tagGay MaleStone Cold Case Ch. 02

Stone Cold Case Ch. 02


Officer Daniels sat at his desk the next morning. The night was long, and other than finding those statues at the museum there was nothing to go on. No sign of forced entry. Sure they found a couple duffel bags, and those statues were dressed like they were breaking in. But that's crazy. The curator was out of town and was scheduled to fly in today so he would have to go back and speak with him to get a statement and access to security footage. Officer Daniels' big metal desk was covered in paperwork and a stack of case files were piled at the end of the desk. He had lots of paperwork to do, especially cases had no leads.

"Great, just one more thing to add to this damn pile..." he thought to himself. Officer Daniels rubbed his temples and rested his forehead on the palm of his hands as he leaned forward with his elbows on his desk.

The Club Exit case was still an ongoing mess. How can guys go missing in a city that isn't even that big? Well that's Detective Dermott's problem. Now the museum had a break in but nothing was missing or even touched. It had been a long night, and it was going to be an even longer day. He'd have to go speak to the curator of the museum. Daniels clasped his hands behind his head and leaned back in his chair to stretch. His back arched as the chair leaned backward, it felt good to stretch; now he just needed his bed to spread out and sleep. Daniels closed his eyes and took in a deep breath and yawned, his chest heaved in his tight navy blue uniform shirt. A nap sounded really good right now.

There was a knock on the door to his office. Through the frosted glass window he could the shadow of a hulking figure, his partner Officer Richards.

"Knock knock buddy, got us some breakfast." Officer Richards stepped in holding a box of donuts and two coffees. Richards had a big grin on his rugged face. Something good had definitely happened in the few hours that he went home.

"What are you smiling about? It's too damn early..." Daniels said as he sat back up. Officer Daniels' eyes were heavy and he wasn't in the mood for one of Officer Richards' long drawn out, overblown stories.

Officer Richards placed the box of donuts and coffees on the crowded desk shoving some papers out of the way as he did so.

"Sheila finally put out bud." Richards said as he cupped his left hand over his crotch and began thrusting his hips.

Richards had been dating this younger girl for a few weeks and she had been playing hard to get. Officer Richards obviously didn't care much for her brains but he did like her tits and ass. After his divorce a year ago Richards had been trying to catch up to his twenties after being married for so many years. He was now in his 40's and was going through somewhat of a mid life crisis. Though you'd never be able to tell by looking at him. With his lively personality and gym buff body, he could easily pass for a 32 year old. His hair and beard may had begun to gray just a little, but his muscles showed no signs of age. Richards had a chiseled jaw and broad shoulders. His chest was full and firm and he could bounce them on command. His torso narrowed down to his waist in a nicely outlined v shape. Officer Richards' ass was big and perky as well resting atop strong meaty thighs. He made it a point to keep up with Officer Daniels who was 17 years his junior. There was no way he was going to let a former military man get the better of him. Officer Richards could also go all night, he was a testosterone fulled sex machine.

"Well I'm glad someone had fun last night, the only luck I got was this case..." Officer Daniels said as he sipped his coffee watching his partner parade around.

Richards continued, "She surprised me too when she wanted to give me head. You know girls when it comes to giving head... I'm surprised she could take it, I'm pretty impressive. Well bud, you just need to get laid. Sheila has plenty of friends for you to... you know" then Richards pretended to spank someone who wasn't there.

The two men laughed and Richards interrupted, "By the way, the Captain's on a war path... someone fucked up I think."

Captain Reynolds was always mad about something. That's what happens once some cops go past their prime. He became overweight as he aged. He was no longer the hero cop of the city, his medals had gathered dust and were forgotten like the last doughnut in the break room. That's what happened to long expired cops. Too old and tired for the action, too worn and bitter to be satisfied by being a pencil pusher. It's a vicious cycle.

The Captain could be heard from across the station and his voice got louder as he approached. Richards peeked out the door and could see the Captain walking with a younger man in tow. It was time for training assignments.

"Aww shit, rookies..." Richards said as he turned back to Daniels. "Pretend that we're not home." He laughed.

A large shadow loomed in the frosted glass of Daniels' door, "Daniels..." the Captains big voice boomed as he knocked.

