tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStopping the Time Stopper

Stopping the Time Stopper


All my life I've felt awkward and different, but only recently discovered why. I was taking an evening class, learning Spanish. The teacher was a pretty young woman called Holly, and we students were all in our twenties. There were sixteen of us, mostly women, but a few men. One, Daryl, I took an instant dislike to. He looked bored, and more interested in ogling breasts than learning Spanish.

Midway through the first lesson, the strangest thing happened. Suddenly I could no longer move, and nor could anyone else - except Daryl. He strolled to the front of the class, lifted Holly's shirt and unclipped her bra, freeing her breasts. For five minutes, maybe ten, he alternated between them, sucking on her nipples that were soon hard, swollen and red.

After returning her bra and adjusting her shirt with care, he dropped to his knees and lifted her skirt. Tugging her lacy knickers to the side, he proceeded to lick her out. His moans of lust were the only noises I could hear. When he turned at last, his face was wet, further evidence of her arousal. Once again he adjusted her clothing.

Sitting beside me was Sharon, a cheerful blonde with large breasts. Daryl dropped his trousers and boxers to reveal an average-sized and very erect cock. He sat on the table in front of Sharon, lifted her yellow T-shirt up to her neck and unclipped her bra. For the next few minutes he used her breasts to masturbate, wrapping them about his cock and sliding them back and forth, his excitement clearly building.

With a loud moan of victory, he climaxed, spurting cum between her breasts. He sat back and admired his handiwork for a minute, before dressing himself. Taking tissues from his pocket, he cleaned his cum from Sharon's breasts and fixed her clothes. He slipped a cum-wet finger into her mouth briefly, before throwing the tissues in the bin and returning to his seat. He tapped his chest, and time restarted.

Holly gave a startled cry and nearly fell. Turning away from us, she leaned against the wall, panting for a minute. Beside me, Sharon gasped and grabbed her breasts, and licked her lips with a puzzled expression. No one except me looked at Daryl, and he was smiling to himself, entirely unconcerned. No one, not even Holly and Sharon, suspected what had happened, though clearly their bodies were aroused by the activity.

But I was aware.

My own reaction alternated between outrage and intense curiosity. The following week, I wore a T-shirt without a bra. I received a few disapproving glances from other women that night, but certainly a lot of attention from men. Daryl certainly noticed.

Time froze again, and Daryl repeated his molestation of Holly, but this time he used scissors to cut off her knickers, which he slipped into his pocket. After undressing in front of me, he sat on my table and lifted my T-shirt. I was completely unable to move or react in any way as he pinched and tugged at my nipples. Despite the pain and shock of it, I felt incredibly aroused, my nipples hardening between his fingers.

As he had with Sharon, he used my breasts, sliding them against his cock. My nipples kept brushing his hairy belly. If I hadn't secretly hoped for this, I would have been screaming inside my head. As it was, I more and more turned on. It was almost a disappointment when he came.

My mouth had been slightly open when he stopped time - maybe he chose the moment for that - and now he stood and slipped his cum-wet cock between my lips. This I really hadn't been prepared for. His cock had been softening already when he inserted it, but inside my mouth it swelled again, pushing my jaw to open for him.

Holding my head, he fucked my mouth steadily with long, slow thrusts. With an effort, I adjusted the position of my tongue to help - and he pulled out, startled, examining me for any sign that I was aware of him. But I made no move, unsure how I had managed it before.

With a shrug, he thrust into my mouth again, fucking my mouth with increasing urgency. Until with a strangled cry he came, his cock pressing against my throat. "Fuck!" he said. "So stupid!" He withdrew, and bent to peer in my mouth. After a moment, he sighed, and pushed my jaw up.

He cleaned my breasts and dressed us both, before returning to his seat and tapping his chest. I clutched my breasts as I climaxed with astonishing intensity, doing my best to swallow the cum in my mouth before it dribbled out. No one paid attention to me, except Daryl who cast a furtive glance. The others were too bemused by Holly's sudden turn and her distinctive moans of orgasmic pleasure.

To be clear, I despised Daryl. He was a despicable human being. But I was fascinated by the power he had, and my uniqueness in being aware of it. And maybe I could do more? I had, after all, moved my tongue. Maybe I could do more.

From time to time during the day, each day during the following week, I would concentrate hard and try to stop time. Increasingly I felt that time itself was a tangible thing, something I could hold in my hands, but stopping it was like trying to stop a waterfall. And yet... not impossible. Daryl had something, a device, that stopped time, so clearly it was possible.

Week Three, the lesson hadn't even started yet. I had just arrived at my desk, and as I bent to place my bag on the floor, I felt time stop. Moments later, my skirt was lifted from behind. My knickers were pulled down, and with the help of his scissors removed completely. He spread my cheeks, and his tongue licked my ass. No one had ever done this to me before. It was nice, but I was pissed off about the knickers.

