Stolen Ch. 04


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Sky stood by Renagade uneasily as he stripped for bed, he glanced around at her and raised his eyebrows.

"I certainly hope you intend to take your clothes off if your sleeping in my bed." he told her.

Sky lowered her head and closed her eyes before reaching for the hem of the dress. Tossing the dress aside she quickly to climbed into bed, Renagade watched her pull the covers up to her chin and turn with her back to him, he lifted the covers and got in behind her and reached for her.

Sky kept her eyes closed and let him run his hands over her as he moved close, one hand touched the inside of her thigh and she opened her legs obligingly, his fingers found her passage and he felt for moisture carefully.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" he asked softly as he kissed her near her ear, she flinched from him uncontrollably, she could feel his arousal pressing against her hip.

"Yes." she whispered even as she felt the tears start to trickle down her face.

"I didn't ask if you thought I wanted to fuck you I asked if you wanted me to fuck you." he said softly as he kissed the soft curve of her shoulder lightly.

"Hawk said to let you." she whimpered as he rolled her onto her back.

Ren took a deep breath as he controlled the urge to swear.

"I'm not asking what Hawk said. What do you want?" he asked as he moved up and over her, Sky flinched back into the mattress and tried to close her legs, his hand was between their bodies then his fingers found her tense dry passage.

"No!" she pushed at his shoulders and he let her push him off her.

"That's better." he said as he lay on his back, he turned his head to look at her as she watched him fearfully.

The sound of laughter came from one of the other beds.

"Hawk ain't gonna like you teaching her that word, but then judging by the sounds last night maybe he'll like it. A lot." Someone said with another laugh.

"Go to sleep, I won't hurt you." Ren told her.

Sky pulled her knees up towards her chest and moved over to the edge of the bed, Renagade rolled over with his back to her and as she lay there listening nervously she realised he was masturbating.

"Renagade? You want I should suck you off?" she asked quietly.

"Will you?" he asked softly.

Sky knodded and moved close, he rolled onto his back and she disappeared beneath the blankets, he jerked and groaned as she closed her lips over him but otherwise held still as she set about her task. Finally he groaned and arched into her lips, he reached down and took hold of her hair to pull her from under the covers, his lips were firm on hers and she pushed against his shoulders as he lent over her.

"It's okay, I'm finished." he said softly as he pushed her head down onto his shoulder.

"Go to sleep." he ordered.

Sky closed her eyes but was unable to fall asleep even though she was exhausted, finally in the small hours of the morning she drifted off in an uneasy sleep.

Sky woke to the sensation of someone watching her, she opened her eyes uneasily to find Wilson standing by the edge of the bed masturbating as he watched her, she rolled over reaching for Renagade frantically.

"Renagade! Renagade! It's Wilson! Renagade!" she grabbed his shoulder and he woke instantly alert.

"Get the hell away from my bed!" Renagade roared as he leapt out of bed to stand between Wilson and Sky, several others in the room lifted their heads and looked over at them.

"Want help?" Brad asked from the doorway.

Wilson glanced at him and retreated deciding to bide his time.

Renagade climbed into the bed and placed himself between Sky and the rest of the room.

"Hey Brad, want to come join us?" he called to his friend.

"Sure would!" Brad agreed enthusiastically.

Wilson swore and grabbed his clothes before leaving the room, Sky began crying into her pillow as the bed dipped beneath Brad's weight as he got into bed so that she was between the two men.

"Sh, I ain't gonna touch you. Just cuddle up to Renagade and go back to sleep, with both of us here Wilson will leave you be." Brad told her.

Renagade pulled her into his arms and settled her onto his chest, she held herself still as she lay against him and slowly began to relax.


"Is the girl supposed to be hanging out the washing?" Matty asked as he walked into the main room of the cabin, both Ren and Brad looked up from the carburettor they were working on.

"She should just about be finished by now." Ren said with a frown as he glanced at his watch.

"Well she ain't at the clothes line, basket's tipped over and things are laying in the dirt." Matty said.

"Wilson!" Brad exclaimed angrily as both he and Ren dropped what they were holding and headed outside in a hurry.

"He was frigging around with something in the big shed." Matty called after them as they headed outside at a run.