Laughing, Richards replied, "No one's home..."

The door opened and the Captain's stomach entered the room before he did, "Cut the shit smart ass," He said looking at Richards. "Boys this is Miller, he's been learning the ropes on bike duty and I think it's time he get some experience on the field."

The young man stepped in. He was Hispanic and in his early 20's. Miller was a handsome and very fit guy with a chiseled square jaw. He was still in his bike cop uniform, the dark blue bike shorts ended mid thigh and hugged every curve of his marvelous legs and big round ass. His bulge was impressive as well. Miller's uniform shirt wasn't so much a cop's uniform, but more of a body armor material. The thin fabric hugged the contours of his abs and chest, the sleeves were short and just barely longer than a tank top. His head was buzzed very short with a hard part cut into the left side for style. He made Richards jealous, his body was so ripped. Miller was young and didn't have to work as hard to stay fit.

Reluctantly, the two greeted the young man, training assignments meant baby sitting. The Captain could tell they didn't want to, "Daniels, Richards, take him with you to the museum today. Give him a taste of a real case. Set a good example." Captain Reynolds left the room. Daniels and Richards looked at Miller who stood there awkwardly.

"Hi, I'm David... nice to meet you...it's really cool to be getting out there with you two guys" Miller stuck out his hand to shake and Officer Richards reached out and grabbed his coffee instead.

Miller knew that he was in for some resistance, but that didn't deter him. It was just a power move on Officer Richards' part, he'd heard about him. He was the big tough macho guy of the station and had to prove it. Miller aimed his handshake at Daniels. Daniels gripped Miller's hand and shook. Officer Daniels looked over at Richards who was walking around the room behind Miller in disapproval.

"Nice to meet you.." Daniels said as he smiled through his annoyance, "We don't do first names, same as in the military we address each other bhy first names."

"Yeah, and make sure you call me Sir or Officer..." Richards added.

Great now Daniels had to baby sit two kids on top of everything else.

About an hour later, Daniels and Richards pulled up to the museum, Miller sat in the back seat. There were already some police cars there. Before getting out of the car Richards turned around to the cage separating the front and back seats.

"Listen rookie, we're here to work, not baby sit. You don't touch anything, you don't say anything. This is our case... You just pay attention." The fatherly tone was clear in Richards' voice. He already raised two kids of his own.

Miller just grinned with his excitement, "You got it boss, what if I.." he was quickly interrupted.

"Nothing, don't do anything." Richards snapped back. Daniels looked at him and smacked his arm.

"Ease off man, he's not a kid." Daniels said in an attempt to correct his partner.

The building was large and had about twenty steps leading to the front entry. The front facade was comprised of Greek style columns framing the doors. The three men enter the large museum, and are greeted by a handsome man in a nice suit. He's classically handsome with with beautiful blue eyes. He was the curator of the museum. The handsome man instantly sets his sights on Officer Daniels, he is the epitome of the hot stud cop.

"Officers, gentlemen, what a pleasure to meet you. I'm Christian. So sorry I couldn't meet you here last night with the little situation. I trust you have everything in order?" He shakes hands with Richards and Miller admiring their looks as he does so. Who wouldn't look them over twice? Then he approached Daniels and lets his handshake linger.

"Hi, I'm Officer Brian Daniels, and this is my partner Richards and our trainee Miller." Christian Kept his eyes locked on Daniels.

"My, you're a sight Officer. Excuse my manners but you are very handsome, Officer Daniels. Have you ever considered modeling for a sculpture? You would look right at home among the statues and sculptures in these halls." Christian continued. "You simply must let me sculpt you." Christian slid his free hand up Daniels arm as he held the handshake tight. He squeezed Daniels' tricep. Christian enjoyed the feeling of the policeman's strong solid muscle in his grasp. "Yes, you must model for me, how comfortable are you with nudity? It's typical with classical scuplpting."

Daniels was turning red, he was embarrassed and taken aback by Christian's direct proposition. Daniels is a straight man and definitely not interested in what Christian was suggesting. He was unsure of how to respond, so he gave Richards the look of 'Help'. Richards and Miller stood there grinning at the embarrassment that Daniels wore so clearly on his face.

