tagBDSMStolen Moments Ch. 04

Stolen Moments Ch. 04


The air was chilly like only an autumn night can be. It was heady with the smell of wood smoke and leaves, and it had a slight bite that one could ignore if one only worked hard enough. Brisk. White lights adorned the trees on the avenue, lending a soft and seductive glow. Ahead a bright crescent moon was making its way up the sky.

Suzanne shivered.

"Cold?" he asked. Suzanne was suddenly victim to deja vu and looked at him straight in the eyes as she said "A little," daring him almost to prove that her statement was false. He didn't take the bait.

Suzanne pulled her eyes away from her gaze and pointed to her car. "That one's mine. Thank you for the lovely evening." She turned and offered the man her hand. He took it.

But he didn't accept her proffered handshake. Slowly, he lifted her hand up to his mouth, and her heart seemed to beat more loudly. He brought her wrist to his lips and brushed them against her sensitive skin, feeling the beat of her heart with his lips and tongue. He held her there for a moment, kissing only her wrist, not even bothering with her hand. She felt the tip of his tongue move briefly along that spot, gone as soon as it came, and she caught her breath. Then he lowered her hand and entwined his fingers with hers, pulling her closer to his chest.

"Come with me," he said. It wasn't an order. But it wasn't a request. If a question could ever sound like a statement of fact, this was it. Suzanne couldn't bring herself to answer.

Michael brought his hand under her chin and lifted it, his gaze caressing her face. His eyes seemed to make a decision, and he lowered his head the last fraction of an inch to take her lips.

It was like coming home. That was the only thought that Suzanne could put together. Kissing this man felt like she had just come home. His skin, his scent, his arms, surrounded her and filled her senses. His lips were soft and firm, and his tongue filled her mouth exquisitely. She wondered how she could have ever lived without kissing this man. His preliminaries were few. They both were caught up so quickly in a need to be melded together that the kiss quickly progressed into something more intimate than he had originally intended. Suzanne stepped closer into his embrace, and he wrapped his arms tightly around her as she pressed her body into his. Far too soon he set her away from him. Suzanne felt giddy, and aroused. And that arousal reminded her as to why she was with this man. It must have shown on her face.

"You're still nervous around me."

"Shouldn't I be?"

"Probably. But you're coming with me anyways."



He put her arm back on his and led her to his vehicle. He escorted her to the passenger side, unlocked and opened the door. Suzanne carefully sat down onto the leather seats and swung her legs inside gracefully. As she went to reach for the door, he swung it shut.

Suzanne remembered to breath and tried desperately to slow down her rapid pulse. She could see him walking around the back of the car. His gate was relaxed, confident. It should have made her feel better.... but it didn't. She reached for the seatbelt and pulled it across her lap as he opened his own door and slid into the drivers seat. He reached across and undid her seat belt. As the offensive item retracted from her body, Michael's hand followed. It was dark in the car, the only light came from a street lamp illuminating a more used section of the parking lot, and even that was diffused by the tinting on his windows. Everything was in shadow. He brought his hand up her side and cupped her right breast in his hand. He leaned over and nuzzled the side of her neck as his thumb brushed gently back and forth across her nipple.

Her body started to tingle, and she could feel her breasts swelling, and her nipple tighten with his caress. He sighed contentedly as he began to nibble seductively on her neck, paying attention to a small spot behind her ear, and he inhaled the scent of her hair. His other hand came to the back of her head and allowed the golden strands to slips through his fingers like silk. Suzanne's nipple became incredibly sensitive and she started to pull back away from the feel of him through her silk shirt. He grabbed her between forefinger and thumb and kept her in place with the most minimal of effort.

He kissed her cheek, her brow, and down her nose.... under her eyes and along her jaw all with the utmost tenderness. She reached up to touch the soft texture of his hair and marveled in the feeling of it. She had never touched him before. She pulled his face into hers for another kiss, and he obliged willingly...all the while releasing one button after another on her shirt. She didn't notice until she felt the heat of his hand directly on her skin, and her breath broke. He smiled against her lips. Then began to kiss his way down her throat. His lips traveled for a while, his breath teasing and warming the cleft between her breasts. Her nipples hardened even more as a combination of his warm breath and cool night air met their exposed tips in the half-cup bra. He lifted the breast up to his mouth, and began to lave the tip incessantly. Suzanne felt a moan come out of her throat and he rewarded her by nipping lightly. She was so sensitive that his touch almost bordered on pain. She couldn't take much more of his ministrations.... He moved to the other breast. She moaned again in anticipation of the whole process starting again, alternatively trying to push his head away and bring it close. He moved back and forth every few minutes. But he always made a point of taking his time. Her bra became increasingly uncomfortable feeling.... tight... constraining. She reached behind her to undo her clasp and felt him take her hands in his.

"No. That wont be necessary. We should go home now anyways." Suzanne was frustrated. Again. So what if she was in a car in a public parking lot? So what if she wasn't a teenager. She had never felt this mans naked skin next to hers... she had never been able to touch him the way she wanted. And she wanted him now. She reached over and levered herself on top of him, at least partially. The stick shift in the center kept her from crawling into his lap. And she kissed him. Holding his face still for hers, she kissed him like he was breath and she was a drowning woman. She kissed him as if making love to him was the only way to save her. From what? She didn't care. And she didn't want him to care either....

