Stood Up


“Abby, I’m telling you, they were stood up by a couple that they were supposed to meet here.”

“How can you be so sure?” Abby looked back over at the couple by the bar. They were very attractive. The guy was about five-nine or so, brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard. The woman he was with was about five-four and blond. She had a tight little body that looked very nice in the summer dress that she was wearing. The two of them would talk to each other for a while, and then both turn and look towards the door. Abby’s husband Eric had pointed them out as they were waiting for a table at the little Japanese restaurant.

“C’mon, they have that look on their faces. They’re waiting for someone, or someones, but they don’t know what the other person or people look like. See how they look at every single person that comes in the door? I bet it was supposed to be a first meeting.”

“What do you mean?”

“YOU know. They have that look. Same one that we’ve had.”

“Oh, you don’t think?” Abby looked back over at the couple. They were both cute. “No way!” She couldn’t believe that they were swingers meeting a new couple for the first time.

“Why not?” asked Eric, looking back over at the other couple. The woman was hot. And she could tell that Abby was eyeing the other guy. Eric looked back at Abby. She was wearing her little plaid purple skirt and the tight sweater that showed off her huge tits. Her black hair cascaded down over her shoulders. Eric could feel his cock twitch a bit as he looked at his hot wife and thought of her with the other woman. Or the guy.

“Well, they just don’t look . . .”

“What, like swingers? Do we? Is there a certain swinger look?”

“I don’t know,” said Abby, “I just don’t think that it is really possible that they are.” She finished the glass of wine that was in her hand and felt the alcohol beginning to take effect. It would be kinda cool if they were, she thought to herself.

“Do you want another?” asked Eric, draining his beer. They had been waiting for a while. The food was good. Too bad everyone else in the area thought so too.

“Um, o.k.” The kids were staying with the folks, so why not?

Eric got up and walked over towards the bar. Towards the other couple. He watched as the two of them turned and stared at him. They realized he had been there for a while and had not approached them, so they turned back to talk to each other. Without really thinking about what he was doing, Eric decided to go for broke. If he was wrong, he could possibly get the crap kicked out of him. But if he was right . . . .

“Can I get another merlot and a miller lite please?” The bartender nodded and turned to get Eric’s order. He was standing next to the couple. Next to the other guy to be specific. Able to hear the conversation.

“What time is it?” asked the woman.

The guy looked at his watch. “Eight thirty.” The woman turned and looked back towards the door.

“I don’t think they’re coming.” She played with her cocktail napkin for a bit and then took a sip of her glass of wine. She was obviously both nervous and disappointed. “Maybe they saw us and then just took off.”

“I don’t know,” said the guy. “They could have just blown us off. Fuck.” He took another sip of his drink.

The bartender came back with Eric’s order. He settled up and picked up the two drinks. As he turned, the other guy turned and glanced at him. ‘It’s now or never,’ thought Eric. “Swappernet?”

“W-what?” said the other guy. He looked startled by Eric’s one word question and simply stared at him.

“Sorry,” said Eric, “I didn’t mean to listen in on your conversation, but were you waiting for someone from Swappernet?”

The guy looked at Eric briefly and then smiled hesitantly. “Um yeah. Are you Pete?”

It was Eric’s turn to smile. “Sorry, no.” The other guy’s smile turned to a confused look.

“Then how did you know about . . .?”

“You two just had that look,” said Eric. He put his drinks back down on the bar and stuck out his hand. “I’m Eric.”

The other guy shook Eric’s hand and smiled again. “Did we really look that obvious? I’m David by the way.”

Eric laughed. “Well, that will be easy to remember. Its my middle name.” David laughed too. That seemed to cut some of the nervous tension in the air. He turned to the woman that he was with.

“This is my wife Renee.” Eric shook her hand as well.

“It’s very nice to meet you both.” Eric turned and pointed towards Abby. “That’s my wife Abby over there.” Abby had been watching Eric talk to the other couple. He waved her over. Abby stood and walked over. Out of the corner of his eye, Eric saw that David was staring at her as she walked over. The short skirt. The large breasts.

Abby couldn’t believe that her normally shy husband had started talking to the strangers.

“Honey, this is David and Renee.”

“N-nice to meet you both,” said Abby.

“I was right.”

Abby was speechless. She turned and looked at David and Renee. The other couple realized what he was talking about, and they smiled. Abby smiled. Eric grinned his ass off.

