Stolen Ch. 10


I will reply to a comment made on Chapter 8 by someone. Sky is actually on birth control. Back in chapter 3, when Hawk left Sky in the care of Ren, Brad implanted a contraceptive device in Sky's arm after being asked to by Hawk.



Sky sat on Hawk's lap; he was seated on the sofa in the lounge room talking to several men. He insisted Sky sit on his lap and remains there while he chatted to the others. One of his hands was absently running up and down her side as he laughed at something Seth had said.

"How about a game of cards?" Roy, one of Seth's friends said.

"I'll give it a miss today, got something else I wanta do." Hawk said as he raised his hand to cup one of Sky's breasts.

Sky remained motionless on his lap. She had learnt quickly over the last few days that to protest or fight him in any way only encouraged him, but if she remained passive and submissive he quickly finished with her and let her be.

Seth gave a deep chuckle of masculine appreciation as he glanced at Sky and Hawk. He reached for the deck of cards that never seemed to be far from reach when he and his two friends were at a table.

"Maybe I'll get lucky and get invited to join you pair one time." Seth said to Hawk.

Hawk poked Sky in the ribs gently but firmly and she stood up knowing that he wanted to get to his feet. He stood then caught her by the wrist and led her from the lounge room towards the kitchen.

"Make me some sandwiches." Hawk ordered.

Sky set about doing as she was told. She got the left over roast out of the fridge and quickly made sandwiches with thick slices of meat spread with fruit chutney and placed them on a plate for Hawk. She glanced at Hawk when he began eating.

"Do I make some for myself?" She asked softly.

"Nah, Jake and I'll be going away for a few hours. You can stay here with Ren and Brad and eat when they eat." Hawk ordered.

Sky quickly cleaned away her mess and sat down in the chair beside Hawk while he ate. He stopped chewing and turned his head to look at her.

"Where's me coffee?" He asked dryly.

"I'll get it." Sky said as she went to get to her feet.

Hawk lashed out with a backhanded slap without warning that caught Sky across the front of her shoulder as she flinched away from him. The force of the blow knocked her and the chair onto the floor. Sky watched him uneasily from where she had fallen.

"Get my coffee!" Hawk barked the order. "You should know by now I have coffee when I eat!"

Sky got to her feet silently. She hurried over to the counter to pour his coffee and take the mug to him. She retreated to pick up her chair and push it in near the table. She then took several steps away and stood rubbing the front of her chest where Hawk's blow had connected with her body.

Hawk was just finishing his coffee when Jake walked into the kitchen. He helped himself to a mug of coffee and took a deep drink of the strong brew. He tossed the contents into the sink in disgust.

"That's been there all morning." Jake said and looked towards Sky. "Make a fresh pot." Jake ordered.

Sky looked towards Hawk waiting for him to either tell her to do as Jake had said or to tell her not to do it. Hawk turned his head slowly and frowned at Sky.

"You want another hit?" Hawk asked when she remained motionless.

"I'll make the coffee now." Sky said as she started towards the percolator.

"Do as you're told when you're told!" Hawk growled as he got to his feet and grabbed a handful of Sky's hair forcing her to a halt as he turned her face towards him.

"I'm sorry! I'll do better next time!" Sky said as she blinked to keep tears of pain from welling in her eyes.

Hawk gave a disgusted grunt and flung her away from him. Off balance Sky stumbled and struck the side of her face on the corner of the counter as she fell, a sharp cry of pain came from her at the contact but she scurried to her feet in a rush to do as he had ordered.

"Let me see." Jake said as he tried to approach her and turn her face towards him but Sky flinched away from him, her face turned away from him as she tipped the old coffee down the sink.

"Don't mollycoddle her!" Hawk snapped angrily and Jake paused to glance at him.

"She playing up?" Seth asked as he walked into the kitchen. He had a moment's view of her cheek before she ducked her head and turned slightly away. He walked over to Sky and when she would have moved away he moved with surprising speed to catch her by the upper arm.

Sky didn't struggle as Seth caught her chin in his large hand and turned her face so he had a clear view of her throbbing cheek.

"A shame to mar that face of hers even for a few days." Seth said with a glance at Hawk.

"If she had done as she was told when she was told it wouldn't have happened, would it Sky?" Hawk said dryly.

Sky remained silent. There was no way she was going to say no.