Richards cleared his throat breaking the moment, "We're going to go have a look around. I might as well introduce Rookie here to the guys..." Richards and Miller walked away leaving Daniels stuck there with Christian who was still studying his body, their hands still locked in a firm grasp.

"Maybe we should get down to business, I have a few questions..." Daniels was finally able to speak.

Christian smiled and lead Daniels to his office to discuss details, Daniels had no choice but to follow. "Officer Daniels, the investigation wont take long will it? Police tape doesn't bode well wit my museum and patrons. This is a place of culture and beauty, not a den of crime."

Daniels cleared his throat and replied, "It can take as long as it needs to. The quicker we get through the questions, the faster we'll be out of your hair."

Christian smiled and unlocked the door to his office, "Officer Daniels, you can be in my hair all you want..." He opened the door and allowed Daniels to enter first.

Christian watched as Daniels' tight round ass was in clear view. His snug navy uniform pants hugged all the right curves. "Please have a seat and get comfortable, we can go over the details of the break in.

Daniels took a seat, for an office chair it was quite comfortable. The plush fabric full of cushion. He leaned back. He half expected for shackles to appear from the armrests locking his wrists into place for a session of fun the way Christian was hitting on him. Christian's office was large, and decorated like an old library. There were pieces of art on the wall, paintings and sculptures of many things. Books lined the several shelves along the walls which were a rich cherry wood.

Outside, Miller excused himself from the group of cops sharing their stories of dumb criminals to go to the restroom. Richards replied by saying, "Don't go snooping around kid. Drain and shake, then get your ass back over here, kapeesh?." Richards was having fun showing off and being tough in front of the other cops that were in and out of the building. After rounding the corner Miller found the restroom wasn't there. Out of Richards' line of sight Miller decided to look around. What could it hurt?

"Dumb ass old man, treating me like shit all day... fuck you Richards" Miller came across a door labeled 'Private'. He tried the doorknob, it wasn't locked so he went in. The room was dark and it smelled stale. Miller shined the light from his phone, the room was used as partial storage and a semi security set up. Miller played with the controls and turned on the monitor. The usual security footage showed up, the screen flashed between rooms at different vantage points. He could see Richards standing in the front lobby shooting the shit with the guys, then guests roaming and appreciating the art, then Daniels sitting in the chair with Christian behind him... rubbing his shoulders?

"What the fuck... Daniels is a fag?" Miller said in shock of the situation. He clicked the mouse away from them to other locations in the building.

In Christian's office, Daniels opens his little notebook, "So, last night you were out of town on a trip when you got the alert from an alarm..." Christian began rubbing his shoulders.

Daniels paused, Christian continued to massage Daniels tense muscles. "But the security office didn't report any type of the disturbance..." He was cut off by Christian.

"My own personal alarm system. Allows me to track the goings on of my museum without attracting negative attention from police cars all around the building." Christian's hands started slowing down going lower and lower as his hands roamed. Christian slid his hands down to Daniels' pecs and began to kneed his muscular chest.

Miller came across a menu screen. The options showed different camera numbers and the video playback. He clicked that option and saw videos from last night. He could see four men dressed in black walking in from a back hallway. He skipped the video ahead, they were going through their bags and suddenly something moved in the back ground.

"What was that?" Miller leaned in closer. Minimal lights were on in the video, which created a lot of shadows. The men in the video continued about their business, when something got their attention.

"I can assure you Officer, there's no reason to drag this out. Nothing else happened besides a break in if you want to call it that. I'd say things were left here." Christian leaned down to Daniels' left ear. His warm breath blew against Daniels' sensitive skin sending chills down his body. Christian got closer.

Miller watched the video as a serpent like creature suddenly appeared on screen. Miller jumped back, Its eyes glowed bright and three of the guys suddenly stopped moving. Their skin lost all color and the fourth guy dropped his bag and ran down a hallway. The serpent creature slithered over to the three men as if studying them and the slithered down the hall way following the escapee. Miller got his phone out and recorded what he saw. Freaked out by the sight and realizing he had been gone for some time he turned to leave the room when he saw something else on the video footage.

