tagRomanceStolen Days Ch. 06

Stolen Days Ch. 06


A Few Stolen Days Ch. 06: Sweet Dreams

The morning sunlight poured in through the great glass panes that overlooked the deck. Travis was aware that Brandi's hair was in his face and it may have been the tickling of hair that awoken him from what he would have described as a very vivid dream. He shifted slightly and realized that he was in intense need to relieve himself. He was erect, but he knew from experience that it was not an erection that although it was impressive, it was not terribly functional. He drew himself gradually away from Brandi's warm both and the joy of her naked skin and slipped quietly into the bathroom, careful to close the door and chose to sit and relieve himself rather than stand and create the sounds of his strong stream echoing through the cabin.

He stood at the door of the bathroom and debated. Part of him wanted to return to the warmth of the bed and take Brandi with the light breaking over them, washing them both in its warmth. Part of him just wanted to stand and watch her. To judge her naked form under the sheet and remember the texture and the smells of having her.

The part that won out was the chivalrous part that reached for a towel to wrap around his loins and walked over to turn on the coffee maker which was prepared to start its process.

Part of him wanted to walk around the cabin naked and have Brandi look at him hungrily. Part of him kept reminding himself that he should ever be vigilant to be a gentleman in this process. He never wanted her to feel uncomfortable at his forwardness. It was so easy to let his mind run away with the sexual thoughts and appetites that she generated in him.

Knowing that it would be a while before the coffee would be ready and not wanting to wake her until he was ready to bring her fresh coffee in bed, he let himself out onto the deck. The morning was glorious. Cool enough to raise a bit of goose flesh on his arms but with the warm rays of the sun beginning to spill over the mountain crests it was fantastic. He debated on dropping the towel and standing naked before the sunrise, but he noticed a porch swing on the end opposite the hot tub which had been hidden in the shadows the evening before.

The truth was, he mused, it had been in plain sight before the sun went down, but his eyes were so fixed on her leaning over the rail yesterday that the sun could have probably turned blue at sunset and he wouldn't have noticed it.

He walked over to the swing and sat down. In the quietness of the early morning he could hear the slight squeaking of the chains as they moved within their anchors and the birds moving in the trees and he watched the play of sunlight breaking through the leaves of the tree and splashing onto the deck all around him.

He lost track of the time as he let his mind drift. He could remember with an uncanny vividness the touch and smell of Brandi and the sense that though he had slept soundly, he remembered her. He puzzled in his mind, had he awoke in the night and taken her or was it a very powerful dream?

He heard the door open and his head snapped around. He had forgotten about the coffee brewing and his intent to surprise Brandi from her sleep. He saw her backing through the door, dressed in his shirt from the day before. A soft knit pale yellow Polo golf shirt that now seemed almost to be translucent. It hugged her backside so that he had no trouble discerning the separation of the globes of her bottom. It fell just below her upper thigh and reminded him of a very large mini-dress.

She turned to let the door closed and two steaming cups of coffee caught his attention almost as he noticed that the soft knit shirt had molded itself to her breasts. It hid nothing, but the hint of the coverage was very appealing. She hadn't buttoned the neck of the shirt and it fell low enough to give ample view of her cleavage. She stirred him anew as she had done so many times.

"Coffee?" she smiled.

"I intended to wake you up with fresh coffee in bed!" Travis offered with an apology in his voice.

"I loved being awoken to the smell of fresh coffee, but I wondered where you had gotten off to." she countered.

"I got lost sitting here in the morning sun. Come sit with me." Travis took one of the steaming cups as Brandi sat at the other end of the swing.

Travis started to move and arrange himself, but stopped. He had been sitting with one leg on the deck and one pulled up to his butt on the bench of the swing. His towel covered himself to his own view, but he knew he was totally exposed to Brandi who sat at the other end.

He should have been more gentlemanly and proper, but they had become comfortable with their nakedness together. And, he thought, he wanted her to see him. Not just hard and full blooded, but soft and vulnerable. He wanted her to be comfortable with his nakedness and his manhood.

