Stolen Ch. 02


"What do you think your doing?" he asked dryly.

"I .... nothing, I was doing nothing." she said defensively.

"Want to take your shirt off?" he asked.

Sky glanced down at the t-shirt and looked up at him uncertainly, slowly he reached down and took hold of the hem and lifted it slightly.

"What you got under there? Anything I might like?" he asked lightly.

Sky swallowed uneasily and pushed the shirt down as she sat on her legs with her hands holding her shirt down protectively.

"Please don't hurt me." Sky begged and attempted to push his hands away. Hawk sat up as he realised she was attempting to stop him from lifting her shirt up, he reached behind her to touch her bottom lightly.

"What's around here?" he asked softly, when she glanced behind her he lifted the front of the shirt up and pretended to look under it.

"Please don't hurt me. I'm real sore from last night." she protested scared.

"Maybe you should take it off so I can see if there's anything I might want to play with under there." he whispered.

Sky looked at him unhappily for a moment, she realised that he would force her to do as he said if she resisted. She bit her bottom lip and lowered her head before pulling the shirt off over her head, self-consciously she held the shirt against her chest protectively. Hawk rubbed his hand over her knees gently.

"Are you getting cold? Maybe you'd like to cuddle up close and keep warm." he said softly.

Slowly she eased down and pulled the covers up over herself but she wasn't cuddled up against him, he propped himself up on his elbow and studied her for several minutes.

"Okay if I come over to you?" he asked.

Sky closed her eyes tightly and knodded, she felt the bed shift slightly with his movement and told herself he'd leave her a lone once he satisfied himself, memories of the previous night had her afraid wondering if it would hurt as badly this time.

Gently he took the shirt from her tightly clenched hands and hung it on the bed head were he could reach it easily then turned his attention back to her, she flinched as his hand touched her stomach and he knew she was trying to force herself to do what he wanted her to do.

"Ever neck with your boyfriend?" he asked quietly.

"Mum and Dad said I was to young to go out with a boy." she told him.

Hawk smiled to himself liking the idea of teaching her all there was to learn, from kissing through to the different ways to please him.

"Okay then, put the shirt on and we'll go sit on the lounge." he decided.

Sky took the shirt he passed her and pulled in over her head, he was putting on his jeans and picked up his t-shirt and grabbed the quilt off the bed.

"Come on." he told her as he headed out to the lounge room, Sky followed slowly and found him at the lounge pulling his t-shirt on, he motioned at the quilt on the lounge.

"Sit down, I'll put tv on." he said softly.

Sky sat down and pulled the quilt over her to guard against the cold air, Hawk was putting a video into the player and he had the sound down low, he came back over and sat down beside her and got under the quilt. One hand found her bare thigh and he placed his hand on her knee.

"I thought you might like to watch this." Hawk whispered as he lent his head towards her.

The tape was a popular movie from the previous year and Sky relaxed as she began to watch it, Hawk moved his hand from her thigh and put his arm around her shoulders, after a moment Sky settled comfortably against him and watched the movie.

"Like it?" he whispered against her ear, Sky knodded and Hawk watched her a moment.

"Sky?" his arm tightened slightly and she turned her head to look at him, his lips were warm and gentle as they covered hers.

Sky blinked in surprise before closing her eyes and returning his light kiss.

"Mmm...... nice...." he murmured against her lips as he traced them lightly.

Sky tilted her head back so she could return his kiss easier and he traced the seam of her lips with his tongue, she sighed softly and opened her mouth to allow him entry. He kissed her harder and thrust his tongue into her mouth, Sky moaned softly and whimpered against his lips as he plundered her lips, he caught the side of her face in his hand and trailed kisses down from the corner of her mouth to her neck. He tasted the soft sensitive skin on her throat and moved his hand down to her shoulder, slowly he eased the neck of the shirt off her shoulder and trailed kisses along her collar bone, Sky turned to face him and pressed closer as he nuzzled the sensitive spot just below her ear.