Standing, he pressed his cock against my ass and forced his way into me. The pain, the violation, was intolerable. I tried to escape him, but succeeded only in curling my hands into fists. More horrifying, though, was how incredibly aroused I was. The initial pain dissipated quickly, leaving an unexpected pleasure. Furious though I was, it the best fuck I'd had in ages.

As he moaned and emptied himself into me, I climaxed. But I was still mostly frozen, and my orgasm lingered deliciously. I wanted time to stay frozen forever...

I slumped onto my seat, quivering, hiding my face in my hands as I worked through the tail end of my orgasm, until I could trust myself to face the world.

I could hardly believe the bastard had done that. My ass was full of his cum, and he'd nicked my knickers. As if that wasn't bad enough, I could feel it leaking out. I rushed out of the class and ran to the bathroom.

I could hardly believe it... that I had enjoyed it so much. That I had had the most amazing climax from it. Cum was dripping from my ass, and I felt so dirty.

I must have sat there half an hour. Probably I would have stayed there until the end of the class, but then I felt it. Daryl had frozen time again. No doubt sucking on poor Holly's nipples and licking her pussy, or maybe he was coming all over Sharon's breasts, or fucking someone's ass or mouth or...

What if he got some girl pregnant?

He had to be stopped.

With a tremendous effort of will, I forced myself to my feet, and out of the cubicle, out of the bathroom, along the corridor...

It was exhausting! My movements were painfully slow, as if I were swimming through treacle. And yet, my sense of time, my sense of how it was being... hitched, was clarifying. Something - powerful and dangerous - was gripping it.

Time unhitched and I crashed painfully to the floor. I was too late. He'd had his fun. I lay there panting, and thinking. I had no way to gain the advantage over him.

Not unless I could steal whatever it was he had, and the only way I could do that...

I stood and continued to the classroom. Once outside, I did the impossible. I hitched time.

My heart raced and my blood pounded in my ears, but I held time still.

Again, though, it was an effort to move. I fought against treacle as I entered the classroom and made my way past unseeing eyes to Daryl's desk. Even he was motionless, frozen in time. I unbuttoned his shirt.

It was a silver medallion on a chain, the metal inscribed with mysterious symbols. With some sort of mechanism in the middle - like a switch. I took it carefully from him, easing the chain over his head, then over mine, until the medallion rested against my breasts.

I flicked the switch.

The burden of hitched time lifted from my shoulders. It was bliss. Time was still frozen, but for the very first time I could move freely.

"I don't know if you can hear me or not," I said to him, "but you are a sick, twisted bastard, and I am going to make you pay for what you've done."

Looking around the classroom, I spied some permanent markers on the teacher's desk. Taking the black pen, I wrote 'RAPIST' in thick letters across his forehead. "Much better," I said. "Now, open up..."

After gently easing his mouth open, I fished a cum-soaked tissue from the bin and pushed it into his mouth. "A taste of your own medicine."

And mostly because I was curious, I knelt and eased his limp cock from his trousers. I took it into my mouth, sucking gently, and it erected slowly. I sucked and licked at it with passion for several minutes, until getting bored with it.

After tying his shoelaces together, a truly wicked impulse, I stood and left the classroom, leaving the door open a crack, enough to spy on him as I flicked the switch back.

Daryl cried out in bewilderment, spitting the tissues from his mouth, and the whole class turned to look at him. Someone screamed.

He clutched at his chest, and wailed to find his medallion gone. He shot to his feet, staring around wildly, his still erect cock dripping cum.

More screams and shouts. He zipped himself up quickly, grabbed his bag, and lost balance suddenly.

Laughing hysterically, I retreated out of sight, and moments later he charged past my hiding spot. "Where's my medallion, bitch?" he yelled.

Bitch? Me?

I flicked the switch, searched his bag for his scissors, and proceeded to cut his clothes into strips. I used some to gag him.

In his bag I also found some headphones. I used the cable to tie his wrists together behind his back, and fed it between his legs. I coiled and knotted the cable about the base of his cock and balls, and for fun I sucked his cock until it was good and hard again.

I retreated a short distance before starting time.

Daryl staggered to an abrupt halt, his clothes disintegrating around him. Only his socks and shoes remained.

He screamed with muffled rage as he caught sight of me. I showed him the scissors in my hand and waved them threateningly. He fell silent.

"Don't ever call me 'bitch'," I said. "I have your address from your driving license. I know where you live. Behave, or I will find you and shove a plug up your ass, and who knows what else. This is my medallion now."

Without bothering to flick the switch, I hitched time, and left him there.

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