tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStolen Innocence Ch. 03

Stolen Innocence Ch. 03


(This story is part 3 of a series and would make a lot more sense if you read from the beginning)


I put my hands on my hips and look at him.

"Bite me." I say.

"Sure, baby, anything you want. But right now, you need to get on the bike. I paid good money for that pussy and I am not done with it yet. You didn't think you were worth that much for one fuck, did you?" he says.

I feel the wind get knocked out of me. I should walk right past him. I should run back into the diner. However, I remember I am trash now and swing my left leg over the seat. I feel the smooth leather on my thighs as I scoot up behind him.

"Hang on baby. Wouldn't want that pretty face messed up by the concrete." He says and starts off slowly.

I wrap my arms around him and pull my body tight to his. The wind whips my hair and my skirt around as we fly down the street. I lay my head on his back and close my eyes. My mind wanders easily as the sound of the motor drowns out everything except my memories.

He pulled my hair again and I got to my knees. I felt something pushed into my mouth. It was cloth. I gagged a little as he pushed it deep. He pulled the tape across my mouth again and I worked the cloth to the front of my mouth.

"There, that's better. Your pretty little panties should help muffle the sound even more." He said with a laugh.

He pulled me to my feet. I stood shivering.

"God Damn, you are even prettier than I thought you would be." He said and squeezed my left breast.

He pinched my nipple and I whimpered. He laughed and pinched it again hard. I whimpered and jumped a little. He laughed again. He twisted my nipple and the pain ripped through my young breast.

"Feel good, you little bitch? You have no idea how long I have waited to punish this hot little body." He said in my ear and twisted my nipple again.

I jumped up and down and my tears flowed fresh. My skin felt like it was ripping. My nipples had always been sensitive and this was hurting bad. He twisted the other nipple and I screamed again. He threw me down on the couch and moved on top of me quickly. He yanked my legs apart and lined up his cock over my sore pussy.

"Look at me cunt. I want to see your eyes as I fuck you again." He said and I looked at his face.

He jammed his cock deep into me and I screamed into my panties. It hurt worse than before. I was still tight but now I was also sore. He felt like he was ripping off a scab. I was crying hard and them I felt him grab both nipples. I opened my eyes and saw his cruel eyes looking at me. He pulled out slowly and then pushed hard into me as he twisted both nipples. I jumped and screamed.

He stops the motorcycle in front of an old house. There are a bunch of bikes parked in front. He gets off the bike and takes my hand. I swing off and notice a wet spot on his seat.

"Dammit girl, you leaked all over my seat." He says and grabs my uniform skirt and wipes off his seat.

I stand there like an idiot and then he pulls me behind him as we walk toward the house. I follow like a puppy as we go through the front door. There are at least 10 guys gathered around the front room. Some are watching TV, some are playing cards but all are drinking beer. There are a lot of beer cans around.

"Hey, Denny. Nice piece you got there. Trolling the daycares now?" I hear one of them say and a roar of laughter follows.

"She is a hot one. Look at those fucking legs! We gonna get a shot at that when you're done?" Another voice and another roar.

We walk past the table with the card game and he stops to talk to one of the guys. I don't really listen closely to their conversation. I am looking out at the sea of guys. They are all staring at me, most of them rubbing themselves and licking their lips. I feel like a rabbit in the lion's cage. I feel something touch my leg and I turn. The guy he is talking to is rubbing my left leg while he is talking to my biker. He seems to be sort of a leader. His hand moves up my inner thigh and my legs spread a little instinctively. He runs his hand between my legs and cups my ass. He pulls back across my pussy and slides a finger between my moist lips. I shiver.

"The game room should be open." I hear the leader biker say and his hand grabs my inner thigh.

"Thanks." My biker who I guess is named Denny says.

"Sweetheart, I don't know where he got you but if you get tired of this schmuck I will be right here. I would love to get a hold of a sweet piece like you." The leader says and looks right at me with piercing blue eyes.

I just stare and then Denny pulls me away. He drags me down the hall as the guys continue to make obscene noises and yell out what they would do to my body. He opens a door and leads me into a room. He closes the door and walks me over to a pool table. He lifts me and sits me on the edge. He doesn't waste any time as he moves between my legs and kisses me hard. I am taken a little by surprise and his tongue darts into my mouth. I gag a little and make a grunting noise. He pulls away and looks at me. He really does look ok, he is not your typical biker. He is clean shaven, his hair is short and he has all his teeth. His smile is actually kind of nice.

My nipples felt like they were on fire and the pain was competing with the pain in my crotch. I couldn't focus on either as he hammered my sore little pussy and continued to twist my nipples. I was screaming through my panties to try and take my mind off the hurt that was ripping through my young body. My entire body was being pummeled as he stroked in and out. My legs were flailing and I felt like I would fly across the room if the couch wasn't on top of me. My eyes struggled to focus on him, he was smiling behind the ski mask. I could see his teeth. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

"Baby girl, this pussy is so sweet and I love these little tits. They are perfect. I may have to come back for seconds after tonight." He said.