He put his arm around her waist and pulled her hard against his chest, he moved his hand up to cup her breast and felt her tense at his touch, he turned his attention back to her lips and kissed her thoroughly. His fingers teased her through the fabric of the shirt and impatiently he pushed the neck down over her shoulder, stopping to rip the shoulder seam when it didn't go far enough down to please him, his lips closed over her nipple and Sky gasped as she arched closer. Hawk raised his head and looked down into her face for a long moment before taking hold of the shirt and ripping it down the front to the hem, Sky gasped but arched into his lips eagerly as he claimed her other breast, one hand moved down to her thigh before moving up her inner thigh in light circular motions. Hawk caught her mouth in a deep kiss as his fingers found her damp curls, Sky whimpered against his lips and ran one hand down his arm as she tried to push his hand away, he caught her hand and placed it on the hard ridge beneath his fly. Awkwardly she tried to pull her hand away, Hawk undone his zipper and forced her hand into his open jeans so she had no choice but to touch him. Her touch was light as she tried to appease him without touching him, he took her hand, wrapped her fingers around his engorged shaft and moved her hand up and down.

Hawk lifted her in his arms and settled them both on the rug in front of the lounge, he lent back, placed a hand behind her head and forced Sky's head down towards his groin. Her lips were warm and moist as she set about her task hoping that Hawk would be satisfied if she could make him come in her mouth.

"Hey. Enough of that." Hawk pulled her away from his crotch and Sky sat up reluctantly, he moved to lay flat and began to tug at his jeans, he quickly pulled them off.

"Hop on top and sit on him." Hawk ordered.

A whimper of fear came from Sky as she glanced at his rigid cock.

"Do as I told you or I'll call Jake out here to help me and he can have some fun too." Hawk ordered harshly.

Sky was sobbing softly with fear as she straddled his hips and reached between them, guided his cock to her entrance, she took a deep breath and before she could reconsider she pushed down onto him. She gasped and held still as he stretched her hurting her, firmly he took hold of her hips and surged up strongly entering her the full length of his penis. Sky sobbed quietly but held still, he reached between them and played with the little bud were their bodies joined.

"Oh! It hurts!" she whimpered and tried to lift off him.

He slowly eased almost all the way from her and she lent forward trying escape the pain but he gripped her hips and pulled her down onto his erection once more. He rolled her beneath him and withdrew to kneel between her thighs, she whimpered in protest and he pulled her hips up onto his thighs, lifting her thighs over his shoulders he slid into her fluidly. Sky sobbed softly as he moved slowly, she reached down towards were their bodies joined and he laughed softly before brushing her hand away, ruthlessly he continued to move against her until he pulled her hard against him forcing himself deep inside her. Sky gave a sharp little cry and struggled briefly, Hawk kept moving in the same slow rhythm and she closed her eyes at the futility of struggling.

Finally Hawk eased her hips to the bed and stretched out over her as he began moving urgently, Sky buried her face against his neck and tried to stifle her cries of pain against his shoulder as he stiffened and spent his climax deep within her.

Hawk reached down between them and realised he had neglected to wear a condom, he rolled off her warm body and got to his feet.

"Just God damned great!" he snapped, he looked down at her and frowned.

"Get in the damned bed room!" He said angrily.

Sky got to her feet and hurried to the bedroom, she curled up in his bed miserably and didn't move when he came in.

"Something wrong?" Jake asked.

"I forgot to take a frenchie out there with us." Hawk muttered.

"They're in the draw over there." Jake told him.

"I've already fucked her." Hawk said angrily as he tossed the quilt on the bed.

"Straighten that out will ya." he demanded of her.

Sky sat up and done as she was told before huddling on her side of the bed, Hawk got in and reached for her, she let him pull her close and enfold her in his arms.

"Oh well, shit happens." Jake said.

"I'll deal with any problems if it turns out that way." Hawk muttered.

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It is hard to get it when the guy is alternating between extremely brutal and supposedly gentle and thoughtful, and it is very hard to buy that she would get aroused by him after such brutal traumatizingmore...

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