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Stoned then Stuffed


Last evening my wife and I had a romantic dinner, I'd been busy with work as had she and was looking forward to an evening together with high expectations that it would end up in the sack. Angie must have had similar interests as she was wearing a light weight sundress through which one could see her bra and panties in daylight. I could tell it was a special bra and panty set and it immediately put me in the mood. I knew the lingerie well - the bra was a fancy off white demi bra with embroidered satin panels sculptured onto the bottom half of the C cups. Delicate lace framed the satin panels just covering her areoles. The bra held Angie's breasts in a way to create an expansive view of cleavage framed for maximum viewing pleasure. The panties were a matched set with an embroidered satin diamond shaped modesty panel coving her trimmed pubic hair and very sheer stretch fabric hugging her shapely butt and hips. While the sexy lingerie alone was enough to get any male in the mood, this particular outfit was extra exciting because of the memories that it brought back.

It was two years ago. At the time I was managing one division of a real-estate company that was involved in managing and disposing of distressed or foreclosed properties and businesses. Myself and my team took over buildings and businesses that failed in the rough economic climate. One particular business that failed was known as Sally's Lingerie. It was the business of a trophy wife of a local surgeon who died in an accident leaving an unprepared wife who quickly got the business in trouble. With court papers in hand we seized the business and proceeded to liquidate the inventory and furnishings. Normal practice was to return everything possible to vendors for refunds and dispose of the remaining items to various liquidators or charities. It turned out that three large cartons of European branded fancy lingerie were evidently unable to be returned as they had a Mexican wholesaler involved and were "too risqué" for our normal outlet buyers. Tony, a subcontractor for this project, said "Your cute wife -- I saw her picture on your desk at your office - might enjoy them." He put one of the cartons in my trunk and the other two that didn't fit, in his truck. He said he would bring the others over next time he was in town. He handed me an order sheet enumerating the contents.

As I looked over the list Tony said that they checked the first carton of bra's and panties and the items were gorgeous and sexy with retail price tags of $25 to $80. The paperwork seemed to indicate the second carton help various nightgowns and the third, bustiers, garters, stocking and specialty bras and panties -- all with outrageous retail prices.

I smiled as I reviewed the list thinking about how Angie would react when I brought home a lifetime supply of sexy lingerie.

I put the carton in the closet in the guest room and decided I would give Angie a gift the following weekend. Friday I took the opened carton and selected the bra and panty outfit she was wearing last evening and placed it on our bed. When Angie went to change for our diner date she found the lingerie. She came down to leave giving me a big kiss and thanking me for the gorgeous bra and panty set. During dinner she expressed her surprise at my willingness to spend so much for exquisite lingerie and I finally came clean and told her the story of the store closing. She had heard of the store and confirmed its reputation for top of the line sexy lingerie in B and C sizes. I told her there was a big carton of bras and panties in various colors, styles and sizes for her and her friends.

I continued, telling her expensive lingerie like that is made to be seen so she should undo some buttons. Angie said the bra was so modest half her bust would be exposed before anyone would see the lace on the bra.

As I smiled and told her to show me, she realized I was playing with her. But not one to back down from a challenge she undid a blouse button. A beautiful expanse of cleavage came into view. The Bra nicely positioned her very shapely 34C breasts. "Very nice" I commented, "But the bra still isn't visible."

Angie looked around then undid the next button commenting that I was getting to be a dirty old man. As she relaxed over dinner she let down her guard and let the front of her blouse pull open further offering me and passersbys some very nice peeks. As we neared the end of diner I told Angie we needed to go home so I could inspect the new lingerie very closely for fit and feel.

That bra ended up spending the night on the entryway floor and the matching panties landed on the stairs as Angie was stripped naked on our way to our bed. I might note that naked body is about 120 pounds in a five foot three inch, 36C, 26, 37 inch package with beautiful Swedish skin, soft brown shoulder length hair, and a sexual motor that includes an overdrive gear.

That evening Angie and I had about two hours of some of the hottest sex we had had in ages.

