tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStolen Pleasures

Stolen Pleasures

byLucky Mann©

The sun had nearly set. A warm spring Friday in northern Indiana was coming to an end.

As Chris slowly drove home, his thoughts drifted back to the girl. A girl, to whom he had offered help when he found her stranded along side the road. She had been extremely rude to him. She shouldn't have been so bitchy. It had been a little over a half an hour since their encounter, and she was still eating at his mind. Chris was still pissed!

Karen had been on the road for several hours by the time she and Chris crossed paths. She had been traveling through northern Indiana on her way to Chicago. She was going there to meet her boyfriend, Billy.

Karen and Billy were both in college. Unfortunately for them, it wasn't the same college. Karen attended a well respected community college near her home in Columbus, Ohio. Billy had gone to a major university in the Chicago area. They hadn't seen each other in several weeks, and Karen was depressed, lonely, and just a little horny. She had gotten off the high speed super highway and taken a more leisurely route. Karen had never cared for the fast pace of super highway driving, and she took local roads whenever possible. Unfortunately, after a couple of wrong turns, she realized she had become lost. That's how she found herself on a seldom used stretch of rural road. Few people used it since the new highway had been built.

When, for no apparent reason, her car quit running, she had pulled it to the side of the road. She needed help. Karen had been sitting on the fender of her disabled car for quite a while, and nightfall was rapidly approaching.

Chris just happened to take that same lonely stretch of county road on his way home from work. That particular route offered a nice change of pace. It was Friday, he didn't have to work the next couple of days, and he was in no hurry. His job as a corporate sales representative was highly stressful. Additionally, his girlfriend of three years had recently left, which only added to his stress level. The quite drive along the practically deserted road was like therapy. When he saw a car parked off to the side of the road, he naturally stopped to offer help to the driver.

That's what rural folks do. They help each other whenever possible.

Chris pulled up behind the parked car, noticed the out-of-state plates, got out, and walked toward it. Karen slid off the fender and watched Chris walk toward her. As he approached her, Chris, being a normal male, checked out the girl as she slid off her fender.

She was not what many people would call beautiful, but she was very cute. She appeared to be about 22-years-old, stood a little over 5' tall, and weighed maybe 100 pounds. Her hazel eyes were set in a rounded, well tanned, face which was surrounded by dark hair that flipped up at her shoulders. She didn't seem to have much of a chest, but her snug jeans showed off a cute, little, round butt.

When he got close to her, Chris smiled, reached out to shake her hand, and said, "Hi. I'm Chris. Do you need any help?"

"I'm Karen, and this damn thing just quit running!" Karen was understandably in a bad mood, but she seemed to have forgotten common courtesy. She hadn't returned Chris' hand shake offer, and her voice was very curt.

Chris was not a mechanic. He was especially lost when it came to the newer computerized cars. However, he offered to look at it for her anyway. He did his best to find what had gone wrong with Karen's car. When he was unable to locate her car's problem, Chris offered to take Karen to a phone in town. She could call for help from there.

Karen responded as if Chris had asked her for a blow-job on the spot. "Are you serious? Why would I get in a car with you? I don't know you. Hell no! You can kiss my ass!"

"Sorry. I only wanted to help. You don't have to flip out." Chris said, as he turned and walked back to his car. As he pulled out, Chris stopped next to Karen, and told her, "Traffic gets mighty scarce on this road at night."

"Fuck you!" Karen yelled, as she flipped him off.

Chris then pulled away. He left her standing on the side of the road in the rapidly darkening evening.

With a building anger, Chris slowly drove home. He thought to himself, 'he had only offered his help. She didn't have to be such a bitch about it. What had he done that was so wrong?'

As he pulled into his garage, something snapped in Chris' head. He again thought to himself, 'Who in hell does that bitch think she is. I only wanted to help. Well, fuck her!'

Then an evil idea crossed his mind. He thought, 'Why not fuck her? Why not teach that bitch a lesson. She already thinks I'm some sort of pervert.' As he brought his car to a stop and slammed the gear-shift into Park, he said aloud to himself, "Hell yeah. Why not? With that attitude, she might be one wild fuck. Whether she likes it or not, that bitch is going to get fucked tonight?"