Her hand brushed up his legs and crossed a bulge in his pants attesting to his arousal. She smiled delightedly and went to caress him with more purpose. He grabbed her wrists and held them still.

"No, Suzanne. I said it is time to go. Please sit back down on your side of the car." Suzanne felt her stomach drop. Disappointment, or embarrassment.... she didn't know which, but suddenly, she would rather be anywhere but in the car with this man who had just rejected her advances. "Don't pout." He considered her a minute, and then reached over to his glove box.

He opened it and removed a pair of silver colored handcuffs. Suzanne wondered a bit at them being conveniently in his car, but that thought was chased away as he took one of her hands in his and gently encased the wrist in the unforgiving metal. He then reached behind Suzanne's head to lift the neck support of her seat, exposing two steal bars that allowed it to extend upwards. He lifted her cuffed arm and passed part of the apparatus through the bars. He then lifted her other arm and methodically attached it. Instinctively, Suzanne tried her bonds. The rattled, but they didn't budge. And she couldn't lower her arms.

"That's better now, isn't it? Now you wont be tempted to distract me while I am driving. Much for the better." He seemed to consider her for a long moment. Suzanne's chest rose and fell with her breathing, her eyes having gone wide long before the first click of her restraints. And he blouse was still undone. He reached for it and she almost heaved a sigh of relief. At least she could pretend to have her arms around her head of her own free will. She could hide the short chain of the cuffs in her hands. But he didn't button up her shirt. He brushed the soft grey silk aside, revealing her creamy breasts and rose-colored tips. He pulled at her nipples and she gasped as they lengthened. He nestled her breasts in their half cups and kissed the swell of her bosom.

"Very very pretty," he whispered. Then his hand was on her skirt. She felt cool air on her legs as the garment was slowly lifted. She closed her eyes. He pulled the skirt up to her hips. "Lift for me, Suzanne." She did not know why, but she did. He pushed the bottom of her skirt from underneath her and tucked the garment up around her hips. As she lowered them, she felt the sudden contact of leather on her skin. She was warm, and her bare backside stuck to the seat uncomfortably... Michael used his hands to spread her knees apart, and brushed his hand only briefly over her center. It was enough, and she felt herself starting to melt.

To her chagrin he immediately stopped touching her, and reached over to grasp her seatbelt. He fastened only the lap belt, but it held her in place. The he put the key into the ignition and started the car.

Her legs snapped shut and she tried to sit up, her restrained hands pulling her back into the seat jarringly, and her hips unable to move out from under a seat belt she could not remove herself. She started struggling, pulling on her bonds. Trying to get out from under the seatbelt so at least she could kick him. He couldn't mean to drive on the roads with her like this!

"You miserable Son of a Bitch! You can't do this to me!!! This isn't done!!! Let me out, I want to go home!" She threw invective at him, all the while cursing herself for getting into a position that felt all too familiar. But this time she wasn't frightened. This time she was furious.

He put the car in park and turned off the ignition. He stopped and looked at her while she struggled in her secure predicament, and tired herself out. After a time it became clear to her that she was going nowhere; exhausted, her breath ragged, she stopped her struggles. Her eyes continued to stare daggers at him. "You had your chance to go home, but you chose not to. You also had your chance to travel in my car like any other passenger, but you showed some need of restraint. Since you had none of your own, I decided to provide. Now settle down, or we'll be in this parking lot until sunrise." Michael lifted his hand and let it drift between her breasts and down her stomach, and then cupped that full feeling place between her legs. He caressed her softly for a long while. Against her better judgment, she felt herself calming down as she began to ache in earnest. A liquid warmth washed over her, and she found her need to be angry with this man, with this situation, dissolve under a wave of desire.

"I don't live far from here. You can do this," his breath teased her ear. "You've had so many difficult things thrown at you, and you have done so beautifully. You can do this, Suzanne." She bit her lip and looked out the window, determined not to move her hips in supplication. He removed his hand, adjusted her clothes again to his satisfaction, pushed her knees slightly apart, and after a brief moment, started the car again.

As the vehicle pulled out onto the main road, Suzanne stared at a spot on the dashboard. Maybe they couldn't see inside, she rationalized. After all, it was night and the windows were tinted. She tried to not look at any of the passing cars, afraid the driver might sense her eyes on them and turn to see who was looking. Michael placed his hand on her upper thigh and absently caressed her as he drove, letting his hand leave only to shift the car. The ride seemed to take forever.

Michael took the exit off the freeway and entered into an affluent downtown neighborhood. Without so many cars about, Suzanne was able to relax as much as she could with her arms aching and the warm leather of the seat sticking to her uncomfortably.

He pulled into a driveway. A large white house stood before her. A rather modern building that had been divided into apartments, with separate staircases to each. He turned off the car.

Michael reached up to undo her wrists. Suzanne waited for him to liberate the second one. "Lean forward" he muttered into her ear as his lips grazed her hair. She did, only to have her hands brought behind her back and be fastened again in this manner. Her head fell forward, shielding her face, as she tried not to moan in despair. His hand soothed her back and then came to button up her shirt. He smoothed the skirt down around her legs again and undid her seatbelt. He exited the car and came around to her side. He opened the door, and took his jacket off. As he lifted her to her feet, he swept his coat across her shoulders, effectively hiding her fastened wrists. He shut the door and locked the car with a small beep from his alarm.

Taking her arm he led her to the building. She looked up the long expanse of stairs and with his aid took the first step upwards.

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