Stolen Ch. 02


Hawk woke in the morning and sat up with a frown as he realised the girl wasn't on the bed with him, looking around the room he spied her in the far corner huddled up with a sheet wrapped around her.

"What do you think your doing?" he asked tightly.

She flinched and huddled into the sheet more if that was possible.

"Get over here!" Hawk ordered sharply.

Janetta began crying quietly but clutched the sheet to her and moved to the bed reluctantly, Hawk caught the sheet and pulled her down beside him roughly.

"You don't leave the bed until I stay you can. Understand?" he asked roughly.

Janetta knodded and lay where she had fallen praying he wouldn't touch her this morning. Hawk lay back and glanced at Janetta where she lay near him trying not to attract his attention, idlely he reached for his smokes only to toss them aside and pull Janetta up onto the pillow beside him by her upper arm. Her cheeks were damp from tears and her mouth softly swollen from last night, she clung to the sheet as he tried to take it from her and he slapped her on the thigh, not real hard but hard enough to sting and warn her to allow him to do what he liked. He made a sound of approval in his throat as he took his time running his hand over her body, she flinched and clamped her thighs tightly together as his hand brushed the inside of her thigh, he forced her thighs apart but instead of touching where he knew she'd be sore he ran his hand lightly up and over the curls that covered that place.

"I'm hungry, you can go to the toilet then cook me something to eat." he told her, Janetta hurried from the bed and Hawk laughed as he watched her pull on the cut dress.

In the kitchen Janetta sent a nervous glance at Jake as he sat at the table working on an engine part, he looked her way briefly but he had heard Hawks voice and after the slaps he had given her earlier for not being in the bedroom he knew she was to scared to leave the room without being told. She began to search the fridge and found sausages, eggs and tomatoes to cook for Hawk, she was putting a frypan on the stove to heat when Hawk came out from the room to eye her with irritation. Janetta looked around uneasily as he approached her and he backhanded her with enough force to send her sprawling on the floor before he stood over her.

"I told you to go to the toilet first." he said harshly. Jake looked up from what he was doing.

"She was in the bathroom when I got up." Jake said.

Hawk grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet roughly before dragging her to the bathroom and pushing her towards the toilet not without considerable force.

"You don't leave a room unless I say you can. You don't do anything without my permission first, now sit on that toilet and for your sake you had better use it or I'll give you a good slap." He warned.

Janetta sat on the toilet and was relieved to hear the faint sound of tinkling water as she relieved herself, when she had finished she looked at Hawk uncertainly and he knodded.

"Wash your hands and go cook my breakfast." he ordered.

Janetta hurried to do as he said and was soon cooking sausages in the frypan, Hawk wondered into the room and looked into the pan, idly he collected two more sausages to toss into the pan.

"You can eat with me." Hawk told her, he turned from the stove and went over to help Jake with the carburettor.

Hawk turned his head to watch as Janetta finally placed his plate of food on the table well away from the work the men were doing and went to collect her own plate, Hawk sat down and surveyed his plate a moment before poking the eggs with his fork.

"I like my eggs scrambled not fried." he told her.

Janetta looked his way uncertainly but Hawk began to eat his food, clearly it was a remark so she would know better next time. Janetta ate hungrily, she had missed out on tea the previous night and lunch had been no more than a small snack to tide her over until teatime. When Hawk was finished he left his plate and returned to helping Jake, Janetta looked at him uncertainly, finally Hawk looked up at her and noted with satisfaction she was waiting for his instructions before doing anything.

"You clean up the place. Wash up, sweep the floor, and you can scrub the sheets on the bed we used last night, there's blood on them from your cherry."

Janetta looked away humiliated by his reference to what he had done to her the previous night, she hurried to clear the table of dirty dishes to be away from him.

Hawk caught her by the upper arm and looked down at her averted face.

"Pretending last night didn't happen won't change the fact that your my woman." Hawk laughed.


Hawk and Jake walked into the cabin to find Janetta curled up against the corner in the lounge, she was asleep with her legs curled up beneath her and one arm beneath her cheek, Hawk looked around to check she had done the work he had told her to do, pleasantly surprised to find all he had told her to do completed he turned his attention back to were she dozed.

"Disappointed we grabbed the wrong one?" Jake asked quietly when he saw his friend intended to let the girl sleep.