My eyes opened wide. The fear spread through me again. Would he stalk me forever? Would I ever be safe? Could I go through this again? I felt him pull my nipples hard and my boobs stretched out to him. He let go of them and grabbed my legs. He spread me really wide and pushed my legs back against the couch. They were next to my head and he was driving his cock deeper into me. I whimpered and a fresh set of tears followed the new pain.

Denny smiles as he unbuttons my uniform from the top. He opens five buttons and the uniform top opens wide. He looks at my plain white bra and laughs. He pulls the uniform down over my arms and pulls my arms free. My uniform gathers loosely at my waist. He reaches behind me and unsnaps my bra. He pulls it off me and tosses it aside. My boobs bounce free in front of his eyes.

"Wow, these are gorgeous." He says and cups my boobs gently.

I tense up and he stops.

"Relax, baby girl. I'm not gonna hurt you. Have you been hurt before?" He says with a strange look of concern on his face.

I look at this guy. Are you kidding me? Is he really trying to show compassion after he paid me $500 to fuck me who knows how many times? Is this guy for real? I look into his eyes and I swear I see compassion. He rubs my boobs gently as he looks at me. He kisses my forehead and then my cheeks, my nose, and then my lips very lightly. I feel my body respond to his light touch and move towards him slightly.

"That's it sweetie, you are going to be fine." He says and then covers my mouth with his.

This time I meet his tongue with mine and we kiss deep and long. I feel my nipples harden between the kiss and his fingers massaging my chest. He moves closer and wraps his arms around me. I feel my breath leave my body in a slow breath. I feel myself calm down and the pleasure takes center stage in my mind. Can this be? Am I not so far gone that I can still experience pleasure? He moves back and pushes me gently back on the table. My legs are hanging off the edge and he lifts them up and put my feet on the edge of the table, spreading me open. He pushes my uniform up to my waist and my pussy opens to him.

The cruel man was still drilling me and I was wondering how long he could keep it up. Would he rape me all night? My legs were still pushed into the back of the couch and his body was now all over me. His face was next to mine and his chest against mine. His cock continued to hammer my young pussy relentlessly. I smelled him again.

"You precious little cunt. This is the best pussy I have had my entire life. I just want to fuck you forever. Would you like that, baby? You seem to be handling it pretty well and I have to say you are even prettier with your sweet little legs spread wide open. I may have to take some pictures so I have a souvenir." He said directly in my ear.

I tried to focus on something other than him but it was hard. He was controlling my body and my mind with his intensity. I felt like I was just there for him to use however he wanted. I was nothing other than a tool for his pleasure and a place for him to deposit cum. I was a cum slut, a whore. My mind reeled with all the names I had heard for girls like me. I closed my eyes as he rammed into me again and again.

Denny moves closer and I feel his cock touch me. I am looking at the ceiling, trying to memorize the ceiling tiles. He enters me easily. I marvel at how loose I am now, just two weeks after being a virgin. He slides into me slowly. I feel myself open to him but there is no pain associated with it. I just lay there as he slides in and out slowly. I can tell he is trying to be gentle. I chuckle a little to myself. Here I am spread open on a pool table in a biker house and the guy fucking me is trying to be gentle. That is funny.

I feel him pick up my legs and open me more. The ceiling is interesting. I can see animals in the tiles. I notice my tennis shoes in the air over my head. That looks strange at first until I figure out he is bending me in half. Been here before. He is grunting and then I feel him push against me. His skin is warm and feels a little nice on my sore crotch. I feel a warmth deep inside me and another load of cum enters my young womb. He holds himself there as I stare at the ceiling. I feel him pull out slowly and his body disconnects from mine. I see a rabbit on that tile.

The cruel man, that was my name for him now. It fit and somehow made me feel a little better. He was cruel. Somehow he had managed to trap my legs between us and free his hands to grab my nipples again. I whimpered at the pain. He twisted them really hard and then slammed into me. I heard him make a groaning sound and then felt him cum inside me again. He twisted my nipples harder and I screamed as loud as I could. He opened his eyes and stared at me. He twisted harder and smiled as he finishing emptying his balls into me. I took a deep breath as he let go of my breasts. Another quick surge of pain as the blood re-entered my nipples. He stood up and looked down at me. I was still spread open. I could feel the cum leaking out of me. My nipples must be red, they felt swollen and they really hurt. He laughed at me.

"If your sweet Daddy could see his little girl now. I don't know if you have ever been prettier." He said and I felt my heart drop.

