Stolen Ch. 09


Two days had passed since Hawk had noticed Sky's bruises had nearly faded away and he had fondled her when he had her cornered in the kitchen. In the time since then he had restrained himself knowing that he was being watched closely by Brad, and sometimes Jake, as well as Ren when he was there.

Sky climbed into bed and pulled the covers up and tucked them in around her shoulders. She yawned as she made herself comfortable in the large bed. Hawk was still out in the kitchen at the table playing cards with several of the other guys and she knew he probably wouldn't get to bed for at least another hour.

She had been yawning and sitting at one end of the table with her head resting on her folded arms on the table top when Hawk had noticed and sent her to bed. Within minutes Sky as sound asleep curled up in the middle of the bed.

Sky woke but didn't stir when Hawk and Jake came into the room nearly an hour later. She listened as they undressed in the dark and then she felt the mattress dip beneath Hawks weight when he climbed into bed.

Hawk moved close and pulled her against him, his hand finding she wore the flannel shirt she had used as a nightie lately.

"This has to go." Hawk muttered as he reached for the buttons.

Sky clutched the shirt close as she tried to stop him removing it.

"It's cold." Sky complained in fear.

"I'll soon warm you up." Hawk laughed softly.

Sky continued to struggle but when Hawk wrestled the shirtfront from her hands she stopped fighting. She let him remove it knowing it was useless to continue fighting him and it would only serve to anger him.

"Clever girl," Hawk said near her ear as he lay down close behind her and pulled her over onto her back.

Sky tensed as he rested his hand on her stomach for several moments before moving it up to cup her breast. His fingers found her nipple and he began to toy with it teasing it into a hard pebble before shifting his hand to her other breast. When Hawk moved closer and hooked his leg over hers she could feel his arousal pressing against her hip. He cupped one breast and lowered his head to take the nipple into his mouth. He bit it gently before soothing it with laps of his tongue.

Sky could feel her body start to respond as Hawk suckled at her breasts, the now familiar heat started to grow in her lower stomach and an empty feeling was forming between her thighs. Even as her body responded her mind stayed clear and she knew she didn't want him to continue what he was doing to her. She braced her hands against his shoulders and tried to push him away but Hawk was not to be denied and he caught hold of her wrists and pulled her arms above her head to pin them to the mattress.

"Come give me a hand here would ya Jake?" Hawk called to his friend then added. "You can have some fun too if you want."

Sky turned her head fearfully as she heard Jake move in his bed and watched as he got up to move into the bed with her and Hawk.

"Hold her arms down would you?" Hawk asked and Sky felt Jake's hands replace Hawk's.

"I don't want to do this!" Sky protested tearfully.

"It's not what you want that matters." Hawk told her as he turned his attention back to her body.

Sky tensed as Hawk's lips closed around her nipple and his hand slid down over her stomach and mound to try to slip between her thighs. When he found she was fighting him he moved his leg off of hers and slipped it beneath her knees enabling him to pull her closest leg up and over his own legs.

"I don't want this." Sky protested almost inaudibly as Hawk's fingers found her inner most folds.

Finding the beginnings of moisture Hawk circled her clit and began teasing it with two fingers. A second feel found her passage wetter and he slid a finger into her passage with ease. Sky gasped and arched her body at the unexpected intrusion as Hawk began to finger fuck her. She let her legs open wider and Hawk moved so he was half over her as he suckled first one breast then the other while pumping his finger in and out of her channel. He slid a second finger in and found her clit with his thumb causing Sky to gasp and pull against the hold on her arms.

"Just relax." Jake told her softly.

Sky turned her head to look at Jake as Hawk continued to finger fuck her. When he added a third finger she gasped and arched into his mouth, her mouth forming an O. Her lips felt dry and she flicked her tongue over her bottom lip. She felt Jake separate her arms to mesh his fingers with hers as he held them above her head and lowered his head to hers. His mouth was light and gentle as he kissed her, his tongue seeking entrance to her mouth. Sky opened her mouth for him and sighed into his mouth as he kissed her softly.