Chris took a few minutes to gather a few things from his garage. He didn't know exactly what he might need. After all, he was not in the habit of kidnapping women from the side of the road. If he was going to do this though, he needed to be prepared. He gathered rope to tie her, rags to blindfold and gag her, and starting fluid (either) in case she needed quieting.

By the time Chris had gathered what he needed and driven back to where he had left Karen, a little over an hour had passed. It was pitch dark by then. The only lights on the lonely stretch of rural road were from his headlights.

Chris passed Karen's car and made a U-turn. He again pulled in behind her car, got out, and purposely walked toward Karen's car.

Karen was sitting in her car. Her mood had not improved, and she still had a bad attitude in her voice. She stared up at Chris and asked, "What the fuck do you want now?"

In a less than friendly tone of voice, Chris asked, "You want that ride now?"

As she climbed out of her car, she snapped out, "I don't seem to have much of a choice, now do I."

"I guess not." He pointed toward his car. "Get in!" Chris sounded almost as if he had ordered her to his car.

Karen walked back to Chris' car with him close behind. She opened the passenger door and bent over to get in. Before she could seat herself, Chris shoved her hard from behind. She fell head first into his car. She ended up lying face down on Chris' front seat with her legs sticking out of the door. Chris quickly placed a knee in the small of Karen's back to hold her down and grabbed the rope from the back seat. He quickly and securely tied Karen's hands behind her back.

In the mean time, Karen was screaming. "What the hell are you doing? Get off me, you son-of-a-bitch. I'll kick your fucking balls off." She was trying to do just that.

As soon as he had her hands secured, Chris, carefully avoiding her kicks, tied her ankles together. He then ran a rope from her ankles to her wrists. Karen was then securely hog-tied. That stopped her kicking, but her mouth was still fully engaged.

"You son-of-a-bitch!" She hissed.

Chris' hand snapped out and soundly slapped Karen across her right ass cheek. Not hard enough to leave a mark, but just hard enough to get Karen's attention.

The slap startled Karen and angered her even more. No one had ever slapped her. She quickly recovered and screamed at Chris.

"Fuck you!"

Chris instantly slapped her other ass cheek, harder this time.

"No, Bitch. It's you that will be getting fucked. Now, shut the fuck up." Then he gagged and blindfolded the bitch with the rags he had brought from his garage.

With more than a little effort, Chris was able to drag Karen out of his front seat. As she struggled, Chris stuffed her into the back seat on her back, and told her, "Don't wear yourself out bitch. You're going to need that energy before this night's over." He slammed the car door, walked around to the driver's side, got in, and started his car.

Karen tried to fight free of her bonds as Chris pulled back onto the road. Reaching over the seat back behind him, Chris roughly pinched Karen's left tit. "Now, Lay still!" He told her.

"Uuuuuummmmmmpphhh!" The rags muffled her scream. She quickly realized her protests and struggles were a waste of time and strength. She lay quietly for the rest of the ride.

Chris drove around the countryside for nearly an hour to be certain his captive was thoroughly confused as to her whereabouts. Only then, did he quietly pull into his garage.

After closing and locking the garage door, Chris opened his rear car door and removed the rope that ran from Karen's ankles to her wrists. Chris pulled a quiet Karen from the car. He helped her stand up. She was a great deal more compliant by then. He then put her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, patted her cute little ass, and carried her into his house and down into the basement. Chris was in excellent condition, so carrying someone as petite as Karen was not a difficult task.

The basement had been converted into a recreation room. It was one large room with no dividers. The only interruption to the open space of the basement, were the two poles that held the center of the house up. They stood near the center of the room. The floor was plushly carpeted and the walls paneled. There were no windows. Several couches lined the walls. A refrigerator stood near the couches. A pool table was at one end of the room, and a stereo and large screen TV were at the other end.

Chris frequently had a select group of buddies over to watch various sports, or pornos, on the big screen TV. He had even hired the occasional stripper to entertain his friends.

Without turning on any lights, Chris rather roughly dumped Karen onto one of the couches. In a calm voice, Chris spoke to her. "I would like to remove your gag. However, if you scream, or so much as raise your voice, it will be put right back on. Do you understand? Will you be quiet?"

Realizing there was little she could do but go along with her captor, for now, Karen nodded her agreement. She had decided to make the best of this dangerous situation. Almost gently, her gag was removed. "Now, sit there, and be quiet!" Chris ordered, as he left her in the darkened room, her hands and ankles still bound, and her blindfold still in place.

