Stolen Ch. 08


My apologies to the readers of this series but many things have conspired to slow my writing process. Real life can get in the way at times.

I look forward to the comments and feedback.


Chapter 8

Ren pulled to the side of the road and waited for Brad to come along side of him.

"I don't think we'll find her here. We might as well head back." Brad called loudly to be heard over the roar of their motorbikes.

"Yeah, I can't help but get a bad feeling about this." Ren replied as he looked back the way they had come.

Ren turned his bike around and headed back the way they had come. As he rode his uneasy feeling that there was going to be trouble grew.

He gunned his bike as he headed up the long hill towards where the rest of their friends had spent the night. He slowed down so Brad could catch up and discovered Matty and Brent were right behind Brad.

Ren pulled up beside the bikes that were parked in the shade and turned the engine off. He looked around as he removed his helmet and saw Hawk standing talking to Jake. Knowing Hawk wouldn't look so relaxed if Sky was still gone Ren looked around but saw no trace of her. Spying the shut rear door of the panel van he headed towards it hurriedly.

Ren opened the door and looked into the rear of the van. He could just make out a small huddled form behind the passenger seat. He climbed into the van and noted with a sinking feeling the way Sky flinched at his approach.

As his eyes adjusted to the dim interior he was able to see the fresh welts that covered her back and down to her thighs. He reached out to turn her face towards him and she cowered away from him.

Ren grit his teeth and cupped his hand beneath her chin as he turned her face towards him.

"What did he do to you Blondie?" Ren asked softly.

Sky started as she realised whom it was and turned her face away in humiliation as she moved into the corner as far as she could. One foot slipped in the cum that had drained from her body.

Ren saw the blood streaked mark on the floor of the van and he got out of the van as anger made his blood boil. Hawk was fast approaching the van as Ren got to the ground. Knowing it was Hawk who had handed out the belting to Sky Ren didn't hesitate as he sent a hard right hand to his jaw and sent the younger man staggering backwards.

"Someone should take a belt to your back and let you see how it feels!" Ren yelled and followed the right with several short left jabs then another right that sent Hawk to the ground on his butt.

"It has nothing to fuckin' do with you! I own Sky!" Hawk said as he climbed to his feet raising his fists.

Ren immediately set about Hawk and knocked him down again. By then most of the other men had reached them and Jake pushed Ren backwards away from Hawk.

"Get the fuck out of my face!" Ren warned Jake.

"She belongs to Hawk. She ran away so he punished her." Jake said and Brad pushed in between the two men knowing that Ren would find himself fighting both Hawk and Jake.

"Calm down mate." Brad said as he forced Ren to back off.

Ren allowed Brad to push him back away from where Jake was helping the dazed Hawk to his feet. As reason returned he realised he was treading on forbidden ground in telling Hawk how to treat Sky.

"Fuck the mongrel cunt of a bastard!" Ren snarled as he turned and strode off towards his bike.

Hawk watched Ren walk away and touched the back of one hand to his mouth, and looked at the smear of blood on it. He spat to one side before going over to the van and looking inside to see what Sky was doing.

Hawk paused to look at Sky. Her bruises were a mottled mixture of yellow and green while the marks from the two beatings with the belt showed a vivid red on her skin. He glanced back at Ren who was talking to Brad and was clearly in a bad mood still.

"Looks like it will be me and you in the van today." Hawk said to Jake.

"Not me, I'm on my bike today." Jake refuted.

"Why?" Hawk demanded.

"Because I backed you against Ren just then don't mean I approve of what you done to Sky." Jake said tersely.

"We can talk it through while we travel," Hawk coaxed.

"It's not open for discussion." Jake snapped.

"Damn it! I'll have to put up with Brad today then." Hawk growled in complaint but headed over to where Brad was talking to Ren.

Jake climbed into the van and sat close to Sky. He reached out to lay a hand on her shoulder and she flinched at his touch.

"Do you want something to drink? And some Panadol?" Jake asked quietly.

Sky turned her head enough to see him then looked away again.

"Please." Her voice was little more than a whisper.

Jake pulled a packet of tablets from his pocket, retrieved a bottle of water from the esky that sat on the front seat and held two tablets to her lips, Sky took the tablets and swallowed them with a mouthful of water then drained the bottle empty.

