Stolen Ch. 14


Well here is the final chapter. I hope you the reader are satisfied with the ending. It is as I planned when I turned a one-off story into a series but it just took longer to get there then I had thought.



Sky sat sideways across the rear seat of a large powerful 4WD vehicle. Ren was driving and Brad sat in the passenger seat. Behind them the two bikes belonging to the men were being towed on a large trailer made especially for the transport of motorcycles.

Sky kept watch out the window at the passing night scenery; she was desperately trying to keep a track of where she was going.

Brad looked over his shoulder into the back seat to see if Sky was still awake. She turned her head to look at him and then looked back out the window. A quick glance at the dashboard clock revealed that dawn was not far off. He knew they would soon be pulling into an off road shed to camp for a few hours so both he and Ren could get some sleep.

As the vehicle approached an all night service station Ren slowed the vehicle abruptly and paused at the curb just long enough for Brad to quickly get out of the vehicle before it started moving again. Sky sat up alertly as Ren turned into a side road and drove along slowly for several minutes. Sky soon realised that the road was an exit road from the highway that lead to a roundabout and back to a highway entrance that would bring them back onto the highway back before the service station.

Ren glanced in the rear-view mirror and saw the way Sky was looking around the parking lot as they approached the service station.

"You sit back and keep quiet. I hear one sound out of you and I will put the gag back on you," Ren warned her in a stern tone.

Sky glanced towards Ren with narrowed eyes and he realised she was trying to work out just how far she could push her luck.

"You don't want to piss me off," Ren warned.

Sky settled back into the seat. Although she knew the tone of voice he had used boded ill for her if she defied him, she intended to yell out if she saw someone about.

Brad was waiting at the curb as they approached the front of the service station and Sky was aware of Ren glancing into the rear-view mirror every couple of seconds. The pause to pick up Brad was minor and the vehicle was back underway within a second. Sky turned her head to watch the service station disappear in the distance behind them.

"You hungry and thirsty Sky?" Brad asked as he sorted through one of the bags of food and drinks he had bought at the station. He glanced back over his shoulder at her when she didn't answer him after a few minutes.

"Sulking are we?" Ren asked dryly and Sky realised that he was still in the dark mood as when he had arrived at the warehouse to pick her up from Seth.

Sky didn't answer as she looked away from him. It was dark outside the vehicle but she could tell by the position of the moon it was getting close to morning.

Ren turned off the highway and drove up a road for nearly half an hour before turning into a driveway.

Sky looked around drowsily as she struggled to stay awake. She sat up more as the vehicle slowed and she looked at the large shed ahead of them.

Ren drove the 4WD into the large shed and parked at the back. He turned the lights out and shut off the motor. He heard Sky shifting in the rear seat and knew the time to start dealing with her had come.

"I'm going to go find someplace warm to bunk down for a few hours," Ren said to Brad as he climbed from the vehicle.

Brad got out of his door and stretched before glancing back over his shoulder and across the roof of the vehicle at Ren.

"I'll go for a stroll around to see how secure it is," Brad said.

Sky sat in the car silently as the two men walked away; she was cold and exhausted. Her head ached from finitude just as much as from the bump she had taken. Exhausted she closed her eyes as tears welled in her eyes and trailed down her cheeks. Silent sobs shook her shoulders as she thought about the message she had left on her parents' answering machine. They would be there to meet the coach; she was sure of that and she hated to think how they would feel when she didn't arrive on it.

Sky was starting to think they had left her in the car while they settled themselves somewhere comfortable when the door behind her shoulders opened and a cold draft came into the vehicle.

"You ready to get some sleep?" Brad asked as he unbuckled her seatbelt.

Sky nodded silently as he slipped his hands under her arms and eased her out of the vehicle to stand stiffly on her bound legs. Without hesitation Brad scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the corner of the shed where Ren had covered a pile of hay with several old horse blankets and Hessian sacks.

"Give me a moment to grab my sleeping bag," Ren said to Brad before heading back to the vehicle.

Brad sat Sky on the ground and squatted down to untie her legs. He glanced up at her face to find her watching him closely.

"Don't even think about kicking me." Brad warned.

