tagNon-EroticStone Cold

Stone Cold


By Woodmanone copyright 2012

There are no descriptive sexual scenes in this story.

As always, constructive comments, emails, and critiques are requested and very much appreciated. It's the only way we writers know if we've entertained the reader or maybe hit a nerve.

Thank you for reading my Flash Tale, I hope you enjoy it.


"Jamie. Hey! Jamie Dooley, where are you headed," Mary called to the young man leaving Tully's Tavern. She was tending bar and offered, "Stick around and I'll buy you a beer."

Dooley didn't answer; he just sort of waved then stumbled out of the door. Jamie didn't bother buttoning up his coat, although it was only 5 degrees outside with a wind chill factor that brought the temperature down to minus 10.

Mary shook his head; she couldn't believe the change in her friend and neighbor. Hell, Jamie used to be bigger than life, Mary thought. He's still 6'2 but walks stooped over as if he didn't have the strength to hold himself upright; like he's an old man.

Jamie used to weigh about 210 but I doubt he's 180 right now. His dark hair is greasy and from the looks of it, it hasn't been washed in days or more. Mary sighed and shook her head again. The worse change is in his eyes. They used to be a piercing blue but now look faded and lifeless; like there's no soul in there anymore.

Jamie weaved and stumbled down the street. To any one he passed he appeared to be a drunk, but other than that life changing day, he hadn't more than one beer a day for months. He suddenly turned his head and looked at two people walking past him. Was that her name I heard? Then realizing that it was only in his head, he continued on his journey.

Damn, it's a cold day, Jamie thought as he finally closed his coat; Cold as stone; I hate days like this. The air was thin; all the leaves had turned to rust and blown off the trees. He sat down on a bench at the edge of a park and looked at the gray, overcast sky as his breath puffed out. The gathering clouds promised sleet or more likely snow. This is the type of day that I hate to be alone.

For once Jamie wasn't thinking of her, and then he thought he saw her car. He perked up as the car passed and then settled back on the bench. He shook his head and thought, that's not her car; am I ever going to get her out of my head? After several minutes, Jamie got up from the bench and shuffled the three blocks to his house. Once inside, he dropped his coat on the floor and went to his bedroom. He didn't bother to undress; he just fell across the bed and pulled a blanket over him.

"I wish you were lying in this bed beside me. Jenn, why did you have to leave?" He whispered as he drifted off into a troubled sleep.


Jamie Dooley sat up in bed the next morning. For a moment he thought about the endless outpourings of sympathy from his so called friends. If I hear, "I'm so sorry about Jennifer" and "I know it must have been a shock, her leaving that way" and "I understand how you feel, call me if I can help"; I'll start throwing things I'm so tired of all that crap. Just one more time I may shoot someone, he thought. Maybe it'll be me.

They can't know how I feel unless they've been through the same thing, Jamie continued this thought. They aren't as sorry about Jenn going as I am. And of course it was a shock; we were so happy. Problem is I can't escape her for long.

Everywhere and everyone reminds me of her because we've been everywhere together; so I never get too far from her memory. Doesn't make much difference now; they've all begun to avoid me. But I don't care. Jenn was all I ever wanted and she's gone; and God help me I want her back.

I'll go see her again, he thought. Jamie suddenly jumped out of bed and without cleaning up or eating, grabbed his coat. He walked out the door not bothering to fully close or lock it behind him. For one of the few times in the last few weeks he moved with a purpose and a goal. Jamie was going to see Jenn.

He hurried through the park like setting and stopped in front of the large, carved, stone monolith. He read the inscription chiseled into the face of the granite for about the thousandth time.

Jennifer Kelly Dooley

Beloved Wife

1985 – 2011

The cold darkening sky began to spit sleet and snow as Jamie knelt in front of Jenn's final resting place. He placed his hands on the tombstone, and bowed his head. After several minutes, he raised his eyes to look at the cold, stone marker again. "Jenn, wait for me. I'm stuck here in this place for now but I'll find a way," he promised out loud.

And that's how the police found him two days later, Mary said. Jamie's had succumbed to the sleet, the freezing temperatures and weeks of self neglect, but the smile on his face told them that he'd gone to be with his Jennifer.

The End At least in this world.

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by Anonymous

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by Chief3Blanket03/18/18

Alas what a tragedy

I can see something like this happening, and in real life actually does.

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by Anonymous10/17/17


Sometimes love cuts deeply. The one we love, invest ourselves into, make a central part of our lives and share our hearts, hopes, dreams, fears, faults and souls with, become as the very breath in ourmore...

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A moving tale of heartbreak

No credit to the Randy Rogers Band for their song lyrics? "In My Arms Instead"

Thanks for the story.

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