"I'll see you get taken to go pee before we leave." Jake said then climbed from the back of the van.

Sky sat huddled in the corner, her body ached from the beatings as well as from Hawk taking her forcefully. She waited patiently while the men packed up the last of their belongings and some began to head off. Finally Brad appeared at the back of the van with a length of rope and a sleeveless shirt.

"Get out here, we aint stopping today so you gotta pee now." Brad ordered.

Sky crawled towards the back of the van slowly and held still as Brad pulled the shirt over her head, she slipped her arms through the holes and pulled the hem down self consciously. Brad tied the rope around her waist then took her upper arm and forcibly helped her out of the van.

"Come on!" Hawk snapped when he saw that Brad was taking Sky out of the van.

"We'll be ready in a couple of minutes." Brad said unperturbed as he led Sky a little way from the van. When he stopped he turned his back to her.

Sky glanced at him and realising he was giving her some privacy she squatted and tended to her bodily functions.

"Ok, let's get you in the van before Hawk spits the dummy." Brad said as he led her back to the van, he paused for a moment at the rear door then climbed in and set about making a more comfortable resting place for Sky out of one of the sleeping bags that was in the van.

"Get in here and sit on this." Brad ordered.

Sky climbed into the van slowly. Finding herself on her hands and knees she crawled up to where Brad was pointing and lay down on the sleeping bag on her stomach. Brad looked at her for a moment then set about removing the rope before climbing from the van and shutting the rear door.

* * * * *

Sky woke as the van slowed down and pulled to the side of the road before coming to a stop. She blinked and raised her head to look at the two men in the front of the vehicle; Hawk was driving and Brad was in the passenger seat. When Hawk turned the engine off Brad glanced into the back and smiled when he saw Sky had woken up. He fished a bottle of water from the esky and half turned in his seat to offer her the drink.

"I didn't say she could have a drink!" Hawk growled in annoyance.

"Do I look as if I give a fuck what you say?" Brad asked in a dangerously soft tone.

Hawk glared at the larger man for a moment then got out of the van and slammed his door behind him.

"If you need to pee now would be the time to do it." Brad advised Sky.

Sky sat up slowly. She grimaced as her muscles protested against the movement. Brad got out and walked around to the back of the vehicle and opened the door. He watched as Sky climbed out slowly and stood holding onto the side of the van for a few moments. Brad motioned for her to follow him and led the way to a large patch of short grass not far from the van. He seemingly ignored her as he stopped and opened his fly so he could relieve himself. Sky turned away and squatted to do the same. When she was finished Brad reached down and helped her to her feet, Sky looked at him, startled, then began to make her way back to the van.

"Your feet sore?" Brad asked when he noticed how gingerly she was walking.

"Yes, and I think I got some thorns this morning." Sky said softly.

"I'll have a look at them when you're back in the van." Brad told her.

Sky was silent as she reached the van and climbed into it without being told to. She stretched out on her stomach on the sleeping bag once again and squeezed her eyes tightly shut as Brad got into the van and moved up beside her. He took one of her feet in his large hands and looked it over for thorns.

"Yeah, you got several I can see in that foot. Mighty dusty but, need to wash it to look properly." Brad told her. He moved up further into the van to reach over into the front seat and Sky flinched and gasped when she heard the movement beside her.

"You got to try to stop doing that especially around Hawk. I told you he likes scaring you." Brad said softly as he moved back down near her feet.

Sky felt him take her foot in his hand again, and then something cool and soft began wiping across the bottom of her foot. Slowly she opened her eyes and turned her head. Brad was cleaning her foot with a damp corner of the tail of his shirt. As Sky lay there letting him clean her sore foot she marvelled at how gentle he was with his large hands. She felt him put down the first foot and take hold of her second foot and begin to clean it too.

Brad glanced up at Sky's face and noticed that she was watching him tend her foot. He smiled at her then finished cleaning her foot.

"You going to let me dig these thorns out or you going to scream and kick and scratch and bite?" Brad asked with laughter in his voice.

"I'll let you dig them out." Sky said faintly.

Brad set her foot in his lap and pulled out small sewing kit. He picked up a needle and set to work on the angriest looking thorn.