Brandi sat down and then turned and mimicked his posture on the other end of the swing with their toes now touching on the bench of the swing. His shirt covered her but with her leg swung around he knew that it wouldn't take much to open the same vista to his eyes that he was displaying to her. She sipped her coffee and over her cup he saw her eyes watching him.

"She knows exactly what she is doing" he thought to himself.

And with the slightest movement of her leg perched up against her bottom on the bench of the swing, she pulled the soft knit fabric taught and he watched her grin as she drank. She was now fully exposed to him. Her soft lower belly and the cleft of her womanhood parted in just the narrowest chasm but the depths were lost from view.

Travis thought to himself quietly for a bit. He was terribly curious to know if what he thought had happened in fact did, or had it been a very vivid dream. He knew the risk of asking. If it had happened as it thought surely it had, then Brandi may feel badly that he didn't remember it as importantly as she did and then even worse if she felt that something she felt very real about had been remembered by him as an unsubstantiated dream. He decided that probably the best route to take was to not mention it, or at least not until she did and from her remark, draw his conclusion.

Brandi sipped her coffee quietly, he though to not interrupt her deep thoughts when in fact Brandi was mulling over in her own mind the exact same question. She had some vivid feelings but they had come and gone in the twilight of her sleep and try as she might could not settle for herself if they had joined during the night, or just the pleasurable glow of a very real dream. However, being a female she didn't see the potential of the lose-lose scenario which haunted Travis.

"Did we make love during the night? Or did I just have this beautiful dream that we had?" Brandi asked over the rim of her coffee cup.

"Well, to tell you the truth, I was just getting ready to ask you the same thing!" Travis lied.

"What makes you think it was a dream?" She said it as a statement of her intent to assign him the task. There was no invitation to debate who would go first in this inquisition.

Travis thought a moment, "Well, I could never tell if I was awake or only dreaming I was awake. The sweetness of our coupling was dreamlike and perfect."

Then Travis intended to turn the tables on her. "Tell me what you felt/dreamed and then I'll tell you and we can compare notes!"

It was Travis turn to turn the tables and although Brandi squirmed with the idea of going first, and might have pouted her way out of it, she decided to begin the exchange.

"I loved be awaken in the middle of the night from a peaceful sleep to find your face already between my legs. Just quietly taking me in my sleep, without permission. As though you had awakened hungry and went to the fridge to satisfy yourself."

"I wondered then if this is reality or a wonderful dream. I find myself laying on my back from being rolled over by you, unbeknownst to me because of my deep sleep. I awakened to find you enjoying yourself, and me, with the slowest, softest, most romantic kisses to the part of my body you crave the most. I discovered I was already excited because you had been there for a short period of time. I find myself already ready for you even in my sleep."

I found that my legs had willingly opened for you and invited you in and that I was already wet. I felt your tongue probing, licking, searching out that wonderful spot. To have you gently concentrate on this area (Brandi demonstrated the target of her description by causally laying her hand between her leg and resting in on her shaved mount."

Travis knew he was being affected by the story and her demonstrative presentation. His eyes were fixed on the hand which rested palm down between her legs on her Venus mount and her fingers cascaded over her like a falls which might have been intended to hide her, actually only called attention to her and the view was made more erotic because through her loosely laid fingers there was no doubt all that she had to be seen, could be seen if you looked intently.

Brandi continued, "I was so ready for you. You then slid your body up to take my breast into your mouth, making love to my stomach all the way up with your kisses. I knew I don't have to do anything but enjoy, to just lay in the darkness and feel you sucking me in. From my breast you slid your hot body back down leaving a trail of kisses as you went, until you reach the wonderful treasure hidden for both you and I. A treasure hidden so you can again search with your tongue, from the outside in. And you begin to feel my body writhe and move ever so slightly as I take you all in. You sucked my clit and entered me with your tongue until you felt my body begin to tremble."

At this point Brandi's voice went soft with the growing passion. She was reliving the dream in great detail. Travis knew that it was her dream because his dream was so different.