Sky looked away from him. She didn't turn her head when she heard Ren return or when she heard the rustle of material.

"Okay, all ready. Now Sky you behave." Ren warned as she felt him untying her wrists. He rubbed the marks left on her skin from the rope before straightening up.

"You mind if I use some of this space too?" Brad asked Ren.

"Feel free. I intend to sleep." Ren said as he watched Sky crawl into the sleeping bag.

Brad tossed his sleeping bag onto the edge of the prepared area. He left a good three feet between him and where Sky was settling into the sleeping bag.

Sky lay on her side with her back to the space where Ren would lay; she heard the straw rustle as he stretched out behind her. A strong arm slipped over her waist and she was pulled back against a hard body. Fearing he was about to help himself to her body Sky began struggling and managed to break free of his hold. She had half crawled out of the top of the sleeping bag when Ren delivered a hard slap to the seat of her pants and pulled her back down towards him.

"I am not in the mood for this!" Ren warned near her ear in a harsh voice. He wrestled her onto her back and stared down into her frightened face.

"I don't want to do this! I'm not healed properly! You'll hurt me!" Sky protested as she struggled uselessly. Already she could feel her body responding to the nearness of Ren's body; her breasts felt swollen and her nipples were puckered into hard pebbles. There was a languid heat building down low in her stomach making her ache pleasantly between her thighs. She could feel the rush of moisture that signalled her arousal.

"Have I ever taken you by force? Hurt you?" Ren demanded angrily. "No I haven't, have I? You have enjoyed it each time I touched you!"

Sky stopped struggling, since it only further aroused her. Her breasts were tingling from where they had rubbed against Ren's chest. She became aware of the hot hard length of Ren's arousal against her thigh and looked into his face startled.

"Only just noticed have you?" Ren demanded as he pressed his hips against her more firmly. He looked down into her wide startled eyes. Slowly the fear left her face and she looked away from him.

She could see Brad where he lay with his back to them and she realised he could not help but hear every word either her or Ren said and hear every movement as it made the straw rustle.

Ren moved back onto his side and pulled her against his chest; he held her there securely with his arm.

Sky held still as Ren cuddled her to him. She was aware of his arousal pressed against her buttocks but he made no move to touch her in any other way except to hold her close.

"Go to sleep," Ren murmured near her ear.

Deciding the smartest thing to do would be to obey him she closed her eyes and tried to relax. Slowly the last of the tension drained from her and Sky drifted off to sleep.

When Sky woke several hours later she lay against Ren's side, her head resting on his shoulder, her body pressed against his side. She could feel one of his hands stroking her back lazily and she knew he was awake. Eventually she raised her head. He was watching her and after meeting his gaze she looked away. Brad was still asleep several feet away behind her and Sky lowered her head back to Ren's shoulder.

"Do you need to go to the toilet?" Ren asked her quietly.

"Yes." Sky as she realised with a start that she did need to go to the toilet rather urgently.

"We'll go for a walk then," Ren said quietly and Sky sat up somewhat reluctantly.

Ren got to his feet and reached a hand down for Sky. She looked up at him for a minute then reached for his hand and allowed him to pull her to her feet.

"Come on." Ren said. He didn't release her hand and Sky tugged at it as she followed him from the shed. Ren glanced over his shoulder at her and Sky glanced down towards her hand.

"I won't try to run away," Sky said softly.

"Maybe I just like holding your hand." Ren said gruffly.

Heat rushed into her face as she felt herself blush and a warm feeling seemed to fill her body.

Outside Ren released her hand near a tree and moved several steps away before tending to his own needs. Sky hurried to relieve herself and once she finished she followed Ren back to the shed. He got a bottle of water out of the vehicle and poured it slowly so Sky could wash her hands. When she was finished she took the bottle and did the same for him.

"You hungry?" Ren asked.

"Yes." Sky answered.

"Hey Brad! We're going to eat." Ren called to his friend.

Brad woke up and sat up sleepily. He waited a few moments before climbing to his feet and heading out of the shed.

"Why did you run away?" Ren asked evenly.

"I want to go home." Sky answered softly.

"Did I do something to upset you? Something to make you want to get away from me?" Ren asked her softly.

