Stolen Treaures


My stomach flipped and my heart caught in my throat.

"Damn!" I hissed at myself, "Damn damn!"

The ship was swamped by the Navy, their swords drawn and guns at the ready. I looked down suddenly realising with a bolt of shock that I only had a tattered sheet over me. Blushing furiously I struggled to stand and stay covered up.

The voice in my head boomed questions, "Where the hell is that pirate, Jack? Weren't we sailing away this morning, who are these guys - they don't look like the navy from before..." The sound of footsteps closing in on me snapped back to the deck. A dramatic voice bellowed,

"Senorita Castillo, thank goodness we have found you! Are you hurt?"

A greasy dark man in charge or so it seemed, maybe a lieutenant, stepped a little too close to me for comfort as I backed up against a cannon. It certainly wasn't the same navy that was after me last night.

I threw my chin up defiantly and snapped at him, "I am fine, sir quite capable of looking after myself..."

The lieutenant cut me off, waving his hands dramatically in the air.

"But senorita you were kidnapped by these beastly pirates, one of the most notorious in the Caribbean..."

"I was not kidnapped!" I protested hesitantly, as he leant over to me, nearly breathing on my neck.

His voice rasped, eyes narrowing,

"Ohh, so you're not a captive here?" He clamped my wrists forcefully, "well you are now Princesa!"

He laughed sinisterly, waving to his crew as they started to take over the ship.

I had to think quickly! Who the hell were these guys? How do they know me? Before I had time to answer any of my own questions I felt an incredible blow, like an explosion in the side of my face and blacked out.


Nausea swept through my body, my stomach lurched as I tried to sit up in the dark. I was not used to the motion of the ship on the high seas. My head was pounding with the pain of being battered in the head.

'Thump!' My head cracked into the ceiling. Was this the ceiling? Confusion and concussion slowed my reactions, and I stretched my arms up to orientate myself. They scraped on the walls. Suddenly I realised I was in a box; trunk or chest of some kind.

"What? A box?!"

Panic flew through me, my heart galloping. I started thrashing wildly in the tiny space, not knowing what to do, just craving fresh air and space.

Then, as if it was being pushed, the trunk steadily tipped over and the lid clunked open. I looked out to see a pair of black leather boots and the tip of a sword highlighted by candle light. The cool air crept into the small space, reminding me of my nakedness. The sheet was gone; I was bare as an infant.

A deep, unforgiving voice growled, "Get out."

I cautiously peered out and glanced up at the man. He was shirtless, shaggy fair hair and green eyes. It wasn't the lieutenant or whatever he was that was on the deck, and... it wasn't the same ship...

My mind began to race, where was I? Who was this half naked man? How long had I been in this chest?

"I said get out!" He roared.

I fumbled and slipped out if the chest, crumpling on the floor. It couldn't get more humiliating than this I thought. Shivering, I slowly looked up at the man, hoping that I would wake up from this nightmare at any moment now, warm and safe in my bed.

Green piercing eyes locked my gaze. I had no idea who he was, but in the dim candlelight I could see he was pretty good looking for a bad guy. No shirt, great strong body, and amazingly brawny arms...

I shook my head hard, arguing with myself about what I just thought! What was bloody wrong with me? Hello? Anyone home? You're a captive? You've never even been with anyone until Captain bloody Sparrow, and this looks like a really bad pirate!

I reasoned with concussion.

I flinched out of my mad mind as the stone cold sword touched my shoulder and slid up to my neck.

"Stand up." He commanded, pressing the edge into my skin.

Mesmerised and fearful by his command, slowly I stood up, legs feeling like jelly then turned to lead. He stood back, almost admiring my nakedness and vulnerability. I could see his eyes intensify with his imagination.

"Where is Captain Sparrow!?" I hissed before I could stop myself, holding one arm across my chest, the other between my legs, hoping to gain some sort of dignity.

The man's eyes lit up with amusement at my actions, tilting his head and growled again,

"Captain Sparrow." He savoured the words, his mouth twisting into a smile "Captain Sparrow is not here Princesa Esperanza."

I felt the fire and my awful temper rising, "It's Senorita Castillo to you Sir!"

He chuckled in amusement, and wandered around behind me. I fumed with anger and embarrassment, my mind racing with ideas to escape, but my naked body heating up with this man's presence.

I noticed slight movement out of the corner of my eye, and realised we were not alone. Wide, hazel green eyes and dark thick lashes blinked in the shadows. It was a young woman with long, near raven tresses swirling around her. I couldn't see if she was hiding or a captive. I was about to reveal her, but something in her eyes and expression told me not to.

