Stood Up


"Welcome to Samuel's Italian Cuisine," the woman at the counter said.

"Hello...Justice, party of date will be joining me later," said Victoria Justice, who was in the beginning of her first ever blind date.

The woman led Victoria to her table in the center of the restaurant. It was nine o'clock on a Wednesday night and she was one of the few people in the building. She was hoping for a nice, private date with the man she had never met and was happy when she saw how empty the room was. Immediately after she sat down, a short waitress was already there to assist her.

"Hello, I'm Julia and I will be your waitress for the evening. Can I get you something to drink?" she asked with a smile.

"I'm Victoria and I'd love a glass of wine but I'm only twenty so I'll have a glass of water," she said, giggling at her joke.

Julia laughed back and headed to the kitchen to retrieve her drink. She came back quickly with the drink and handed it to her.

"I guess I'll come back for your order when your date gets here. Unless you want an appetizer?"

"No thanks, this bread on the table will be fine. Thank you," Victoria said before the waitress walked away.

She was very excited at the idea of a blind date. She felt that this was going to be the greatest night of her life. Any date that the young actress had ever been on was set up face to face with her date. She had heard many good things about this man she was waiting for. Her friend had told her many times that he would be perfect for her and when they met, it would be love at first sight.

Victoria, obviously, dressed very nicely for the date. She was wearing a tight blue dress that barely went past her knees and showed off her slender figure very well. Along with short-heeled shoes, she also wore three silver bracelets around her left wrist, a thin cross necklace and short diamond earrings. The way she was dressed would have made it seemed like she was on her way to a ball in a mansion instead of an Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

The young brunette started to get a bit nervous as she remained alone for twenty minutes...which soon became forty-five minutes...then an hour...and then it was midnight. The restaurant was about to close and was empty except for Victoria, who remained in her seat with a very sad look on her face. Twenty minutes late could be explained; two hours could not. She had been stood up, something she had never experienced. Tears were streaming down her face when Julia returned for the final time.

"I'm sorry sweetie but we have to close down the restaurant," she said as she sat down in the empty seat that was to have been occupied by the date. "I guess you've never been stood up before." Victoria acknowledged that she was correct. "That really sucks."

"I thought he was the one," Victoria said through tears.

"They always seem perfect but then they show their true colors," Julia said as she grabbed her hand and looked towards the door, seeing her own boyfriend waiting for her to get off work. Suddenly, a thought came to the dark-haired waitress's brain. "Hey, how about you come with me and my boyfriend. We can help you forget all about tonight."

"How?" Victoria asked, still crying.

"Booze," Julia responded.

"But I...I...I guess that would work," Victoria said as her tears started to slow down.

"Cool, just let me finish closing up then we can go," Julia said before standing up and walking to the back room.

Victoria stood up and headed towards the exit. Her eyes met with Julia's boyfriend and they exchanged a smile.

"That's Gary, he's my boyfriend," Julia's voice said from behind her.

"Lucky you," she responded.

The girls exited the restaurant and walked with Gary towards the car.

"Gary, this is Victoria. Her date stood her up and I felt bad, so she is coming home with us. She needs alcohol to erase tonight from her memory." Julia explained as they reached the car.

"Getting drunk with a girl that kinda looks like my baby...I'm cool with that!" he exclaimed as he kissed his girlfriend on the cheek before getting in the car.

Julia was the same height as Victoria, with similar silky black hair and a million dollar smile. Also like Victoria, she had a chest and ass that fit her body proportionally well. Even in her buttoned-up blouse and black khaki's, she was still a very hot twenty-three year old woman.

After a twenty minute ride, they arrived at the small apartment complex. Victoria followed the couple to their room and entered. Julia and Gary walked into the bedroom while Victoria sat down on the couch and looked around.

"Be right out, I need to get out of these fucking work clothes!" Julia yelled out.

A few minutes later, she came out of the bedroom wearing a short denim skirt and a long purple t-shirt that reached the bottom of the skirt. Victoria looked down and saw the small pink socks that covered her feet and commented, "cute socks."

Gary slipped out of the bedroom and into the kitchen to retrieve the alcohol. Julia looked over at him before turning back to Victoria and sitting on the couch

"Nice place," Victoria said as she removed the bracelets from her arms, placing them in her handbag.

"It is, isn't it," the waitress responded. "Are you starting to feel a little better?"

"A little. Thank you for doing this, you really didn't have to."

"Don't worry about it, you seemed like a sweet girl and I wanted to help you out."

The girls continued chatting when Gary returned to the room.