"I want to be with my family." Sky said with a trace of desperation.

"Are you scared of me Sky?" Ren asked.

"You bought me from Hawk! You're gonna ... you make me do things I don't want to!" Sky said as she moved several steps away from him uneasily.

"But I haven't forced you to do anything with me, have I?" Ren asked quietly.

Sky watched him suspiciously. Was this the start of his punishment for her running away? She wondered. How would he punish her? Would he demand she allow him to have sex with her even though she had already told him she wasn't healed yet? Or would he prefer to use his belt to hit her?

"There's no way I can stop you touching me," Sky said uneasily and backed several steps further away from him.

Neither of them saw Brad halt just inside of the shed and move into a dark area as he watched and listened without interrupting them. Brad was hoping Ren would be able to reach Sky and calm her fears. Hawk's abuse had her frightened of even the simplest gesture of kindness.

"Sky, there hasn't been a night that I have laid beside you that I haven't wanted to fuck you. And there hasn't been once I acted on that except that night in the van and you wanted me to that night." Ren said.

"You were doing things to me! You made me want you to!" Sky accused.

"That's the way making love works." Ren told her.

"You took advantage of me!" Sky accused.

"I only meant to comfort you because you were upset. Things kind of got out of hand from there."

Sky looked away; she could feel the excitement building in her body just from talking to Ren about what had taken place between them. She crossed her arms over her chest and hugged herself as she paced backwards and forwards.

"Look come and eat. It's not much, just sandwiches and fruit with some soda but I know I am sure starved." Ren said as he got a bag out of the front of the vehicle.

Sky paused in her pacing to look at him. It had to be well past midday and the last time she had eaten had been before she had been abducted the previous evening.

Ren pulled out a wrapped sandwich and opened it. He held out a half towards Sky. "Cheese and tomato."

"Let me have a look at what's in the bag. I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!" Brad exclaimed as he walked towards them.

Sky turned to watch him warily, but he ignored her as he walked to the vehicle and helped himself to a packaged sandwich.

"Come on Sky. Come have something to eat," Ren coaxed.

Sky eyed him for nearly a minute then slowly walked over to take the piece of sandwich he was offering her. She bit into it hungrily and chewed it eagerly.

"Let's go and sit down to eat," Ren coaxed.

Sky watched as he walked over to the sleeping bag and sat down with his back against an old drum. He reached into the bag and helped himself to another sandwich. Sky approached cautiously and Ren patted the ground in between his thighs, Sky watched him for a few moments before sitting down between his knees.

"Help yourself to more to eat." Ren told her. She felt his chest press against her back as he delved into the bag again and she couldn't control the urge to lean back into his body.

Gently Ren slipped his arm around her body just below her ribs and pulled her back to nestle against his chest. Sky closed her eyes and relaxed into his warmth.

Brad glanced at Ren and Sky without being overly obvious about it. When he was finished eating he grabbed a can of soda and headed out of the shed.

Ren leant forward and pressed a light kiss on the side of Sky's neck. She flinched but turned her head slowly to look back over her shoulder at him. Ren moved his head forward to kiss her lips lightly; she tasted faintly of pickles and cheese.

Sky blinked dazedly as she turned back around and continued eating. She turned her head to watch as Ren got up and got them a drink each. She accepted the can he handed her. Ren sat down beside her and opened his can of drink so he could take a deep drink.

"Had enough to eat?" Ren asked.

"Yes thank you." Sky said as she opened her own drink.

Ren hooked his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to press a quick kiss on her forehead.

Sky looked at him startled and gave a shy smile as she lowered her gaze. She missed the closeness of her family badly and the easy affection Ren had been lavishing on her in the time he'd had her had supplied some of the affection she craved. But at the same time she was confused by the fact that he was treating her so well, especially after the way Hawk had treated her. She just didn't know what to make of Ren's behaviour.

Sky allowed him to cuddle her to his side. When he stretched out on his back once again Sky lay down beside him, rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes once again.

"You're not going to go to sleep on me there are you?" Ren asked several minutes later.

Sky murmured sleepily and Ren rolled towards her with a chuckle.