Angie and I had been married for five years. She was 28 and I was 30. We met in College and married two years after graduation. Angie is a fun loving, sweet, and smart gal with a fun spirit. She was not a virgin when we met. Several guys in her high school got to second and third base and her senior summer she lost her virginity in the back of an SUV -- and then proceeded to make sure it was gone several times a week for the rest of the summer. She had a few semi serious relationships in college and a few escapades -- the requisite one-time experimentation with girl-girl action with a dorm mate, a few one-night stands after assorted parties, and even a drunken dalliance where she thinks she remembers getting fucked by two fraternity brothers after a homecoming keg party.

Since then she had contented herself with married life and what I consider a passionate yet fun relationship. Angie has the normal female romantic interests but she also likes hot physical sex.

Anyway, after that night Angie proceed to sort through the lingerie carton, picking out several bra and panty outfits for herself and then having several friends and neighbors over to select a set or two. I became quite popular with several men in the neighborhood who thanked me for the sexy lingerie their wives received. About once a week Angie would greet me after dinner in one of her new outfits signaling she was in the mood.

But the best memories from the cartons of lingerie came a few weeks later. I got a call from Tony one Friday saying he was coming to town that Saturday to get ready for the Monday property takeover we had subcontracted with him for. He said he wanted to take a look at the property and do some prep work on Sunday. We didn't have any other firm plans so I told him it sounded great and that we would plan to grill some beef then head over for a quick look at the property together on Saturday evening. He mentioned that his summer intern would be with him to learn the business.

I mentioned to Angie that a colleague was coming by on Saturday and that we had to inspect a property then I would pick up something to throw on the grill for dinner for all of us. She seemed fine with the plan. I mentioned that the guy was the man who had saved the carton of lingerie for me because he thought she might like it. Angie looked a little surprised until I explained that he had seen her picture on my desk and mentioned how attractive she was. Angie commented, "I take it he doesn't have a wife to give the lingerie to?"

"Divorced a year ago as I understand it" I said.

Saturday afternoon Tony arrived about 3 in the afternoon. He was dressed in casual shorts and a polo shirt. He was about 40 years old, ex-military and in very good shape, contemporary styled hair, and a nice summer tan. Tony is about 6-2 and I would guess 180 pounds. His intern was about the same height but a little stockier with almost black wavy hair. Both men were charming. I introduced them both to Angie and they were engaging. Tony quickly commenting that she looked even better than her picture. I noted that, "Tony is the one who salvaged the fancy lingerie for you; otherwise it would have gone to the dumpster."

"In fact," Tony interjected, "I have the other two cartons in the truck -- I've been hauling them around all week so I wouldn't forget to bring them."

Angie blushed and looked surprised as I explained that there were three cartons of lingerie from the story but only one would fit in my car so Tony had been holding two of them for me. Tony quickly joked, "Your husband was anxious to get these delivered so you could model them for us."

It takes a lot to make Angie blush but as all three of us stared at her she turned noticeably flushed. Angie recovered quickly joking, "Well when I modeled the other ones all the men sure liked them. What is in the new cartons anyway?"

I told her I recalled the shipping invoices showing a large variety of assorted specially lingerie items.

Tony said he and Bret would go unload the cartons and Angie could show him where to put them while I got us all beverages. We decided to have a beer or two and then head over to the job site for an hours or so before coming back to grill dinner. Angie had the cartons put in the guest room and they all came to the family room to visit.

There seemed to be lots of teasing as Angie recounted giving away dozens of bras and panty outfits and the guys probed with questions about the colors, fit and fabrics.

We headed out to visit the job site and teased Angie about getting ready to model some of the new items when we got back in a couple of hours. When we were gone I got a text from Angie, "You won't believe what is in these cartons."

When we got back a couple hours later Angie greeted us at the door. She had changed and was wearing a skirt and button up blouse showing a fair amount of cleavage. She told all of us to follow her to the family room to see what was buried in the cartons. I was a little curious as to why Angie would be displaying lingerie in the family room. But it wasn't lingerie. It was four packages of what looked to be a pound or two each of weed. Angie explained that buried in the cartons of sexy lingerie were these four packages -- two in each carton.