Hawk lifted both her legs over his hips as he moved down so he could enter her from below as he lay on his side while she lay on her back. Sky whimpered and gasped against Jake's mouth as Hawk entered her body with one strong thrust forcing her newly healed body to stretch to accommodate his. Jake broke off the kiss and lifted his head to see why Sky had tensed and stopped responding to him. Seeing that Hawk was fucking her in long slow strokes Jake turned his attention to her breasts as he released her hands. He moved one hand down to where Hawk moved within her body and found the little nub within her folds.

Sky gasped as pleasure began to radiate from between her thighs once again. Slowly she found she could move in rhythm with Hawk as he fucked her and she moaned softly with pleasure caused by their movements. She ran a hand down Jake's arm to his wrist then back up to his elbow before slipping her hand down across his stomach and reaching boldly for his hard cock. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and began to pump her hand up and down slowly. Jake groaned against her breast and his hips began to move in time with her hand.

Hawk gradually increased the pace of his thrusts until he was pumping in and almost out of Sky rapidly. She began whimpering in pleasure as she moved with him. Hawk withdrew from her body to move between her spread thighs. He nudged Jake in the back and Jake sat up and watched as Hawk moved over Sky, entering her quickly and immediately setting a fast, rough pace as he pumped his hips against her.

Hawk felt Sky's inner muscles clench then ripple after ripple flow through her as she clutched at his shoulders as her orgasm rippled through her. Hawk grunted as he continued to pump into her hard and fast. He could feel his own climax tightening his balls but he wasn't quite finished yet. He pulled her knees up so her heels were even with the top of his thighs and cupped her bum in his hands as he sought to bury himself deeply in her. He came, spending his pleasure deep inside her body.

Hawk took a minute or so to catch his breath before withdrawing from Sky and rolling off of her body. He moved to sit up against the head board and watched as Jake turned Sky onto her stomach.

Sky struggled weakly as Jake turned her onto her stomach and pulled her up onto her knees. Fearing he was about to use her arse she tried to twist away from him but Jake held her hips still as he easily slid into her slick passage. Sky gave a startled gasp and slowly relaxed as Jake began moving in steady long thrusts. She glanced back over her shoulder as pleasure began to return and she pushed back against his hips.

Jake ran his hands up and down her back before sliding one hand under her stomach and down to her mound. His fingers found her clit and Sky gasped at the sensations of his fingers on her clit while he fucked her doggy style. He moved both hands to her breasts to pinch and tease her nipples as he began moving faster within her. After several moments he straightened up and moved his hands to her hips to pull her hard against him every time he thrust into her.

"Hmm, that's good," Sky moaned in pleasure as she pushed up onto her hands and arched her back downwards to increase the sensations.

Jake reached down to gather her natural lubrication from where he thrust into her. Lightly he wiped the moisture on her arsehole then reached for more. Gently he circled her rear passage applying very little pressure. Gradually he pushed harder against the rosy bud until he easily slid one finger inside.

Sky gasped and tensed her muscles as she realised what Jake was doing. She pulled away from him but Jake moved fast and although he removed his finger he prevented Sky dislodging his cock from her moist, slick passage.

"Take it easy. That didn't hurt," Jake whispered softly as Sky glared at him over her shoulder. Unable to escape his hold Sky had no choice but to endure his attentions.

Again Jake set about arousing Sky to her previous enjoyment of fucking. He slid his hands under her to play with her breasts and finally in her moist folds.

Sky moaned softly with pleasure and gave herself over to the sensations that coursed through her body. When she felt his hand stray to her arse again she became cautious but didn't protest.

Jake resumed his gentle pressure on her anal ring, circling it with his thumb. When he felt her inner muscles start to tense he eased his thumb into her ever so slightly and as he felt her orgasm wash over her in waves as he pushed his thumb in as far as possible.

Sky gasped as she came hard on Jake's cock. She was dimly aware of his playing with her back hole but as it wasn't painful and actually seemed to add to her pleasure so she didn't protest or fight against it. She felt him cum as she rode the last waves of her own pleasure and let herself collapse on the bed beneath his weight.

Jake withdrew from her body almost reluctantly and rolled onto his side so he no longer rested on her body. He saw her turn her head towards him in the dim light and look at him a moment before closing her eyes with a satisfied sigh.

Sky lay there for several minutes nearly drifting off to sleep until the urgent need to use the toilet roused her. She pushed herself up onto her fore arms as she turned her head towards Hawk.

