Stolen Ch. 09


"Stop being silly." Hawk snapped.

Sky looked at the large man uneasily then looked back to Hawk imploringly.

"Sky, it's okay. Seth won't hurt you." Jake told her gently but firmly.

"Come here Sky sweetheart." Seth said in his husky voice.

Sky sent both Hawk and Jake desperate looks but neither seemed ready to come to her aid. Slowly she approached Seth. He raised a hand to stroke her face and Sky flinched away from him with a gasp.

"Come on now, I aint gonna hurt you," Seth chided softly.

His touch was gentle as he stroked her cheek. His hand moved down to rest on her shoulder before sliding down her arm to touch her waist. He used both hands to span her waist; one hand moved up to cup a breast and Sky twisted away with a frightened whimper. He let her go without attempting to touch her again.

"I wouldn't mind paying for a night with her while I'm here." Seth said to Hawk.

"I aint selling time with her, she's my own special little bit." Hawk told the other man.

"Still, you'd be able to make a fortune when you're tired of her." Seth said evenly as he began to help himself to the cooked food that was now on the table.

"Sky, go back to bed." Hawk ordered.

Sky hurried to do as she was told. She had no wish to stay around the strange men especially Seth but she also wanted to hear what was said.

"Hawk, can I go to the toilet first?" She asked at the doorway.

"Yeah but hurry."

After Sky finished using the toilet she paused far enough past the kitchen to be out of sight but still be able to hear what was being said. Seth was asking again about having sex with her.

"I already told you I'm not whoring her out." Hawk said annoyed.

"That's not what I mean. If you ever get tired of her and want to go back to ..." Seth let his voice trail off and one of the other men gave a soft chuckle.

"I'd be interested in buying her off you." Seth resumed. "But I'd like to try her first if you know what I mean."

More chuckles could be heard and Sky backed towards the bedroom horrified as she finally understood what he was suggesting.

* * * * *

Pleasure trailed across Sky's shoulder then down to her breast as warm lips kissed and licked their way to her nipple. She arched into the warmth of the male body and buried her hands in the long hair at the back of his head.

Whiskers tickled against her skin as his lips trailed from one breast to the other and Sky smothered a gasp of pleasure as he suckled strongly at her breast.

"Like that?" He asked softly against her breast.

Sky arched into his mouth as one hand slid down her body to find her moist folds. His fingers stroked and teased the hard bud above her passage. She moaned softly with pleasure and ran her hands down over his muscular shoulders.

"I knew you'd come around sooner or later."

Sky jerked awake at the sound of Hawk's voice. As she peered down her body at the head against her breast she realised she had been dreaming it was Ren in bed with her but in reality it was Hawk.

Still half asleep and confused she struggled against Hawk as he suckled at her breasts. She braced her hands against his chest and tried to push him away. The image of Ren from her dream haunted her and she wanted to clear her head but the way Hawk was teasing a response from her already aroused body made it hard for her to concentrate.

"I don't want YOU to!" Sky protested as he moved up and over her body.

"If you don't want me to, who do you want to?" Hawk demanded as he caught her face in his hand. Despite his words he didn't realise exactly what she meant.

Sky looked up into his face, her struggles stilled as what he said sunk in. She shook her head scared to let him know her thoughts.

"That's not what I meant!" Sky said frantic that he would guess that she had been dreaming of someone else.

Hawk frowned down at her. Her struggles had only served to inflame his arousal. He reached under her back and cupped the top of her shoulders; he thrust up into her as he pulled her down against him. Sky gasped as her body tried to adjust to his invasion.

Hawk began moving against her in hard thrusts meant for his pleasure not hers. He quickly picked up the pace and was soon pounding into her body rapidly. It didn't take long before he came with a groan. As he buried his face in the hollow between her neck and shoulder, he sucked hard at the delicate skin there leaving a mark on her pale skin, marking her as his.

Hawk rolled off of her and reached for a smoke. Sky rolled onto her side with her back to him and curled up in a little ball of misery. Her body still hummed with sexual tension, her breasts sensitive and swollen, and her pussy wet and throbbing.

"Get up and go have a shower. Then you can go cook me an early lunch." Hawk ordered.

Sky sat up and reached for her clothes silently. She pulled on the clothes she had discarded to go back to bed and picked up some clean clothes to take to the bathroom with her.

In the bathroom Sky shut the door and turned the shower on. After adjusting the temperature of the water she stripped off and stepped beneath the warm water.

Sky paused to glance back at the door before running her hands down over her stomach to her mound. She slipped one hand between her thighs and found her clit with her fingertips. Gently she rolled her finger around it until she found what felt good. And then fearing detection she began to quickly stroke and tease the tight little bud until she came with a gasp and slumped against the shower stall wall as the last shudders of pleasure rolled over her in waves.

She reached for the soap and quickly worked up a good lather before beginning to wash herself. Carefully she washed where Hawk's mouth and lips had travelled over her body, the warm water washing all the suds from her body. Carefully Sky washed away all traces of cum from between her thighs, both from herself and from Hawk and also from Jake and Hawk earlier the previous night. Quickly she turned the shower off and stepped from out of the shower to grab a towel. She dried herself quickly and dressed hurriedly before heading out towards the kitchen.

Her body felt tired and sluggish as she moved around the kitchen cooking food for Hawk. She saw by the clock that it was later than Hawk usually got up so she hurried to have coffee and food prepared fearing he would be in a bad mood if the food wasn't ready when he came in.

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