“Green party of two?” said the tiny Japanese woman standing next to Abby. She held two menus in her hand. “Um, yes,” answered Eric. He turned to the other couple. “Uh, this may sound a little odd, but would you care to join us for dinner? That is, if you don’t think that the couple you were waiting for is going to show up.”

David and Renee looked at each other. They seemed to come to silent agreement that Eric and Abby didn’t look like a pair of raving loonies or complete whackadoos. “Sure,” said David. After some negotiating with the hostess, Eric was able to get a larger table. They were seated and immediately ordered a large bottle of sake for the table. All four were somewhat nervous about the situation and figured that the additional alcohol would fortify them a bit.

“So, um,” said Renee, “how long have the two of you been, ah, doing this?”

“What, eating Japanese food?” asked Eric. Renee smiled and David laughed. “Just kidding. We’ve been, ah, in the swinging scene for about two years. What about you guys?”

“Well, we haven’t really been swinging for all that long.”

“We had a threesome several years ago and liked it a LOT,” said David, “so, we’ve been talking about it for a while and decided to give it a try.”

“We haven’t had that many experiences, either” said Abby.

“Which one of you brought up the idea of swinging?” asked Renee. Eric and Abby looked at each other. Eric pointed at Abby.

“What?” said Abby. “You brought it up, you big liar!” Eric grinned and nodded at the other couple.

“How?” asked David.

“Hmmm, I guess it just started as some hot talking during sex. We would get each other pretty worked up with our stories. The idea just grew from there. We, well, I started surfing the web to see what was out there. I stumbled on one swingers site, started chatting with another couple in a chat room, and away we went.”

“So what kind of experiences have you had?” asked Renee. She looked at Abby. Well, at her tits. They were huge. God how she wanted to just reach over and touch them. And then suck on them.

“We were with another guy once, and we had a full swap with a couple.”

“Was the full swap a good experience?” asked David.

“Yeah,” said Eric, “it really was. That couple is from out of town though, so unfortunately we haven’t been able to get together with them again.”

“You two just need to find a hot couple in town to get together with,” said David.

“That’s true,” answered Eric. He had visions of David bending Abby over the table and slamming his cock into her from behind. ‘I need to slow down on the sake,’ he thought.

During a lull in the conversation, the two couples looked at the menus and decided to simply order a bunch of raw fish from the a la carte menu. The food came out surprisingly fast. As they munched, Renee and David told Abby of their own threesome experiences, as well as their recent adventures at a local swingers club. The conversation flowed pretty easily, and the four found that they genuinely liked each other. After a while, Eric clinked a chopstick against the side of his sake cup.

“I propose a toast,” he said. The other three picked up their sake cups as well. “To Pete and the other woman for blowing the two of you off, because if they showed up, we never would have met each other.” The other three laughed and said “To Pete and the other woman!” in unison. After more laughing and joking, Dave and Eric paid the bill and the four looked at each other.

“Um, well,” said David.

“Yeah,” said Eric. No one was quite sure how to proceed next. Renee stood up somewhat unsteadily.

“I’m going to the ladies room.”

“I think I’ll join you.” Abby also stood and the two walked away, whispering furiously to each other.

“They’re scheming about something,” said Eric, watching both walk away. Well, watching the two very hot asses walking away.

“Your wife is very attractive,” said David. “That outfit she’s wearing is driving me crazy! She’s like a school girl hottie in that tight sweater and mini-skirt.”

“With big tits.”

“Oh yeah!” said David, smiling.

“Your wife is pretty friggin hot too.”

“Yes, she is. You should hear her scream when she gets all worked up. It’s fucking awesome.” Eric could vividly picture Renee bouncing up and down on his cock, moaning and thrashing around.

“So, um, do you guys want to go somewhere from here?” said Eric.

“That would be fine with me,” said David. “But I don’t know what Renee wants to do.” The two guys turned and saw Abby and Renee coming back towards the table. Both were smiling and laughing and walking arm in arm.

“So, um what now?” said Eric. He didn’t know if Abby wanted to bail, but it looked like she was having a good time.

“We’re gonna go over to David and Renee’s place,” said Abby. “They live pretty close to here.” Eric was somewhat surprised as Abby didn’t normally act this spontaneously.

“Um, o.k.,” said Eric. He could see David and Renee whispering to each other a bit. The four got up and walked out of the restaurant. As they walked over to the parking lot, Renee walked beside Eric and Abby to David.