Karen heard a door being locked as her captor disappeared into the darkness.

After a quick shower, Chris returned to Karen. The carpeting deadened his footsteps as he returned, and she was startled when he spoke. "If I remove your ankle ties, will you walk without kicking?"

Karen softly replied. "Yes."

The ropes were quickly removed from her ankles.

"Come with me." Chris ordered. Taking her firmly by her right arm, he pulled her to her feet. With her blindfold still in place, and her hands tied behind her back, he led her to one of poles and told her to sit on the floor. An old pair of handcuffs was used to attach her left wrist to the pole. He then removed the rope around her wrists.

"Would you like something to eat or drink?" Chris asked.

Just above a whisper, Karen said, "I'm thirsty."

Out of her sight, Chris made Karen a sloe gin fizz, a mixture of sloe gin and 7-UP. When made properly, it tastes like a cherry 7-UP. It's only later that the effects of the sloe gin set in.

As Karen sipped her drink, Chris left her alone again to go up stairs. He made several phone calls. One of the calls was to Jimmy, a friend who was a mechanic, had his own shop, and a tow truck. Karen's car was soon taken from the roadside to Jimmy's shop and secured inside.

Before returning to his basement, Chris gathered more supplies he thought he might need during Karen's unwilling stay. Video tape equipment, and several adult toys his ex-girlfriend had left behind, were placed in a box. He carried the box to the basement.

Karen must have been very thirsty, because her drink was gone when Chris returned. He quietly made her another, and went about setting up the video cameras and lights.

Karen seemed to like the cherry 7-UP. She quickly finished her second drink and asked for a third. She was beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol. She asked, "What are you going to do to me? Please, don't hurt me?"

In a rather matter-of-fact tone, Chris said, "You will not be hurt unless you force us to hurt you. Like I told you by your car, you will be getting fucked. It's up to you how rough you'll be treated during that fucking. But rest assured, you will be thoroughly used and well fucked before leaving this place."

Karen hung her head, but said nothing.

A short while later, Karen downed the last of her third drink. She asked for another, which she received. With a noticeable slur in her voice, she said, "Well, I'm no virgin. My boyfriend has screwed me a few times, so, I supposed, I can handle you doing me."

The alcohol in the sloe gin was indeed having an effect on Karen. She even had a slight smile on her face. Then it sank in. Karen had heard Chris say "...us...." What did you mean 'us'?"

With a smirk and an evil chuckle, Chris said, "Oh, did I forget to tell you? I've invited a few friends over. They're going to help make sure you get very well fucked, just like I promised."

Anger flashed across Karen's face. "You son-of-a-bitch!" She started to stand. She then found the sloe gin had hit her rather hard. With a flop, she landed back on her ass. "Shit!" She exclaimed.

"Listen, Bitch!" Chris barked at Karen. "It's that attitude that got you here in the first place. Do I need to tie up you again?"

Realizing she had no control of what was going to happen to her, Karen hung her head and said, "No. I'll be good."

"Good! Now shut the fuck up, relax, and have another drink. You might as well enjoy this, if you can." Chris told her. He handed her another drink. This one had a little more sloe gin in the mixture.

After finishing her forth drink, Karen lay on the floor and dozed off. She awoke to find Chris kneeling over her. Her blindfold had been removed, and a very bright light was aimed at her from overhead. Except for things close to her, the light made seeing much more than shadows nearly impossible. She couldn't see much better without her blindfold than she could with it.

Chris leaned forward, kissed her cheek, and loudly said, "Smile for the camera, Baby."

"What? What the hell do you mean, camera?" Karen's head was swimming from the alcohol, but she sure as hell didn't like the idea of having pictures taken while she was being assaulted.

Again Chris leaned forward, kissed her cheek, and whispered, "I said smile, Bitch. We're going to make a little movie here. We may want to watch you get fucked again, sometime. Remember, if you co-operate, we won't be as rough with you as we will be if you don't co-operate. You will act like you're enjoying this, or you'll be sorry."

Though her head was in a fog from the alcohol, she whispered back, "Ok, I'll smile, but I won't enjoy being raped."