The captain stepped closer to me, inches from my back. I could feel the heat from his body on mine, as he traced his hand across my tumbling, messy dirty blonde hair. My eyes searched desperately for a way out or a weapon. He stepped back around the side of me, staring at the wound on my face from his lieutenant.

"Captain Sparrow traded you my dear, for his freedom. You weren't worth much to him, but you will bring me a fine ransom my dear with the Spanish court, and in the meantime bring me some pleasure along the way" his eyebrows raised, fingers tracing my injury,

"Nice bit of colour you have there." He finished, as I flinched away from him, heart and hopes sinking.

The glint of his sword which re-appeared at my throat reminded me to be careful about my moves. How could I have been so damn stupid!? Believing a pirate that he would look after me, keep me and perhaps love me? Ha! I really did lead a sheltered life. Who in god's name was this mysterious girl? Angry at myself and Captain Sparrow, as well as scared for my situation, adrenaline began pumping through my veins.

I slowly moved my hand up to the sword tip, and gently but with force, pushed it down and away from me. The captain looked momentarily confused, and I ever so slowly stepped on my tip toes to brush my lips against his. He smelt musky with a hint of old rum. Stepping back away from me, I followed him, trying to push him up against the cabin door.

Smiling at me, he whispered "That's not how it works Esperanza, you can't turn the tables like that, it doesn't work with me... But if it's me that you want, that is what you will get!"

In an instant I was on my back, the splintered floor piercing my skin and all air knocked from my chest. My head began to throb again, the pain seeping down my spine. The captain knelt beside me, placing his sword behind him just out of my reach. I struggled to take decent breaths, as I desperately tried to devise a way out.

The captain's eyes were burning with desire and want; for a split second I thought my body started feeling as if it wanted to reciprocate, but my was head screaming otherwise.

The captain cleared his throat,

"This is your fate too Miss Fernandez you will watch and learn."

She was another captive, where and when did he kidnap her I wondered? Fernandez – a name I instantly recognised, but was she from that family? How did she end up in the Caribbean? The captain stood up and waltzed to her hiding spot, roughly grabbing her upper arm and dragging her to her feet. Her hands were bound and she was gagged, and from the look of things she had been near the hand of the lieutenant as well. Even so, she was strikingly beautiful. The candlelight flickered, and went out.

The captain kneeled down, dragging the young woman with him. His hands were huge, his skin rough to the touch. They skimmed over the bare skin of my torso, sending an involuntary shiver though my body. Even through the dark, his eyes appeared to get greener at my reaction. I turned my head away from the captain, not knowing what to do! My pride shattered and heart broken, my body disobeying my head, and some poor girl was watching!

The captain, with gentle giant hands cupped my chin and turned it toward him. With only the moonlight filtering through the window I could see his outline, feel his warm hands and breath, and with the same odd gentleness the captain began to kiss me.

It was different to Jack. I knew this man could crush me with his bare hands, his ferocity simmering just below this gentleness. In a strange and scary way, it seemed to light a fire in the pit of my belly, whether it was just fear or craving I didn't know. The Captain growled into my ear as he swung his leg over my body, kneeling over my hips,

"Are you are a maiden Miss Esperanza?"

"Would it stop you if you knew I was not a maiden?" I nervously breathed back at him.

"No, on the contrary, it means you know what to do, wench...I don't like breaking in fillies." His voice turned cold, and he savagely took both my wrists to pin them above my head.

My back was being torn by the splintered floor, shards of wood piercing my skin. I anxiously looked over to the young woman, her eyes as wide as an owl. He bit my earlobes, tasting and savouring my skin, my nipples hardened with the feeling, my pussy began to ache, betraying my mind.

He shifted his weight above me, and held both my wrists with one of his enormous hands; the other made its way down my now defenceless body. He stroked my folds, pushing his fingers in a little then stroking, before plunging two into my aching and hot pussy.

My body couldn't resist -I arched my back letting the feeling flow though my body and before I realised I was moaning from his touch. He seemed satisfied with himself.

Arrogantly he announced, "I knew you couldn't resist someone like me, although I had anticipated more of a fight."

My head said exactly the same thing,

"Esperanza! Fight damn you fight!"

I turned my head away and trying to slide out from under him, but he drove his fingers deeper inside me. He let go of my wrists to seize my breasts. Escaping now would be impossible, I thought. Pushing myself up against him I could feel his hardness, sending more shivers through my body. I moved beneath him, slowly shifting across the splintered floor, now arms length from the sword. Right where I wanted to be, I nearly smiled.