“We’re going to switch hubbies for the ride over,” said Renee to Eric, “so I’m riding with you. I can trust you, right?” Eric was somewhat surprised and watched Abby and David head over to another car. She seemed to have no trouble getting into the car with him. A somewhat complete stranger. Well, a stranger that they had eaten with and talked about double penetrations with.

“Um, right. I won’t bite or anything,” said Eric, unlocking the car doors.

“Hmmm,” said Renee. “Maybe later?” Eric turned and looked at her when she said that. She was clearly flirting with him. He noticed that her skirt had ridden up her legs as she got into the car. Way up. Extremely far up. Catching glimpses of silky black thong panties up. Eric ogled her legs for a while and then looked up, hoping that Renee hadn’t noticed.

She had.

Renee smiled and laughed softly. Eric felt himself blushing after having been busted. He quickly started the car and began fiddling with the radio. Renee leaned over and put her hand on Eric’s leg.

“What kind of car is this?” she asked. Eric jumped slightly at the contact, then felt his cock twitch as he felt Renee’s hand slide slowly up his leg toward his crotch.

“A, um, a, an Audi” squeaked Eric. Her had moved further up his leg and was soon sliding over the crotch of his pants. And his cock.

“Very nice,” said Renee. “Maybe I can help you shift it?” Eric moaned softly and his eyes rolled back in his head as Renee’s hand rubbed back and forth over his crotch. Her fingers danced on the head and then worked their way up and down the shaft. It felt awesome, and Renee obviously knew her way around a guy’s dick.

“S-sure,” said Eric. Renee removed her hand. Eric opened his eyes and looked over at her. Her dress was still bunched up, and now she spread her legs slightly. Her hand slowly moved down to her own crotch, and Eric watched as one finger slid down over the front of her black panties. Renee closed her own eyes and leaned her head back and Eric watched her pleasure herself a bit. After a while, Renee stopped stroking her pussy, opened her eyes, and looked at Eric.

“Why don’t we drive over to my place now so that you can fuck me hard?”

David and Abby’s trip to the apartment was a bit quicker and not quite as erotic. The two were soon inside the apartment. David showed Abby around a bit. Kitchen, bedroom, the works. At one point, David excused himself so that he could use the bathroom. He couldn’t stop staring at Abby’s tits. He also wondered what was under the very short skirt that she was wearing. His cock was half-hard as he stood in front of the toilet. He tried to think some UN-sexy thoughts to make it go down a bit. Peeing with a hard-on was just not fun. After thinking of baseball and babies for a while, he was finally able to go. He had just turned on the faucet to wash his hands.

“David, could you come here a second.” He turned off the water and grabbed a towel.

“Just a minute.” David walked out of the bathroom and back into the kitchen where he had left Abby. Clothed. She was now naked from the waist up, her huge tits almost touching the tabletop. Her short skirt was bunched up at her hips and she was bent over the table, her hands palm down on the tabletop. Her thong panties were around only one leg on the floor.

“Oh, hi,” said Abby, looking back at David. He stood with his mouth open for a few seconds. Abby bent over a bit further, and spread her legs out a little more. Her pussy was glistening with juices.

David groaned and immediately went over to her. He started kissing her neck and massaged her breasts with his hands. Abby could feel his hard cock pressing into her ass underneath his pants. She was extremely wet and wanted to get fucked. David kissed his way down her neck and onto her back. He continued down Abby’s body and kept squeezing and rubbing her boobs. David couldn’t get enough of her curves. She was so different from Renee’s smaller, more athletic frame. He moved his hands when his lips touched her ass. He slowly spread her ass cheeks and lightly kissed her asshole. Abby moaned and ground her hips in the air. He could tell that she needed to be fucked. Hard. David’s kissing and licking was driving her crazy with lust. When he thrust his tongue into her sopping wet pussy from behind, she thought that she was going to explode.

“OH GOD!” Abby screamed. “Lick my pussy. Oh! Oh yeah!” David plunged a finger into Abby’s pussy. He fucked it in and out of her for a while, and then stood up. He quickly undid his pants and slid them and his underwear off. Abby looked back to see his cock bouncing out straight in front of him. It was a nice size. Nice and long and very, very hard. She couldn’t wait to feel it deep inside of her. David positioned himself, moved his hard cock to her pussy lips, and then slid in with one long thrust. “UHHH OH,” gasped Abby. David’s hard cock was filling her up.