"I need to pee." Sky told him softly.

"Hurry back." Hawk ordered in annoyance, he had almost been asleep.

Sky climbed over Jake to get out of bed. She paused to pull on the shirt she had previously been wearing, then headed for the toilet. With the necessities taken care of she paused in the bathroom to clean the trail of cum from the inside of her thighs where it had leaked. Sky rinsed out the washcloth before replacing it and headed back towards the bedroom.

Jake and Hawk were arguing softly as she came into the room. Hawk was out of bed and had his jeans on and was standing in her way.

"You're in my way, can I . ."

Hawk cut Sky's sentence off with a hard backhand as he turned to face her.

Sky gave a startled scream from fear and pain as she stumbled backwards and fell as the bed beside her caught the back of her legs. She looked up at the dark shape of Hawk in the dim light from the window. He took a step towards her and she scooted under the double bed she had fallen over fearing he meant to hit her again.

"There was no need to hit her!" Jake exclaimed angrily. " You're pissed off with me! So be man enough to take a swing at me not her!"

"It seems like everyone has an opinion on how I should be treating her!" Hawk snapped angrily. He didn't want to acknowledge Jake's last comment. He went down on one knee as he tried to see under the bed but it was too dark.

"What the hell is going on in here?!" Ren demanded angrily from the doorway.

Sky cowered under the bed listening to the men argue back and forth. The floor was cold beneath her and she was fast becoming chilled but she stayed where she was. She heard the anger in Hawk's voice as he called to her to come out for the fourth or fifth time but she had no intentions of leaving the relative safety of her hiding spot until she was forced to. She listened to the men arguing then Hawk swore and she could tell he was getting dressed. Finally he stormed from the room shouting that he was going for a ride and to hell with Jake. She stayed still as someone moved around the room and turned the light on. She heard the sounds of a motorbike starting outside and then the noise died away as it was ridden away.

"You'd best come out now Blondie. You must be getting cold under there." Ren said quietly.

Sky hesitated for several seconds then slithered out on her stomach. She eyed both Jake and Ren warily as she climbed slowly to her feet. She glanced towards the doorway to see a large shape that could only be Brad in the next room.

"Brush all that fluff off yourself and get back into bed." Jake told her.

When Ren reached out to brush dust and fluff from her hair, his hand barely touched the side of her face and Sky flinched as she felt the rush of languid heat fill her body. She blushed with embarrassment and looked away from him. She could not understand why her body responded to his slightest touch or how she felt his presence in a room before she saw him.

Ren noted the flush that coloured her pale face making all of her face match the fiery handprint on her left cheek. He couldn't understand why she avoided his touch and quickly looked away whenever their eyes met.

"She'll be right with you?" Ren asked Jake.

"Yeah, she'll be fine, won't you Sky. Quick hop in bed you must be freezing." Jake instructed her.

Sky glanced at Jake uncertainly as she dusted off the worst of the fluff from under the bed then she climbed into bed pulling the covers up tightly around her neck.

"What started the trouble?" Ren asked.

"Hawk fucked her and when I was fucking her I played around with her butt only I made sure I wasn't hurting like Hawk does when he fucks her up the arse. Just the old thumb in the butt trick," Jake said.

"Put simply Hawk didn't like you getting near HER butt." Ren said dryly.

"He didn't like me taking something he uses to punish her and turning it so she enjoys it." Jake said tightly.

"Come on, I know how it is between you two guys. Are you sure that all it is?" Ren asked.

Jake turned away. He had no intention of further discussing Hawk with Ren.

Sky was mortified to hear them talking about what had happened so openly and pulled the blankets up and over her head.

"If he doesn't lay off he's going to bring the cops down on us" Ren said, noting how Jake reacted to his question. "Frankly I am sick of his shit, the way he's treating Sky. "

"He owns her, it's his business how he treats her." Jake said stiffly.

"When he comes back I don't want to hear him hitting her or see marks on her in the morning!" Ren said angrily then left the room turning the light off on his way out.

Jake shrugged out of his boxer shorts and climbed into the bed with Sky. He felt her flinch as he touched her and pulled the blanket off of her head before placing his hand firmly on her shoulder.

