat beside her. "Come, suck me off." Jake ordered.

Janetta glanced at him a moment before moving reluctantly down over his body, aware of the fact she was not allowed to refuse she lowered her head and began her task. Jake groaned with pleasure and rubbed a gentle hand over her shoulders as she plied her tongue and lips uncertainly, gasping the back of her neck he carefully held her head still as he pressed against the hinge of her jaw to make her open her mouth. Gently and carefully he pumped into her mouth ready to release his hold at the first sign of her choking. He groaned and was unable to hold his climax as her lips engulfed his entire shaft, gently he pulled her up to his chest and kissed her lightly. "You done real good." Hawk said softly from behind her. "You finished mate?" he asked Jake. "Yeah." Jake's voice was thick with coming sleep.

When Hawk was finished his smoke he put the but out in the ash tray and rolled over to pull Janetta close, cuddle her and tangle his legs with hers.

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