It was a Friday night in Southeast Asia and we were in the basement bar of a decent quality hotel. We were in country doing logistical and training support for US military equipment owned by the friendly nation. There were four new guys on our team and I had brought them here for their first night in the country. As usual, guys from the States didn't know how to handle women expressing interest in them. They normally went overboard and this time was no exception.

The four new guys, all of them retired military, were tearing it up on the dance floor with the first bar girl that had talked to them. Well, they were trying to tear it up. Watching fifty-something year old men flail around as if they were teenagers at prom was as fascinating as it was cringe worthy. I had a good vantage point of the action while seated at the bar's counter, facing the stage.

A few of the working girls would look at me then back to my older counterparts. They didn't approach me, and I knew the problem. I looked too young to have money. It always amused me to hear one of the jaded working women say that about me.

I took another swig from my local beer as I watched the guys dance and the girls position themselves around, trying to lock down their prey for the night. Movement to my right drew my attention. A familiar looking bartender had entered the busy back bar and made her way over to me. It was Putri, one of the more experienced bartenders and I'd known her for years now.

"Tony! What are you doing here? Does Tami know you're here?"

"Hey, Putri. Just having a beer and Tami and I aren't together anymore," I replied before taking another swig of my brew.

Putri frowned at me as she considered her next words. Keeping quiet about being split from Tami would've just fired up the gossip circuit. It was best to head everything off and just spill the truth.

"Why? You were with her how many years?"

"Five years," I said with my best nonchalant shrug as if it didn't hurt. It did hurt. A lot actually. But I'd be damned if I showed any overt emotion over the loss of another long term relationship.

Putri just stared at me, waiting. I sighed and finished off the beer.

"Her Mom was furious about her being with a foreigner for five years so she split us up. Locked Tami in her room, threw out her phone and has arranged a marriage next month to a nice kid of a friendly family."

I shrugged as if it was no big deal. It was a big deal. I had proposed, finally, and met her parents. Parents who did not like me at all. The first sign things weren't going well were the arguments about my age. I didn't look my age, looking like I was in my mid-twenties should've been a benefit and not a hindrance.

Putri said some sympathetic things; I tuned most of it out. What could I do really? No nice girl in this country would defy her parents to marry someone they didn't approve of.

"What are you going to do?" she asked.

"What can I do?" I countered. "Her parents have already decided. Her friends have told me she still wants to see me but cucking some kid because his parents made him marry some girl he didn't know is a dick move, right?"

"Yes but she doesn't love him so it doesn't count," Putri said with conviction.

Women. A woman could say cheating on a guy she didn't love wasn't cheating because there was no love. I never understood female logic; it just didn't make any sense to me. It ran counter to guy code.

"Putri, I'd love a shot of tequila. Have one with me," I said, distracting her from more talk about something that was over and done.

"We'll celebrate my oh and two record."

She looked blankly at me. "Oh and two?" she asked.

Of course, she didn't know sports terminology. I knew that I should've phrased that differently from the start.

"It's the second time I asked a girl to marry me and the second time it's been no, so let's have some shots."

Putri laughed at me, the unfeeling wretch, and turned to get the bottle and shot glasses. I idly glanced around the bar taking in the sights as I waited. The guys were still going at it on the dance floor much to the amusement of the girls. The bouncers kept a wary eye out on the patrons and the employees. All in all, it was a normal Friday night.

Putri set the two shot glasses on the counter before me and took the empty beer glass. Quickly pouring the two shots she set the bottle in the well. While she looked around for the salt and lime, I picked up my shot and downed it, welcoming the burning.

"Wait," she said laughing. "We need the lime at least."

"Too late," I gasped out setting the glass on the counter. "One more."

She made a face at me then downed her shot. She was a trooper. Putri gasped and made gagging noises while shuddering.

"You're crazy," she managed to say.

"Yes, but you followed my lead. That makes you crazy-crazy."

Putri managed to half laugh half wheeze and slammed a hand flat against the counter.

"This time, we use salt and lime."

I nodded, feeling the burning as the tequila heated up my core. "Sure, whatever you say."

