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Store Front Santa


Sandra has circled the block three times since the store front Santa waved at her. She had smiled and waved back as she drove past and then she had a thought; wouldn't it be great to give the holiday spirit to that man dressed as Santa for all his hard work?

The idea spurred her pussy into action and very quickly she was wet. At the back of her mind, however, she thought it was too wrong and too weird. So she decided to circle around and that turned into another drive by and another. Finally after the fourth time around she decides to pull over. She rolls down the window and waves to the waving Santa.

The store front Santa rushes over to her window and peeks in. "Can I help you miss?" he asks. "I saw you drive by several times."

"I think you can," she says putting her hand out the window and over his cock.

Instead of pushing her away he smiles through the white fluffy beard. "I believe Santa can help you."

He opens the door to the back and slides in. Sandra puts the car into drive and pulls into the nearest parking lot. Turning off the car she slips into the backseat with Santa and quickly gets busy. She opens his pants to quickly release his hard cock. It curves up pointing toward his face as he lay back in the seat watching her. She takes his cock in her hand; it feels nice, very hard and warm as it twitches with her touch.

Sandra leans down and licks it causing it to twitch more. She runs her tongue up the whole length of his shaft then she circles it around his cockhead, eliciting a moan from Santa. She starts pumping the shaft of his cock while licking his cockhead. After a few moments she takes his cockhead into her mouth and starts to suck on it tasting the precum that oozes out. Her free hand begins fondling his balls and her lips start to glide down his length until she has to stop jacking him off and slide further down his cock, letting it hit the back of her throat.

Santa lets out a long and slow groan, throwing his had back against the seat. Sandra pulls back, grazing her teeth along his shaft, causing his whole body to shake slightly with pleasure. She slides down and pulls back grazing her teeth along again. She repeats this faster and faster until she is ready then she slides down further onto his cock all the way to his balls, his cock hits the back of her mouth and down her throat.

She swallows to pull him in deeper. The contractions around his cockhead cause him to moan loader than before and then with a grunt he tries to pull out, but Sandra's hands grab him tight and pulls him back in deep as he starts to pulse and sends a hot load of sticky cum into her throat.

"Oh fuck," he grunts.

She keeps swallowing the cum which keeps stimulating his super sensitive cock until he is milked dry. He pulls back out of her mouth with a slurping noise. His cock still wet with cum drips out, slipping over her chin, leaving a pearly white line down it.

Before Santa's cock even has the chance to soften, Sandra climbs onto his lap, straddling him and pushing his cock up between them. She unbuttons her blouse then presses herself into his body. The heat of his cock pulses against her stomach. Her lips brush against his and his cock twitches.

Softly, she presses her lips to his through the fluffy white beard. He responds by putting his hands on her hips and then running the length up her back to her neck and pulls her in closer. Sandra's lips part slightly as she lets her tongue slip through to brush his lips. He opens them slightly, allowing her tongue to intertwine with his. As they stay locked in this embrace, he helps to remove her pants, revealing her panties-less pussy. Sandra's hands slip down and take hold of his shaft. She leans forward, pressing herself right up to his ear and whispers, "It looks like Santa has a big gift for me."

"Santa always has the right gift," he says with a smile.

Sandra helps guide his cock into her warm, wet pussy and then with both hands Santa grabs her hips, pulling her down into his cock, thrusting it deep into her. With each of his thrusts, she thrusts back onto him forcing him in deeper and harder. His cock feels so big as he pumps it into her tight pussy. As he thrust in he leans forward to kiss her. She meets him halfway and their lips lock in a much heavier manner. Her tongue explores his mouth as she lets him explore hers.

Then burying her head into his neck, she starts to feel her orgasm getting closer. Then unexpectantly, his hands grab her around the waist, picking her up. He guides her to turn around and lean over between the front seats and immediately thrusts back in, causing the force of the thrust to greatly increase.

By this point, Sandra is gasping for breath. He thrusts his enormous cock violently into her, leaning his weight on top of her back. And then she feels the orgasm truly come to a peak and waves after waves of pleasure wash over her whole body, causing her to shudder uncontrollably.

"Oh, fuck yes Santa!" she screams.

It leaves her gasping for air, but he doesn't stop. He increases his speed, thrusting hard and fast into her over sensitive pussy again and again. He sits up as best as he can and presses his weight onto her ass cheeks, spreading them wider apart and exposing her completely to him.

The force of his fucking is jolting her whole body. Her breasts bounce against the shifter, hitting her nipples, sending another wave of pleasure shooting through her. She can soon feel another orgasm building like a wave of pleasure filling up, waiting to burst and rock her body to its very core. By Santa's grunting and groaning she knows he too is nearing his climax.

"Santa's going to cum," he says loudly. "I'm going to bust all over you."

"Don't you fucking dare!" she answers. "Fill me up with your hot cum!"

He stops thrusting and buries himself deep into her. His cock pulsates, shooting his load into her pussy. The feeling of his cock pumping into her finally sends her over the edge and her body goes into a spasm. Her whole body tenses as her pussy violently contracts repeatedly around his cock, milking it dry.

They lie there exhausted as he pulls his cock out of her. It is immediately followed by a trail of cum leaking out of her pussy and onto the floorboard. Sandra lies there, leaning her head against the dash and says, "Thank you Santa."

He replaces his cock in his pants and opens the door, stepping out. "My pleasure, Sandra."

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