“Mmmm, you feel nice,” whispered David in Abby’s ear. He stood with his cock buried deep inside of her.

Abby tried moving her hips but found that she was trapped between the table and David. “P-please,” she hissed.

“What do you want?”

“Mmmmmm, fuck me you big stud! Fuck your big cock in and out of my tight little pussy.”

“Your wish is my command.” David slowly pulled his cock out of Abby’s pussy and then quickly slammed it back in. Abby moaned again and really started to make noise as David built into a rhythm.

“That feels soooo good,” said Abby as David began to thrust into her a bit faster and harder. He watched his cock plunge in and out of her and get coated with her juices. He grabbed her hips and then her ass cheeks as he continued to fuck her.

“Oooo, yeah, you like me fucking your pussy? Some strange guy fucking you while your husband isn’t around?”

“God y-yes!” said Abby. She was getting closer to a huge orgasm. David continued pumping in and out of her.

“Yeah, I’m gonna cum deep in your pussy!”

The front door opened and Renee and Eric walked in. To the sounds of David and Abby fucking. They quickly walked into the kitchen to watch the other two go at it. Eric loved watching his wife getting fucked by another man. David was fucking Abby hard and she was obviously loving every minute of it! He began rubbing his own cock as he watched the two go at it. Suddenly he felt another hand on his leg.

“Take me to the bed room now!” Renee lifted her dress over her head as she spoke. Eric was suddenly staring at the other woman’s tits. ‘How did she get her bra off?’ Eric wondered briefly. Only briefly as suddenly the two of them were kissing and he felt Renee’s tongue in his mouth. Eric grabbed her ass as they French kissed. Her thong did little to stop his hands from exploring her wet pussy. Her hot tight little body was a new experience for him and he loved exploring it. His hands roamed from her tits to her pussy to her ass and back again. The two of them walked/stumbled into the bedroom and collapsed onto the bed. Eric couldn’t get his clothes off fast enough. As he fumbled with the buttons on his pants, Renee lay on the bed, her legs spread and her hand caressing her pussy. Eric quickly got on top of her and thrust his cock in.

“Oh, yeah!” he moaned as he felt it slide all the way into her.

“Mmmmm. . . fuck me!” said Renee. Eric began to pump his cock in and out of her. Renee moaned louder and louder as she felt herself start to cum almost immediately. The site of David fucking Abby and then playing with Eric was too much for her.

“OH YEAH! OH! OH! AH! OH! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEEE!!” Eric pumped in and out of her faster. He could feel her cumming on his cock. And hear her. She was just as loud as David had promised. After what seemed like a minute, Renee simply collapsed. Eric was impressed with the force of her orgasm. It had completely overwhelmed her. He slowed his pumping to give her a little time to recover.

“OH YEAH! OH FUCK ME!” Abby was screaming in the other room. She was obviously cumming to. ‘Well, that’s both ladies accounted for!’ thought Eric.

“What are you smiling about?” Renee was looking up at Eric. HE looked down and saw that she had her own satisfied look on her face.

“Just thinking about two hot women cumming at almost the same time,” said Eric.

“Man, that was awesome,” said Renee. “I really needed that.”

“I could tell,” laughed Eric.

“What about you?” asked Renee. “We need to give you some relief before you explode!” Eric’s cock was still buried deep inside her pussy. Renee began slowly moving her hips again.

“Mmmmm, not yet,” said Eric. His cock slid out of her as he moved down so that his face was in front of her shaved pussy. “I need to taste you first. I need to suck your clit and lick you hot pussy. Would you like that? Would you like me to lick your pussy while your husband fucks my wife in the other room?”

“Oh yeah, lick my pussy!”

Eric stopped. That sounded a lot like Abby! He looked up and saw that Abby was straddling Renee’s head! He watched as Renee stuck her tongue deep into Abby’s pussy and began to lick furiously. Eric could see the cream between Abby’s legs and knew that Renee was tasting both her and David.

David got onto the bed and moved his now semi-hard cock to Abby’s mouth. The last image Eric had before turning back to Renee’s juicy cunt was watching Abby open her mouth and let the other man slide his dick in.

The bedroom was filled with moans and mouths licked and sucked and fingers touched and pumped. Eric licked Renee’s pussy down to her little asshole and back up again. Renee kept licking the juices that were flowing out of Abby’s freshly fucked pussy, and Abby tasted her own juices on David’s quickly re-hardening cock.

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