She stuck her tongue out at me before turning to rummage around for the required ingredients. A few of the other bartenders were gossiping among themselves while looking in our direction. My attention was diverted as someone brushed past my back. Half-turning, I caught the glimpse of a beautiful girl striding to a corner table just to my left. She was a head shorter than the other girls in the bar but walked with her back straight, head held high as if she owned the place.

The woman was wearing a light blue form fitting dress that hugged her hourglass shape. Her long black hair was lightly curled and cascaded down her back. As she sat at the table, she met my gaze with a smile that caused her dark green eyes to sparkle. Her pale skin looked flawless in the bar's dim lighting, besides her bright red lipstick, it didn't look like she was wearing much makeup.

The sound and movement of Putri setting a small dish of lime wedges and a saltshaker on the counter pulled my attention from the woman. Putri was still making a sour face at me, which caused me to smile.

"Ready?" I asked.

She answered by sticking her tongue back out at me before shaking salt on the back of her hand. After picking up a lime, she held her shot glass with a death grip and took a deep breath.

I smiled at her and picked up my shot glass to wiggle it at her. "They're still empty, Putri."

Putri laughed and shook her head while exclaiming, "You make me crazy."

I couldn't help but laugh as she pulled the bottle of tequila from the well with a shaking hand. She took a deep steadying breath before pouring out our shots.

"Kepala kosong," she swore at me as she returned the tequila to the bottle well.

It meant empty head or idiot. I did like their language; it tended to make sense even though the placement of the adverbs and adjectives drove me nuts. She once again salted her already salted hand and she picked up the lime and gripped the shot glass.

"Kepala kosong," I toasted as I downed the shot, once again forgoing the salt and lime.

She laughed and choked down her shot, quickly licking her hand and sucking on the green wedge. We both shuddered from the feeling of the tequila burning its way down. Putri dropped the wedge in a trashcan and sucked on a second lime.

I let out a sigh as the burning sensation cleared away any lingering emotions. Putri grimaced at me again and I smiled.

"So," she said. "What have you been doing since the split?"

"The usual," I replied truthfully. "I've returned to being a slut."

She frowned in confusion. I could tell she didn't understand the term.

"Butterfly," I clarified. "I've turned into a night butterfly."

Slut and night butterfly were the same things really. Night butterfly just applied more to guys who were constantly with different girls every day.

She shook her head disapprovingly at me while saying, "You're going to get sick doing that!"

"You need a nice girl to settle down with and have babies to keep you busy," she added.

"I tried that, it didn't work so now it's back to what I know."

Putri tsked at me, she was clearly winding herself up to harp her point home. To distract her I gestured with my head to my left.

"What's the deal with the girl in the corner? The one in the blue? Is she an ayam?"

Ayam simply meant chicken, but in reference to women, it meant a bar girl or lady of the night.

Putri glanced at the woman I indicated and looked at me like I was stupid. She probably wasn't wrong.

"That's no ayam," she said in disbelief.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

She nodded and said, "You can tell. She's too beautiful to be ayam."

"Has she been in here before?"

Putri shook her head and said, "No. First time I've seen her here. I'd remember someone like her."

"Putri!" I gasped in a teasing tone. "Are you checking her out?"

She laughed and smacked my hand. "No, I'm normal. You're such a pervert."

"Aw," I said in fake profound sorrow. "I'd like to see you and her together."

Putri smacked my hand again and shook her head.

"Another drink?"

I sighed and said, "Nope. I should go before I say something dumb."

Putri laughed at me again. Standing up, I paid my tab and handed her a tip. She waved as I made my way out of the bar and to the stairs up to hotel reception. I was feeling moderately proud of myself; I hadn't stumbled or wobbled on my way out.

As I made my way up the two flights of stairs to the hotel lobby I was surprised to see the woman in blue standing on the landing. She was looking at me in a detached appraising way. I shook my head, trying to dispel the sudden feeling of unease. She probably had just left the bar before me.

I smiled at her politely as I walked past her to the other flight of stairs heading up. She didn't speak as I passed her, her eyes remained fixed on me. My shoulders tightened from the feeling of her stare and tension as I went up the steps. I glanced over my shoulder and paused. She wasn't there anymore.

Maybe I was more intoxicated than I thought. It was probably a good thing I had stopped drinking when I did. Passing out in a hotel bar would be embarrassing and I would surely wake up with a lot less money in my pocket.

