tagGroup SexStood Up and Looking for Fun

Stood Up and Looking for Fun


****this is only my second story! would love some feedback***

Stephanie was pretty sure she had been stood up. He was supposed to meet her more than half an hour ago, and there she sat, still alone, drink in hand. She decided to wait it out a bit longer, the bar seemed like a good place to people watch at least. Maybe he was caught in traffic? Didn't seem likely, but she told herself the lie anyway. She couldn't help but be annoyed at the fact that she was stood up before they met. At least meet me before you reject me, she thought. Her friend had paired them up, they had talked a couple times, he had seemed nice enough, but she may have been wrong about that. She ordered another drink and looked around, she had really been hoping for at least a little fun tonight.

She was a little tipsy and more than a little turned on. She was eyeing up a couple across the bar from her, and from what she could tell they were eyeing her up. She was intrigued, maybe they could save the night. She smiled at him, took a sip of her drink, casually looked away. When she looked back she saw him leaning down and whispering something to his wife, gesturing toward her. He crossed the room, making his way to Stephanie. He was eyeing her up and down, taking in all 5'6", she had an athletic build, nicely toned, stocking-clad legs, perky tits, brown hair, and icy blue eyes.

"Hello, care for a drink with us?" He cut to the chase quickly. She smiled, nodded, and went with him to his waiting wife. "I'm Sam, this is Kelly."

"Hi, Stephanie. Nice to meet you."

They talked a little, ordered another round of drinks. Stephanie couldn't help but look at his wife. Kelly was short, maybe 5'2", with large breasts and a nice round ass. Her mind kept wandering to things she'd love to do with her, could practically taste her sweet pussy while she gazed at her. Sam seemed perfectly content to egg them on for the time being. He leaned over to Kelly and whispered something in her ear, Kelly chuckled a little under her breath and nodded a little. Stephanie didn't know what that was about, but hoped it was about her. She was just drunk enough to have no fear, she leaned over to Kelly, brushed her auburn hair back, and whispered in her ear, "your place or mine?"

They paid their tab and piled in to a cab, Stephanie's house was closer, so off they went. Stephanie leaned in to Kelly again, and planted a kiss on her soft lips. Sam bent down and kissed Stephanie's neck, his hand on her thigh. She kissed Kelly again, pulling her close and kissing her deeply. She let her hand wander, sliding it up her short, she grazed her hand over Kelly's breasts, pausing to gently play with her hard nipples. Stephanie felt Sam's hand moving up her thigh, she parted her legs slightly, wanting him to go further. The cab pulled up to her house, Sam pulled a few bills from his pants and handed them to the driver, not caring about what he just forked over.

They made their way inside, Stephanie leading the way to her bedroom. She kissed Kelly again, and pushed her back on the bed, her hand on her ample tits as she did so. She kissed her way down Kelly, shoving aside clothing as she did so. She took Kelly's nipple in her mouth, gently biting down, enjoying Kelly's squeal of delight. Her hands wandering, exploring her body. She reached down and slipped her hand in to Kelly's panties, happy to find her bald pussy slick already. She pressed two fingers in to Kelly's waiting cunt and planted her thumb on her clit. Kelly moaned as Stephanie worked her thumb on her swollen sex. Stephanie kissed down her body, she took off Kelly's panties, and buried her face in her sweet pussy, tongue diving in to get a full taste, inhaling her scent as she did so.

Sam got behind Stephanie, he pushed her skirt up and out of the way. He loved the look of her in her garter and stockings, she wasn't wearing any panties, she was bent over, ass in the air, her face in his wife's cunt. He bent down and licked Stephanie's slit, from clit to tight, puckered asshole. Oh she was delectable. He pressed his tongue against her asshole forcing it in. He loved the taste of her, and couldn't wait to fuck her. Stephanie moaned, her face still in Kelly's pussy. Kelly was moaning as Stephanie's tongue dipped in to her pussy, Stephanie sucked on her clit rolled her tongue around it. Kelly out her hands on Stephanie's head, pulling her deeply in to her cunt. "Fuck yes! Just like that!" Kelly cried out as she came. Stephanie smiled, face still in Kelly's pussy, enjoying the feeling of her cuming on her tongue.