"No, not really. She's spirited and smart enough to do as she's told. She'll bring a good price when I sell her later on." Hawk said.

Jake looked at her and eyed the gentle curve of buttocks visible beneath the cut edge of her dress, she was slim but shapely put together and he found her face quite appealing.

"She's kinda cute, you'll get her just how you'd like her then you'll have a hard time making yourself sell her." Jake commented.

"Hey you know me man. No ties." Hawk frowned then glanced at his watch. "Shit! it's nearly seven. Wake her up she can cook supper." he told Jake.

Jake walked over and lent down over Janetta, he traced a pattern on her bare thigh and watched her face as she frowned and shuddered in her sleep.

"Hey. Time to wake up." he said firmly, her eyes opened sleepily, they were clouded for a moment then she glanced around in alarm as she remembered the previous night.

"Time to get up and cook supper." Jake told her, she looked over at Hawk and he knodded.

Janetta got up and hurried over to the kitchen to find something to cook, remembering the decision wasn't hers to make she looked at Hawk uneasily, Hawk smiled with satisfaction.

"You learn quick, I like that. There's steak in the freezer, potatoes in the pantry and frozen vegies in the freezer too. You been good to day, you can eat with us so cook enough for yourself as well. Now let me see, what will I call you?" he mused.

"My name's Janetta." She whispered nervously.

Hawk made a sound of dismissal deep in his throat and walked around her in a circle studying her thoughtfully.

"Sky. Your eyes are the colour of the sky on a sunny day. I think I'll name you Sky." Hawk announced.

Janetta, now known as Sky looked down at the floor knowing better than to complain or protest the name. Hawk watched her carefully, seeing the way she made no protest at the name he realised either she was smart enough to realise she had no say in the matter, was biding her time or she was just plain scared of him.

"Broil the steaks, mash the potatoes."

When no further order was given Sky set to work collecting the food to cook, she was removing the steak from the freezer when she realised that Hawk had not said how much food she was to cook.

"Hawk? Uh Hawk, how much food am I to cook?" She asked hesitantly.

Both men stopped talking at the sound of her voice and Hawk turned to look at her.

"Cook enough for both Jake and me. So do you think you deserve a feed tonight?" Hawk asked her dryly.

Sky looked down at her hands miserably, she had been given no lunch on the basis that she had been trying to refuse his touch and now it seemed likely she would get no food again.

"I been trying to be good." Sky said softly barely above a whisper.

Hawk made a sound in his throat as if he didn't believe her then shrugged.

"You can have vegies but no meat." He told her and Sky knodded.

"What do you say?" he asked on a hard note.

"Thank you." Sky whispered.

"It not as if you ain't gonna give her meat later on. Just not the kind she can sink her teeth inta" Jake said with a laugh and looked at Hawk.

"She uses her teeth and there'll be trouble." Hawk said with a growl.

Sky set about cooking the meal as fast as she could, both men were talking to each other and several times crude comments were made about her but no reply from her was expected and she remained silent until the food was ready. Both men had been keeping watch and were at the stove before she could tell them that the meal was ready, she watched in dismay as they both dished themselves up large portions leaving very little for her.

"Sit over here beside me." Hawk ordered when Sky carried her plate towards the table.

Sky sat down where he told her to and Hawk put one arm across the back of her chair, he looked at her plate noting for the first time how little food there was on it, he watched her take a mouthful and eat it before he turned to his own food. She looked at him startled when he put one of his half cobs of corn on her plate, then Jake added some mashed potato to her food and she chanced a quick glance at him.

"We'll need ta go get more food before the end of the week." Jake commented.

"Work something out when the time comes." Hawk said and pushed his now empty plate away from him, he turned so he was facing Sky, reached out and pulled her chair over close to him.

"So tell me how old are you? Eighteen? Nineteen?" He asked

" I turned eighteen three weeks ago." Sky glanced at him nervously.

He reached out to brush her fringe back off her face and Sky flinched away from him as if he had raised his fist to her, realising it could be viewed as trying to refuse his touch she glanced at him fearfully.

"There's a pack of ice creams in the freezer, go get one and bring it here." Hawk ordered.

Sky got to her feet and would have done as he told her but he caught her by the wrist and she looked towards him uncertainly.