Shaking my head, I continued up the stairs. Busy watching my feet placement, I didn't notice the person staring at me until I reached the top. It was the woman in blue again.

Frowning, I stared at her. She was still giving me that detached, evaluating look. The earlier sense of unease returned in force. I turned towards the exit and stopped. The hotel lobby should be full of employees, guests and girls heading to the bar or hotel rooms. It was empty, not a soul and not a sound.

That's it. It was time to get out of Dodge. Just as I took the first step to the exit, the woman in blue was right in front of me. I blinked in surprise and tried to step around her but couldn't move. She was very close to me, just inches away. Her dark green eyes stared intently into my own; they reminded me of the eyes of a hunting cat.

She smiled slowly and held up a hotel room key card in perfectly manicured fingers. She stepped closer, pressing her impressive bust against my body. Her head came to just below my sternum. A sweet scent filled my lungs with each breath. In spite of myself, I could feel my tension slipping away with each inhalation. A part of my mind was screaming at me, urging me to get away.

"I'm Briselen, you promised to tuck me into bed. Remember?" she breathed while staring into my eyes.

I found myself nodding like a dunce as the screaming in my mind intensified. Of course I hadn't promised that, I had never met her before now but somehow I was agreeing with her. She stepped back and gave me a Cheshire cat grin before grabbing my hand. Tugging my hand, she guided me to the elevators to the hotel rooms. There was a popping noise in my ears and the silent lobby suddenly roared with life and activity.

Glancing around in bemusement, I could see people and employees moving around in normal fashion. The experiences of just a few moments ago faded and seemed surreal. I moved to rub at a temple when Briselen intercepted my hand and held both tightly.

"Now now," she said in a sultry drawl. "I'll make you feel wonderful. Trust me."

Once again, I nodded like an idiot. I knew something was wrong, very wrong. My body wouldn't do what I wanted nor could I speak. All I could do was watch while memories of all the horror stories I've ever read paraded themselves across my consciousness.

She smiled at me as if she knew what I was thinking and found it amusing. The ding of an elevator pulled her attention from me. Tugging my hands, she led me into the lift and quickly hit the button for the 15th floor. Hotels in the region typically didn't have a 4th or 13th floor as they were considered unlucky. In practice, the 15th floor would be the good old lucky 13.

My eyes widened, I had that much control at least, as the realization set in. At this moment, it seemed less than a coincidence and more of a harbinger of doom. Briselen smiled again and effortlessly pushed me against the back of the elevator wall. She was far stronger than she appeared. Placing a hand against the back of my head, she pulled me down into a kiss.

Her lips were soft and tasted faintly of apples. Her kisses were hungry and each time I'd break off the kiss she'd recapture my lips, her breathing coming faster. Every time our lips would meet, I could feel some control return to my body.

Pulling my head down further, she whispered in my ear, "Trust me, love me."

There was a soundless ringing in my head after she spoke, akin to a shifting pressure. It was strange as if my thoughts had reordered themselves to please her. My worries faded into faint whimpers against the sudden urge to kiss her.

I pushed her against the elevator wall and her eyes widened in surprise. A protest formed on her lips before I silenced it with a kiss of my own. I captured her lower lip in-between mine and sucked on it gently. Her groans of pleasure filled the confined space. I shifted my legs as my erection grew and shifted in my pants.

The tone of the elevator reaching the 15th floor seemed excessively loud. Briselen gave me a predatory look as she pulled me out of the elevator and down the carpeted hallway. My eyes traveled down her back to her heart shaped butt as I obediently followed her. I had to admit, I might have willingly followed that tight flexing ass anywhere.

Briselen barely paused as we reached room 1513; the keycard opened the door with a happy chirp. She kicked off her shoes, not slowing her pace as she pulled me into the bedroom. Spinning around, she used her momentum to push me onto the bed as she stood over me. Her eyes seemed to glow in the dim light of the room.

She reached behind her back and started to unzip her dress as I sat up on the bed. I pulled her to me and kissed her while stopping her hand at the zipper. She gave me a questioning look, I gave her a quick kiss and undid the back of her dress myself. She smiled and let me slide the straps off her shoulders.