"Come on, wake up sleepy head." Ren growled as he nuzzled into her neck.

"That tickles!" Sky protested with a giggle as his goatee tickled the skin on her neck.

Ren growled and made loud noises as he playfully blew raspberries against her neck.

Sky squealed and giggled as she wriggled in an attempt to get away from him.

Ren raised his head and looked down at her. She lay on her back as she opened her eyes to look up at him. Ren studied her face as he slowly lowered his head. His lips were soft as he brushed a light kiss on her mouth.

Sky closed her eyes as Ren dropped several light kisses on her lips. She opened her lips slightly as he settled his lips over hers and kissed her slowly. She murmured as she lifted her arms and slid her hands up around his neck and shoulders.

Ren deepened the kiss as Sky's lips parted beneath his and she began to respond to him. He slid a hand down her side and cupped the top of her hip before running his hand across her back and pulling her hips against his.

Sky moaned with pleasure as she felt the warmth of his body against hers. She pressed against him and arched into his body. She was aware of her breasts becoming sensitive against his chest and reached for his straying hand. She moved his hand up to cup one aching breast and moaned with pleasure into his mouth as his fingers found her hard nipple through her top.

Ren moved his hand down impatiently and pushed it up under her top. Finding her bra he slid his hand around her back and unfastened her bra before pushing the cups from her breasts.

Sky moaned into his mouth as he rolled one hard nipple between his fingers. She gasped and arched into his body, opening her legs for the thigh he thrust between them. She moaned softly as he trailed his lips down her throat and then his lips closed over her nipple as he suckled strongly.

"Do you like that?" Ren asked trying to find out what bought her pleasure.

"That feels good," Sky admitted. Ren switched his attentions to her other breast.

Ren smoothed his hand over her stomach as he moved from one breast to the other then back again. He slid his hand down over her jeans to cup her crotch through the material and groaned against her breast as she pushed her hips against his hand. Ren rocked his palm against the moist heat he could feel through her jeans and Sky whimpered with pleasure as she clutched his head to her breast.

Frustration made Sky whimper and squirm as Ren suckled at her breast; finally she pushed against his shoulders until he raised his head reluctantly. Sky reached down and pulled her top up and off over her head before resting her hands on her jeans waistband unsure of her next move.

Ren brushed her hands aside and unfastened her jeans. He kept eye-contact as he slid his hand down her jeans and into her underwear. Sky gasped and opened her legs wider as his fingers found the slick folds of her womanhood. He slipped one finger into her wet passage and Sky moaned as he began to slowly finger fuck her, his thumb finding the hard nubbin of her clit.

"Ren!" Sky gasped as her hips moved beneath his hand.

"What sweetheart?" Ren murmured against her lips as he kissed her lightly.

Sky gasped as she clutched at his shoulders. She ran a hand down his arm to his hand where he played between her thighs. His fingers teased her and she whimpered as she strained against him. Finally she slid her hand down the front of his body and caressed his hard length through his jeans.

Ren buried his face against her neck as he groaned. He could feel her growing moisture beneath his fingers. He turned his head to nibble her earlobe and flicked his tongue into the shell of her ear.

"Please Ren! Please!" Sky whimpered as she moved against his body.

"What Blondie?" Ren asked his voice husky with passion.

"Please! It's not enough!" Sky whimpered as she moved against him desperately. She was unsure of just what her body craved, yet she instinctively knew Ren could appease the sweet tension building within her body.

Ren hesitated a moment then he pushed the jeans from her hips. Sky lifted her hips helping him, her own hands fumbling with the waist of his jeans. Ren tossed her jeans aside, paused long enough to push his jeans down baring his hips and moved between her splayed thighs. He lowered his head and kissed her hard; Sky wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him back hungrily.

Sky gasped and jerked away from his kiss as he slid deep into her slick passage. She was so wet he slid in full length with no resistance.

"That hurts!" Sky gasped startled even as pleasure began to replace the momentary pain.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Ren groaned as he forced himself to hold still. "Do you want me to stop? I'll stop if it you want."

Sky was unable to hold still and she wriggled beneath him as she sought the pleasure that she had momentarily felt. She gasped as the slight pain made the pleasure strangely erotic.

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