"Now, enough of that. Let's talk some more about you modeling for me." Christian grazed his lips against Daniels' earlobe.

Daniels stood up quickly and took a few steps back to create some distance between them. Daniels is on duty, he's a professional and was not interested at all. "Look, Christian, I'm very flattered that you want to make a statue of me and all but I'm not interested. I have a case to solve and I just need access to any camera footage you may have for review..."

Christian quickly closed the gap between them, he wrapped his left arm around Daniels' back resting his hand just above his ass. Christian placed his right hand on Daniels' stomach slowly sliding it upward. "We can review the footage together Officer Daniels, after we make our own..."

Daniels was completely shocked at how Christian was coming on to him. This man had no boundaries, and it was starting to turn Daniels on.

Miller freaked out when he saw the newer footage. He panicked and had to leave the room. In his hurried exit, he bumped into something tall and heavy.

Daniels stood there as Christian was felt up his body, "Look I'm very sorry, I'm an officer of the law and this is inappropriate..." Suddenly there was a loud crashing noise down the hall, and Richards could be heard yelling. Daniels broke free of Christian's constricting embrace and opened the door rushing out. Miller was being chased by Richards back up the corridor toward them.

"Excuse me Officers, what is going on in my museum?" Christian asks seeing the chaos. No one was answering yet. A statue's head suddenly came rolling out of the room Miller was in. Christian asked again, but with a stern and demanding tone.

"I was looking around and I knocked something over... but I found..." Miller started to explain.

Richards shot a death stare at the young man, " Are you friggin' kidding me? I told your ass not to do anything stupid..."

What Miller had just admitted to was a big no no. Not only was he snooping around without the proper permissions, he is only in training and now museum property had been damaged.

Richards took Miller outside scolding him. Christian stood there completely unamused. "Officer Daniels, a word in my office..." Christian walked back through the open door. Daniels followed and shut the door behind him.

"Look, I'm very sorry about what happened. He's a trainee and wont be back here again. I can add this to my report and see about covering some of the damages.." Daniels did his best to save face

Knowing this was the perfect moment to gain the upper hand Christian smiled as he leaned back against his desk. "I'd be inclined to forget this whole situation if... you join me for dinner" He looked at Officer Daniels who was standing there tense.

Since Miller had gone searching without a warrant, what was Daniels to do? Not only that, museum property had been damaged as well. Daniels took a deep breath and thought about the prospect. Christian stood and approached Daniels who was still quiet. Christian reached his hand out again to Daniels' chest caressing and leaned in. "Don't worry Office Daniels, it's just a simple dinner..." Christian slid his hand down and grabbed Daniel's crotch and squeezed, "followed by desert..." Daniels was shocked even more by the brazen gesture and swallowed his tongue. There was no way of hiding it now, Daniels was still hard and Christian hand a handful. "I'll handle the damages myself, and we'll sweep this whole misunderstanding under the rug."

Daniels excused himself, walking toward the office door. "Do we have a deal Officer?" Christian asked. Daniels looked back and then walked out of the door.

Outside, Daniels got into the driver's seat of the police car. He was quiet as he drove back to the station. Richards sat in the passenger seat. Miller sat in the back seat, the car was quiet. Once they get back to the station Miller tried explaining what he saw but they don't listen.

"Look, guys I know I messed up, but I saw something..."

"I don't care what you think you saw... and you didn't just mess up. You fucked up, royally. Do you understand what's going to happen now?" Richards was getting even more frustrated as he continued.

Daniels interjected, "Miller, you're on paperwork duty for now. I have to figure out what the hell to tell the captain..."

Miller tried to explain himself again, and the two still didn't want to hear it. Daniels and Richards went back into Daniels' office shutting the door.

"God damn little piss ant..." Richards started to curse. The two of them sat there talking and trying to come up with ways to fix what happened.

It was the end of his shift and Miller was heading out to his little Honda. It was dark, and late. As he approached his car Miller heard what sounded like a glass bottle falling and rolling in the distance. The parking lot was empty. Miller got into to his car quickly, he's seen too many movies and on top of that that camera footage from the museum freaked him out. He started his car and heard a snake rattle behind him. Suddenly, everything went dark.

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