Each inch of skin that the falling dress revealed was creamy white and free of any blemishes. Much like her eyes, a luminescence seemed to fill her pale flesh. With a soft rustle, her dress fell to the floor around her feet. Other than the hair on her head, she was completely hairless. I ran my hands along her body, from her shoulders down to her narrowing waist to the flare of her hips. There was not a trace of spare flesh to be found.

The smile never left her lips as I caressed her body. I shivered as the glow in her deep dark green eyes intensified. She grabbed my wandering hands and guided them to her tits, using my hands to cup them outside the bra. After releasing them, she reached behind herself and undid the clasp.

I eagerly pulled the bra away, freeing her tits from their confines. I gazed at them for a moment, taking in the full roundness of her impressive globes. Large pink nipples surrounded by puffy areolas captured my attention. I gently cupped her tits, lifting and squeezing them, the soft mass filled my hands. Leaning forward, I flicked my tongue across one tip of a nipple then the other, drawing soft gasps of pleasure from her.

Lightly kissing a nipple, I wrapped it in my lips and gently sucked on it until it was hard. Switching between her nipples, I lavished them with attention. I alternated between soft then hard sucks, gentle bites, to energetically suckling on the nipple while my tongue flicked across the hard tips. All the while, my hands would squeeze and massage each breast.

Briselen had her hands buried in my hair. Her gasps of pleasure and soft moans filled the quiet room. She would use her hands to guide my head from one tit to the other, making sure I didn't neglect one in favor of its twin.

"You must love big tits," she groaned, shuddering against me.

I sucked hard on her left nipple, pulling my head back, tugging it out as far as I could before releasing it. She moaned and pulled at my hair.

"Girls here don't have tits this size. They're perfect. So soft but firm and I love your nipples," I replied, gazing into her cat-like eyes.

Her face was flushed as she smiled at me. Pushing my head back, she brought her lips to within inches of mine. Our panting breath mingling as she gazed into my eyes.

"I'll make sure you have a matching pair then."

I blinked and before I could ask her what she meant she kissed me. She shoved her tongue in between my lips and into my mouth. I shivered against her, my hands squeezing her tits as our tongues energetically wrestled in our mouths. She broke our kiss and tugged my shirt over my head. Pushing me back, I fell on the bed and groaned in disappointment.

Briselen growled, it sounded primal and tugged each of my shoes off. After tossing them carelessly against the wall, she grabbed my jeans. In quick efficient movements, she stripped me in record time. My underwear followed next, my freed cock bounced against my pelvis. She made a happy sound as she gazed at my swollen erection and slid her panties down her legs.

Crawling over me, she dragged her nipples across my body, deliberately avoiding my throbbing member. My eyes followed each sway of her pendulous tits as they came closer to my mouth. Biting her lower lip, she lowered a nipple into my waiting mouth only to pull it out after a moment of me sucking on it. She repeated it for her other nipple and gasped at the sensation of my lips wrapping around the swollen nubs before she tugged it out.

She shuffled forward on her hands and knees until her hips hovered over my face. She used the back of her feet to pin my shoulders to the bed, to keep me from moving. I watched as her waist lowered towards me. Even in the dim light, I could see that her pussy was dripping wet. Each lip of her oozing gash was swollen red and gleamed with moisture. Her smooth hairless mound looked enticing, and I could smell her excitement as she lowered herself to my mouth.

I raised my head up and placed a kiss against the inside of each thigh, causing her to gasp and shiver. Each kiss was placed closer to her puffy pussy but just to the side. I might not be able to move much but I could tease her. She groaned and wiggled around, trying to intercept each kiss with her dripping pussy. Feeling as if I had made a point, I finally slid my tongue along the length of her swollen cunt, lapping at her drooling gash. She ground her hips into my face her panting filled the room.

Briselen cried out, her hips thrust forward into my face as her juices filled my mouth. She ground herself onto me while shuddering. Leaning back, she looked down at me while her hips undulated. Her eyes were half closed, her mouth open as she groaned and gasped. She gripped a handful of my hair and pulled my head into her pelvis, I used her momentum to shove my tongue into her. Arching her back, she let loose a deep animalistic grunt and shuddered. Again, my mouth flooded with her fluids as I wiggled my tongue around inside her quivering pussy.

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