A quick glance revealed the laundry basket laying on its side and the damp clothes on the ground, a t-shirt and a handful of pegs was about twenty feet away towards the largest shed.

The shed door was jammed shut from the inside but gave way when Brad rammed it with his shoulder, he staggered aside and Ren finished pushing the door open.

Inside Wilson had Sky stretched out across an old bench with both arms stretched over her head, her wrists bound with old electrical wire and tied to an exposed stud near her wrists. Wilson looked over his shoulder to see who had burst into the shed and moved away from Sky, he faced Ren warily.

"I thought I told you to keep away from her." Ren growled keeping his eyes on Wilson.

"I were just haven a little fun, ain't nuffin' Hawk ain't already done to her." Wilson wheedled.

Ren backhanded Wilson who backed towards the doorway hurriedly as he wiped one hand over his mouth and stared at the trickle of blood before hurrying from the shed.

Ren turned his attention back to Sky, with Wilson out of the way he could see that not only had Wilson tied her hands above her head he had also gagged her with a piece of dirty cloth and tied both of her ankles to exposed woodwork so her legs were splayed wide. Her dress had been pulled up over her head so it was around her elbows leaving her naked and exposed.

Sky was watching Brad with wide fearful eyes as he stood eyeing her with interest, he placed one hand on one of her ankles near the twine that tied her and she screamed with fear as she tried to jerk her leg free.

"I'll just untie you." Brad said and worked on the twine until he was forced to look for something to cut her bonds.

With both legs free he ran a hand up her side then over her shoulder then removed her gag and caressed the red marks left on her face from the gag, he then lent over her to reach her wrists and Sky gave a frightened cry as she struggled to close her legs and deny him any chance to touch her intimately.

"I ain't going to hurt you." Brad said gruffly as he hacked through her bounds and finally freed her arms.

Sky quickly bought her arms down and covered her breasts ignoring the strands of wiring still around her wrists as she drew her legs up towards her chest trying to cover her nudity.

"I could have you right here and now if I wanted and you couldn't stop me." Brad told her as he removed the last of the bounds from her wrists and then slipped the dress back up her arms and over her head.

"Go hang out the laundry, if anything's dirty when it dries then it can be rewashed." He told her gruffly.

Sky hastily pulled her dress down over her body then hurried to the door, she paused to look back over her shoulder at the two men before hurrying from the shed.

Brad watched her go then glanced at Ren.

"Tonight, I fuck her." Brad said and adjusted the crotch of his jeans.

"She sure did look mighty inviting' stretched out like she was." Ren agreed with a soft laugh.

"Hell, if that body had been pressed up against mine for the last two nights I would have been balls deep each night." Brad said gruffly.

"I ain't into little girls, specially ones who been mistreated like Hawk has done to her. Put your hand anywhere on her arse and she freaks." Ren told him.


Sky added a generous dollop of cream to the potatoes before stirring them vigorously with the spoon, finally satisfied with them she looked over her shoulder at Ren and Brad where they were playing cards at the table.

"The food's cooked." Sky said loud enough for them to hear.

Both men tossed their cards face down on the table and got to their feet, Ren got a plate from the cupboard but Brad walked over to stand behind Sky as he slipped his arms around her waist and attempted to nuzzle the side of her neck below her right ear. Sky tried to push his arms open and pressed her head down towards her right shoulder to stop his attentions but Brad chuckled softly near her ear.

"Bet whatever you cooked doesn't taste as good as you would." Brad murmured.

Sky looked towards Ren but Ren was watching Brad's antics with amusement and Sky realised with a sinking feeling that tonight she would have to tolerate Brad's attentions if not Ren's as well.

When both men had dished up what food they wanted Sky dished up some food for herself and sat down to eat, Brad moved around the table to sit next to her and moved his chair close as he rested one arm along the back of her chair. Sky forced the small amount of food she had got for herself down and was relieved when she could get up to take the plate to the sink, she began to put the left over food in a container to put in the fridge.

"Leave the dirty dishes be and come sit down." Brad ordered as he pulled the chair she had been using out from the table slightly.

