tagBDSMStories of Women in Control Ch. 01

Stories of Women in Control Ch. 01


"Stories of Women in Control" is based on Journal entries about some of my formative sexual experiences. These are, with some poetic license, true stories that focus on my kinkier experiences, rather than on more conventional sexual relations. One day I phoned Mary Ellen, whom I hadn't seen in years, and found the number to be disconnected. When I was unable to locate her I decided to put these stories on the net. Although they begin with my experiences with Mary Ellen I intend to continue the series to bring it up to my current sexual life. Since Mary Ellen "forced" me into exhibitionism, and was herself very much a voyeur it seemed appropriate to honor her memory by "exposing" my sexual history the eyes of the thousands of people who read these stories. Please feel free to write. I promise to try and respond.


The best place to start this story is at the beginning. It was those first experiences, mostly with older women, that formed my sexual development...

It was the summer of 1974 and I was wary from bad luck I'd experienced hitch-hiking around the country. I called my dad, despite our stormy relationship this was a relatively normal adolescent thing to do, that is go out to assert one's independence, but call home when things go bad. When I told him where I was he suggested I take a bus to visit a friend of his who would let me stay there for a few days to rest, and who could then put me on a bus or drive me to an airport so I could return home. I told him that sounded good and he called his friend and set it up. I took the bus to a small bus station in Youngstown, Ohio and phoned my fathers friend Helen to tell her I had arrived. About twenty minutes later a white, beat-up ford, pulled up. I recognized Helen instantly even though I hadn't seen her in almost a decade, but in the car with her was someone I did not recognize. Helen introduced me to her daughter, Mary Ellen, who, she explained to me, lived with her.

Helen was a petite, very proper women, in her sixties and attired in a conservative dress. Mary Ellen dressed casually, wearing cut off jeans and a T-shirt. They drove me to their home. We entered and I left my sleeping bag and back pack in the entry area near the front door.

As we ate dinner Helen explained the situation "We don't have a guest room, but you can stay on the couch in the living room, I'll get you a pillow, blanket and clean sheets."

"Don't bother, I prefer to use my sleeping bag, I've grown accustomed to it's weight and might find it difficult to sleep without the way it feels" I replied.

"Well, it's been very hot here at night lately," Mary Ellen commented "if your going to use a sleeping bag you might want to stay on the back porch, the lawn chairs aren't as comfortable as the couch, but the temperature will probably be more pleasant."

"Thanks. I don't want to be any trouble, whatever is easier." I replied.

"It really doesn't make a difference, I'll get you a pillow and you can decide when you go to sleep" Helen said, concluding the conversation.

After finishing dinner the three of us retired to the living room to watch TV. After the ten o'clock news Helen announced she had to go to bed to be up for work in the morning. She went upstairs and came down with a pillow, sheets and a blanket, "In case you change your mind. If you decide to sleep on the porch it's just outside the kitchen door where we ate. It's screened, so mosquitoes won't bother you. Goodnight." she concluded before going up stairs.

After her mom went upstairs Mary Ellen started talking to me. There had been a little conversation over dinner about my traveling, but it was strained because Helen, my fathers friend, was a conservative women, who, like my father, disapproved of hitch hiking and the hippie life style I had adopted.

But Mary Ellen was genuinely interested. She asked how long I'd been on the road, where I'd been, how old I was, and if I had a girlfriend. I was at least 25 years younger than Mary Ellen, who said she was 44. She was a little overweight, but nothing one would call fat, average attractive, with ample breast, blond hair, and about 5' 7" tall, just about an inch taller than me.

After talking for awhile she turned the TV off and we went to the back porch. The temperature was cooler, but not too cool to be outside. I set up my sleeping bag on a lawn chair, Mary Ellen, who had taken the blanket her mother had brought down in case I decided to sleep on the couch, was lying on the other lawn chair next to me, and we were talking. She was asking about my travels and discussing politics. As I slipped into my sleeping bag she asked if I slept in my cloths. I usually did not, but had been too shy to undress in front of her, so when she said this I took it as permission and said "no" and stripped down to my underwear.