"Look's like she needs reminding of her place." Seth said when there was no response from Sky.

Sky rolled her eyes towards Seth so she could see him without moving her head before attempting to turn her face towards Hawk.

"Hawk." Her voice was soft and pleading.

"Get to making a fresh pot of coffee." Hawk ordered.

Seth released her reluctantly and turned away from her to get himself a cold beer from the fridge.

"We'd better get going if we want to be back before dark." Jake directed his comment to Hawk before heading off to get his own helmet and jacket.

Hawk glanced at Sky where she was setting up the percolator. He knew he'd catch hell from Ren over the mark on her face.

"I was going to leave her with Ren and Brad - you interested in watching her for a few hours? Like you were talking about last night?" Hawk asked Seth even though he knew exactly how Seth would spend the time with her.

A slow grin spread across Seth's face as he looked at Sky.

"Oh hell yeah. I'd enjoy 'watching' her." Seth said, his voice thick with innuendo.

Sky felt her mouth go dry with fear at Seth's reply and she looked towards Hawk frantically but he was already turning to leave the room. She darted a look towards Seth and looked away hurriedly when she saw the hunger in his eyes.

"Look's like you an' me get to know each other a bit better." Seth said as he approached her.

Sky turned her face away from Seth as she concentrated on putting away the clean plate and cutlery. She flinched when Seth ran his hand lightly down her arm but didn't try to get away from him. She heard Hawk and Jake leave by the side door and bit her lip to keep from crying as Seth moved his hand to cup her breast. He found her nipple and pinched it between his fingers causing Sky to gasp and flinch from his touch.

"Looks like you need a firm hand." Seth said as he grasped her breast tight enough to start to be uncomfortable.

Sky stood motionless as he lifted his other hand and placed it on the small of her back before sliding it down over her buttocks then running it back up her back. She fought the urge to close her eyes tightly when she felt his breath brush the side of her neck as he leant in close.

"By the time Hawk gets back you'll know your place." Seth said as he released her breast and slid his hand slowly down her body.

Sky flinched away from him and attempted to move out of reach but he had her firmly pinned between his body and the fridge in an instant. She cringed as he took a firm grip on the back of her neck with one hand.

"I'm gonna love giving you a few lessons in how to behave. Then you'll know to stay still when I put my hands on you." His voice was menacing as he whispered in her ear.

"What's going on in here?" Brad demanded as he walked into the kitchen.

Sky looked towards him hopefully, ignoring Seth's grip on the back of her neck even though his fingers tightened painfully.

"Sky is just learning who is boss." Seth said.

"Get your hands off her!" Brad ordered as he moved towards them.

"Hawk left her in my care, didn't he Sky." Seth said unaffected by Brad's proximity.

"Is that true Sky?" Brad asked quietly.

"Yes." Sky said even as her eyes pleaded for his intervention.

Brad stood glaring at Seth for a few minutes. He knew that the other man would pay him no heed if he demanded for Sky to be released and let alone. After a few minutes consideration Brad realised the only way to get Sky away from Seth was to get Ren to speak to the guy.

"I'll be back in a few minutes." Brad said and left the room hurriedly.

Seth forced Sky to walk towards the room she usually slept in with Hawk and Jake. As he passed the lounge room Roy and Zane got up out of their seats at Seth's jerk of the head and followed the two of them to the bed room.

When Seth released his grip on Sky she moved forward several steps before turning around to face him, she stood hugging herself comfortingly as she waited for him to tell her what he wanted.

"Get on your knees and give me head." Seth ordered as he began unfastening his fly.

Sky hurried to do as she was told. She knelt in front of Seth and took hold of his half erect cock, trying not to think of how thick it was she opened her mouth wide and sucked the head into her mouth. She struggled to swirl her tongue around the large head and allowed the head to slide from between her lips as she began licking and sucking the underside of his cock.

"I want to see her rack." Zane said as he walked over to where Sky knelt in front of Seth and reached down to tear her shirt open. He then pulled the remains of her shirt off of her leaving her naked from the waist up.

Roy locked the door with a key and placed a chair under the doorknob to slow anyone up who unlocked the door from the outside before walking over to watch Sky as she worked on Seth's now erect cock.

"Enough!" Seth ordered. "Get on the bed!"