Sky stopped what she was doing and looked towards Brad reluctantly, he patted the back of the chair with the hand he had resting on the backrest and Sky looked down at her hands miserably.

"Sky." There was a warning tone in his voice and Sky knew that to ignore what he wanted would result in punishment.

It wasn't that the two men had been harsh or cruel over the last few days, if anything they were kinder than Hawk was but when one of them told her to something and she didn't respond she got one warning then she was usually physically forced to do as she was told as well as receiving punishment such as a light slap.

"About time you done as I said." Brad told her as she sat down on the edge of the seat. He reached out and placed his hand on her thigh, his fingers trying to slide between her thighs just above her knee. Sky clamped her legs together tightly and tried to push his hand off her leg.

"Hawk didn't say to let you!" Sky protested tearfully when she found it impossible to remove his hand.

"Hawk's not here is he" Brad stated as he forced his hand between her thighs. Sky sobbed and continued to push at his arm.

"You're hurting me!" Sky protested and looked towards Ren hoping he would stop Brad.

"Well don't fight me and I'll be gentle. I don't want to hurt you." Brad told her.

Wilson laughed from the doorway as he stepped into view, he had been watching from outside just out of sight.

"You think it hurt when Hawk fucked you, well Brad there is big all over. Think Hawk's cock is big, wait till you see Brad's." Wilson laughed at the look of horror that came to her face.

"I have had all the crap I will take from you!" Ren roared as he leapt from his chair and caught Wilson before the startled man could move. Ren landed several hard punches bloodying Wilson's nose and splitting his lips before he realised what was happening, another punch caught him squarely in the eye before he back-peddled and moved well out of reach.

Wilson stood with his chest heaving as he wiped his hand across his face and stared at the blood that covered his hand.

"You'll fuckin' well pay for that!" Wilson threatened.

"Come on then!" Ren growled but Wilson turned away and staggered towards the large shed, Ren watched until he disappeared inside before turning back to look at Sky where she was struggling on Brad's lap all the while begging.

"Don't hurt me, please don't hurt me, I've tried to do good, I've really tried ... please don't hurt me!"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Ren roared.

Sky was instantly silenced.

Brad stood up pushing Sky from his lap but keeping a hold on her waist, he guided the reluctant girl to the bedroom door. Sky sent one last desperate but silent look toward Ren but he had his back turned towards her, helplessly she allowed Brad to walk her into the room and to one of the beds.

Brad began unbuttoning the shirt Sky wore and she lowered her head in humiliation as she folded her arms protectively over her breasts.

"Come on now Sky, don't fight me." Brad urged softly as he tried to unfold her arms gently.

When she remained uncooperative Brad placed a hand under her chin and forced her to look up at him.

"You got several choices. You can let me undress you and do what I want, you can help me undress you or you can resist me like you are now. Either way I will do what I want with your body and either it'll hurt or you can enjoy it. You choose." Brad said evenly.

"You'll hurt me, it always hurts!" Sky said fearfully.

"I can make sure you enjoy it." Brad said very softly as he lowered his head slowly. His lips were gentle as he brushed a light kiss against the corner of her mouth before covering her lips with his in a soft kiss.

Sky closed her eyes as Brad eased both arms around her and held her close, she braced both of her arms against his chest but didn't resist as he deepened the kiss, his tongue slipped between her lips and she opened her mouth allowing him access. Finding his kiss quite pleasant Sky began to respond and Brad made a sound of approval in his throat as he pulled her fully against his body.

The shrill tone of his mobile phone interrupted and Brad stopped kissing her and let her go reluctantly to retrieve his phone from his jacket pocket. He glanced at the screen where the calling number was displayed and gave a sigh of frustration.

"I got to take this call. You strip off and get in bed. I won't be long." Brad told her before turning away and answering the call, he walked to the doorway and into the kitchen without looking back.

Brad was only on the phone for a few minutes before the call ended and he walked to the fridge to get himself a beer.

"You take your time with Sky and no rough stuff." Ren said from where he sat at one end of the table.

"She's going to be begging for it before I'm finished." Brad told Ren.

"I'm going for a ride." Ren said getting to his feet and heading for the door.