Karen looked directly into the bright light and smiled broadly. Chris helped her sit up, gave her another drink, and unbuttoned her blouse. The blouse was pushed off her shoulders, and it fell down her arms to the floor. She then realized she was no longer cuffed to the pole. The handcuffs must have been removed while she dozed. She wasn't even near the pole anymore. Chris helped her take her arms out of the blouse. She hung onto Chris' neck for balance, and he loosened her bra. She was laid back down, her bra removed, and was tossed to the side.

Chris' first impression was correct. Karen didn't have much in the way of tits. They were each about the size of a flattened half an orange. Her nipples were quite nice though. The areolas were nearly as big as silver dollars. They, and her nipples, were perfectly centered on her tits.

Chris took a tit in each hand and squeezed firmly. He then gently pinched both nipples. Karen's nipples began to harden. He bent over and sucked Karen's right nipple into his mouth. When he gently nudged her elbow, Karen put her hand on the back of Chris' head and pulled him tighter to her chest. Some firm licking, sucking, and pinching of her nipples brought a slight groan from Karen. Her nipples were soon standing a hard and proud ½" out from her tits.

"Pinch and roll your own nipples, Baby." Chris instructed. Without hesitation, Karen was soon vigorously doing as she was told. As she firmly worked her own nipples, Karen began moaning softly. She would occasionally tightly squeeze both tits. A slight smile was on her lips, and her head was slowly rolling side to side. She was beginning to enjoy herself, in spite of the circumstances.

After watching this show a short time, Chris reached down, released the snap, and lowered the zipper of Karen's jeans. Straddling her legs, Chris curled a hand into each side of the jeans' waist band.

"Lift your ass, Baby." He ordered.

Karen dutifully lifted her ass off the carpet.

With one smooth pull, Chris removed both her pants and panties. He then stepped back to admire his captive.

Karen's pussy had a sparse covering of dark hair. There was no fat on her young body. From her smooth shoulders and smallish breasts, down her slender torso, past her rounded hips, and to her nicely shaped legs, Karen looked inviting. Karen continued kneading her tits and pinching and pulling her nipples. She was softly moaning, her eyes were closed, and her head continued to slowly roll from side to side.

Chris knelt beside her and softly placed his hand on Karen's thin bush. Without being told, Karen slightly spread her legs. Chris began making circular motions on her pubic mound, and Karen, almost imperceptibly, began rocking her pelvis to meet his hand. Chris then began dipping his fingers between Karen's legs.

A few minutes of that treatment, and Karen widely spread her legs. She was repeatedly thrusting her hips well off the floor. When Chris slid his hand between her legs, and stroked her pussy's lips, Karen held her ass well off the floor, pinched her nipples very hard and pulled them straight out from her chest. Her breathing was coming in short, raspy, gulps.

Chris quickly shoved a finger into Karen's very wet and hot pussy. She gasped again, released her nipples, reached between her legs, and firmly pulled Chris' hand tightly to her pussy.

"Oh shit!" She cried out. Even though Karen had defiantly claimed she would not enjoy being raped, her body was obviously betraying her. The little bitch was really getting hot, and she was more than ready to be fucked.

To his guests, Chris said, "This bitch is going to be a lot of fun tonight."

Then, Chris pulled his finger from Karen's pussy and stood over her. Karen immediately began fingering her self, and said, "I thought you said I would be well fucked. When are you going to fuck me, damn it?"

"In good time, Baby. First you need to show me you can get yourself off with this." Chris tossed her a pink dildo from the box he had brought down earlier. When it plopped onto her belly, Karen found it was about 5" long and 1" thick.

"Ooooh, no problem. This isn't much bigger than my boyfriend, Billy."

With a smile on her face, Karen slowly circled her hole with the dildo. She then slid it fully into her pussy and began stroking it in and out. In just a few minutes, she was panting heavily and rapidly ramming the dildo deeply into her pussy.

Suddenly, she held her ass high off the floor, shoved the dildo fully into her hole, and squeezed her legs together. Loudly Karen cried, "Oh, oh, oh. Oh shit! I'm cuming!"

Slowly, she lowered her ass back to the floor and pulled the drenched dildo out of her still hungry hole. Her hands returned to her tits and resumed fondling them. Karen looked up into the light and smiled broadly.

That's when she became aware of her audience. A handful of men were loudly applauding and telling her how great she was. Several of them made comments about how much they were going to enjoy wearing her out. Due to the bright lights aimed at her, she still could not see much. After the initial shock of knowing several men had been watching her, she smiled toward their voices and laid back to rest.

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