Sky climbed to her feet slowly as she glanced from one man to the next. Seth had a cock a good six inches long but it was nearly as thick as his wrist, Roy was rubbing his still soft cock,. He wouldn't be much longer than Seth but nowhere near as thick while Zane had a large bulge in the front of his jeans that he yet to uncover.

Silently Sky climbed onto the bed and sat watching the three men nervously. Zane walked over to her and slapped her lightly across her bruised cheek. Sky recoiled from him as she held her hand to her face.

"Get your jeans off you stupid bitch!" Zane snapped.

Sky kept her face averted as she complied with his order, tears of pain and outrage leaked from the corner of her eyes.

Zane saw the faint shine of tears and grabbed her chin roughly. He jerked her face around so he could see her eyes. He caught the shadow of hate that crossed her face before she could control her expression and he laughed coldly.

"We might as well make this interesting for you. Roy grab something to blindfold her." Zane said as he pushed her down onto her back and climbed onto the bed to kneel over her prone body.

Fearing there was worse than just a blindfold to come Sky began struggling when Zane reached for the strip of material Roy had torn from a shirt he found on the floor. Zane backhanded her across her injured cheek and Sky gave a cry of pain as dark spots danced in front of her eyes.

She was unable to stop him from fastening the blindfold around her head but as soon as her senses cleared she reached for it to try and remove it.

"No you don't!" Zane snapped as he wrestled her hands away from the blindfold.

"Soon fix that." Seth said and Sky felt something being tied around her wrists.

Sky screamed in fear and began struggling harder as her arms were stretched above her head and she could feel jerking on whatever was tied around her wrists.

"Get her legs apart so I can get me a piece of this bitch!" Seth said. "Now you find out what happens when you fight me." He whispered near her ear.

Sky kicked out desperately as she felt hands grasp her ankles but she was no match as her legs were forced apart and a heavy body moved over her. She continued to struggle and scream but she couldn't escape the hardness that was pressing against her dry passage. The pressure there built until with a sharp burning pain she felt something push into her body filling her to a nearly unbearable fullness. She screamed with pain and took a deep breath as her body tensed and Seth started moving eagerly.

Between the blood pounding in her ears and her own screams Sky couldn't distinguish what the men where saying as white hot pain built between her thighs and deep in her body where Seth moved swiftly. Suddenly he moved off of her and Sky rolled to her side kicking her legs viciously as she fought to get free. Her ankles were released and she desperately tried to move up the bed and onto her hands and knees so she could attempt to free her arms and remove her blindfold. She screamed and sobbed as a heavy body landed on her flattening her on her stomach. Then she managed to wriggle free and move up the bed to crouch pulling at her restraints.

Strong arms grasped her from behind and she was pulled back against a chest. Sky screamed and sobbed as she struggled.

"Please don't hurt me! Oh god, oh god! Please don't hurt me!" She begged as she was pinned against a hard male body as she knelt on her knees still blindfolded and with her arms attached to some part of the bed frame by what felt like flannel material.

Sky kept repeating her pleas as she was held against the hard chest, gradually she became aware that she was simply being held and not hurt any further, she became aware of angry voices and she fell silent before taking a deep breath.

Sky flinched and gave a scream of fear as a warm breath was exhaled near her ear.

"I'm not going to hurt you Sky, I'm not going to hurt you." A voice said near her ear and Sky recognised it as Brent, Matty's friend.

Gradually she became aware of more familiar voices and she began to relax against Brent's chest as she realised that Seth, Roy and Zane couldn't hurt her now.

"Can someone come take this blindfold off Sky and untie her as soon as you can?" Brent asked over his shoulder.

"Just coming now. The others are getting things under control and sorted out." Matty said and Sky could hear footsteps approaching the bed.

She recoiled as hands touched the back of her head and Brent's arms tightened around her once again.

"It's okay Sky, I'm just taking the blindfold off then I'll free your arms." Matty said quietly.

Sky blinked as her eyes were uncovered and watched Matty's hands as he worked on freeing her arms. The long socks that had been used to tie her had pulled tight and were hard to undo.

"How is she?" Brad demanded as he walked into the room. He kept dabbing the back of one hand against his rapidly swelling bottom lip.

"Can one of you grab a blanket I can wrap her in? It's a bit..." Matty let his voice trail off.