"Clear the dirty plates away first." He ordered. Sky hurried to obey him and then got the ice cream from the fridge, she carried it back to him.

He patted his knee. "Sit on my lap and feed it to me."

Sky glanced at his face uncertainly but seeing the frown on his face she took a step closer, then another until she could sit across his lap sideways.

"No, you stand up, open you legs wide and sit straddling my lap." He warned in a deadly tone.

Sky got to her feet and forced herself to do as he said, tears streamed down her cheeks as she sat straddling his thighs and unwrapped the ice cream with shaking hands.

"Feed me." his voice was soft as if he understood how hard it was for her to do as he ordered.

Sky lifted the ice cream with a shaking hand and focused on his mouth as she held the ice cream up, slowly he took bite after bite and ate the desert.

"Mmmm that was good....... just one thing more. Kiss me, like I kissed you last night. "he said softly.

Sky began shaking and jerked with fright as he placed his hands on her waist, Hawk pulled her closer and he could feel the tension building in her.

"Kiss me." he whispered.

Sky jerked in an attempt to free herself but she was unable to get free, Hawk caught the back of her head in his hand and forced her head up so he looked into her face.

"You won't give me what I want then I'll just have to take it." he said softly.

Sky's eyes went wide and she opened her mouth to beg him not to hurt her but his lips closed over hers, Sky flinched but his mouth was gentle and he kissed her lightly, tracing the outline of her lips and barely dipping his tongue into her mouth. Sky placed her hands on his chest to keep her balance as she shut her eyes, his very gentleness was slowly calming her fears, she didn't fight but didn't respond. Finally Hawk lifted his head and folded her gently against his chest, he stroked the back of her head gently and rubbed his cheek against her hair.

"Your real scared aren't you. Well I'm not going to hurt you. Would you like a bath?" he asked gently.

Sky lay against his chest and knodded, she didn't know how to react to his gentleness.

"Okay then, I'll let you have a bath." he said as he lifted her chin to smile down at her reassuringly.

Sky blinked up at him uncertainly and moved away at his gentle pressure, Hawk took her to the bathroom and got a towel for her.

"Have a bath and come out to the lounge room. Use the pink soap, I like the way it smells on a woman. Leave the door open." Hawk told her.

Sky looked at the old deep bathtub and listened to Hawk leave the room, she was filling the tub with warm water when he came back, he tossed an old t-shirt on the edge of the sink.

"Wear that and rinse out that dress, I don't want you smelling."

Sky watched him leave before stripping off and climbing into the bath, the warm water soothed the sore muscles from the previous night and the unaccustomed cleaning she had done that day, the soap smelt like flowers and she lathered it on thickly to remove the faint but lingering smell of the men. Deciding to finish before either man came in she dried her self hurriedly and put the t-shirt on, using the soap she washed the dress in the sink and wrung it out best she could before hanging it near the partially open window. Studying the window a moment she crept to the door to check neither of the men were near before climbing onto the end of the tub and trying to open the window further only to find it impossible.

Disheartened she turned around to get down only to find Hawk standing in the doorway watching her silently. Sky got down carefully and stood waiting for his reaction, Hawk stood watching her, he'd known she would eventually think of trying the window only that it was so soon surprised him.

"Doesn't it open?" He asked softly.

Sky watched him carefully and decided she had better answer, slowly she shook her head and he rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"Do you think I should punish you?" he asked quietly.

Sky closed her eyes and swallowed hard before knodding faintly, best get it over with she figured. Hawk watched her open her eyes and watch him nervously, he crooked his finger and motioned her closer, slowly she moved closer and waited for him to hit her.

"I won't hit you, instead you can wash my back, in fact wash anything that..pops up, how does that sound." Hawk said with a smile.

Sky's glance strayed to his hips involuntary and she swallowed uneasily.

"Run my bath." he ordered.

Sky turned away and put the plug in with a hand that trembled badly, then she started the water running, checking the temperature.

"You can undress me." he told her, Sky turned around and moved to him with her eyes fixed on his boots, she knelt and began undoing his laces. Hawk watched her as she removed his boots and socks then turned reluctantly to his jacket, careful not to look in his face she eased his jacket off his shoulders and placed it on the edge of the sink. The warmth of his body seeped through his t-shirt to her fingers as she tried to pull the end from the top of his jeans, finally she had it bunched up at the bottom of his ribs and he took hold of the shirt and pulled it off in one fluid move. He dealt with his jean and jocks quickly knowing he would be unable to stand much more of her fumbling, quickly he stepped into the water and sat down before turning the water off.