"You like beer or liquor, Victoria?" he asked.

"Liquor...a lot of liquor," she responded.

"Gotcha," he said before quickly heading back into the kitchen.

He came back seconds later with two beers and a bottle of vodka in hand. Julia got up and grabbed a shot glass, handing it to Victoria. Gary poured the actress a big shot of the potent alcohol and watched on as she quickly inhaled it. He and Julia lightly sipped on a beer as they watched her pour two more shots and throw them back.

The couple nursed their beers for several minutes while watching Victoria slowly slide into drunkenness. After thirty minutes, their beers were gone and so was five shots worth of vodka. They left the room to grab another beer while the drunken girl kicked off her shoes and let out a loud sigh.

Gary and Julia returned to the room as she was pulling her earrings and necklace off of her body and into her bag. She started to pour another shot but was stopped by Julia.

"Slow down honey, we don't want you dying on us," she said as she pulled the shot glass away and downed it herself.

"I'm fine," she said with a slight slur.

As she looked the drunken woman in the eyes, she could notice that the alcohol was starting to take effect. Her eyes could not focus in one direction and her eyelids were slowly closing. The vessels in her eyes were growing more and redder by the second.

"Why are you st...staring at me?" she asked.

"You're pretty drunk right now aren't you?" Julia asked as she held the younger woman's head steady.

"I'm not dru...(hiccup)...unk," she said, clearly lying.

"I think you are," she said with a smile. "I think you're drunk..." She pulled her face close, almost touching lips. "...and sexy."

The waitress closed her eyes and planted a gentle kiss on Victoria, who did not fight it. With how drunk she was, she could barely comprehend what was happening but she knew that she liked it. She closed her eyes and kissed the waitress back. They remained locked in the kiss for several seconds before slowly pulling away. They both opened their eyes and smiled.

"That was nice," Julia said.

"Yeah...I haven't kissed a girl be...before," Victoria responded. "I should do it more often."

"You should," she said before kissing her again.

Gary stood up as the girls remained lip-locked and reached under Victoria, lifting her up. She was confused at first but when she looked him in the eyes, she smiled and locked her lips to his. She wrapped her arms around his neck and lost herself in the passion of the kiss.

Julia stood up and whispered into the young girl's ear, "Let's go to the bedroom."

Gary carried the drunken girl into the bedroom while his girlfriend happily followed. Once they got in, he gently lay her down on the bed. Julia came up from behind and crawled on to the bed, on top of Victoria. The girls began softly kissing each other again, grabbing onto each other's hair and playing with it. Julia was in full control as her hand slid down and began groping the woman's breasts. Victoria responded by grabbing Julia's breasts and squeezing them hard. Julia cooed at the groping.

Both women were so lost in each other that they had not noticed Gary walking to the side of the bed, completely stripped of his clothes. Both girls looked over at him at the same time and got a perfect view of his rock-hard, thick, seven inch cock. They broke the kiss and stared at him. Victoria gasped while Julia licked her own lips in anticipation.

"Holy shit," Victoria whispered. "That's a big dick!"

"Do you like big dicks?" Julia asked her.

"Who doesn't?" she responded while giggling.

"Go ahead, grab it," Gary said as he knelt onto the bed and drew his member closer to the girls.

"Isn't this all happening a little fast?" she asked, keeping her eyes locked on his cock.

"Who cares if it's moving fast? Why delay the inevitable?" he responded.

Victoria smiled as she grabbed hold of his cock and pulled it towards her mouth, quickly inhaling it. She closed her eyes and viciously sucked him off while Julia started to pull at her dress. She felt the straps of her blue dress pulled off of her shoulders, past her chest and down her torso. Within a few more seconds, the dress was down to her ankles and the actress, thanks to a lack of underwear, was completely nude as she blew the man.

"Do you want your pretty little pussy licked Victoria?" Julia asked.

"Yes," she responded in a muffled voice, refusing to remove the girl's boyfriend's cock from her watering mouth.

Julia buried her nose in the wispy pubic hair and slowly let her tongue slip from between her own lips and into Victoria's tastier lips. Victoria jumped a bit when the waitress's tongue made first contact with her throbbing clit but adjusted quickly.

Gary leaned forward and roughly pulled his girlfriend's shirt from her body, exposing her bare top. She slowly worked her own shorts off, making sure never to let her tongue break contact from Victoria's rapidly moistening pussy and leaving all three of them fully naked.