"You be good and don't try to run away again, okay. Hawk is mighty mad at you and he might really hurt you next time, more than what he done this morning." Brad warned her.

Sky met his eyes and saw how serious he was and looked away. The belting and Hawk's treatment of her that morning had really scared her and she knew that if she tried to run away again she would have to be certain of getting to safety and beyond his reach.

"What the hell are you doing?" Hawk demanded as he walked up to the front window and saw Brad in the back with Sky.

"I'm treating her feet for her, something you should have done." Brad said evenly.

Hawk looked at Sky where she lay with her head turned towards the side of the van and noted that she seemed wide-awake and alert now.

"Leave it for now - the others are about an hour ahead of us and are stopping for an early tea." Hawk told Brad.

Brad continued to work on the thorn he was digging at and didn't look up until he had it out. He put Sky's foot back down on the sleeping bag and packed away the needle and sewing kit before getting out of the back of the van and shutting the door. Soon the vehicle was moving again and Sky sighed as she realised that she was being moved ever further away from where she had first been taken from.

Stiffly she sat up and made herself comfortable as possible as she watched out the windscreen at the passing scenery hoping for some clue as to where she was. She didn't notice Hawk occasionally glancing in the rear view mirror watching her with a frown but she did notice when Brad looked back over his shoulder and reached out towards her with a grin. She cowered away from his touch and eased back down to lay on her stomach once more.

"You hungry Sky?" Brad asked her.

"Yes." Sky answered just loud enough to be heard.

Hawk made an angry sound in his throat and shot Brad a hard look.

"I am the one who says if she eats or not." Hawk said through clenched teeth.

"You going to be a good girl and do as you're told?" Brad asked ignoring Hawk.

Sky looked towards Hawk nervously then darted a quick look at Brad.

"I'll try to be good." Sky said very softly, almost too softly to be heard.

Sky lay listening to the sound of the engine. Soon her eyelids were drooping and she slipped into a light sleep. She dozed as they travelled through the out skirts of a small town and then headed out along a highway.

Sky was still sleeping as they came to a halt beside an old shed where the bikes of the others stood silently. She woke slightly as the back door was opened and a dark silhouette appeared against the sinking sun. Dazed and half asleep Sky wasn't aware of who it was until a hand closed around her ankle and pulled.

Sky screamed in terror and began kicking wildly as she rolled onto her back, white-hot pain shot through her as her abused body launched into action. She kicked viciously as Wilson climbed into the van despite her wild struggles.

"Hawk! Hawk! Jake! Hawk! Ren! Renagade! Brad! Oh god! Oh god!" Sky screamed in mindless terror as she was pinned beneath his body, her face averted so she didn't have to look into his face. Dimly she could hear someone shouting her name as she kicked, bucked and lashed out with closed fists but to no avail as she was quickly over powered and pinned beneath him, her arms held down beside her head.

"Sky! Sky! It's me Brad! Sky baby! You're safe." Brad kept trying to reach the panic-stricken girl as he pinned her beneath him in self-defence.

Finally his voice broke through her terror and she turned her face toward his, her eyes huge in her face and dark with terror. When her eyes locked with his she recognised him and realised that Wilson was not there. Her mind had conjured him up in her half asleep state.

Brad watched as recognition grew in her eyes, her face crumpled and she dissolved into tears.

"I thought it was Wilson, I thought it was Wilson come back for me!" She sobbed as she turned her face away.

Aware of how sore her back must be Brad rolled off of her and onto his own back, taking Sky with him and cuddling her against his chest. Gently he began stroking her head and the tops of her shoulders where he was sure there were no welts.

"Sh, sh, your safe now. You're safe now." Brad crooned softly as he held her.

"What the fuck was that?" Hawk demanded from the rear door where he stood stunned. He got no answer from anyone and after a few minutes he turned away and walked off.

Brad continued to lay there and hold Sky long after her sobs had turned into hiccuping sighs and she lay against his chest limply. He continued to stroke the back of her head in small soothing motions.

"You ready to go out and sit near the fire?" Brad asked softly.

"Yeah." Sky agreed as she turned her face into his chest.

"Well you'll have to let me up Blondie - you got me pinned down for the count here." Brad said lightly.

Realising she was laying on his body she gave a startled gasp and sat up sharply bringing a hiss of pain. She moved so she was half sitting on her folded legs as she kept most of her weight off her bottom.