"Take the shirt off and no need to worry. I'm not going to bother you again tonight," Jake said as he pulled her onto her back so he could reach the buttons on the front of her shirt.

Sky allowed him to remove her shirt expecting him to pull her close once he was finished but he let her curl up by herself.

"If you get cold you can curl up against my side." Jake said when she had settled down.

"Got any brothers or sisters?" Jake asked after several minutes.

"I got two older brothers and an older sister. That was her with me.." Sky trailed off as she thought of the night Hawk and Jake had grabbed her. She knew now that it had been Hawk who had grabbed her and dragged her away through the bush.

"I aint got no brothers or sisters. The guys are the closest thing I have to family, but if I did have a sister I'd want her to be a cute little thing like you." Jake said.

"You don't treat me like a sister!" Sky said fretfully.

"That's right I don't treat you like a sister." Jake laughed a soft masculine sound of appreciation.

"Why did you and Hawk grab me that night?" Sky asked suddenly.

Jake was silent as he thought about if or how he would answer her question. Finally he rolled onto his side to face her before speaking.

"Hawk had been wanting a sheila to fuck. The original plan had been for Hawk to get his action there and then but he decided he wanted at least over night for his fun. The next morning we realised since you had been a virgin and you'd seen our faces it complicated matters but Hawk was so set on keeping you by then." Jake said evenly.

"So you're saying it's all Hawk's fault? He's to blame?" Sky asked softly.

"I'm saying it was a spur of the moment plan. We didn't think things through well enough." Jake answered. "But at the same time I take responsibility for my part in it."

"What would have happened if Hawk didn't want to keep me the next day?" Sky asked.

"Go to sleep," Jake ordered as he rolled onto his back.

Sky fell silent knowing there would be no answers to any more of her questions at least for tonight. She closed her eyes and snuggled down in the blankets; already the night air held a chill.

* * * * *

"Wake up and get up!"

Sky woke to Hawk's angry voice as he shook her roughly. She raised her head from the pillow and looked at him sleepily, throwing back the covers as she started to get up.

"Hey!" Jake protested as the covers were tossed off of him as well.

During the night Sky had gravitated towards him in the bed and they had slept back to back for warmth. Now as she got out of bed the cold air hit him waking him so she pulled the covers back up for him then reached for her clothes.

"Get out and cook me a feed!" Hawk snapped as Sky began getting dressed.

Sky pulled her shirt on as she headed for the kitchen. Hawk was clearly in a bad mood so she would have to hurry to do as he ordered to avoid trouble. She stopped short in the doorway of the kitchen at the sight of three strange men dressed in bikers' leathers.

"Get over there and cook us up a feed!" Hawk snapped as he gave her a shove in the direction of the stove.

Sky glanced back at Hawk as she set frypans on the stove.

"For all four of you?" Sky asked faintly.

"Yeah and don't make me wait too long." Hawk snarled at her.

Sky set about cooking an early breakfast although when she glanced at the kitchen clock it was only three-fifteen am. She looked around at the sound of someone entering the kitchen and noted that Jake was out of bed.

"Fuck it's cold in here." Jake said as he walked into the room. He glanced at Sky where she stood shivering in front of the stove and he turned around and headed back to their room. He returned shortly with a flannelette shirt which he gave her to put on over her own clothes.

"I didn't know you guys were in this part of the country." Jake said as he settled himself at the table with the other men.

"We were just passing through when we ran into Hawk and he was telling us about this woman of his," One of the men said.

Sky glanced towards the men nervously. Two of them were just average looking guys who wouldn't stand out in a crowd while the third man was nearly as big as Brad. Had a clean shaven head and a long beard that looked very clean and neat. He had been watching her since she first came into the room and now she was starting to feel nervous.

Jake glanced toward Hawk wondering what had been said by Hawk to make the men interested in seeing Sky.

Sky continued cooking the food darting nervous glances at the men sitting at the table. They were speaking amongst themselves with the large shaven headed guy looking at Sky all the time. Finally the food was cooked and Sky began dishing it up onto large plates to put in the centre of the table.

"Come here sweetheart," said the large man with a husky, coaxing tone.

Sky glanced at him uneasily and looked towards Hawk.

"Hawk." Her tone was soft and pleading showing her fear.

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