Kelly sat up, removed Stephanie's dress and laid her back on the bed, Sam moved over to the bed, his hard cock in her face. She took his member in her mouth, slurping up his precum that had already dribbled out, taking him down her throat, her legs spread so Kelly could get at her cunt. Stephanie took Sam's cock out of her mouth for a moment to utter, "there's toys in the bottom drawer," and took his cock back in her mouth. Kelly opened the bedside table and found a small selection of toys, she grabbed a good sized dildo and teased Stephanie with it, running it up and down her wet pussy lips. She plunged it in to her waiting cunt and took her clit in her mouth. Stephanie's head was bobbing on Sam's cock, she reached up and lightly played with his balls while she slid his cock down her throat. She moaned, lips around his member while Kelly fucked her soaked pussy. She moved her head, let his cock pop out of her mouth as she got closer to cuming, Kelly expertly working the dildo in her, her clit in Kelly's mouth. She wrapped her legs around Kelly's head as she came, loudly moaning, "oh, oh yes! Kelly!"

Sam looked in to the open drawer and pulled out a double ended dildo she had stashed away, "care for a ride, ladies?" He said with a devilish grin. The girls lay back on the bed, first he slid the dildo in to Kelly, she moaned with pleasure as it filled her up, then he did the same for Stephanie. Stephanie grabbed Kelly's legs and worked her hips, simultaneously fucking her and herself, Sam's hand in the middle helping the girls along. He knelt on the bed by Kelly, she starting stroking his hard cock and licking the head. The girls worked their hips, fucking each other with the huge dildo between them, Stephanie gasped as Kelly thrust harder, her toes curled as she worked closer to an orgasm. "Oh damn, Kelly..."

Sam couldn't wait much longer, he had to fuck one of them. He pulled the dildo from Stephanie, got her on her knees and plunged his throbbing member in to her wet pussy. Kelly moved over to be under Stephanie so she could keep licking her clit while her husband fucked her. Sam fucked her her tight little pussy, loving the feeling of her cunt tightening on his shaft. He put a finger in his mouth, wetting it, then started teasing her ass. He slowly pushed his finger in, stretching her, oh god he wanted to be in her ass, slowly he added a second finger, then a third. He continued to slowly thrust in her pussy while he stretched her ass. He needed her nice and loose to fit his 9" cock in her. He grabbed a bottle of lube, squirted a little on her ass, took his cock out of her pussy and rested the head on her ass. He teased for a moment, making her want more. He started to press his member in to her brown star, slowly easing himself in, inch by inch, relishing the feeling of her ass squeezing around his cock, she was so tight, it felt so good. He started to thrust a bit more, she relaxed as he worked his cock in her, his balls slapping against her cunt as he worked his cock in and out.

Stephanie kept licking Kelly's pussy, she loved eating her out while her husband was getting her from behind, she kept fucking her with the big dildo that was still in her. Bot women feeling wonderfully full. Sam thrust harder, knowing her wouldn't last much longer, he wanted to coat her ass with his jizz. Kelly started cuming again, pushed over the edge by Stephanie's tongue on her cunt, Stephanie started pushing her hips back in to Sam, willing him to fuck her harder, his balls against her sex she started to cum, "oooh yes, oh fuck me!" She cried out as she came. With one more thrust Sam's balls tightened as he released stream after stream of cum in her ass. He sat for a moment, balls deep in her ass, his cock slowly softening in her, not wanting to pull out quite yet.

Stephanie moved forward a bit, letting herself fall to her side next to Kelly, Sam's cock slide from her ass. She couldn't help smiling to herself, feeling his cum dripping out of her, "guess that's one way to recover from being stood up," she thought to herself.

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