Brad got out of the van and reached a hand in to help Sky out. She hesitated for a moment then placed her small hand in his and let him help her onto her feet.

"Look, Jake's got a spot fixed up for you already. Looks like everyone is eating, you hungry?" Brad asked as he helped her the last few feet to a sleeping bag that was spread out on the ground.

"I haven't said she can eat." Hawk said darkly as he walked over to where Sky was easing herself onto the sleeping bag.

Sky glanced up at him warily. Seeing him glaring at her she settled herself nervously and waited with lowered head to see what he would do.

"Well I said she could eat. You got a problem with that?" Brad asked as he eyed Hawk angrily.

"I own her. I feed her." Hawk growled back as he turned away. He walked over to where Jake sat beside his motorbike.

"There's some in there for Sky as well." Jake said before turning back to the conversation he was having with two other men.

Hawk stood there seemingly lost for a moment before grabbing the newspaper wrapped parcel and two cans of drink.

Hawk settled himself on the ground near Sky, put the drinks down and started unwrapping the paper parcel. The appetising aroma of fresh fish and chips came as he opened the last layer of white butchers paper.

"Come on, eat up." Hawk ordered gruffly.

Sky reached hesitantly for a chip and popped it into her mouth. Her mouth watered as she chewed hungrily. When she reached for another chip Hawk pushed a large piece of fish towards her and she looked at him startled.

"Thank you." Sky said softly when he motioned towards the fish.

The fish was cooked beautifully and broke into flakes as she pulled it apart to stuff into her mouth. She sucked the juices off her fingers as she ate. She glanced up to see Hawk watching her with a shuttered look on his face. She blinked uncertainly then looked down as she picked up more chips.

"It's good," She told him softly before popping them into her mouth.

Hawk grunted and looked away but not before Sky saw the small flash of pleasure her words had caused. He opened his can of drink and took a deep drink before looking back at her.

"I didn't want to punish you, you know. But you made me so mad with you. If you hadn't made me so mad I wouldn't have belted you like that." Hawk told her levelly.

Sky looked down at the food. She didn't want to do or say anything to change Hawk out of his mood of kindness in letting her eat. Silently she ate another handful of chips and snuck a peek at him. He was watching as she reached for more food.

"There's more fish if you want it." Hawk said as he reached out towards her face.

Sky's first instinct was to flinch away from his touch but she held still as he brushed the backs of his fingers lightly over her cheek. His thumb slid down to trace her bottom lip and she flinched from his touch as his thumb touched near where he had hit her.

"I wouldn't have to hit you if only you hadn't tried to run away." Hawk said quietly.

Sky cowered away when he would have stroked her cheek and Hawk frowned in annoyance.

"Eat the other piece of fish!" Hawk snapped as he got to his feet then walked away.

Sky turned her attention to the food. While she ate she kept darting quick little glances around at the various groups of men; Hawk was over near where Jake was while Brad and Ren were sitting with several others closer at hand. Ren looked up and met her gaze with a smile. The abandonment, humiliation and embarrassment she had felt when he had turned away from her the previous night flooded back and she looked away hurriedly as she blushed in shame.

The smile died on Ren's face as Sky turned away. He had glimpsed the emotions that had flittered across her face and cursed himself for giving in to his need to touch her and possess her the previous night. Anger left a bitter taste in his mouth as he looked away from her and tried to focus on the conversation around him.

Sky finished the piece of fish and several handfuls of chips before she reached for her drink and opened it.. She had eaten as much as possible not sure as to when Hawk would decide not to let her eat again, when she finished the drink she lay down and curled up on her side. The encroaching darkness and the effects of a full stomach combined to make her yawn sleepily several times, finally her eyes drifted closed and she slept where she lay on the sleeping bag.

Hawk watched Sky from where he sat talking quietly with Jake. He noticed when she had looked away from Ren's gaze and had wondered at it. When he saw she had fallen asleep he got to his feet and walked over to cover her with one of the blankets that lay at her feet. She woke with a startled gasp as she levered herself up on one elbow but lay back down when he spoke to her softly. She closed her eyes as he tucked the blanket around her and was asleep before he left to return to where he had been sitting with Jake.

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