"Then you pulled away and slid your body back up to completely cover me. As my legs open with desire, you teased me with your hard fullness. You slightly enter me with just the head and I gasp because I wanted you so badly. You pulled away and just kissed me."

Then I whispered to you, with panting breaths, "I want you.... take me. I want you to take me NOW! I want to feel you inside me. I moaned 'PLEASE...make love to me... now"

Your resistance was broken and you gave in to my wants and my needs. I looked down in the darkness to see just the shadow of you as you enter me. Our bodies become one sharing the slow motion, the methodical erotic movement. We locked hands as you held them out away from my body against the bed and I felt the entire pressure of you and knew that all that is keeping your body from crushing me is that you were balanced on your hard fullness penetrating me so deeply. Your knees supporting very little of your body. Your shaft so hard and big inside me as you reached the very depths of my inner being. We enjoy every slow movement, every kiss, my breasts pressed against you."

Brandi continued, "You whispered to me 'are you ready?' and I whispered 'Yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeesssssss' in a heated whisper.

You feel me push you off of me to lay on your back. I mount you and slide my hot wetness slowly, slowly, slowly, down on top of you to feel you so deep inside me it feels as though you might reach my throat. I am in no hurry and continue the sleepy dream like rhythm as before. I hear you start to groan and moan and I am so ready. I can't remember anything else because we are consumed by the delicate yet wild waves of pleasure that seem to extend from your body to mine as we reach that wonderful moment together. Then I lay exhausted on your chest, panting for breath. We drifted off without saying a word. You are still inside me and that is where I want you."

By now Brandi's woman's opening had swelled like the magnificent flower that it is. She had already begun to move to take care of her own burning desires. Her fingers played the most delicate movement, not unlike the movements of a violinist moving her finger against the strings. She was obviously playing a very sweet refrain because she closed her eyes even as her hand continued the course of it's own discovery.

Travis could feel himself stiffen in response to her graphic description. He had drunk in the full detail of her as her voice led him through the intricate detail of her thoughts. Her eyes had become heavy with the glazed look of sexual need. Her face had tightened as their through had become horse. Her nipples protruded though the light fabric of his shirt molded softly to her breasts. But most of all, he had watched her hand and her fingers work their deft magic between her cleft, opening it and coaxing from it the glistening dew of her passions. He had felt his legs move farther apart in sympathy with hers and the towel which had at least hidden himself from his own view pulled loose and draped now down alongside his hips. He was hard and with a groan he slipped his hand down to join in the concert of her fingers in a long familiar was of pleasuring himself.

"What do you remember of last night?" Brandi's voice had now turned the table.

Travis was already lost in the reveling of her remembrances and the longing for what she was doing now to herself.

"It's your turn!" she said with determination.

He didn't want to tell her of his night, he wanted only to drink from the moment with her.

"Tell me, or I will stop!" as she purposefully paused her attention to herself.

Travis knew that she was not just lost in the dream of her dream, but that she knew exactly what she was doing. She was "performing" for him with the express purpose of creating his own exquisite sexual tension. He was not sure that he wanted to "play" this game, but given her ultimatum that to not play would mean that she would cease the sweet torture that she was inflicting on him, he knew he must.

He knew that it was his turn to take the lead and it steeled himself to give as good as he had gotten and he determined that she would be the one to beg the halt to this sexual battle.

"I awoke sometime in the night with your back pressed against me." Travis began. Intentionally moving to plainly stroke himself. He was not interested in producing his own climax as the began the story, but pushing her over the edge of hers.

"You were warm and soft against me and you had snuggled your bottom against my manhood. I woke with a stiffness in my shaft and I guess I had already started grinding you in my sleep. I could feel that my hardness had separated your cheeks and that I was moving full length against you. If I could have seen I would have watched my mushroom head peek out between your crack and then knew that I moved back down through that groove until I could feel the heat of your wet womanhood bathing the root of my shaft."