She continued talking and I don't remember what she was saying, but pretty soon she had reached over and put her hand under my sleeping bag on top of my underwear, resting it on the outline of my cock, gently squeezing my cock through my underwear. As I got hard she slipped her finger under the elastic band of my underwear and started touching the head of my cock, then squeezing, and finally rubbing her hand up and down the shaft, jerking it off, very slowly. Eventually I slipped out of my underwear. Mary Ellen continued to handle my cock. She squeezed and stroked my cock with her hand causing the pre-cum to leak from my dick hole, and then she used her finger tips to spread the pre-cum over the head of my cock. I felt the cum rising as pre-cum dribbled from my cock, it was beginning to build, and I think she could tell I was getting ready to cum. She stopped her stroking, but kept her hand on my cock, with her arm over stomach, which kept me from being able to get up and reach over to her lawn chair and feel her.

At first she had allowed me to feel her breast through her t-shirt, but then she moved to make it difficult to reach, and eventually she brushed my hand away and said "no." It was clear she didn't want to be touched.

Still, I could not believe what was happening. All I had been expecting was a place to stay for a few days so I could relax before getting on a bus to return home, and here was this hot, attractive, mature women lying next to me with her hand on my cock.

"Do you like this?" she asked.

"Yes." was all I could manage.

My cock was beginning to get soft when she tightened her grip and started to rub and squeeze it to hardness, running her fingers over the sensitive head of my cock before again wrapping her hand around the shaft of my cock and pleasuring me with slow firm strokes, up and down, letting some cum dribble out, and then using the tips of her fingers to spread the pre-cum over the head of my cock, bringing me to a point where I could feel the cum building up inside, then she would stop, let the excitement calm a bit, and after a couple minutes wrap her hand again around the shaft of my cock and again start stroking, then slowing down, letting the pre-cum dribble, but continuing to stroke, slower and slower, so I wouldn't cum, and then quickening her firm strokes of my cock and bringing me again to the verge of cumming, before slowing down again.

I was tingling all over, in a state of delightful shock at was transpiring, high as a kite off the euphoria that enveloped me as she handled my cock. Although I'd had a few experiences with girls, I was still a virgin. I'd never fucked a woman or had a blow job, and I had certainly never experienced a hand job like this before! Her hand was wrapped firmly around my cock, jerking it in slow, confident strokes, stopping or slowing down to make the tease better, using her fingers to spread the pre-cum over my cock, using the thin pre-cum as lubricant, but always jerking slowly, and stopping every so often, so I wouldn't cum before she wanted. I needed to cum so bad I almost couldn't take the tease of Mary Ellen stroking and bringing me to the verge of orgasm, but this time she let the pre-cum build up, not bothering to use her fingers to spread it, letting it slowly trickle from the tip of my cock onto shaft and her hand, before she leaned over and used her tongue to lick the cum off the head of my cock. "Ooohhh" I signed, as she gave a laugh and proceeded to suck my cock. She started to suck my cock half way, then she swallowed the whole thing and began moving her mouth up and down. Then she took her mouth off and started licking the sides and squeezing my cock with her hand. She'd stroke the shaft of my cock, then as the cum started to dribble out of the tip she'd take the head of my cock into her mouth and use her tongue to lick the cum away, and it was cum by now, not pre cum, but she was controlling the tempo of her hand on my shaft and being careful, so instead of letting my cock spurt out cum like it wanted to the cum was dripping from my cock, a bit more coming out with each lick or stroke. That's when she got serious. She swallowed my cock, using her mouth to grip it, moving her head up and down as I lied there moaning. She was really good at it. Then she started to suck me.

After about a minute of this I was ready to cum, but she squeezed the base of my cock to stop the cum from shooting out and let me calm down again, before she started jerking it again, this time her hand moved less firmly, as her fingers barely brushed my cock, moving quickly up and down the shaft. After a couple of minutes the cum began dribbling from my cock, coating the head of my cock. Again she leaned over and let her tongue dart out of her mouth and lick the cum up. She stopped for about a minute, then started jerking it with slow firm strokes, looking down at my cock and watching the cum dribble out. Then she started sucking on just the head while she used her hand to jerk off the shaft of my cock, but when I told her to slow down or I would cum she swallowed my whole cock and sucked even harder, using her hand too gently squeeze my balls. The cum that had been building up shot out of the head of my cock, into her mouth which had completely engulfed my cock, as each spurt of cum shot from my cock she sucked it in and swallowed, I spurted at least four times, as she gently squeezed my balls and used her mouth to suck, eventually lifting her head so just the head of my cock was in her mouth, and using her hand to pump my cock so every last bit of cum poured out, as she sucked it dry like it was a straw, then lifted her and looked into my eyes, a bit of cum coating her lips, as she looked at me and said

"Are you spent?"

"Yes" I replied ...

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