Sky suddenly became aware of the hard bulge in his jeans against her buttocks and realised what he meant. She shifted uncomfortably and felt the twinges of pain between her thighs and in her lower stomach.

"Take it easy Sky. I won't hurt you." Matty said and wrapped the blanket he was handed around her.

Finally Sky was free and Matty eased off of the bed taking her with him. Once he was standing up he picked her up and carried her out to the lounge room. He lowered her into one of the big comfy armchairs and Sky immediately curled her feet up underneath herself as she huddled down in the chair.

".. answer me! What the hell did you think you were doing? Or didn't you think!" Ren demanded of Hawk.

"She belongs to me! What I do with her is none of your god-damned business!" Hawk said angrily.

"Well I for one have had enough of your torturing her! If you intend to keep doing it we part company here and now!" Jake yelled angrily.

Hawk turned to look at his friend.

"But you said you didn't mind if I got myself a girl! You said it wouldn't come between us!" Hawk shot back.

"Maybe your mate don't mind takin' it up the arse himself and maybe he don't like watching you do her up the arse!" Zane shot with a laugh.

There was silence for several moments in the room and Sky glanced between Hawk and Jake uneasily.

"If you want that pretty boy face to stay like it is you'd best shut up." Jake told Zane coldly.

"I am still waiting to hear why the hell you interfered. What was going on had nothing to do with you." Seth said to Ren.

Sky noticed that Seth would have a black eye come morning and Ren had a bruise forming on the side of his chin just up from his goatee.

"Anything that may bring the police down on us here sure as hell is my business!" Ren snapped.

"If you must know it was a try before I buy," Seth said curtly.

Ren turned cold eyes on Hawk.

"Did you forget you gave me first chance to buy her?" Ren asked in an ominously quiet tone.

"You said you'd be interested in buying her, but I didn't promise anything." Hawk said darkly.

There was silence as Ren glared at Hawk. The younger man looked away first. He turned his attention to Sky and stalked over to where she sat huddled in the chair.

"Get up and go get clothes on!" He snapped.

"You've got the problem with me, don't start on her!" Ren warned in a dangerously soft voice.

Hawk grabbed Sky by the wrist and pulled her to her feet. She clutched the blanket against her chest one handed and was forced to follow Hawk as he dragged her from the room. In the bedroom he jerked her arm cruelly as he let her go and Sky stumbled forward to fall to her knees beside the bed. She turned her head away so she didn't have to see the smears of blood from when Seth had hurt her.

"Get up and get some clothes on!" Hawk ordered with a shove of his foot.

Sky eagerly reached for some clothes as she crawled over near the drawers that held what few clothes she had. She was aware of Hawk glaring at her as she pulled a t-shirt over her head.

"You think Ren would look after you real nice don't you! You have no idea how wrong you are! You're an idiot, a fool!" Hawk said and began pacing.

Sky was too busy buttoning the long sleeved shirt she pulled on over the t-shirt to watch Hawk as he paced.

"The truth is Ren don't see you as nothing but a way to make lots of money! oh He'd look after you good alright! But he'd take you to Kingscross or some clubhouse and sell you to any guy who's interested! He'd make sure you weren't roughed up too much but by the time he was finished with you, you would be all used up!" Hawk took hold of her hair and pulled her head up so she was looking at him.

"And when he has made all the money he can off you he'll sell you to some guy who will put you out on a street corner until you're worthless. And if you don't believe me how do you think he has so much money? Won a lottery or something?" Hawk demanded harshly. "He sells foolish little girls like you for a cheap fuck!"

Hawk let her hair go with a slight push and Sky turned her face away as she reached for a pair of track pants. She glanced down at the smears of blood between her thighs.

"Can I go wash myself before I put these on?" Sky asked faintly.

"No." Hawk snapped.

Numbly Sky pulled the pants on over her feet then stood up to pull them up her legs and over her hips. She stood there silently not moving when Hawk walked to the far side of the room. He turned to look at her where she stood. He turned his head as he heard footsteps approaching the room and frowned as Ren appeared in the doorway.

"Take her out to the lounge then we go outside and sort things out while she curls up on one of the chairs." Ren ordered.

"You heard him get to the lounge room!" Hawk snapped.

Ren saw Sky grimace with pain as she headed for the door and he stopped her when she would have passed him. He tried to ignore it when she recoiled from him slightly.

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