Travis watched with satisfaction, knowing that without the distraction of her own words, Brandi was becoming lost in his. Her eyes were almost shut but not quite. He knew her eyes were transfixed on his huge erection and as he moved his hand on himself, he saw it mirrored in her fingers moving against herself.

"You were so close against me that one arm was under your head and the other draped across your waist. As I moved against you from behind I cuddled your head so that I could slip my hand around to cup your breasts. You moved against me and with me to accommodate my desires. I'm not sure if you were awake then or not, but you were so compliant to my attention.

My hand at your waist began to rub your lower tummy so that there was a constant motion in all three places: against your butt, massaging your breasts and massaging your lower tummy."

Brandi sighed a mixture of a grunting moan with a rush of air as Travis knew that he was touching her against with his words. He could almost see her shift her bottom on the swing seat and her free hand made its way up under the shirt to find her own nipples. It pulled the shirt up until she was naked from well above her waist in the front to her toes.

As if reading his mind she moved her foot on the deck moving it flat so as to now close the openness of her womanhood. She curled her foot around so that her toes were now moving lightly against Travis' balls.

"I don't know how fully awake you were" continued Travis "but as my hand moved against your lower belly you parted your thighs and moved your leg backward so that my hand could gain access to your front cleft. As I moved my hand downward you thrust yourself up on my fingers and you were already wet and open as I touched you.

I felt your breathing increase as every point of contact between us felt like and electrical current. Your nipples distended and hardened at my touch. Your neck moved back against my lips. Your bottom moved so that I could feel the clenching of your tightening bum as I drug my shaft full length against it, and what was between your legs seemed alive and hungry for my fingers."

Brandi again moaned and there was the slightest shiver running through her. Travis knew that she was close, but he was to. His hard shaft pulsed in under his own fingers and he felt so full and ready fill her.

"I didn't need to move against you with my erection. You moved your bottom in slow deliberator strokes against me. Some times I thought you meant to impale your tight back entrance on my hardness and then you would move so that the head of my manhood grazed the wet opening to your fiery depths.

As my fingers played with your clit and felt your lips swell like the opening petals of a flower, you reached down and grasp my shaft and moved yourself so that with each careful movement you used the head of my rod to plow open the furrow of your cleft. At each pass you guided me deeper until you had opened yourself so that the only place the be explored was through the narrow confines of your liquid center. You moved the head of my hardness in a swirling fashion forcing you open as you guided me into you."

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh" escaped Brandi's lips and her eyes clinched shut.

"You were so hungry for my shaft to be buried in you, but you sucked it in but the tiniest fractions. He could tell when the flared grove of the base of my mushroom head passed the ring of your inner passage. You felt like fire against me as you settled yourself down on me and as you bottomed out against me I could feel the grasping and releasing. You were milking me."

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh" broke from Brandi's soul as she had passed the point of no return. Her hands froze in place and her stomach clenched with a spasm that almost folded her in half. There was a look of agony on her face and she wracked with another spasm. She seemed to just hold herself tightly for a moment, letting the aftershocks pass.

She let her head lean over and rest on her propped up knee and Travis wanted to reach out and draw her to himself, to comfort her and shelter her in this vulnerable moment. But he was too close to his own climax and had determined to prove his triumph of will. He waited.

Brandi finally looked up at him softly with a weak smile floating on her face. Had she not immediately seem the extreme state of his arousal, she might of have just sat there contented at looking him in the eyes as she let the fog of her climax pass and the light headedness that comes with a hard climax. She saw him with the blue veins bulging on his tight shaft and her eyes became an open invitation for him to join her in the oblivion of his own sexual release.

Travis began to move slowly. Brandi was not sure what he had in mind, but she opened her legs to him to offer the invitation of her womanhood for his possession. She discovered she was hungry for his release and her legs begged for his entrance.

Travis stood and moved facing her. Brandi turned on the swing still keeping her legs as open as sitting with both feet on the deck now would allow. She couldn't figure out how he could enter her without kneeling between her opened thighs.

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