Victoria removed the cock from her mouth momentarily to moan and whimper from the tender attention being paid attention to her crotch. She looked down and saw the top of Julia's head above the horizon of her lower body. She closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lip as her hips started to fully respond. She started bucking them up and down with each motion of the waitress's tongue.

While she was lost in her own lust, Gary had moved from her side to behind Julia. She opened her eyes again to see him lined up directly behind her.

"Here it comes baby," he whispered.

Julia lifted her ass up into a more comfortable position, allowing him to slide his large member between her legs. She moaned into Victoria's pussy as all seven inches of his thick member stretched her vagina to its limits. Victoria in turn squeaked at the vibrations spreading throughput her most sensitive area. She lay flat on the bed, staring up at the ceiling fan slowly spinning above her.

Gary increased the pace of his thrusts into his girlfriend while her tongue remained virtually glued to the cunt of the young actress. Victoria was struggling to keep her body still as the intense rushes of pleasure ran throughout every inch of her twenty year old body. She could literally feel each stream of her pussy juice slowly roll down her skin and onto the bed. She had not realized that the volume of the juices had greatly increased...until the built up energy inside her exploded out.

When Julia's tongue slid all the way up her cunt and nose roughly brushed against her clit with each shot forward from the fucking, Victoria grasped onto the sheets on the bed and groaned. She screamed out in joy as her body tensed up and released every bit of sexual energy from within her. Her cum exploded from her cunt and completely coated her new friend's mouth. Gary paused in mid-thrust to allow his girlfriend to savor the experience.

"Oh my god...that damn good," Victoria said, panting heavily.

Julia finally removed her tongue from the girl's pussy and crawled on top of her, bringing Gary's cock with her. She got face to face with her and allowed her to suck every last drop of cum from her mouth. Victoria's tongue explored every last inch of Julia's mouth while Gary pulled out.

He gently pushed Julia down until she was lying flat on top of Victoria. He spit a large wad onto his girlfriend's asshole and spread it around. He aimed his cock at the target and slowly inserted himself. The girls were still lip locked when Julia squealed for the initial discomfort. Once all seven inches were in, she opened her eyes and stared into the deep brown eyes of Victoria.

"My god," she softly said.

Gary shifted positions and pulled back slightly before dropping all of weight on the girls. Julia was a human sandwich as her ass was abused. Victoria gave her repeated soft kisses every time she was pushed closer to her. They shared a smile and made a game out of it. Victoria was able to kiss her with every thrust, making her the winner...not that Julia was a loser by any means.

Julia was sandwiched from several minutes until Gary pulled out and pulled her off of Victoria.

"Your turn," he said as he placed his cock at her soaking wet opening.

As he pushed his cock forward, Julia crawled onto her face and lowered her own wet pussy on to her mouth. Victoria's tongue quickly slid in and she gave her the exact same treatment that was given to her earlier. Julia screamed in joy as her clit was massaged from the bouncing girl beneath her.

Gary grasped the young actress by her hips and fucked her as hard as he could. She was being rocked so hard that the bed was starting slide across the floor. Both girls were screaming from the experience, only Victoria's could not be heard by anyone but were definitely felt throughout Julia's body. Julia grabbed onto the headboard of the bed and arched forward, closing her eyes and tightening every muscle in her body. She lifted herself up and exploded in an orgasm of her own. Being a squirter, she coated Victoria's entire head in her warm, sticky juices.

"FUCK!" Julia screamed.

Before her orgasm was complete, she felt something warm hit her thigh. She turned around to find Gary stroking his cock just inches from her butt and Victoria's head. Glob after glob of his thick creamy cum hit Victoria's face and her own lower ass and inner thighs. Once he was finished, she had three strings of cum on her thighs while Victoria was covered from chin to hair.

Gary sat down at the foot of the bed while Julia turned around and sat on a pillow. Victoria was staring at the ceiling again, feeling the sperm swimming all over her fresh young face. Her mouth was agape in amazement.

"Wow," she squeaked out.

"Damn right 'wow'," Julia said as she stroked the actress's hair, catching some semen on her fingers and licking them clean. "Feel better sweetie?"

"Better about what?" she said with a smile, showing that she was over being stood up.

"That a girl," Gary said as he lightly tapped her pussy.

Gary and Julia shifted around on the bed until they were lying on each side of the drunken girl. Julia hugged her tight while Gary turned the light off.

"I love you Victoria," she said.

"Me too," said Gary.

"I love you guys too. Can we do this again sometime?" Victoria asked as she scooped a glob of cum of off her face and fed Julia.

"Anytime baby," she responded before sucking her finger clean.

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