Brad watched him leave, gave a shrug and headed back into the room where Sky was waiting.

Sky lay curled up on her side under the covers nervously, she glanced over her shoulder at Brad when he stopped beside the bed then she turned her face away again and lay huddled up small as possible.

Brad stripped down to his boxers and got into bed behind Sky knowing she was scared because of what usually happened between her and Hawk, Brad reached one arm out and pulled Sky against his side. He could feel the tension in her body and the slight shivers that ran through her.

"Gone shy have you?" Brad asked softly as he rolled to face her and propped himself up on one elbow to look down at her.

Sky glanced towards him uneasily and he smiled reassuringly at her, she looked away nervously but made no protest as he eased her onto her back.

"Your skin is nice and silky soft." Brad murmured as he brushed the back of his fingers over her cheek then traced her lips with his fingertips. Slowly he lowered his head and kissed her on the lips, at first his kiss was light and non demanding but he soon deepened the kiss and moved his hand down to the point of her shoulder.

Sky lay passively accepting Brad's kisses and touch, at first she merely lay there but gradually her body began to respond to his caresses and she began to kiss him in return.

Brad moved his hand down her arm slowly to come to rest on her waist before he slid his hand across her back and gently pulled her firmly against his chest. Sky pushed against his chest slightly until she managed to move both her hands up his chest, running her hands over his chest before putting her arms around his neck. Brad rolled her onto her back and leant over her body as he kissed her hungrily, Sky tensed in his arms and struggled to turn her head away.

"It's okay, it's okay." Brad murmured soothingly and turned his attention to her neck, he nibbled and kissed his way down to her shoulders then feathered kisses across her collarbone before working his way down to the top of her breasts.

He cupped one breast in his hand and closed his lips over the nipple and suckled gently before turning his attention to the other breast.

Sky held still as Brad began working his way down her ribs and stomache, he circled her navel with his tongue before flicking the tip of his tongue into it. Sky gasped and flinched slightly but his lips were already moving down towards the place at the apex of her thighs, she tensed as he moved between her legs but didn't fight as he settled between her legs and lowered his head so that he could lick the faint traces of moisture that had started to form at her opening. Sky gasped and grabbed at the sheet beneath her, Brad lifted his head and looked at her face for a second before returning to his task.

Brad closed his lips over her opening as he began licking, sucking and occasionally darting his tongue into her passage. He heard Sky gasp and she moved her legs, opening them wider and raising her knees. He worked his way to her clit, closed his lips over it and sucked strongly.

"Hmmm." Sky hummed in the back of her throat as pleasure quickly built from what Brad was doing, she opened and closed her hands on the sheet beneath her then gasped as he turned his attention back to her opening.

"Oh! Hmmm." Sky whimpered and hummed in pleasure.

The pleasure was far beyond any Hawk had caused when he was in bed with her, she wasn't to know that Hawk was too impatient to be inside her to ensure her pleasure but Brad had the patience to take the time to make sure she was aroused and enjoying what he was doing to her body.

Brad moved one hand up so that as he sucked her clit he could ease a finger into her slick passage, he felt her inner muscles contract and clench on his finger then relax. He lifted his head and watched Sky as he began moving his finger backward and forward, Sky gasped and pushed her hips against his hand as pleasure built.

Sky felt the pleasure build as Brad eased a second finger into her and began stimulating her clit with his thumb as he moved his hand finger fucking her. A whimper of pleasure left her lips and she gasped then bit her bottom lip as the pleasure built creating a hollow feeling in her lower stomache. Something began building deep inside, growing but yet leaving her wanting something, she was totally unprepared for the intense pleasure that broke over her in waves. Sky gave a sharp cry of pleasure and clamped her thighs together trapping Brads hand between her thighs as wave after wave of pleasure shot through her.

"Stop! Stop!" Sky gasped as she attempted to roll away from Brad.

"Relax." Brad whispered softly as he moved up her body when he managed to pull his hand from between her thighs.

Sky opened her eyes and looked at Brad with unease as he settled against her, his muscled body pinned her to the bed beneath him and his thighs rested along the outside of hers, she pushed against his chest ineffectively but Brad lifted his weight off of her upper body so her arms were free.

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