The captain ordered Miss Fernandez to come over to us, and while he continued his assault on my deceiving body he yanked her gagged down, and pulled her to her knees. It was fear and fascination that kept her quiet, but she had been thinking along the same lines as I had to escape. She began kissing the captain furiously.

I pushed my hardest against the captain, rolling him over so I could be on top, while nearly knocking Miss Fernandez over. His fingers still jammed inside me, I began to ride them with force, a moan escaping from my lips. I could feel his rough leather pants against my open pussy; the sensation was so very tempting.

"Ohhmm, a girl who likes to be on top then eh?" he murmured, eyes glimmering with excitement.

He flexed with desire, pulling me right on top of him, but I thought I would share the position with someone who was more interested in escaping. I reached over to the girl and began to kiss her.

Her eyes widened at first by the inital shock, then fluttered closed, as did my own. It was the first time I had ever kissed a girl, and it was so different to any other kiss I had experienced; Soft, delicate and sweet.

Breathing steadily I broke loose from her kiss, and shifted my weight from the captains hand. Without words we communicated, both knowing what we had to do. The captain was totally mesmerised and taken off guard with me kissing Miss Fernandez, that he didn't notice that I had literally slipped from his grasp.

I untied Miss Fernandez's hands, and she crawled to the captain, kissing and devouring his mouth while I unconvincingly kissed a trail down his chest which was carved with scars and tattoos, stopping at his pants.

I began unlacing them slowly, grinding my wet pussy into his leg as he tensed with anticipation at our actions. My eyes were used to the dark, and I began to see around the cabin. My hand slowly slid down inside his pants to hold his very hard and huge shaft.

Fear started niggling in my mind.

I moved my body down his legs. The captains eyes lids fluttered shut in pleasure, and he strained upward to feel more. My stomach flipped in aversion, but I grasped his shaft firmly and began to stroke long and hard, while my other hand slowly reached out for his sword in the dark. The captain began to groan and move his hips with the movement of my strokes. The moonlight made the sword glint.

"Whoosh!" In a single movement, I was standing above him, holding the sword at his throat. His eyes flew open in alarm. Mindful of his strength I stood ready to move quickly in case he should grab my legs. Miss Fernandez leapt behind me, instinctively holding on to my waist for protection.

He said nothing, just glared my insolence. My eyes desperately searched around the room, not knowing what to do next. I held the sword closer to his skin,

"You will tell me who you are and where the hell we are going, and did Captain Sparrow really trade me or is that one of your tactics in an attempt to gain my trust?" I blurted nervously.

The giant captain said nothing, his green piercing, angry eyes lightened with amusement. I pressed the blade further into his skin.

Unfamiliar sounds of cannons blasting towards the ship threw us all off. Voices boomed from outside. I had never been in any situation like this before; it was all so new to me, the commotion outside and on deck grew louder each second.

Before I knew it the captain had taken out my legs and I was back on my back, head still thumping with pain, and the sword flung out of my hand. I curled up, and rolled quickly out of his reach, then unsteadily leapt up again in defence, this time with my bare hands.

Come to think of it, I was bare everything. 'I have to get some clothes on!' I scathed at myself.

Miss Fernandez had tumbled too, dazed and crumpled at the cabin door.

The captain chuckled with evil and intent, swinging a cutlass in his hands, slowly walking around the cabin. I looked around, on the chart table was a variety of instruments, and another small dagger.

"Ladies!" he exclaimed dramatically and sarcastically, "you just missed out on an opportunity of a lifetime, you could have been my personal whores! I would give you food, finest clothes, myself whenever I wanted, but sadly now, the only person it will be any good for will be me."

The deafening sound of wood exploding and splintering knocked me and the captain off balance, as cannon ball had just smashed its way through the ship somewhere very close. I dived for the table to find the dagger, while the giant captain struggled to get up from the floor.

I flipped around, backing up against the table with the dagger clenched in my fist. Over his shoulder I could see Miss Fernandez struggling to stand up. She shifted and clung to the walls, moving across the floor to cower in a corner of the cabin.

He took two brutal strides towards me, and I thought I was a goner. The commotion above deck was growing more ferocious every moment. He raised the cutlass up to strike, and stopped frozen in his tracks, his eyes widening. In slow motion he fell to the floor, with I thud. A sword was sticking straight out of his back, the captain gurgled his last breath in his own blood.

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