She was anxious and nervous. She had smoked some dope ten years ago when in school and had occasionally said she would like to try some of the current stronger strains that she heard were common now but neither of us had. We inspected the packages and opened one to confirm our suspicion. We speculated on how they had come to be in the cartons. We thought that they must have been added by the wholesaler in Mexico. We were intrigued as to the role the lingerie shop had played in the distribution. We also decided that I would report to the police on Monday as I wanted no part in having large quantities of dope around.

As I prepared burgers to grill we joked about mixing in some dope or perhaps smoking the burgers with some dope. Bret, the intern took a piece of aluminum foil and crafted a pipe and suggested we should at least sample the product before turning it over to the cops. Tony seemed more interested in knowing what else was in the cartons and asked Angie about the lingerie. Angie grinned saying she was wearing one of the bra and panty sets now. I gently pulled her blouse neckline out and peaked down her front in an exaggerated fashion and reported that it looked like a very sexy push up bra. Tony protested that it was not fair and I suggested the Angie should undo a few buttons and give him a peak. She responded, "So you think I should show off my underwear to other men?"

I responded, "Why not, when you were a high school cheerleader you used to show your panties to thousands of fans each weekend as you did cheers in those short skirts."

"Well if that's how you feel." Angie responded with a tinge of anger as she undid a few blouse buttons revealing more than just a peak of the lacy bra cups.

By now Bret had a pipe of dope burning and passed it around. We each took a hit and laughed at the crazy turn of events. Tony had even gone on line on his smart phone to get an estimate at the going price of Mexican dope so we had some idea of what we were dealing with.

We visited while the burgers were finishing. Angie helped set out the food between hits on the homemade pipe. By the time we got ready to sit down to eat she was feeling the effects. I called her over and gave her a hug and kiss but used it as a chance to pull up the back of her skirt and turned to ask Tony if the panties matched the bra. Tony, Bret and I laughed hysterically as the sheer panties came into view. Angie squirmed from my grip and straightened out her skirt but was more embarrassed from being tricked than by showing off her panty covered ass. She was chastising us "naughty boys" as we sat to eat. Angie was feeling the effects of the weed.

As we finished our meal and cleaned the dishes Bret suggested another pipe of weed before we packed up the bounty for the police the next day. Angie seemed very interested so I told her she needed to model some additional lingerie if she wanted another pipe. Angie turned to me and cautioned, "Be careful what you ask for -- you haven't seen the new lingerie yet."

"You're just chicken." I taunted.

Ten minutes later Angie returned to the room. The most visible difference was that she had stockings on. Concealed under the same white blouse was darker colored underwear. Angie had also brushed her hair and added a little make up. She looked particularly hot as she confidently flashed us a quick peek of the top of her bra cups then asked for the pipe.

For the next fifteen minutes we visited while Bret kept Angie going with the homemade pipe. Angie was enjoying the treat as you could see her mellow. She became uncharacteristically giggly as we visited and showed signs of being stoned - far faster than would have been the case with the dope she used in college. Finally Tony asked, "So can we see the lingerie now."

I chimed in, "It's only fair as we kept up our part of the deal."

Angie stood and ceremoniously undid her blouse buttons. She revealed not a bra but a very fancy bustier. It was a gorgeous piece of lingerie that beautifully framed he breasts and had sheer black lace panels with satin boning on the midrif. The cups were thin enough to show the bulge of her nipples but opaque revealing less than many swim suits.

Bret protested saying we couldn't even see the whole bustier. I called Angie over and gently ran my fingers over the delicate fabric. I asked her if she was ok.

She said, "Better than ok, but weed makes me very horny."

I smiled then turned to Bret and said, "One more pipe please." Angie smiled and kissed me passionately and whispered "No regrets in the morning."

"None," I said as I openly fondled her ass with my hands as we kissed.

Bret handed her the lit pipe and Angie took a deep hit while Tony said he would sure like to see the rest of the lingerie.

Angie responded, "If you want to see more lingerie then I need to see some underwear too."