"Use the dark green soap and wash my back ." he said gruffly.

Sky took the soap and worked up a good lather nervously before turning her eyes on his back, deeply tanned muscular shoulders caught her attention and a tiny voice in her head pointed out she often admired similar builds on boys at the beach. His skin was smooth beneath her hands and she couldn't ignore the slight flutter in her stomach and stopped what she was doing as she realised she was attracted to him, Hawk looked over his shoulder with a frown when she didn't keep washing his back.

"Your not going to let me go home are you?" She asked softly.

"No, your mine now." he told her.

Sky began washing his back again, thinking as she did, If she was going to spend time as his slave then she had best make sure he liked her enough to be nice to her. Hawk lent back and watched as Sky avoided the water that splashed over the side, he lent towards her and caught the hem of the t-shirt she wore.

"Be careful and don't get it wet, you ain't getting another one." Hawk warned.

Sky glanced at his chest as she avoided his eyes and realised that was a bad move, his chest was as impressive as his shoulders, slowly she soaped her hands again and began at his neck. Hawk closed his eyes as she washed his chest, he sucked in a breath as her hand skimmed low on his stomach, Sky glanced up at his face in surprise and found him watching her threw narrowed eyes.

"Do my feet." Hawk ordered.

She watched him for a moment before doing as she was told, Hawk stood up and reached for the towel she had used and held it to his nose.

" It smells like you." he said.

Sky ducked her head and bit her bottom lip nervously, Hawk watched her as he towelled himself dry, he was sure she knew he was aroused but she made no attempt to move away.

"Go get in bed. I got work to do." he ordered before leaving her standing there.


Sky was curled up asleep in the bed when the two men came into the room, Jake motioned at her dim shape and looked at his friend.

"Looks like you'll have ta wake her up." Jake said.

"No, I'll leave her sleep. I was pretty rough on her last night, she'd be sore. A little bit of time and the right treatment and she'll learn sex can be fun." Hawk said.

"Gone a bit soft have you?" Jake stirred.

"You were just hoping to get your rocks off." Hawk laughed softly at his friend, Jake smiled and shook his head as they stripped off for bed.

Hawk was careful not to disturb Sky as he eased into bed beside her, the night was cool and he moved as close as possible without waking her. Giving in to temptation he put his arm across her waist and pulled her against his side, Sky woke with a scream of fear and began struggling desperately, Hawk caught both her arms and held them above her head. He used his body to pin her to the mattress and freed one hand to clasp her by the chin and lowered his head to look in her terrified eyes.

"It's only me, Hawk. I'm not gonna hurt you." he said softly, slowly she stopped struggling as she realised were she was and who held her.

"Hawk?" she asked uncertainly, he stroked the side of her face gently and eased his hold on her wrists slightly.

"Yeah it's me." his voice was slightly husky now.

Sky could smell the soap she had used on him and she was starting to remember the previous night, Hawk let her arms go cautiously and rolled off her.

"Come over here it's cold." he told her.

Sky moved closer uneasily wondering what Hawk would do to her tonight, he slipped his arm around her and cuddled her close, she lay there tense waiting for what he would do. Her body began to respond to his closeness and she felt her nipples tighten and tingle, the T-shirt was bunched up beneath her hip and was beginning to feel uncomfortable, she tugged at the hem of the shirt and accidentally her hand brushed against a certain part of his anatomy that was very much awake. Hawk caught her hand and held in on his chest to prevent her touching him there again, Sky opened her eyes with surprise as she worked out that he wasn't doing anything even though he was aroused.

Much later Sky woke as Hawk stretched in his sleep and she sat up to straighten the T-shirt, the cool night air on his chest were the warmth of her body had been woke him and he opened his eyes in narrow slits to watch her. Sky was studying his chest thinking he was asleep, curiously she lifted the sheet to peek at his groin and noted with unease he was still half erect even in his sleep, she reached out and touched him with curious fingers and noted it responded to her touch. Forgetting he was asleep she trailed her fingers across his stomach and watched as his muscles contracted, his hand came up to encircle her wrist and she looked at his face startled.

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