I pictured my Daddy looking down at me. What would he say? How could he ever look at me again, much less love me? My tears were a river down my cheeks. I noticed him moving and I looked up to see a camera pointed at me. The flash blinded me as he took a picture of my humiliation. It was captured forever and now he could revisit his conquest anytime he wanted. I thought for the first time who he could be. Was he a neighbor? A friend? Someone who lived close by? He had to know me, he knew too much about me. He knew me, the fear shot through me. He would see me again and know what he did. He would see me in the same pose I am now every time he looked at me and I would never know who it was.

The ceiling continues to fascinate me as I lie there. I see other animals and wonder if I am going insane. If the animals start to move I am done. I feel movement and he enters me again. I feel hands on my boobs and I look. It isn't him. It is one of his friends from the restaurant. He is moving in and out of me a little harder than Denny had done. I just lay there and look at him. He doesn't look like a stereotypical biker either. He is a little dorky, actually. I take a deep breath and look at the ceiling again. I have fallen even farther. I stare into space as a man I don't even know plows into my pussy.

The cruel man zipped up his pants and picked up his roll of tape and his knife. He leaned forward and touched my open pussy with the knife. I sucked in my breath. He ran the blade up my inner thighs and back down. I felt the blade slide between my lips and move back and forth. He must have the sharp end up, I thought or I was too numb to feel him cutting me.

"Do you know how easy it would be to just jam this knife into your sweet cunt?" He said as he moved the knife around.

I whimpered in fear. Was he going to kill me now? Did I wish he would? I wouldn't have to worry about what people thought or look into my Daddy's eyes.

"It would be fun to watch it slice you wide open. But, that would be a shame. A sweet cunt like this should be left to pleasure as many men as possible so maybe we won't mess it up. And then again.." He paused and I saw him lift the knife and point it right at my pussy.

He moved it closer and I felt the cold metal touch my soft insides. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain. The metal moved and then left. I opened my eyes and he was gone. I took a breath and wondered what I would do now.

The friend biker finishes in me and moves to my head. He takes a handful of my blonde hair and wipes his cock clean. I just lay there. I feel more movement between my legs and then another cock enters me. The other friend is fucking me now. He lifts my legs for leverage and I just look at the ceiling. I wonder if all of the guys will come back here one by one. Can I fuck them all? I don't see why not, all I have to do is lie here. He grunts and pushes into me hard, filling me up again.

"What the fuck is going on?" I hear Denny's voice.

The other friend pulls out of me and I feel a fresh load of cum leak out of me. The pool table must be a mess. Denny moves closer.

"Denny, we thought she was fair game." The friend says.

"Get the fuck out of here." Denny says.

I hear the guys shuffle out and the door close. He grabs my hands and lifts me up. He looks angry. I am out of it and don't really care.

"What the fuck were you doing? Were you going to fuck the whole house?" He screams at me.

I look at him and tilt my head. I don't say anything but I can feel my own anger rising. He is not backing down. I slide off the table and my legs are a little wobbly. My skirt falls down over my legs but my uniform is still bunched at my waist. I pull it up and slide my right arm through the sleeve.

"Well, do you have anything to say?" he says.

"What do you want me to say? Am I not the right kind of whore for you? Did I fail biker slut 101?" I say and pull my left arm into the sleeve.

"You could have fought them a little." He says.

I look at him and I had had enough. I stop trying to button my uniform and walk to the door. He grabs my arm and I spin around.

"Get your fucking hands off me. Obviously I can't even do slut right. Leave me the fuck alone." I say and rip my arm away from him.

I run to the door and pull it open. I move through it quickly. I move into the big room and notice all the guys looking at me.

"Nice tits." I hear immediately.

I look down to see my uniform open to my waist and my little boobs bouncing around. I pull my uniform together and keep walking.

"Wait." I hear Denny say.

"Fuck You!" I scream as loud as I can.

I make the front door and two guys move out of my way. They laugh as I go by. I hit the front porch and run down the steps. I start walking down the street, not sure what I am doing or where I am going. I start buttoning my uniform as I walk. I am crying and then I am not. I don't know what to do. I keep walking.

I remember the feeling of confusion and think back to sitting on my couch with my legs spread open and my rapist's cum leaking out of my sore pussy. I closed my legs and leaned over on the couch. I curled up and cried myself to sleep.

I awoke to my Mom shaking me hard. She was screaming for my Dad and crying. I looked up at her and saw she was a mess. I blinked through the sleep in my eyes. I realized I was still taped. My shoulders were sore now and my mouth was really dry. Mom reached down and pulled the tape slowly off my mouth. I whimpered as the pain shot through me. She screamed "No" when she saw my panties fall out of my mouth. I heard my father scream a profanity as he ran into the living room. He touched my leg and I flinched. He pulled away and looked really scared. My Mom was looking down at me with her hand over her mouth and crying. I heard my Father tell her to call the police and she left the room.

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