Uncharacteristically, Angie winked at Tony before she turned and walked over to the bar. Her walk was intoxicating, as her ass swayed back and forth with each step. She leaned over the front of the bar to get a beer, standing on her tiptoes and giving Tony and Bret and I a great view of her legs. At this point she had to know the view we were getting. We could see her right hand disappear under her skirt and her arm starting to move quickly before her head fell backward, with hair draped halfway down her back.

Tony looked over at me. "I can't take this anymore, man. I can't." With that, he stood up and walked over to the bar. He stood behind Angie, who pulled her hand out and held the countertop.

Tony placed his hands on her waist, which startled her a little bit because I could see her flinch. Nevertheless, she still went about her business as Tony moved his hands from her waist to around her flat stomach. She turned her head slightly and flashed a quick glance and grin, before going back about her business. He moved his hands up and cupped her breasts through her bra, massaging her nipples through the lace. Tony now had his body pressed against hers, forcing her against the bar. I could see from my seat that he was grinding against her ass and was starting to kiss her neck firmly but gently. I couldn't tell if Angie was getting into this or not, as she never turned her attention to either of us, but Tony was clearly ready to push the envelope. While still groping one of her tits with his left hand, he grabbed the waistband of his trousers and boxer shorts and yanked down, exposing his rigid 7-inch cock. He put his right hand up to his mouth and spit into it, ready to lube up his stiff dick. Tony looked over at me while he started to jerk himself off and smiled. Next thing I knew, he had his hands on the zipper of Angie's skirt and was zipping it down. Let's see that lingerie he said as he pulled down the skirt revealing the garter straps and tiny matching panty. Pulling the panty crotch to the side he pushed is cock toward Angie's pussy.

Angie let out a soft "oooohhhhhh" as Tony pushed himself inside her. Tony leaned over and whispered in Angie's ear, "Do you like that Angie? Do you like my big dick in your pussy?" I could see her nod as their bodies moved in sync with each movement, Tony repeatedly plunging his manhood in and out of her. Angie bit her lower lip as she peered over her shoulder at Tony, who was gripping her waist with both hands as he thrust deeper and deeper inside her wet pussy.

"This feels so good, baby. You're so fucking tight, it feels good," was all Tony could get out, his concentration fully on holding out as long as possible. Angie had her hands on the top of the bar as she braced herself while Tony rammed her from behind. Tony grabbed a handful of her hair with his left hand while the palm of his right hand lay on the small of Angie's arched back. After another minute, Tony finally reached his end. "Shit baby, I'm gonna blow my load right in that tight pussy of yours!!" With that, each muscle in Angie's shapely legs tensed up, and Tony pushed in one last time and let out a yell as he emptied his load in her cunt.

Tony, beads of sweat forming on his brow, looked over at me as he pulled his dick out. "Shit, that was un-fucking-believable!

I really couldn't believe what had just happened, but it did. I saw a little semen start to run down the inside of Angie's thigh, and it turned me on like nothing else. Here was my hot wife with Tony's cum seeping out of her wet pussy.

She turned to face us, her face flush and hair all over the place, and she still looked incredibly sexy. I was still sitting on the sofa, so I motioned for Angie to come over to me. She walked from the bar over to where I was sitting and stood in front of me, her hands crossed in front of her. I ran my hand up the outside of her stocking clad leg, starting at her ankle, up her calf and finishing at her tanned thigh. I leaned back on the sofa and looked up at her, "Angie, take off your bustier for us."

Angie smiled and grabbed the bustier cup and pulled. The Velcro removable cup peeled away finally exposing a full 34C breasts. "I told you this was special lingerie she said as she grabbed the second cup and removed it too. Her breasts were firm and round, allowing for a perfect amount cleavage despite the fact that she wasn't aided by bra cups any more.

I reached out and grabbed her arm and pulled her to me and since she was still wearing her heels, she almost fell right into my lap. She grabbed onto my shoulders to prevent her from falling, and in front of me were her plump breasts and nipples, which begged to be touched. I put my hands around her waist and leaned forward, taking one of her breasts in my mouth. Her nipples stood at attention as I alternated between tracing a circle around them with my tongue and gently nibbling on them. As she started to moan, I pulled away. "I can't tell you how long I've wanted this. Give me a blowjob, Angie. I want to be in your mouth."

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